Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Something to think about

Everybody has the right to be proud of their own identity and ethnicity without being called Racist.

Sometimes, we have to present reality in a certain way to make people think and to clearly see what is wrong. I am very much against something that in Britain is called Positive Discrimination. Firstly, I believe that the choice of words is unfortunate and, secondly, I believe that what they call Positive Discrimination is nothing more than Discrimination.

Positive Discrimination actually means Preferential Treatment for individuals of a certain ethnic origin. Positive Discrimination was applied in Apartheid South Africa. Positive Discrimination was also applied in National Socialist Germany. For many years, Positive Discrimination was applied in the United States of America against many ethnic groups and not just those of African descent but also Native Americans.

Those justifying Positive Discrimination based their reasoning on the implementation of quota systems and this is why, even today, people applying for a job in the United Kingdom have to fill up a questionnaire detailing their ethnic background. Having said that, in the United Kingdom, the system goes even further. They also ask you about gender, religion and sexual preferences. I believe the questionnaire is quite intrusive and unjustifiable on moral grounds.

As we approach 2014, it is time to let the past be past

When we approach a New Year, almost 70 years after the end of World War Two, the time is long overdue to stop blaming people, most of whom were not even born when World War Two came to and end.

The Culture of Blame directed against those who have nothing to do with the events of almost 70 years ago is a political tool to justify many of the ills of today and of not allowing people to utter any kind of criticism against things that are visibly wrong today.

The said Culture of Blame is so strong and so deeply rooted that the sole mention of any imagery or any reference to national identity is immediately rejected and ordinary people are forced to live in fear.

What the promoters of the said Culture of Blame miserably fail to understand is that their attitudes create resentment and hatred and that those who at the receiving end of this Culture of Blame will, once again, start using the symbols of the past to show their discontent and their rebellion against the oppression implemented by the said Culture of Blame.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

What did Goebbels, Eichmann and Mengele have in common? Dark eyes. Dark hair and Dark complexion

For decades after the fall of the Dritte Reich, our intelligence has been insulted with myths about Germany and what it meant to be German. The typical description of tall, light skinned and light eyed individuals with a propensity for violence depicted by the mass media has been no less of a fabrication than the dreams of an Aryan Race.

What is even more ridiculous is that some key players in the construction of the Reich that was going to  last a thousand years were themselves far different from the images the propaganda makers during and after the war tried to make us accept as the rule of what it meant to be Germanic.

Joseph Goebbels
Adolf Eichmann
Josef Mengele

The three men were said to be the archetypical image of those involved in positions of authority and highly recognized by the regime that ruled Germany between 1933 and 1945.

Dark hair, dark eyes, and dark complexion. The latter (Josef Mengele) even carried out experiments injecting blue dyes into the eyes of children to see if eye color could be changed by other means rather than inheritance.

The second one (Adolf Eichmann) was harassed as a school child because he didn't look the part of what people expected him to be. He used to be chased around the classroom by fellow pupils that called him: Jude, Jude (Jew, Jew)

So much for the stereotypes promoted today about what it meant to be German or Germanic, stereotypes that are fundamentally based on ignorance and over-generalizations.

Those who try and build political ideologies based on racial characteristics are very far off the mark and bound to make the same mistaken assumptions made many decades ago.

The one thing that united the three men aforementioned and the rest of Germany was their relationship with a political regime that for a while ruled much of Western Europe and beyond.

For those of us who honestly want to protect British Identity, shared ideas and shared principles are what matters most in terms of a National Identity. Multiculturalism is divisive, discriminatory and has nothing to do with building communities that can live in peace.

What we see today in Britain is the construction of ghettos leading to a cycle of suspicion, fear and confrontation in a country that is being colonized with flood immigration.

Nicolas Anelka: What do you know about 'anti-Semitic gestures'?

The day will come when all of us will have to tie up our hands behind our backs just in case somebody accuses us of having done 'anti-something gestures'.

I have been in politics for many years and this is the first time I become aware that putting your left hand the position shown on the picture is an 'anti-Semitic gesture'.

I bet that billons of people around the world did not have a clue that doing that was an 'anti-Semitic gesture'.

The behavior of the mass media is both childish and dangerous. Do we need any more controversies and confrontations because of what somebody did or didn't do during a football match? Do we need to have people giving sports a political dimension? I was born in a country in which football or soccer (whichever way you call it) is almost everything and I never expected to see so much nonsense written about what is no more than a sporting competition of men playing with a ball inside a rectangular field.

A few days ago, they were talking about the Yiddish Army and there was a series of scandals about the use of the expression Yiddish Army. The time is long overdue to forget about politics, to forget about racism, to forget about anything that is not directly linked to watching people kicking a ball and having a good time.

Let's treat football as what football is: football and nothing more.


Saturday, 28 December 2013

BBC ousted, once again, for fraud

More than 200 BBC staff were made redundant, paid severance payments and then rehired with fixed term and permanent contracts.

The BBC revealed that 233 staff that had been made redundant and are back working for the corporation.

Angie Bray, a Conservative member of the Culture Select Committee says that licence fee-payers are being used as a cash cow. The BBC refused to name any of the executives who have been fired then rehired by the corporation.

Grant Shapps, the Conservative Party Chaiman, indicated that the corporation could lose its exclusive right to the licence fee due to its culture of waste and secrecy.

By the way, this is the BBC that criticized the financial arrangements of the British National Party.

When we say that the BBC is run by a bunch of crooks we are not far off the mark.

Wikipedia asks users for money

Wikipedia is asking users for money to maintain the so called service that, incidentally, can be from time to time libelous and defamatory.

Some of the people behind Wikipedia - I say some because I cannot possibly generalize and include people who might be well intentioned and honest - have a very specific political agenda and whatever you do to change the wrongs done about you they behave like God on Earth and carry on publishing false information and fabrications as if they were the revealed truth.

There are certainly similarities between the British Broadcasting Corporation, otherwise known as BBC and paid for with taxpayers' money, and Wikipedia that is now asking users money so that it can stay alive without posting any kind of advertising. People I know have been so badly treated by Wikipedia pseudo editors that I don't feel practically any sympathy for so called Wikipedia.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Reverse Shopping: The realities of American economics

I reckon not many people are aware of new expressions coming online all the time and one of these expressions is REVERSE SHOPPING. What does it mean? Before we sink our teeth into it, let's talk about the nonsensical approach to economics driven by Lib Lab Con and their acolytes.

Since the public start of the financial crisis in 2006, the talk has been about austerity, budget cuts, job losses, streamlining of the public administrations, et cetera, et cetera. Faced with astronomically growing public and private debt, the emphasis was put in reducing expenditure which directly led to loss of income for millions of families. This sudden reduction of buying power led to economic contraction with jobs losses followed by businesses failures followed by more job losses and more businesses failures.

Christmas time is a testing time. For thousands upon thousands of business both big and small, the Christmas sales are the difference between life and death. If businesses don't sell enough to have healthy balance sheets during the entire year, doom is unavoidable. So when Christmas time approaches, advertising companies go into overdrive and suddenly there are SALE signs all over the place on a 24-hour basis. Tempted by advertising and in a vain attempt to have some kind of optimism to counter their everyday frustrations vulnerable people suddenly go out and spend more than they can actually afford.

Aware of the Tsunami of debt that is created during Christmas time, a fast-food giant - MacDonald's - is advising its employees to return to the shops unwanted gifts as a way to recover some of the money they irrationally spent during the Christmas time. Returning merchandise to the shops is what has become known as REVERSE SHOPPING.

By the time people return goods to the shops, interest payments have already been collected on their credit cards. The credit companies make money and customers end up without goods and virtually ripped off.

