Thursday, 8 December 2011

Green Policies are a lot of wind

Green policies are a lot of wind. This is what happened in Scotland when there was too much wind. A turbine caught fire and if we had been depending only on wind turbines we would be in the dark without electricity and without central heating. To sum sup: expensive and unreliable.

The way to hell, as they usually say, is paved with good intentions. We do need to invest in Research and Development and some airplanes jumped a little before they could actually fly. Wind turbines are obviously the application of an old idea - the old windmills used to prepare flower. It is a simple idea but perhaps it is too simple, as simple as cutting corners and when we try and cut corners the consequences can be disastrous.

If you were to put all your trust in biofuels, then again after a sudden climatic change, after a failed crop, millions would be left without electricity and without heating and I say this without taking into account that the Amazon Rainforest is being wiped out to make space for bio-fuel production.

Sea-power? We know that costal areas are constantly changing. In some areas, land is being eroded and homes are falling into the sea. Using the power of waves to generate electricity is an interesting idea but not a practical idea in the long term.

We are being flooded with expensive and unreliable gimmicks and we keep taxing economies, wasting resources that should be invested in Research and Development to find real long term solutions.

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