Sunday, 29 May 2016

1962 - 2016 USA then and now. Russian Federation faces American Empire

In 1962, the world could have witnessed nuclear war when US threatened the then Soviet Union with war because of missiles in Cuba.

Today, after a gigantic amount of patience, the Russian Federation tells warmonger US to stop provoking the Russian Federation by installing missiles in Poland and in Romania, just across the borders of the Russian Federation.

The United States of America, after destabilizing Asia Minor, Middle East and Africa, is actively engaged destabilizing Europe and using the EU in a war by proxy against the Russian Federation.

The refugee crisis that engulfs Europe was created by illegal wars and US military interventions across the world. The USA has trillions of Dollars of debt that it cannot pay and does not want to pay and still spends more in the business of war than all the rest of the world put together. So what is the American recipe? Purely and simply, printing currency and getting deeper and deeper into debt while the rest of the world is told to live within its means and this is exactly the kind of status quo that the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund controlled by the USA have promoted.

The USA talks about Human Rights. Well, When people talk about US Foreign Policies the said policies don't seem to have any regard for Human Rights. Just a few days ago, people were remembering Operation Condor, a strategic plan developed by the USA and implemented by Latin American dictatorships that the USA fully supported. In Argentina alone more than 30,000 people were 'disappeared' with total knowledge of the USA and total support from the USA.

Tens of thousands were tortured and killed by Police Forces and Armies trained by the USA who sent special 'instructors and advisers on interrogation methods'. One such adviser was Dan Mitrione who arrived in Uruguay when the country was still under a democratic government. Dan Mitrione was captured and killed by guerrillas in Uruguay but there were many others because as a CIA link he specialized on torture methods applied to political detainees.

A few days before the coup d'état in Chile in September 1973, my father and I attended a meeting of officers of the Uruguayan Air Force. At the meeting, the coup d'état that was going to happen against President Salvador Allende in Chile was mentioned. The Uruguayan Army had taken control of Uruguay in June 1973 with the auspices of the US State Department. So, it was business as usual and very much an integral part of US Foreign Policy.

Old habits die hard and USA is playing with millions of lives for the sake of implementing its warmongering agenda.

A veteran who lost his legs fighting for Britain in Afghanistan had to apply three times for citizenship

Cayle Royce

A South African who joined British Forces in Afghanistan and lost his legs fighting against Taliban had to apply three times for British Citizenship despite the fact that he had been awarded an MBE.

One wonders how many times those who have done practically nothing for Britain and come to Britain to milk the Welfare State have to apply for British Citizenship before they actually get it.

The buck stops with the British Prime Minister David Cameron, the clown that walks around talking about how much he cares for the British Armed Forces.

If David Cameron and the cohort of those who support him really cared about those putting their lives on the line of fire for Britain, they would put legislation through the House of Commons to ensure that the shambolic system a British veteran had to face is no more. We will have to check the records of the House of Commons to see if the South African soldier's plight was ever mentioned. Since Cayle Royce was awarded an MBE I have to conclude that Cayle Royce was mentioned in the Houses of Parliament but those in charge of the Home Office seem to have been unaware of who they were dealing with.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Ken Livingstone attacked for telling the truth about Das Dritte Reich and the Jewish Question

Ken Livingstone is absolutely right when he says that Adolf Hitler supported the idea of sending Jews to Palestine.

Policies regarding what National Socialist Germany called the Jewish Question were evolving as was evolving the geopolitical situation in Europe and elsewhere.

The first stage was Voluntary Immigration and in this regard the 1926 Balfour Declaration combined with the declared aim of the Zionist Movement of creating the Jewish State of Israel in Palestine coincided with the policy of Voluntary Immigration.
This is why one of the first if not the first Jewish Agency for Palestine was created in National Socialist Germany.

Following the München Pakt of 1938, the belief was that there wasn't going to be any war in Europe. Neville Chamberlain on his return to Britain after signing the documents that secured the transfer of the Sudetenland to Das Dritte Reich told everybody that peace in Europe had been safeguarded. The images of a delighted Neville Chamberlain on his return from Germany tell things as they were. Germany and Britain were then in very good terms and since Britain controlled Palestine at the time the idea of creating a State of Israel and sending Jews from Europe to Palestine was a very plausible thing to do.

The problem was that many Jews across Europe were not so enthusiastic about leaving behind the wealth and comforts of Europe to have a primitive existence in what was then Palestine. Therefore, despite all the calls of alarm raising across Europe about the way Jews were being treated, most Jews chose to stay in Europe, although some of them including Albert Einstein had left Europe even before the rise of Adolf Hitler to power in 1933. Albert Einstein left Germany in 1932.

The next stage would have been Deportation. Deportation or Expulsion would have been extremely difficult because in some countries - including Britain - Jews coming from Germany were thought to be Germans. When a group of Orthodox Jews wearing their typical attires arrived in Britain they went sent to Australia. There was little awareness amongst the general public about events happening in Europe.