In the USA the percentage of people living under the poverty line is in double digits and rising. The same financiers that created the crisis that publicly started in 2006 are still making money out of ordinary people's misery.

When you think about gifts bought during Christmas time, it feels a bit like the magician words 'now you see it, now you don't see it'. Customers paid got into additional debt and paid interest on debt to acquire goods that temporarily made them feel good about themselves. When celebrations are over, the gifts disappeared and their monies were taken away leaving them poorer and more frustrated.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Alexander Litvinenko was killed by British agents

As Russian oligarchs are useful idiots in the power games between the greater powers, minor agents like Alexander Litvinenko are used and later discarded when they become an embarrassment.

We will never know for certain the extent of the involvement of the former KGB agent in supporting Islamic terrorists in Chechnya and elsewhere. As lieutenant of Boris Berezovsky who had to flee Russia because of his dealings for billions of Pound, Alexander Litvinenko shared with Berezovsky close links with Chechnya and had converted to Islam. When he died, he was buried following Islamic traditions.

Andrei Lugovoi, the Russian politician, had had links with both Alexander Litvinenko and with Boris Berezovsky who himself was a darling of the Yeltsin administration. However, when the anti-Russian intentions and Chechen connections of Berezovsky became all too clear, Andrei Lugovoi wanted none of it and distanced himself from people that he understood were traitors. Andrei Lugovoi's love for Russia made him an obvious target.

Events were working very much against Litvinenko and Berezovsky. Since 2001, Britain had been involved in Afghanistan and British soldiers were dying on Muslim soil killed by Muslim fighters associated with Islamic extremists in Chechnya. The Blair administration found itself caught in a contradiction. On the one hand, war criminal Tony Blair wanted to help the enemies of Russia and on the other he couldn't possibly justify any kind of support for people who were friends of those killing British soldiers in Afghanistan.

Despite his political interests, Alexander Litvinenko's father wanted to return to Russia and Litvinenko's involvement with Berezovsky who was wanted for crimes committed in Russia was a natural obstacle. Here comes the twist in the story. The Russian government was aware of Litvinenko's father desire of returning to Russia and this is why they sent Andrei Lugovoi to London to ask Alexander Litvinenko to provide them with the necessary paperwork to make Boris Berezovsky position in Britain untenable.

Russia had been asking for Boris Berezovsky extradition for a long time and the British Establishment would not agree to extradite Berezovky who was also a CIA operative facilitating ways of escape for other operators, including relatives of deposed politicians, to evade prosecution. The same legal firm that worked for Berezovsky was involved in helping Russian criminals to settle down in Britain.

The sole possibility of Alexander Litvinenko reaching an agreement to help his father was a worrying scenario and the British Establishment decided to get rid of Alexander Litvinenko and this was done for two fundamental reasons. They had to protect Boris Berezovsky whose activities could become a serious political embarrassment at a time when Britain was at war in Afghanistan and to allow the continuation of anti-Russian activities. Naturally, to cover up the real motives for the assassination, they blamed Andrei Lugovoi and used the whole affair in the dirty war against Russia.

Boris Berezovsky, having lost his right-hand lieutenant, was becoming weaker and his usefulness in the war against Russia - Berezovsky himself had publicly stated that he wanted to bring down the Russian administration - was becoming a thing of the past. Berezovsky was loosing influence and finally lost his money in a dispute with Roman Abramovich. So, Boris Berezovsky became a notorious nuisance and the British Establishment got rid of him too. Firstly, they tried to make the public believe that Berezovsky had killed himself because he was extremely depressed having lost his power and his money. Later on, the news came that he had a string around his neck and after that no more explanations were given and in fact no explanation would have been necessary because nobody cared about a man whose political days and influence were over.

Russia had changed and Britain was involved in several conflicts in Muslim countries including Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003) and the influence some operators had was a thing of the past.

Marina Litvinenko - Alexander Litvinenko's widow - has repeatedly claimed the obvious: that Alexander Litvinenko was working for British Intelligence Services, something that British Intelligence Services have continued to deny. To sum up, Alexander Litvinenko was used by British Intelligence Services and was killed by British Intelligence Services when he became a liability for the Blair administration.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Kashmira Gander, writer for The Independent does not know the meaning of White Christmas

Kashmira Gander, a female writer for The Independent newspaper committed an intolerable mistake that shows her lack of cultural awareness regarding Christian traditions. In an article that appears today on the online version of The Independent she literally says that the use of the expression White Christmas together with the picture of a white European girl celebrating Christmas is 'racist'.

A formal complaint has been sent to the Press Complaints Commission and a formal complaint to The Independent newspaper has also been sent.

On this day and age, when we face so many problems generated by cultural differences, remedial action must be taken to educate people about Christian traditions so that mistakes like the mistake committed by Kashmira Gander don't happen again (or at least don't happen so often).

The Independent should ensure that its writers and editors have the necessary qualifications in terms of education and cultural awareness not to embarrass other members of its staff by transforming The Independent into a laughing stock.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Vincent Cable wants to put up interest rates and abolish help for first-time home buyers

With typical Liberal Democrat insensitivity, Vincent Cable MP wants to abolish aid for first-time buyers and to put up interest rates. The political party that promised to oppose University Tuition Fees and later on supported the rise of University Tuition Fees strikes again.

Not ago, Simon Hughes MP was complaining in the house of commons that foreign investors are taking over all new housing in Bermondsey, when he openly supports Flood Immigration or, shall I say, when his political party support Flood Immigration.

A sudden rise of interest rates in a country in which millions are struggling to pay their mortgage instalments is like giving poison to a patient that is already struggling with food poisoning.

The Elitist Liberal Democrats don't give a damn about ordinary Britons in the same way that they didn't give a damn about cash strapped students who, most probably, after getting in debt to obtain a degree, with or without degree, will end up in debt and without a job because their jobs would have been taken away by foreigners before they even leave University.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Europe is heading towards War: Italy warns about political insurrection

The present economic environment is totally unsustainable. As France heads towards recession, Italy warns about political insurrection. Greedy bankers are talking about increasing interest rates and this will be the trigger that will destroy the middle-classes across Europe.

As long as the middle-classes are not affected, violence can be contained. It was the collapse of the middle-classes in Germany that led to Adolf Hitler's Rise. In the last few months, the middle-classes raided their saving accounts while those below have got themselves into debt at percentages of more than 1,000 per cent to try to make ends meet, in a losing battle for survival.

History repeats itself. Uncontrollable greed, massive speculation, and the absence of a real economy to support the value of the main currencies in a situation made worse by printing banknotes in what is deceptively called Quantitative Easing has created a bubble that is several times bigger than the 1929 bubble.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Cameron: Mission accomplished in Afghanistan? What was it?

Cameron Declares 'Mission Accomplished' in Afghanistan?
In 2001, the goal of the so called mission in Afghanistan was to counter AlQaeda as punishment for the USA bombings in September 2001. So, Peter from Saudi Arabia (most of the bombers who carried out the attacks were from Saudi Arabia) was the culprit and George from Afghanistan was attacked (mostly farmers and civilians who had nothing to do with the attacks carried out in the USA were 'carpet bombed' and killed without them having a clue of why they were under attack.)

Later on, when the International Community started to question the wisdom of bombing and invading Afghanistan, nobody knew for certain what the objectives of a war that has gone on for more than twelve-years actually were and those involved in the war didn't know either.

Most of Afghanistan has always remained in the hands of Taliban guerrillas anyway and the so called allies not even managed to control the territory they had actually invaded including the capital Kabul.

