Thursday, 22 December 2011

Argentina prepares for War. It was just a matter of time

Argentina prepares for War: It was just a matter of time

I went through the experience of seeing the game of diplomatic pressure and outrageous declarations in a war of words that preceded the Argentine invasion in April 1982.

Months before the invasion, the British authorities could perfectly foresee what the endgame was going to be and failed to prepare for the inevitable and as a consequence of looking the other way Britain found itself in a conflict that could have been prevented if Argentina had been shown the red lights.

When you have to call Latin American ambassadors and ask for explanations, the Royal Navy should already be sailing towards the River Plate Region to tell Argentina, in very clear terms that the first time Buenos Aires City was not attacked and that Buenos Aires City would not be spared a second time round. These were the procedures in the days of Admiral Horatio Nelson and these should be the procedures to avoid unnecessary bloodshed.

If Argentine President Cristina Fernández were to follow the example of her predecessor General Leopoldo Fortunato Galtieri, she would be no better than General Leopoldo Fortunato Galtieri, the drunken idiot that led to the invasion in a vain effort to maintain a failing military regime.

The present Argentine regime has no concept of International Law. In actual fact, not long ago it blockaded bridges across the Uruguay River to interfere in Uruguay’s internal affairs. Now, the same regime violates International Law by sending Argentine vessels to chase Spanish fishing vessels inside Uruguayan territorial waters.

There are no laws in Uruguay to stop vessels travelling to and from the Falkland Islands. In spite of it, Uruguayan Marxist Guerrilla President José Mujica has lowered his trousers, once again, to follow Argentine diktats. Not long ago, Argentina took Uruguay to International Tribunals because Uruguay wanted to allow paper factories in Uruguayan territory. Respect for another country’s sovereign rights? What a laugh!

Why does the Uruguayan government react this way? Because President Barak Obama, as it was left in evidence once again during a USA Secretary of State Hilary Clinton’s visit to Argentina, does not support Britain. President Obama could pretend to cook as many hamburgers as he is able to but his policies do not seem to be any better than the actions of President Ronald Reagan’s administration when the then US Secretary of State Alexander Haig gave the green light for the invasion in the South Atlantic in exchange for oil exploration rights for American companies.

Don’t look for any press cuttings about it or for any documents that would have since then been disposed of to hide yet another American moment of shame. The American government never believed that Britain would engage because at the time Britain was fully committed to NATO operations in Europe at the height of the Cold War.

This time the American administration of President Barak Obama has been more candid about where its preferences and priorities lie, helped by the sheer stupidity of so called mainstream British politicians that have dismantled British defences and left the country without a naval task force.

Like brainless idiots the so called mainstream British politicians followed the course set for them into Afghanistan and Iraq. After engaging Britain in illegal wars, the American establishment created a mess and now the Iraqi people, once again, are faced with the possibility of widespread civil war.

Sometime ago, I read a certain book. The title was ‘Power and Responsibility’. Well, the American Establishment is Power without Responsibility. Never mind who dies. Never mind who suffers. After all, they can always make money when others die in the conflicts that they create.  

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