On September 1, 1939, the period of goodwill between Britain and Germany was coming to an end. Neville Chamberlain sent an ultimatum to Germany asking Germany to withdraw its armies from Poland. On September 3, 1939 both Britain and France declared war against Germany. Voluntary Immigration and Deportation were no longer valid options.

On June 22, 1941, Germany invaded the Soviet Union. All the peaceful avenues were coming to an end. The beginning of Unternehmen Barbarossa was in itself confirmation that for Jews in Europe options were quickly running out. It must be said that policies about Jews, even in occupied countries, were not always clear. Poland was divided in several sectors under German occupation and there was differential treatment. In some areas they treated with extreme cruelty and in others treatment was not so harsh and life expectancy was higher.

One fundamental event took place in Berlin that is known as the Wannsee Conference. On January 20th, 1942, Heinrich Himmler, Reinhard Heydrich and other heads of the SS and of the Wehrmacht met to discuss the Jewish Question and the next stage. But let us be clear. The Wannsee Conference took place in 1942, in the winter of 1942, after the start of Unternehmen Barbarossa.

The decisions made in January 1942 would have been inconceivable when Germany still had the options of Voluntary Immigration and Deportation.

Ken Livingstone is absolutely right. At the initial stages, Adolf Hitler wanted to get rid of Jews by either Voluntary Immigration or Deportation. Germany worked together with the Zionist Movement because at the time, Germany wanted to get rid of Jews and the Zionist Movement wanted to take Jews to Israel to implement what had been promised in the 1926 Balfour Declaration.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The problem is that Jack Sen is right when talking about the evils of the so called West

Jack Sen
Something worth thinking about. Jack Sen puts his heart in everything he does and every word is deeply felt. 
His words truly depict that the so called West has become. Paradoxically, so called British Nationalists are their own worst enemies.

People think the migrants are our only problem. They aren't. They can be literally sent packing with the stroke of a pen. They have nothing to do with our divorce rates, broken societies, societal antipathy between men and women, the fact our children are being taught about homosexual relationships in primary school, behind endemic levels of paedophilia on BOTH the left and right.
WE, yes WE are the problem. Western man is selfish, apathetic, often evil, vain, cowardly and rotten to his core. He is fat, stupid and gluttonous. He doesn't know his place, has been thoroughly ravaged by the impact of cultural Marxism whether he sees himself as a Marxist or Nationalist, and it saddens me to pen this.....simply not worth helping. The vast majority of the people I meet on the right are as vacuous as those on the Left.

I recall giving an interview on the Daily Stormer radio and being asked about Rotherham. When I told the fool interviewing me- a coward going by the name of Sven Longshanks-that western men allowed Rotherham to happen and it was sad that it took someone of indian ancestry to take a stand, he was more concerned about his audience being annoyed I was part indian than what I was saying about Rotherham and the cowardice in our country.

''But your granddad was like a white indian, right?''
My response? You should be worrying about the yellow streak of cowardice running down the backs of most of the men in this country, than the colour of my granddad's skin. ''You could start by using your real name on the air.''
Dealing with people like these and the sort of scum that would rather attack a fellow nationalist than defend his country, is one of the primary reasons I often wonder if it is even worth trying to fight for this country....
Then I picture my mum, most of my family, my daughter, the decent elderly people I meet when I travel by bus, my friends, the great colleagues I've met since embarking on this journey and think to myself...this is who we are fighting for. Eff the rest.

Jack Sen

EU Prosperity?

When David Cameron and George Osborne come and talk about prosperity in the EU, you have enforced labour laws implemented by the French Socialist Government of François Hollande to deal with mass unemployment.

Prosperity? What prosperity? Across the European Union, with few exceptions, there is rising unemployment that in some countries has become endemic.

Oil workers erecting barricades to protest against Socialist labour legislation and a country in turmoil. The BBC will talk British tourist having 'petrol problems' not to upset their masters - the BBC is also subsidized by the European Union to promote their political messages - and talk about EU countries as if they were talking about other planets.

Well, the myth of the prosperous European Union does not fit in with realities on the ground. Shock horror! 'The Far Right is rising'. Why do the mental retards of the mass media think the Far Right is rising? Because people are fed up of seeing their countries fall apart. Just a few thousands of votes separated the Freedom Party from the Austrian Presidency. The Freiheit Partei is growing and the fact that it almost got 50% of the popular indication that EU messages of prosperity are an absolute lie.

Democratic powers are being taken away and this is extremely dangerous because unable to change political direction by democratic means people will increasingly resort to violence and the wars that many want to avoid will happen. It is just a matter of time and time is running out.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Cap d'Agde is a magnet for sexually frustrated Muslims looking for sex

There is one aspect of immigration from Muslim countries that has not been spoken about. Desperately sexually frustrated Muslims, both men and women, are flocking into European resorts to engage in sexual activities.

Cap d'Agde, in the south of France, has been known as a naturist resort, a place when consenting adults can move around totally naked and very often engage in sexual activities in the open air.