Soon after, the conflict spread into Pakistan and this is why in violation of the every rule in the book, with total disregard for International Law, the USA is now using drones to kill men, women and children (although the declared objective is to combat terrorism). Needless to say, they are killing people indiscriminately.

The AlQaeda threat has increased instead of decreased and is now present in the Indian Subcontinent, Asia Minor, the Middle East, Africa and the Western World as a whole.

Now, a happy-go-lucky Prime Minister tells us "Mission Accomplished in Afghanistan." Which one? What mission has been accomplished in Afghanistan? Taliban controls most of the country and as soon as Western foreigners leave they will take control of the entire country. Relationships with the Muslim World are worse than ever before, countries are more unstable than ever before and people are being slaughtered in religious conflicts.

If this was a tennis match, we could unanimously tell David Cameron 'You cannot be serious'.

Saturday, 14 December 2013

British Electorate: Turkeys voting for Christmas

We can blame politicians but in actual fact the responsibility for the present chaos lies on the shoulders of those who got them elected. People complain about financial mayhem, about housing crisis, health problems, transport costs, et cetera, et cetera, but they keep voting for the culprits.

As Christmas approaches and temperatures fall, our screens are full of campaign adverts to help the elderly cope with cold temperatures and rising food prices. When you think about it, you realise that the elder generations are paying the price for having supported Lib Lab Con and they continue supporting Lib Lab Con.

Who has been running the country without interruption? Lib Lab Con. Why? Because they get voted in over and over again. Do you want real change? Stop supporting Lib Lab Con. When I see younger generations calling those who can bring change Nazis, Fascists and so forth, I see the elder generations of the future who are going to face the same or worse problems because, as their elders do, they keep supporting Lib Lab Con.

Why they keep supporting Lib Lab Con? Is it due to mental disability? Is it due to ignorance? Well, brainwashing starts at a very early age and can only gets worse. They are turkeys voting for Christmas.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Thanks to USA, AlQaeda is winning the war in Iraq

News reports indicate that 'vast swathes of Iraq are now controlled by AlQaeda' that is also linked to AlQaeda rebels fighting in Syria.

Here is the account given about what is going on in Iraq facilitated by the United States of America.

"Ten years after the capture of Saddam Hussein, Iraq is at risk of becoming a failed state again as al-Qaeda reclaims vast swathes of the country. Friday’s anniversary of the Iraqi dictator's arrest sees the country still struggling with his legacy, with al-Qaeda launching a fresh campaign of terrorist atrocities from new territory carved out in western and northern Iraq. 

Backed by jihadists fighting the civil war in neighbouring Syria, the group is trying to create an “emirate” straddling the two countries, taking advantage of the collapse in security across the border.
Bridges linking four key border towns on the Iraqi side have been dynamited, making it difficult for security forces to operate in the area.
Road signs have even been put up proclaiming it to be the turf of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, the name for the joint Syrian-Iraqi al-Qaeda franchise."

Open your eyes. This is what thousands of American soldiers have given their lives for. Rather than fighting against terrorism, they have created fertile grounds for terrorism to prosper.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Obama having a laugh at Mandela's funeral and a fake interpreter

For all the rehearsed shows of grief, the image of President Barak Obama, Prime Minister David Cameron and the daughter in law of former Labour Party Leader Neil Kinnock having fun at Mandela's Funeral shows the real picture behind a gigantic propaganda exercise with some mass media comparing Nelson Mandela to Jesus Christ.

As if this gigantic exhibition of sheer hypocrisy was not enough, we are faced with the news that the interpreter standing side by side with President Obama to translate formal speeches is mentally ill and hears voices and that hundreds of thousands of people were left wondering what the heck President Obama was talking about. But, there is more. Reportedly, it was not the first time a similar incident had occurred.

This is nothing more than yet another spectacle of a very expensive circus of people who are much detached from ordinary people and who used the mass media to keep themselves in their positions of privilege while ordinary people struggle to make ends meet.

In South Africa today there are more townships and more misery that there ever was during the years of Apartheid. The execution of black miners carried out by black Police officers acting under the ANC government didn't happen under the Apartheid Regime. South Africa is at the top of the list of countries suffering aids, prostitution including child prostitution to make ends meet, corruption, sexual violence including rape and racial violence.

When we talk about the legacy of Nelson Mandela, let's talk about today's South Africa and let's tell the truth about what is really happening when former ANC members and anybody daring to challenge a corrupt regime faces persecution.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

You are all in it together. MPs give themselves 11% salary rise

Members of Parliament gave themselves an 11% salary rise as hundreds of thousands of British families are struggling to make ends meet. The ones who have already ran out of savings are being eaten away by loan sharks and the ones who are lucky enough to have savings left are raiding their savings to try and cope with the realities of Multicultural Britain and flood immigration.

Recently, the new Head of the Bank of England spoke about preventing a bubble created by a new wave of mortgages and remortgages that could fuel an unsustainable rising spiral in the housing market and this comes as a contradiction regarding measures implemented to help people acquire new housing units.

Some statistics show that the so called recovery is driven by a massive reduction of savings and that as soon as savings reach dangerous low levels spending would come a halt erasing any hopes of a sustainable economic recovery in a market that is barely surviving faced with depression.

In this context, any two digit salary increases for those who have already access to a wide range of privileges is not only excessive but also extremely dangerous.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria and now Ukraina?

It seems that our rulers' appetite for civil wars, wars and mass murder can never be satisfied. They are now actively promoting a civil war in Ukraina (I use the real name of the country rather than the English translation: Ukraine).

If you thought that only Catholic and Protestant Christianity and Christianity in Muslim and African countries are under attack, think again. Now the political terrorists of the European Union are trying to undermine Ukraina, a country where the Christian Orthodox Tradition is the rule.

Ukraina also plays a pivotal role having one of the oldest Russian cities - Sebastopol - that also happens to be a Black Sea Naval Base of the Russian Federation.

After dismembering Yugoslavia, destroying Libya and attacking Syria, our rulers now want to destabilize Ukraina and create a civil war.

Their thirst for illegal invasions, wars between countries and civil wars seems unquenchable.  

Sunday, 8 December 2013

True British Nationalism and Political Gimmicks

Thanks to their association with symbols of Das Dritte Reich, in Britain the National Front and other so called Nationalist organizations never managed to achieve real political success in a country in which both its armed forces and its civilian population suffered the bloody consequences of World War Two.

The images of Dunkirk, the sacrifices of the British merchant Navy, the Battle of Britain, the Vergeltung rockets and later on the atrocities that became apparent as Das Dritte Reich was coming to an end were a powerful message that no rational individual could ever possibly ignore and therefore anybody wanting to use the symbols of Das Dritte Reich in British politics was bound to fail miserably.

I simply cannot understand what went on in the minds of individuals who calling themselves British Nationalists showed allegiance to the ideas of those who tried to destroy Britain. British traditions and the British Empire had achieved a lot more than a dictatorial regime that merely lasted 13 years. So, what led them to reject their true British Identity? National Socialist salutes, Armbands and black shirts could only alienate ordinary Britons rightly proud of their British Heritage.

Funnily enough, the same kind of phenomena have occurred in America and even in Russia that lost more than 25 million people during World War Two. I can only attribute such phenomena to sheer ignorance and to the most catastrophic lack of understanding.

Karl Gerhardt Hohenstauffen

Friday, 6 December 2013

Terrorism on British soil should be punishable by death

When Osama bin Laden was killed by American Special Forces, they celebrated the passing of a terrorist that fuelled hatred against any Westerners regardless of who they were and look forward to 'punish' those who had nothing to do with the abuses committed against Muslims across the world.

