Friday, 30 November 2012

Nick Griffin declared innocent – a triumph for common sense

Nick Griffin declared innocent – a triumph for common sense
I watched quite a few press reports that basically fabricated a version of events talking about something that did not actually happen and an organised attempt to penalise Nick Griffin for standing for Christian principles.
They accused the Leader of the British National Party of giving away a private address, something that he did not do. They tried their best to quash Freedom of Speech and they failed miserably. We are talking about the same mass media that goes from mass exposure and defamation to news blackout in a desperate and vain effort to keep the British National Party out of the way.
The British Broadcasting Corporation has always had the time and resources to create false reports and biased reports about the British National Party. When a demonstration takes place in front of Broadcasting House, the BBC ‘does not have enough resources to cover the event’ and opts for a mass media blackout.
I read the reply our Giuseppe got from the BBC. The explanation provided by the BBC is absolutely pathetic and the fact that many of its leaders got degrees from prestigious Universities makes you wonder about the education standards of the said Universities that one would think belong to the C. C stands for Crap with capital C that is used to justify grossly over-paid individuals that use every stratagem in the book to blackmail the authorities and to extort taxpayers’ monies.  

Dead Party comes third defeating Respect, the Conservative Party and the Lib Dems

Dead Party comes third defeating Respect, the Conservative Party and the Lib Dems
It is refreshing to see the likes of the Stalinist Guardian and the Untermenschen of the NUJ (National Union of Jokers) eat their hearts out after a Parliamentary By-Election in what is supposed to Labour territory. In spite of trying their Stalinist tactics, including bullying of party political supporters of other parties, Labour won the seat but did it at a cost of having UKIP coming second. The Coalition partner - the Lib Dems - were successul and they managed to lose their deposit.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Child Sex Abuse: Liberal or Depraved?

Lib Dem: Liberal or Depraved?

The idea that an entire political organisation can look the other way and pretend that nothing happens when children are being abused by a very high rank Lib Dem politician is a clear example of Hell on Earth. The rumour that has been floated is that in times past some Liberal Democrats put under the carpet open sexual abuses for the sake of avoiding a public scandal that could have brought down the coalition of the day.

For the sake of avoiding a political scandal, Liberal Democrat politicians are said to have treated the victims of sexual abuse with total contempt, very much in the same manner that BBC executives are said to have behaved regarding the Jimmy Savile and Company saga.

Such behaviour gives us a better understanding of where the Liberal Democrats stand when it comes to sexual interaction between adults and between adults and children and why some Members of Parliament are so much in favour of lowering the age of consent, something that in fact will allow older depraved individuals to abuse younger children with total impunity.

The case of the Liberal Democrat Porno-Producer Prospective Member of Parliament stands as a tragic-comical example of what the mainstream of the Liberal Democratic Party believe.

The statement made by Nick Clegg when confronted with the fact of having a female candidate who earns her living producing pornographic movies and selling them via the Internet was ridiculous and what is even more ridiculous is the fact that Nick Clegg seems to honestly believe what he told the mass media in an effort to glamorise the situation.

Even by the standards of the Wife Swapping Party, the Liberal Democratic Party is definitely sub-standard. In his memoirs Ken Livingstone reportedly talks about the wife swapping sessions of the Lambeth Labour Party but in any case he refers to consenting adults. The tactic of encouraging one girl to have sexual intercourse with several young males was one of the favourite recruitment techniques of the Communist Party and other political organisations that was also intended to create 'solidarity'.  

Thursday, 22 November 2012

BBC report about rape: No mention of identity

BBC reports about rape: No mention of the identity of the culprits

It is interesting to confirm that despite all the scandals of recent days, the BBC still avoids saying that a gang of rapists put on trial were all Asians of Pakistani origin. Fortunately, there are non politically correct individuals that will use all the necessary words to describe the offense and the identity of the offenders.

As a protector of paedophiles and rapists it is understandable that the BBC very much tries to protect those who are similar in nature to the ones promoted by the BBC, feeling that they are part of the same family and in the true sense of Multicultural Depravity. The message seems to be ‘Be Bloody Criminal and we will help you’. This was somehow reflected in several legal cases of individuals that were not deported to Muslim countries because ‘they could be stigmatized for being criminals’.   

Monday, 19 November 2012

EU plans EU Budget without Britain

EU plans EU Budget without Britain

So maybe, like a prominent Conservative MP indicated, we are much closer to the exit than many people think. The fact the European ministers are being asked to produce a European Union budget without including Britain shows that on the other side of the divide there is also the will to get rid of Britain or that the exclusion of Britain is already a fait accompli.

In the jungle of ideological considerations, die-hards supporters of unelected European bureaucrats like Nick Clegg, disciple of Leon Brittan, will still promote the case of raising taxes in Britain to continue throwing money away. As a promoter of Globalisation, Nick Clegg also supports the Made in China mentality that has destroyed manufacturing in the USA, the United Kingdom and across Europe (including the European Union).

The Western World is forced to rethink its military strategies because China is investing a big portion of its income (facilitated by the Western World) building up its military capabilities and becoming a certain threat to its neighbours – including Japan. This Globalisation idea will lead to war.

Europe and America are so riddled with financial difficulties and social instability that they will hardly be in a position to defend themselves.

