Saturday, 17 December 2011

Labour logic: less votes is Big Victory and more debt is prosperity

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After such a big Labour victory, Lib Lab Con as a whole came a cropper in Feltham and Heston in spite of quite a few thousand Pounds spent in campaigning and the full support of the mass media that implemented a blackout against the British National Party.

This is the state of British Democracy and this is why more than 70 per cent out of 80,813 registered voters stayed away because they no longer believe in Lib Lab Con but they are still been drugged with lies about the British National Party.

Champagne Socialist Ed Milliband might describe this as a big victory for the Labour Party but only a man that continues to defy the laws of economics could describe such a shambles as a big victory. Democracy was defeated.

I wonder if the announcement by the Ministry of Defence that 13,500 troops will be deployed in London next year has anything to do with announced strikes and the increasing state of insecurity created by Lib Lab Con.

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