Osama bin Laden was not killed. Osama bin Laden was executed. In the case of Osama bin Laden the sovereignty of Pakistan was violated but what happened in London, United Kingdom, happened on British soil. Why should the fate of those involved in the assassination of a British soldier in London receive preferential treatment? There should be one policy against terrorism regardless of who they are.

This is why the British National Party asked for the death penalty to be reinstated and carried out in the case of those who attacked a British soldier on British soil.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

World War Two and Post World War Two inconsistencies that led to conflict

The Europe of Klemens von Metternich was the kind of Europe in which conflicts between countries could be resolved with territorial exchanges. The country that would be unlucky in the first round, could try its luck in the next round and perhaps regain the territories lost. Wars were not supposed to be wars of extermination.

This kind of mentality overrode any other consideration. By the end of World War One, German territories were given to Poland, German cities like Danzig and Memel were taken away and Eastern Germany, including Konisberg (birthplace of German Philosopher Emmanuel Kant), was isolated from the rest of Germany. New countries were born out of the disintegration of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Czechoslovakia was one of them.

In 1938 in Munich, Germany forced the hands of all other contenders by requesting that the Sudetenland, a region of the new Czechoslovakia mainly inhabited by German peoples, had to become part of Germany. Months later, after Poland refused to allow free passage between Western Germany and Eastern Germany through territories that were very much part of Germany before World War One, Europe was faced with yet another war.

The rationality of the Metternich style of territorial distribution had come to an abrupt conclusion and territorial exchanges were no longer a way to secure peace. Moreover, while Britain, France, Italy, Russia and others were happy to give a chunk of Czechoslovakia to Germany (a piece of land that had not belonged to Germany), the same countries were ready to go to war against Germany when Germany reclaimed territories that were actually German territories. Logic or mere irrational and misguided arguments?

Sarajevo, the Serbian city, the place where the heir to the Crown of Austro-Hungary had been assassinated, event that led to World War One, is no longer in Christian Serbian hands but under Muslim control in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The rightful owners of Sarajevo were bombed and Serbia was deprived of Serbian territories. Then again, logic or mere irrational and misguided arguments?

The colonisation of Africa and of the Subcontinent followed the same rules, dividing territories without taking into account ethnic realities and many of the conflicts that followed were the direct consequence of ignoring such ethnic realities.

Flood immigration is bound to lead to conflicts and violence. By ignoring ethnic realities, simply by throwing people together, we are creating ghettos with conflicting interests and conflicting ways of living.

UK: Nuclear Reactors, Faslane, Energy Cost and other issues

Most people, concerned with the realities of everyday life could be perhaps forgiven for not thinking about the big issues that affect the country. This is why we dedicate a considerable amount of time to talk about issues that might not be in everybody's minds.

As we know, the United Kingdom depends of several sources of energy including oil and gas from the North Sea, electricity bought in Europe and gas contracts with countries like Qatar. As population grows - population has grown dramatically driven by flood immigration and it is forecast that it will continue growing at fast pace as more people come from other EU countries and from outside the European Union to settle down in Britain - the country needs more and more energy that needs to be produced or acquired at higher costs.

At the moment Britain has a certain number of nuclear reactors most of which will have to be decommissioned in the next few years. The business of decommissioning nuclear reactors is extremely expensive and difficult and so is the construction of new nuclear reactors. Until now, only one reactor has been projected and would be built in Somerset and this by no means make us feel optimistic about the levels of energy supply in coming years.

Until now, the United Kingdom has benefitted from oil and gas exploration in several ways and this includes tax revenues generated by activities linked to oil and gas. Even the possibility of Scotland becoming independent generates serious doubts about how what is left of the United Kingdom will be able to deal with a sudden loss of energy supplies and sudden loss of tax revenues.

As if the aforementioned issues were not serious enough, there is another dimension of decisions being taken at this very minute and the following has to do with the capacity to maintain a nuclear deterrent and to be able to sustain a credible defensive structure as the country might no longer be able to create strategic military resources.

Should Scotland become independent, as Head of the Scottish Parliament Alex Salmond has stated that Scotland will no longer host nuclear submarines that make the nuclear deterrent possible and military naval installations in Faslane will no longer be available for what remains of the United Kingdom. The future of ship building and other Defense related industries is very much in doubt.

A fragmented and weakened United Kingdom will no longer be able to protect its strategic interests nor defend itself and this is a very worrying scenario indeed.

In 1982, the United Kingdom was a stronger country with a more homogenous population. Today, most of the strengths the United Kingdom had then have been lost. The country has been dismantled bit by bit, most of what is used or consumed in the United Kingdom is imported or is produced by  foreign companies and its Armed Forces are merely a shadow of a very glorious and optimistic past.

Having to increasingly depend on imports, will the United Kingdom be able to continue playing a pivotal role in strategic military arrangements? What we know does not offer us any reasons to be optimistic in terms of energy supplies and in terms of Britain's survival as a major player.

Calling ourselves Human Beings doesn't change the fact that we are animals

It is comical and sometimes tragic to hear or read comments made by people that ignore the fact that despite calling ourselves Human Beings we are still very much Animals that can be classified according to certain characteristics.

Nick Clegg felt offended by Boris Johnson's words about people who are more able or less able than others, more intelligent or less intelligent than others, cleverer or less clever than others.

Nick Clegg said that Boris Johnson was referring to people as if they were 'a breed of dogs'. Well, we might not be 'a breed of dogs' but there are still breeds of Human Beings with more potential or less potential than others because of their individual characteristics.

Boris Johnson is wrong to talk about people like “a breed of dogs” and his views on social mobility show “unpleasant, careless elitism” Nick Clegg said. In a speech at the Margaret Thatcher lecture, Boris Johnson suggested that economic equality will never be possible because some people are too stupid to get ahead.

Elitism? What elitism? Those who have talents and use them to better themselves, go forward. Those who have talents and don't do the effort and those who don't have talents stay behind. Life is very much like an Olympic Marathon.

The Lib Dem Leader is nothing more than a Demagogue pretending to be nice by telling everybody that all of them can be Olympic Champions. Being honest is not the same as being uncaring. Quite the opposite.

We struggle so that everybody can have a decent life but we don't forget for a second the characteristics that make us different from each other. We treat everybody with kindness because we believe that this is the essence of being Human and Humane.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

National Unity is based on Solidarity and National Identity

History tells us that National Unity is based on Solidarity and National Identity. The British Crown would have deflated the attempts of the Thirteen American Colonies if they had treated them fairly. In the end, they were paying taxes but they had no rights of representation in the British Parliament. They asked for equal rights and equal rights were not awarded and they were greeted with repression. Consequence? The American Revolution  and the Declaration of Independence of 1776.

Next, it was the Irish who rebelled against British Rule and things ended up with the Government of Ireland Act 1920, the partition of Ireland and the creation of the Republic of Ireland and the Province of Northern Ireland. Despite all that could have been learned little was understood regarding the factors that led to the rebellion and today the people of Northern Ireland are still discriminated against and even told to abandon the symbols of their allegiance to the United Kingdom.

Today, we talk about Scotland and the dismembering process of the United Kingdom continues unabated because our idiotic rulers haven't learnt anything. They only care about their individual interests, their privileges and their false expenses claims.

It is the duty of the British National Party to stand up for all parts of the United Kingdom and to do what all other political parties have failed to do for the sake of the unity and the very existence of a country called United Kingdom.

Conservative Party strengthened Independence Movement in Scotland

The Conservative Party fuelled anti-English and strengthened the Independence Movement in Scotland.

The trend towards the creation and reinforcement of a British Identity started with the treaties that led to the creation of the United Kingdom.

Centuries of European wars in which English, Scots, Welsh and Irish lives were lost helped to cement British Identity as people were fighting for a common cause.

