Friday, 2 December 2011

Did Jack Straw MP say that the English were not a race worth saving?

We are so caught up with an incessant flow of information that we sometimes tend to forget key pieces of information that are absolutely relevant and one of these pieces of information is a statement made in 2008 by a then member of the Labour Cabinet Jack Straw MP.

Jack Straw MP is reported as having said that "the English are not a race worth saving." I don't know if perhaps Trevor Phillips of the so called Equality Commision (or something like that) can let us know if the statement that Jack Straw MP, a member of his own political party, is reported to have made was or wasn't racist.

I don't know if Jack Straw MP was then under some kind of psychological or emotional pressure to have made a statement attacking the entire English population and there are doubts in my mind about who Jack Straw MP considers are the true English people.

I hope with your comments and information provided we could perhaps clarify the matter, short of calling Jack Straw MP to find out what he meant when he made such a dramatic statement.

In my opinion, for a Secretary of State to have made such statement would have been an extremely racist act that perhaps should have been analyzed by the corresponding authorities.

Does Parliamentary immunity allow Members of Parliament to go around attacking ethnic communities?

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