Monday, 19 November 2012

EU plans EU Budget without Britain

EU plans EU Budget without Britain

So maybe, like a prominent Conservative MP indicated, we are much closer to the exit than many people think. The fact the European ministers are being asked to produce a European Union budget without including Britain shows that on the other side of the divide there is also the will to get rid of Britain or that the exclusion of Britain is already a fait accompli.

In the jungle of ideological considerations, die-hards supporters of unelected European bureaucrats like Nick Clegg, disciple of Leon Brittan, will still promote the case of raising taxes in Britain to continue throwing money away. As a promoter of Globalisation, Nick Clegg also supports the Made in China mentality that has destroyed manufacturing in the USA, the United Kingdom and across Europe (including the European Union).

The Western World is forced to rethink its military strategies because China is investing a big portion of its income (facilitated by the Western World) building up its military capabilities and becoming a certain threat to its neighbours – including Japan. This Globalisation idea will lead to war.

Europe and America are so riddled with financial difficulties and social instability that they will hardly be in a position to defend themselves.

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