Successive Conservative administrations systematically eroded British identity north of the border and the dismantling and amalgamation of Scottish Regiments that embodied a common heritage and sense of loyalty did much to fuel widespread animosity, if not hatred.

Expressions of rejection of the British Identity became commonplace with people openly declaring that there were Scottish and not British.

The resentment that led to the partition of Ireland and the creation of the Republic of Ireland is now replicated by a secession movement in Scotland. Paradoxically, the Province of Northern Ireland was only possible because of Scottish allegiance to the British Crown, the same Scottish allegiance that could now be coming to an end.

Friday, 29 November 2013

Scottish Independence? UK General Elections 2015?

In 1997, the Conservative Party lost the UK General Election giving way to new Labour that won a historic Parliamentary majority but this was not the only consequence of the General Election. The Conservative Party was practically wiped out both in Scotland and in Wales.

Since then, the situation has been evolving and the Scottish National Party that seeks Scottish Independence took the reins of power in Scotland leaving behind all three UK major political parties and replacing Labour as the major political party in Scotland.

Should the Referendum on Independence be successful, the political map of the United Kingdom will once again suffer dramatic changes that will undoubtedly affect the outcome of UK Elections and also affect the outcome of European Election in what is left of the United Kingdom that will have an ever lesser say in the European Parliament being left in greater disadvantage because of two factors: the loss of Scottish MEPs and the reduction of representation produced by the accession of new EU member states.

This situation will undoubtedly benefit Germany that despite being already prominent will be even more powerful regarding EU arrangements with a weakened United Kingdom.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Spanish PM warns Scots of consequences of yes vote and member state regions embarking on “solo adventures”

Spanish PM warns Scots of consequences of yes vote and member state regions embarking on “solo adventures”

Spain is worried that the possibility of a yes vote in Scotland that could re-ignite the flames of independence of both Catalans and Basques. The climate of uncertainty created by massive financial crisis and mass unemployment is making Spain over-react and reported violations of international conventions when dealing with British diplomats on transit to Gibraltar are very much part of the same picture. Mariano Rajoy even went on to say that if Scotland becomes independent the EU would reject Scotland.

Scottish Alex Salmond failed to make a case for Scottish independence by saying that he wants to keep the Monarchy, the BBC, UK subsidies, Bank of England control of the Scottish economy, the Pound as national currency and also financial safeguards to get UK money if the Scottish economy collapses.

The issue of the British Nuclear Deterrent was also on the table with Alex Salmond saying there wouldn't be Nuclear Submarines making Scotland an outsider in terms of Defense arrangements. Just a few days ago, the UK government announced the demise of ship making facilities in Portsmouth while keeping options open in the Clyde and some say that such announcement was a political decision not to reinforce the argument for Scottish independence. Well, should Scotland become independent construction of British warships would automatically cease in Scotland.

The issue for Mariano Rajoy is pretty clear. The situation in Spain is already dire without adding terrorists attacks carried out by guerrillas fighting for Catalan and Basque independence.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

RMT Union Bob Crow: £145,000 a year and living in a council home?

"I won't move out of my council home", states Bob Crow, the £145,000 a year boss of the RMT Union who also said that he has 'no moral duty' to move out of his North London home. Marxist hypocrisy at its best.

Bob Crow went even went on to say that 'buying his own family home would be unfair on his family, who has lived there for 30 years." Let's see if we understand that. Thirsty-years living in subsidized accommodation because, regardless of him "paying his rent", social housing is still subsidized accommodation.

In typical Nomenklatura style (Nomenklatura was the name given to the high-ranking apparatchiks of the Soviet Communist Party who enjoyed all the perks of being up on the scale while ordinary people had to struggle to survive).

Bob Crow is a declared enemy of the British National Party. I wonder why. Why should a depraved individuals who has no qualms about using Council property for more than three decades even when today he ears a six figure salary be against a British National Party that wants to get rid of a Marxist Nomenklatura? Well, another Marxist called Frank Dobson, a Labour MP, despite all the perks of being a Member of Parliament, like many other Left Wing politicians lives in Council properties while ordinary Britons are struggling to find a family home. 

Greek People are deliberately infecting themselves with HIV to get financial support

This is the kind of headline you would never expect to hear: Greek people are deliberately infecting themselves with HIV to get financial support. Why do we want to get out of the European Union? The mess created by blind ideology is leading people to commit acts of madness.

Since there are no borders and no controls, you can expect that what is happening in Greece will have direct repercussions when Greek men and women infected with AIDs enter the United Kingdom carrying with a deadly disease or when British people and people of other nationalities travel to Greece and get infected as attitudes towards sexuality become more lax and people do not take precautions to avoid catching sexually transmitted diseases. We remember the Black Death that killed about half the population of Europe. Well, get ready. Something along the same lines could happen once again in Europe because of an ideological nightmare that is now leading whole countries to commit suicide.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

How did Hitler rise to power? Mass unemployment and political polarization

The reality of generation after generation with growing needs and no jobs is a recipe for chaos and extremism. It happened before and if we are not careful it will happen again.

Millions of disillusioned youngsters will soon become adults in a world that does not care and as the gap between rich and poor grows so do the numbers of those who have no future.

The so called mainstream political parties keep playing games getting involved in meaningless arguments that do not provide the answers needed. It happened before in Germany during the first half of the Twentieth-Century and it will happen again sooner than later.

What do the so called mainstream political parties in Britain do? They get together to pass legislation to stop people from demonstrating peacefully as if repression and mass media blackouts could be the recipe to avoid Armageddon.

What do the Liberal Democrats care about? They don't want to offend the EU authorities by limiting the rights of newcomers to claim welfare payments. Welfare payments act as an incentive for flood immigration that is destabilizing the British economy and creating tensions between communities, tensions that could easily become explosive.

Labour is lost in the midst of its internal power struggles. The Conservatives are still consumed by political correctness that they call 'middle-ground', not realizing that the said 'middle-ground' is what created the present crisis to the point that the so called mainstream political parties are no longer alternatives but a mere replica of the same kind of recipes that do not work.

I have no doubts whatsoever that political correctness will lead to war. When people are left with less and less options, violence becomes an acceptable option. Despair is the root cause of gang violence and there is a very small step between gang violence and organized political violence. The storm troopers of the 1920's and 1930's didn't come out of nowhere.

As the tactics of EDL and UAF demonstrate, bursts of adrenaline can lead to riots. Desperate people will engage in political gymnastics to express their frustrations and political polarization will do the rest acting as a trigger for even more violence. 


Saturday, 23 November 2013

The human dimension of politics: a human being is a human being

There is an ideological dimension of politics but there is a also a fundamental aspect of politics that we can only forget about at our own peril: a human being is a human being. When we deal with the realities of immigration, we do need to keep in mind this fundamental aspect so that, whatever statements we make and whatever decisions we make, statements and decisions are rational and absolutely fair.

When we talk about immigration, we must resist the temptation to demonize or to over generalize. We have repeatedly said that we don't blame immigrants. We do blame political authorities that have failed in their duty of care.

The duty of elected political authorities was to protect the interests of the British people and at the same time protect the interests of those who, as human beings, wanted to have a better life. They have failed on both counts.

Here you have an example. Next January, citizens of two European countries are going to allowed to come to the United Kingdom and settle down in the United Kingdom.

For those who are already here this is going to be a direct challenge that will seriously jeopardize their chances of finding jobs and will increase housing demand at a time when housing supply is chronically insufficient.

