Sunday, 18 December 2011

Nazis in the Conservative Party? God help us All!!!

Prime Minister David Cameron has been forced to react and sack a parliamentary private secretary over 'offensive and foolish behaviour'. The headline was 'Aidan Burley MP sacked after 'Nazi' party guest photo.'

The Member of Parliament for Cannock Chase was depicted by the Mail on Sunday together with a man dresses as a Nazi SS Officer at a stag party in France. Imagine all the efforts of the Ruppert Murdoch Press talking about imaginary Nazi orgies and violating the rights of private individuals.

If the News of the World was still around, somebody would have told Ruppert's journalists that they could attend and get some nice pictures of Conservative Party supporters without getting themselves into trouble with the Law.

As it happens, a Conservative Party spokesman is reported to have said: 'Aidan Burley has behaved in a manner which is offensive and foolish.'

Offensive and Foolish? Is that it? Is this the end of the matter? So members of the Royal Family can walk around wearing Swastikas and Nazi Uniforms, Conservative Party Members of Parliament can 'mingle' with individuals wearing Nazi Uniforms and University students registered with the Conservative Party can do the same and everything is described as 'Offensive and Foolish'?

Prime Minister David Cameron did the right thing by sacking Aidan Burley MP but this should tell many Conservative Party supporters that rather than attacking members of other political parties and calling them Nazis, they should look closer to home and see what their own fellow Conservative Party members are doing.

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