One trend that is on the rise is the number of immigrants from Muslim countries that arrive in Cap d'Agde in search of sexual encounters. At first, they are driven by curiosity. Seeing fellow adults completely naked in public areas is not something that they could possibly find in any country of the Muslim World where nudity can be severely punished.
So they choose to come to Europe where they can do what they naturally want to do without the threat of imprisonment, torture or even executions. The picture shows an internet application specially designed for Muslims coming to Cap d'Agde so that they can enjoy what Cap d'Agde has to offer while at the same time keep in touch with religion.

This is a place where head scarves and face-hiding can be helpful to engage in sexual activities without being identified. Should they wish to engage in bisexual or homosexual activities, there are bushes around where they can maintain a certain degree of additional discretion and privacy.

From time to time, there will be mounted French Police trying to deter people from having sex in the open air but as some observers remarked there are so many people involved that the actions of Police officers rather than being a deterrent become an additional source of entertainment.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Donald Trump (business man) or Hillary Clinton (career politician)?

Donald Trump makes the wind blow and Hillary Clinton goes where the wind takes her. In times of uncertainty, Donald Trump is his own man while Hillary Clinton is the Arms Lobby Puppet.

Given the record in terms of Foreign Policies, Hillary Clinton is the Forerunner of War and I am afraid that under Hillary Clinton the warning issued by a former NATO Commander will become a tangible reality with a military confrontation in Europe that will surpass what World War Two.
Think about 1962 and the Cuban Missile Crisis. The USA and the Soviet Union almost came to blows because of a few missiles stationed in Cuba. Today, the USA and NATO have a military deployment in Eastern Europe, across the borders of the Russian Federation, that has greater firepower than the German Wehrmacht had right before the June 22, 1941 invasion of the Soviet Union in what was called Operation Barbarossa (Unternehmen Barbarrosa).

The Russian Federation has shown extraordinary patience but not everybody in the Russian Federation is so patient. The Communist Party - the second largest political force in the Russian Federation - has called for retaliation against those who are threatening the Russian Federation.

Having Hillary Clinton at the helm war in Europe is not a subject for philosophical debate but a disastrous certainty.

The German Wehrmacht is now growing up in numbers and fire power - supposedly as a response to a request by the USA under President Barak Obama - within the NATO framework. The US military attitude to keep Britain within the EU is very much part of the strategy of involving the EU in war against the Russian Federation. Either because of NATO links or EU links, all countries will be forced by the USA to go to war in Europe.

In World War Two, the number of dead reportedly reached 60 million. In World War Three, the whole of the European Continent would be wiped out and for millions of years the European Continent will be uninhabitable given extremely high radioactive pollution.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

British Nationalism?

It has come to light that Paul Golding, Britain First Leader and former BNP Communications Officer, has rejected former BNP London Regional Organiser Steve Squire’s application to join Britain First on the grounds of Steve Squire’s links to the BNP and of his economic activities. This seems to be a message to all BNP members who are thinking about joining Britain First. Your association to the BNP disqualifies you from joining Britain First. Objectively, looking at the whole picture, I don’t think it would be beneficial to the reputation of any individual to be associated with a group of people that think that invading religious temples with the sole purpose of causing disruption and fear is right and proper. Despite the veneer of slogans there is practically little else.

Contrary to the strategies used by those who oppose organizations like Britain First, the best strategy would be to allow them to share public space and ask them specific questions about specific issues to show that apart from slogans and clichés they have little else to offer. Transport, Housing, Policing, Education, Health and the running of other services like the Fire Services is not a simple matter and so called Nationalists don’t have the faintest idea of what they are talking about. They believe that instead of taking the time to learn it is better to walk around shouting empty slogans that will never solve real problems.

They constantly peddle the myth that they are not elected because of demographic changes and this is something that only simple minded individuals could possible accept. Britain First only got the support of about 31,000 voters in the entire Greater London Region. Are they going to say that there are less than 31,000 ethnically white Britons in the entire Greater London Region?

They cannot even use the excuse of changes in specific boroughs of London because anybody, anywhere, within the Greater London Region could have supported Britain First voting for the London Wide List and in fact the vast majority of ethnically white Britons chose to support other political parties.

They even try to convince themselves that the new London Mayor Sadiq Khan was elected because of the rising number of Muslim voters in the Greater London Region. Another myth that does not stand public scrutiny. Muslims in the London Region are merely about 12.5 per cent of the population. There were more than 5,000,000 people entitled to vote in London and the vast majority of those who voted for Sadiq Kahn were not Muslims.

They could have capitalized on the experience of people like Steve Squire. Instead, they condemn themselves to forever being on the fringes of British politics because they lack both the support and the knowledge that could propel them into public office. 

It must be said that Paul Golding or Britain First are not the exception. For what we know the British National Party, British Democrats, English Democrats, et cetera, could well be described along the same parameters.

They are all unknown quantities and have in common the fact that they lack the know-how and the willingness to acquire the know-how. Somehow, they still manage to persuade naive individuals that provide resources to support the lifestyles of those at the very top of minute organizations that have no real political future whatsoever.