For citizens of the said European countries that remain in their native countries this is going to mean that the cost of living in their countries will rise while their incomes remain the same or are reduced. The economies of the said countries are not strong enough to compete with other European countries, salaries are lower in comparison but prices in the said countries are gong to rise to European levels. This would be to all effects a massive downgrading exercise. We have already seen how countries that had more powerful economies had to borrow and borrow even more to pretend that they could have the living standards powerful industrialized countries like Germany had.

In the UK standards are going to fall but in the said countries living costs are going to become a lot more expensive fuelling mass migration. Lib Lab Con have shown again and gain that they don't give a damn about people, British or not British.

Greece, Spain, Italy and others did not face the wall merely because of what a bunch of crooks did in the USA. They faced the wall because their economies could not compete on an equal footing with Germany and other countries. Do you actually think that Bulgaria and Romania will be in a better position?

As British Nationalists, we are not xenophobic. We have stated over and over again that we stand for the rights of all countries to manage their resources in a way that benefits all their citizens. If Greece, Spain and others had not been tied up to the EU chariot, they would be in a much better position and without present levels of debt and unemployment.



Friday, 22 November 2013

John Fitzgerald Kennedy: The Day Before and the Day After

What people say or don't say about the way John Fitzgerald Kennedy died is in my opinion quite irrelevant. The fact was that an American President that represented so much for so many had been murdered in Dallas, Texas.

I was just a child. I remember that I was playing in my sister's bedroom when my father arrived with the news: President Kennedy has died. In the Southern Hemisphere, in a small provincial capital in Uruguay, it was a summer day. Suddenly, joy was wiped out from our faces. I saw my father cry, my mother cry, and practically everybody around me was in tears and in a state of shock.

I will not engage in dealing with conspiracy theories talking about who did what and why. What matters to me is the impression I got as a child and that has been with me since then. A close member of my family had died on that day. From a state of optimism, the world around me had sunk into deep depression.

From President John Fitzgerald Kennedy I keep the words he uttered when he stated '"My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country". If the original words belonged to John Fitzgerald Kennedy or not is, yet again, absolutely irrelevant. What matters to me is that President Kennedy chose those words to transmit a very powerful message not just to the American people but to the entire World.

A very small child in a small provincial town in Uruguay, Latin America, thousand of miles away from the United States of America, has kept President John Fitzgerald Kennedy's words in his mind for more than half a century and is here today writing an article about President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Years later, the same child witnessed the landing on the Moon as it happened and once again remembered the fateful words of John Fitzgerald Kennedy announcing that America, one day, would send men to the Moon. The feeling was that when somebody asked the question "Can we make it?" the answer would be "Yes, we can make it if we work hard to achieve it."

Much has been written about President Kennedy ever since. What he did or didn't do as a private individual is for me, once again, absolutely irrelevant. What President Kennedy gave me the child living in a small provincial town in Uruguay was a spirit of optimism and the belief that there is hope. Lee Harvey Oswald or whoever they say killed President Kennedy couldn't possibly take away from me what I felt then and the spirit that leads me to write these words.

No human being is perfect. Nobody is without blemish of some kind. What matters is that John Fitzgerald Kennedy is on a league of his own. If anything, those behind his assassination made him immortal.   


Thursday, 21 November 2013

With manipulated campaigns and rigged elections UK can hardly be a real democracy

In the United Kingdom, that is supposed to be one of the oldest Democracies, the Mass Media manipulate elections to the point that most people are kept unaware even of the existence of candidates and of proposals that the Mass Media don't like. The direct consequence of this manipulation is that during recent council elections barely forty percent of those entitled to vote actually voted.

It is even more ridiculous when you think that this is happening with the so called Electoral Commission acting as an accomplice in  something that I don't hesitate to call 'criminal'. The so called 'rules' are so 'flexible 'that the Electoral Commission does not even call them rules. They called 'guidelines'. This means that the mass media can do whatever they want and they cannot be made accountable for it.

In terms of public debates, in the UK there are no truly democratic debates because debates take place excluding candidates that won't ever have a chance of being heard. The problem is not only about people who choose bad governments. People are not even allowed to have real choices because in the United Kingdom elections are rigged.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Christianity extinct in the UK within a generation?

Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, warns Christianity "a generation away from extinction" in Britain. Well, I wonder why. The Anglican Church has prostituted itself to be 'modern' and compromised the Christian message by walking away from the fundamentals. Do people really want a washed-down version of Christianity?

The debate about homosexual priests and same-gender marriages combined with its approach to be everything to all peoples has exhausted the Church. Instead of the Narrow Path, the Church has promoted the Wider Path, the Easy Way, putting aside fundamental values.

In times when political polarization and political violence are on the increase, we see many thousands stranded in a dangerous Limbo. They cannot trust Politicians, the cannot trust the Police or the Courts, and now they cannot even trust the Church. So, what is the answer? Alcohol, drugs, promiscuity and a despondent and selfish attitude towards each other.

Going to Church feels like going to a Hospital where there are no doctors and no nurses. There is no Heaven and there is no Salvation. All people have is a living Hell from which Death is the only exit.

People look at the Church and all they see is a crumbling corrupt political institution where propriety has been replaced by convenience and political correctness. This is why they are running away and this is why Christianity - not to be confused with bastard cults that make a mockery of Christianity - is on the way out.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Daniel Hannan attacks the BNP but stands for what the BNP believes

Daniel Hannan, elected Conservative Member of the European Parliament, born in Peru, attacks the British National Party, but then reaffirms the arguments presented by the British National Party regarding Immigration.

In an article published on the Daily Telegraph he states that immigration accounts for 43% of demographic increases. He says that the Labour Party was happy with mass immigration because it increased the number of Labour voters and Employers were happy because they could get cheap workers. By the way, this is exactly what the British National Party has been saying all along.

Mr Hanna keeps attacking the British National Party but stating British National Party ideas at the same time. He goes on to say that unless we leave the European Union we will not be able to control immigration which, incidentally, it is exactly what the  British National Party has been saying all along.

The time is long overdue for Mr. Daniel Hanna to read what he has been writing, read what we have been writing, and see that he should be applying for British National Party membership.

In terms of economics, Mr. Hanna says that the European Union is making its constituent nations poorer, less democratic and less free. By the way, this is exactly what the British National Party has been saying from the very beginning.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

If I were Jewish, I would never say my family had art masterpieces while people were starving

The headline reads 'Art masterpieces taken by the Nazis from its Jewish owners found'. Such headlines shame a lot more Jewish families than they could ever shame the Nazis. Why? In an Europe dominated by mass unemployment and even starvation, some chosen privileged families were having things so easily that while ordinary people were going to early graves the said families were accumulating vast amounts of wealth that allowed them to acquire works of arts costing millions.

Therefore, if I were Jewish, I would never ever dare to reclaim something my ancestors owned when men, women and children around them were dying because they did not have enough to eat. What the so called Nazis did only serves to show the kind of inequalities that made ordinary people to show massive support for the so called Nazis.

When you look at the origins of most revolutions in history including the American Revolution of 1776, the French Revolution of 1789 and the Russian Revolution of 1917, the root causes are basically the same: extraordinary levels of abuse and privileges committed by elites who did not give a damn about ordinary people.

I am not the kind of person that takes things for granted or is dominated by a propaganda machine that makes people forget that most of those who lost their lives in World War Two were not Jewish. Look at the figures; look at the facts; and forget about the lies and deceit of those who use propaganda as a way to divert attention from the truth. One single country - Russia - lost between 25 and 30 million people in World War Two.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Manual Labour is as important as Intellectual Labour

Revaluing manual labour should be one of the key duties of any political administration. As many countries learn through critical situations, a street sweeper is as important as a specialized surgeon. Myths and misconceptions have created as state of widespread confusion that make people believe that mere Instruction is Education.