32 MPs under the spotlight for expenses claims

32 MPs found claiming expenses for rent as well as receiving money from properties often bought and refurbished with taxpayers’ money. The list includes the following Members of Parliament:

1)      John Whittingdale – Conservative Chairman of the culture, media and sport committee
2)      Mark Pritchard – Conservative Party
3)      John Denham – former Labour cabinet minister
4)      Michael Meacher – Labour Party
5)      Pat McFadden – Labour former minister
6)      Kevin Barron – Labour Party
7)      Linda Riordan – Labour Party
8)      Francis Maude – Conservative Cabinet Office Minister

Who has tried to hide the truth? John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons. My understanding is that somebody who tries to hide a crime that somebody else has committed becomes in fact an accomplice and should be made accountable.

The publication of the full details by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) is due today and will take place despite the opposition of John Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons. 

Friday, 16 November 2012

Police Commissioner Elections: Only 16 of the Electorate believed in them

Police Commissioner Elections: Only 16 of the Electorate believed in them
The so called mainstream political parties have catastrophically failed to inspire the British Electorate. This shows you very clearly that despite BBC bias and mass media bass, the so called mainstream political parties are just a fraud.
Wisely, the British National Party chose not to take part in such a shambles, such parody of Democracy. Now, who was in tune with the British Electorate? Mainstream political parties 16% - British National Party 84%.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

UK Database of Criminal Activities

We have a learnt that a private organisation has undertaken the huge task of creating a national database including names of people who have been involved in criminal activities.

We have been told that no efforts will be spared and that it will include names regardless of any specific consideration.

A speaker acting on behalf of the said organisation indicated that the main aim is that people should know the truth and that if any member of any public organisation including but not exclusively Parliament, the Judiciary, the Police and the Armed Forces was involved or has been involved in activities of an illicit nature the public should be told about it.

We were also told that the said database will also be used as a point of reference to reveal the background of anybody acting at any level.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Margaret Hodge's Stemcor taxing issues

Reports indicating that Stemcor, company founded by Margaret Hodge's father and run by her brother (Ralph Oppenheimer), paid barely 0.01% of the revenues generated via its UK-based business are now in the public domain. Margaret Hodge, who is a Stemcor shareholder, has harshly criticized companies accused of tax avoidance.

The same reports indicate that Stemcor paid just 163,000 pound on revenues of more than 2.1 billion pound in 2011. As Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, Margaret Hodge MP should make a public statement regarding the said reports that accuse Stemcor of major tax avoidance practices.  

Margaret Hodge was quoted as saying: “There is a growing anger among ordinary people who pay their taxes that the system is not fair. That big corporates and the rich find ways to avoid tax. It may be legal but it is not moral.”

Director General of BBC falls and Lord Patten could be on his way out

George Entwistle has resigned his post as Director General of the British Broadcasting Corporation and Lord Patten, former Member of Parliament and former Governor of Hong Kong, could be on his way to become formed head of the body overseeing the BBC. Even Jeremy Paxman is said to be considering his future but he is just one of a long list of casualties since the Jimmy Savile saga started leading to blunder after blunder.

Journalistic standards have dropped in what has been characterized as basic errors of journalism and lack of respect for process. For many years, the BBC has been going down the drain driven by ideological myopia, mismanagement and journalistic incompetence. The days of glory ended a long time ago but the myth was maintained thanks to cover-ups.

The privileged few have brought down to its knees an organisation that made Britain proud. The time to bring the BBC back into the real world is long overdue. Bias, mismanagement, corruption and sheer incompetence have transformed the BBC into a shadow of its former self.

What I write I write more in sadness than in anger. The BBC was my home away from home.  

Thursday, 8 November 2012

American Republicans live in Cuckooland

American Republicans live in Cuckooland

In a country that has more than 16 trillion dollars of debt, a yearly deficit of 1 trillion dollars, interest payments that are several times higher than the money invested in education, hundreds of thousand families losing their homes or about to have their homes repossessed and states in which unemployment is above 11 per cent while 25 per cent of its income is invested in defence, a Republican Candidate that promised to cuts taxes and increase defence expenditure was bound to lose the Presidential Election.

Cutting taxes and increasing defence expenditure would literally mean less money for education, less money for health, less money for transport and literally less money for everything else. America is bankrupt and its so called international leadership is based on bankruptcy.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

The Demise of crooked Members of Parliament

BNP: The demise of crooked Members of Parliament
Despite the constant flow of articles claiming that the British National Party is no longer a political force to reckon with, the list of Members of Parliament ousted by the British National Party keeps growing. Another scalp has been added to Nick Griffin’s belt with the inevitable fall of yet another filthy and dirty handed left-wing leach in a suit.
The long-suffering public want people like the Labour Party’s Dennis McShane out of Parliament but the scandalous first-past-the post system is propping up the political underworld that now is not only linked to financial scandals but also scandals of sexual nature with criminal connotations. The list known as the Labour 25 has now reached 41. Some Members of Parliament try and escape from the arm of the law by resigning their positions and hoping that people will forget about their deeds as they try to disappear under the radar.
The British National Party sleaze busters will keep tracking and researching and finding out about the activities of all Members of Parliament without exception. What has come to be known as the Curse of the BNP has taken out another BNP hater. Just days ago, the BBC that produced a laughable smear against the British National Party before the GLA Elections found itself cornered when it was discovered that the BBC has been promoting a tax avoidance scheme and has also been honouring paedophiles and rapists and attacking the BNP when the BNP since 2001 has been denouncing criminal sexual activities.