Instruction and Education are two different things. Most of what pupils get in Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Universities is merely Instruction and this is why so many students with University degrees are a complete and utter failure in the working place.

We have played around with concepts like IQ, pretending that having a high IQ was in itself some sort of achievement and in fact it isn't. Somewhere along the way, trying to explain why so many people with very high IQs are living failures a new concept was coined and defined as Emotional Intelligence.

We face situations in which students with a whole set of A Levels are rejected by Universities that choose students that have lesser qualifications instead. Why? They have discovered that some of those who are categorized as 'Excellent' are just robots and are unable to function in the real world.

The said robots learnt what they were told but know very little else about everything else. This is why yet another concept is in use: 'rounded-up individuals'. Some schools make having as many extra-curricular activities as possible a priority. There is the understanding that some people might excel in the subjects that they chose to study but they are still unable to function as human beings in the real world.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Jack Straw accused of Racism regarding immigration?

Former Home Secretary Jack Straw MP has stated that Labour messed things up by allowing huge numbers of Hungarians and Poles to come to Britain and that it was a 'spectacular mistake'.

The statement comes the day after Mr. Blunkett, also Former Home Secretary, indicate that British cities could face riots as an influx of gipsies creates friction with local people.

With the exception of Ireland and Sweden, all other EU states imposed rules that did not allow the new migrants from Hungary and Poland to work until 2011 (until seven years after accession).

Labour is suffering a backlash from ethnic Labour members who have been systematically replaced by newcomers from the European Union. In one particular case, Black Labour supporters decided to resign the Labour whip and became Independent Labour only to be thrown out of the Labour Party.

In areas that had become strongholds of people of African and Asian descent, there is a growing pre-eminence of white Christian Eastern Europeans with very strong cultural identities and no nonsense approach regarding racial issues.

The rabbits with rabbits and foxes with foxes approach from Eastern Europe is something Labour failed to think about when it promoted mass immigration for racial purposes.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Welfare State is destroying peoples' drive to succeed

When somebody says 'I am better off living on benefits instead of earning a living having a job' this should be a wake up call to take action and stop making welfare payments.

Unless we force people to get out of their comforts zones, staying in bed and doing nothing for themselves they will ruin their own lives and they will seriously compromise everybody else's wellbeing because their laziness is paid with someone else tax monies.

Protecting the disabled, those who are ill, children and the elderly is one thing. Financing laziness and crime is quite another. No Welfare payments should be paid to those who are able to work but are not willing to go out and earn a living.

Most importantly, for decades Britain has been making landlords reach by paying them tax monies to keep people in homes that they cannot afford. This becomes a spiral of rising housing costs that benefits the unscrupulous that keep putting prices up because they know that the State will continue paying and paying.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Cameron: Background does not matter. John Major: Shocked about Elite

Number 10 says background does not matter after John Major said it was "truly shocking" that the elite still controls the corridors of power. No, we are not talking about Cuckooland. We are talking about the real world. For centuries, families based their fortunes on passing wealth and genes from generation to generation and this is how we arrive today to a world in which there is a growing gap between haves and have-nots.

While scientists and researchers state that 'the richest people live longer and better', there are still people who are oblivious to one fundamental fact: wealth is not only about money. It is money combined with genetics both in terms of health and intelligence including emotional intelligence to succeed.

Those who say that 'two-parent families are not necessary' and even promote families headed by 'same gender couples' are oblivious to the fact that social disintegration does not lead to wealth and in Britain - like in many other countries - we face the nightmare of more and more people living on their own or of children growing up in dysfunctional families.

Background does matter. We inherit genes and we share memes. There is genetic wealth and intellectual wealth and when genetic wealth and intellectual wealth come together you get power. This is why the so called Elites fare better and therefore have access to means other people can only dream about.

More often than not, differences in terms of wealth are just the tip of the iceberg. We ignore genetic wealth and intellectual wealth at our own peril.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Wood and Coal Fires Comeback

Green Taxes are working. Wood and Coal Fires Comeback.

Rises of between 10 and 15 cent of the cost of gas and electricity are forcing people to return to wood and coal fires. More and more coal sheds are now back in use for the purpose they were originally built.

Thousands of Brits are dusting out their fireplaces in response to soaring energy prices creating an unexpected boom in chimney sweeps. 

There is a revival of the use of wood and coal fires and all thanks to Green Taxes and inflation of utility bills.

Every time the gas bill goes up, more and more families opt for using traditional methods to heat their homes. Business for chimney sweepers has reportedly gone up by 34 per cent in a single year.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

The Last English Shipyard is on its way out

The news came and it hardly had any impact on news programmes. "1,800 jobs to go in Portsmouth. End of an Era" However, we know that a lot more than that is being lost.

This is the end of a great nation called the United Kingdom. Prime Minister David Cameron announced that facilities in Scotland will remain fully active 'until after the Scottish Referendum when a decision will be made about building or not building new generations of battleships'.

Once the final touches are given to two airplane carriers, the curtains will come down at the last English shipyard and all that will be left of an industry that made Britain great will be lost forever. You could still see Admiral Nelson's Victory as a cruel reminder of what Britain used to be before treacherous, incompetent and corrupt politicians who only have in mind their pitiful and shameful short-term interests took power.

What happened to the Railways has happened to the airline industry and to the shipyards, the manufacturing plants that made Britain rich and famous and the public services that made Britain proud. What survives has been sold to the highest bidder and practically nothing of consequence is actually in British hands. Even the City of London is no longer British.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Another Labour Party's treacherous lie was rejected by the courts

The case brought about by the Labour Party for political reasons against Dawn Charlton and Clive Jefferson has been dropped 'due to insufficient evidence'. In actual fact, the whole thing was a fabrication created by the Labour Party as part of a harassment campaign waged against British Nationalists.

The news as reported by ITV today, Friday, November 8th 2013 was as follows:

"Two British National Party members who were accused of a racially aggravated public order offence have been told the case against them has been dropped. Dawn Charlton and Clive Jefferson had pleaded not guilty at an earlier court appearance. The accusation surrounded the distribution of leaflets around Maryport earlier this year with the party leader Nick Griffin.
The Crown Prosecution Service says the case has been dropped due insufficient evidence.
The former defendants say they're now considering taking legal action."

The Labour Party has been attacking anybody that they see as being close to the British National Party or helping the British National Party or providing services to the British National Party. I have seen many examples of rotten Labour tactics. The most notorious have been threats against landlords who have rented facilities to be used by the British National Party. This disgraceful Stalinist way of doing things is typical of the Labour Party.

British Soldier convicted because he shot dead an enemy combatant?

Having civilian judges dealing with military cases that occurred in the battlefield is questionable for all sorts of reasons. A group of British soldiers find themselves in the heat of battle and one of them executes an enemy combatant.

Now, the enemy combatant was injured. So what? Soldiers are not policemen in the streets of London. They see their mates killed on a daily basis and are victims of enemy gunfire. What would the Taliban have done if the one lying on the ground had been a British soldier? We are talking about war and war is war. When I had to shoot, I shot. No questions asked.

We sent soldiers to die in the fields of Afghanistan and when they are shot at and they are lucky to find those who shoot at them, somebody who does not have a clue about being in theatre of war passes sentence and convicts a man who could perfectly have been at the other end of the barrel.

The man they killed was a Taliban fighter and knew exactly what he was doing and the risks he was taking by fighting against British soldiers. The sentence passed against a British soldier for killing a Taliban fighter is yet another case of political correctness gone mad.

Soldier are trained to kill and killing is doing their duty. "Some thirty years ago I was told by one of my military instructors: We give you the order to shoot and if you don't shoot your mates will shoot at you. I don't want white-gloves troops for parades. I want black-gloves troops to kill."

The voice of that instructor still resonates in my mind. Politicians create wars that few people want and when soldiers do what they were trained to do they judge them as if they were civilians.

We this kind of justice system we see the reason why British troops have been in Afghanistan since 2001 and they are about to withdraw in defeat after losing many of their comrades not just in combat but also in the most treacherous circumstances being attacked by people they thought were their friends.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Two Greek Heroes and a reminder of the high cost of fighting for what belongs to us

In a matter of hours, the story of a terrorist double murder in front of the Northern Athens office of Golden Dawn was rapidly “retired” from the covers of newspapers, with a dwindling amount of coverage from the media.  This was an overt propaganda technique to avoid the names of the two victims so that they do not stay in the minds of public opinion. In general, the channels tried to ignore the fact that both men were Golden Dawn members, even shamefully implying that this was a “settling of scores”.

Giorgos Fountoulis was a highly intelligent young man, who lived a clean life of a good kid, as those who knew him remember. He was an active activist and had been in the movement for quite some time. His expertise was in educational work, in Galati, Kalogreza, New Ioania, and other places where political information was spread in the northern suburbs of Athens. Any time the message and positions of Golden Dawn were conveyed, Giorgos was there with us. In the commemorations at Thermopylae, at IMIA, in all of the scenarios, Giorgos was besides us.

Manolis Kapelonis
was also besides us for some time, with new concerns about the world and a special love for our country. A brilliant young man, Manos had a smile that was contagious, even in the darkest times. Manolis took part in many information campaigns and commemorations. He was always next to us, like a brother, and he would outdo us.
Είδαμε όλοι ότι το θέμα του διπλού ϕονικού εμπρός από την Τ.Ο. Βορείων Προαστίων «αποσύρθηκε» τάχιστα από τα εξώϕυλλα των εϕημερίδων και παρατηρήθηκε μία σαϕής τάση υποβάθμισης του γεγονότος από τα ΜΜΕ. Υπήρξε μία σαϕής προπαγανδιστική τακτική αποϕυγής εκϕοράς ακόμα και των ονομάτων των θυμάτων, ώστε να μην συνδεθούν στην κοινή γνώμη. Στην αρχή επίσης τα κανάλια προσπάθησαν να μην συνδέσουν την Χρυσή Αυγή με τα δύο άτομα, κάνοντας επαίσχυντα λόγο ακόμα και για «ξεκαθάρισμα λογαριασμών».

Ο Γιώργος Φουντούλης ήτο ένας λαμπρός νέος, μία πραγματικά αγνή ψυχή, ένα καλό παιδί, όπως λέγανε όλοι γύρω του. Συμμετείχε σε εκδηλώσεις του Κινήματός εδώ και αρκετό καιρό, όντας ιδιαίτερα δραστήριος. Σε ενημερωτικές δράσεις στο Γαλάτσι, την Καλογρέζα, την Νέα Ιωνία και όπου αλλού η Τ.Ο. Βορείων Προαστίων μεταλαμπάδευσε τις θέσεις της Χρυσής Αυγής, ο Γιώργος ήταν εκεί μαζί μας. Στις τελετές μνήμης για τις Θερμοπύλες, τον Παλαιολόγο, αλλά και τα Ίμια, ο Γιώργος ήταν μαζί μας, δίπλα μας.

Ο Μανώλης Καπελώνης ήταν και αυτός δίπλα μας εδώ και αρκετό καιρό. Ένας νέος με ανησυχίες για τον κόσμο και ιδιαίτερη αγάπη για την Πατρίδα μας. Ένας λαμπρός νέος, που πραγματικά με το χαμόγελο του μας έκανε και εμάς να χαμογελάμε ακόμα και όταν ήταν ιδιαιτέρως δύσκολο. Βρεθήκαμε μαζί σε πολλές ενημερωτικές δράσεις και τελετές μνήμης. Ο Μανώλης ήταν δίπλα μας, ήταν αδερϕός μας, ήταν Συναγωνιστής μας


Vladimir Putin: A real leader for a real country

When in Rome do as the Romans do. President Vladimir Putin has stated very clearly that those willing to live in Russia must live according to Russian rules, Russian Law and Russian Customs. In one word, if you want to live as you lived in the countries you came from, go back to the countries you came from.

EU is a fraudulent, bureaucratic and dictatorial organization

£5.7 billion paid in error? Yes, correct. Last year, the EU gave money 'in error' to projects that did not qualify for EU funding and this is official as it has been ascertained by the EU's official auditors that indicate that British taxpayers are now liable for an additional £832 million and this will lead to further and deeper budget cuts in the United Kingdom.

We are puppets of organization that is destroying sovereign Nations and depriving them of vital resources while monies are lost thanks to a mix of corruption and mismanagement. Once again, EU accounts cannot be certified.

Royal Mail: People buying what they already own

You can look at it from every angle and you are still left scratching your head, puzzled, unable to understand why people would like to buy what they already own. Owning a few shares of a company by no means secures your employment and if any of the former workers of public Royal Mail thought that by buying shares they would make their jobs safer, they are deeply misguided. Add to that the fact that if you only own a few shares your return - in the event of the company making any profits - would be minimal or negligible.

The sale of Royal Mail was a political decision to weaken the Trade Unions that a few years ago had 57% membership in the public sector. I don't have the updated figures of Trade Union membership but I reckon that after each process of privatization the figure goes down and down and down. In the private sector, Trade Union membership was already less than 15% and I don't believe that it will go any higher because the trend is negative.

India launches mission to Mars

India launches its first space mission to Mars but we there are still idiots that support the idea of providing financial aid to India when the Indian government has explicitly said that it does not want any British foreign aid and that such aid is an insult to India.

The Daily Telegraph reports the news in full. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/india/10426801/India-launches-Mars-mission-in-giant-leap-for-super-cheap-space-exploration.html

Monday, 4 November 2013

A transexual called Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed

A transsexual called Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed disappeared from a Mosque wearing a burkha. The 27-year-old Muslim woman suspected of being involved in terrorism left a Mosque in West London on Friday.
Scotland Yard said that the Muslim transgender is not considered at this time to represent a direct threat to the public. Born in Somalia, Miss Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed is know to have attended the An-Noor Masjid and Community Centre in Church Road, Acton.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Houses built on flood plains: a nightmare created by unscrupulous local authorities

In recent years we have heard again and again about people having to face the nightmares caused by flooding, nightmares made a thousand times worse by the fact that many properties in the United Kingdom are built on floodplains.

Such nightmares have been in many cases man made by unscrupulous local authorities that knowingly allowed buildings and developers to build homes in dangerous areas when it was common knowledge that such areas were going to be the first to be affected by flooding.

Conservative, Labour and Lib Dems, with impunity, have put peoples' lives in danger so that somebody could cash in when desperate people were looking for a place they could call home. As direct consequence have had to contend not only with the damages caused by flooding. They have also had to face higher insurance premiums and insurance providers have also profited by putting up insurance premiums across the country including in areas that are not prone to flooding.

Despite a long history of disasters caused by irresponsible behavior, local authorities still allow builders and developers to use flood plains and the British National Party is now campaigning against and denouncing such irresponsible behaviour.

On Saturday, November 17th, 2013, Councillors Tina Gentry and Richard Perry would like you to attend the Eastern Region Demonstration against 900 homes to be built on a flood plain.  The demonstration will take place near the Le Bouchon Hotel, The Square, Holloway Road, Heybridge, Maldon, Essex, CM94LT.

For additional information, you can contact Richard on 01621 841518 or on 07815 822898