Sunday, 29 July 2012

Muslims born in Britain kidnapped European Journalists in Syria

Muslims born in Britain kidnapped European Journalists in Syria

Dutch media reported that Muslims born in Britain are carrying out acts of terrorism in Syria.

One of the captives, Jeroen Oarlemans, indicated that a group made up of British Muslims threatened him and his companions telling them that unless they converted to Islam they would be killed.

The same reports indicate that the number of Muslims born in Britain that travel to Syria in small groups of about 6 members to avoid detection is unknown.

Well, we have a British government that is playing straight into the hands of terrorists by attacking Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Make no mistake. The day when Britain will have to contend with this sort of terrorism is getting closer.  

Another Labour Disaster: Details about sexuality and other private data on Internet

Another Labour Disaster: Confidential Information was published on Internet by an incompetent Labour Authority. The report on the case is published by the Daily Telegraph. The question I want to ask: why do public officials have to ask individuals about their sexuality? How is this relevant for the general public? What is the point? An administration obsessed with political correctness is putting lives in danger.

Islington Council in north London has published personal information, including the sexuality, of almost 2,500 residents online.

The latest mix-up happened as they responded to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request on the website What Do They Know?

Town hall officers managed to leak the names, addresses, relationship status, gender, ethnicity, religion and sexual preferences of 2,400 people re-housed by the council.

The highly-sensitive dossier of supremely private information was freely accessible to the public for a full 19 days…

It comes just days after the Names and addresses of 51 residents were given to suspected drug dealers on Andover Estate in Holloway in another embarrassing slip-up…

Cllr Terry Stacey, leader of Islington’s Lib Dem opposition, said: “This comes less than a week after we were reassured by the Labour leadership after supposedly thorough audits of data protection at the council that everything was OK and this couldn’t happen again.

“How wrong it seems they were. This is yet another data disaster.”

A very expensive Olympic Fiasco

A Very Expensive Olympic Fiasco

There is talk of giving away seats at Olympic venues to fill up the gaps that have become an embarrassment of international proportions. It has been a management disaster since the very beginning and a combination of miscalculation, ignorance, bad planning and lack of investment in key areas like… development of sport facilities to encourage more people to participate in sports.

Looking around London it is easy to see derelict sporting facilities also plagued by bad management that keeps the general public away from sporting venues. LibLabCon have done it again.

When they talk about giving away seats, one asks the question of what would all those people who spent thousand of pounds to get seats will feel when they see others getting seats for less money or even free seats.

This is yet another shambles that is very much a repetition of what has happened in other areas of government during decades because all so called mainstream political parties share the blame for the destruction of public services, manufacturing, health, education and for this very public exercise of sheer stupidity.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Economy in free fall and worse to come thanks to flood immigration

Economy in free fall and worse to come thanks to flood immigration
The British economy is in free fall as immigration figures explode and we are in the deepest recession since World War Two. This is a Tale of what could be expected. We have known it all along but how much people need to suffer before they take action? The LibLabCon crap used by the mass media to brainwash the masses brings closer the Day of Reckoning.
The European sinking ships will go down to the bottom, regardless of the talking and the worthless but very expensive patches designed by Eurocrats and the IMF. As the faces of the politicians get wrinkled, economies continue to shrink.
The war they say they are trying to avoid might come sooner than later because of the mayhem created by ideological stupidity. Issues of identity are now more important than ever before to maintain internal security and cohesion. Immigration for financial reasons has little to do with national allegiance.
In America there is talk of recreating an Anglo-Saxon Alliance with Britain. Well, this is not going down well with those that have made their best to destroy America and Britain. George Bush brought a bust of Winston Churchill into the White House. One of the first actions of the 'foreign' President was to get rid of it and this signalled very clearly his intentions concerning Anglo-American relations. 
What is significantly important is that both America and Britain are affected by the same kind of political and religious infestations.  

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Jobs for the British people or massive invasion?

Jobs for the British people or massive invasion?

We need to keep talking about it and we will be talking about it. When supporters of flood immigration complain about lack of school places, delays in medical treatment, lack of affordability of housing and very expensive transport they have only themselves to blame.

Labour supporters and Lib Dem supporters are very much in favour of lack of school places, delays in medical treatment, lack of affordable housing and very expensive transport because this is exactly what they vote for when they vote for political parties that flood the country with people that take over their homes, their jobs and their futures and the futures of their families.

We have said it again and again. This is not an issue of race or religion. The problem is about sheer numbers. The population of London grew by not less than 12% on average and in some areas population rises were of more than 20%. You can only imagine the damage this causes to London and to the United Kingdom as a whole.

A fellow Nationalist once said that the changes produced by Romans, Vikings and Normans were minimal in terms of numbers. Well, 12% is not minimal. It is nothing less than mass invasion that is threatening the very existence of Britain.

The Balkanization of Britain is now fact and we know what happened in the Balkans, understanding what happens when people arm themselves to their teeth to repel an invasion and ascertain their legitimate rights to their Homeland.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Ipswich once again on the news: gangs on trial

Ipswich once again on the news: gangs on trial
I have been to Ipswich several times. Compared to London it looks like a very peaceful, rather quiet sort of place, but looks can be deceptive.  Some years ago, the town was on the news due to a string of attacks against prostitutes linked to the narcotics trade. Now the town is on the news because of court appearances of an Asian gang involved in sexual offenses against minors.
Regardless of the fact that sexual offenses can be committed and are committed by individuals of all backgrounds the number of incidents involving Asians is on the increase and the said incidents do not occur in one particular town. They are spreading like wildfire. There have been voices of alarm from within the Asian Community that said that politically correct attitudes promote this kind of violence.
For the moment, other communities that are targeted have shown restraint and there have been no vigilante-like reprisals.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

HSBC: Money laundering and terrorism

HSBC is globalisation at its best and one of the best examples of the murky world of finance. For a bank that moved its headquarters to another country to avoid paying taxes in the United Kingdom, what has now been discovered is very much part of the same ethos. Having said that, corruption is one thing. Support for organized crime, murder and social degradation is a completely different cup of tea. What has happened raises very serious issues but the response to tackle those issues seems completely inadequate, unless you think that a few fines and a few words of contrition are enough to make us forget that for many years a banking institution knowingly supported drug trafficking and terrorism.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

1970’s Latin America and present realities

1970’s Latin America and present realities

When we look at contemporary events and we look at Latin America in the 1970s we can easily find a link between what happened then and what could happen in the near future if Marxism is allowed to prosper. The destruction of Salvador Allende’s regime and the rise of military dictatorships in Latin America were the best of a whole range of much worse alternatives.

Latin America had to be purged and still wasn’t purged enough because the Marxist leftovers have been extremely destructive. In later years, Marxism became associated with drug trafficking operations that have been both means and aim. For example, guerrillas across Latin America and the IRA in Europe benefitted from the evil trade in the very same manner that Islamic Terrorists are using drug trafficking and prostitution as a source of income.

America and the Western World in general are no longer able to deal with the threat using conventional means and therefore more deadly alternatives will have to be implemented. Global demographics would make finding a final solution a much easier process. Water and energy will be the prime movers but the battle will be ideological and the means will not be conventional.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Donnacha DeLong: NUJ member who is not a journalist

Donnacha DeLong is a member of the National Union of Journalists who is not even a  journalist and this we happen to know by his own admission according to a comment he sent to us. We read some of his comments published on The Guardian and we were wrongly made to believe that he is a journalist when in fact he isn't a journalist. He said that "he has only had three comments published on The Guardian."

It would be interesting to know the full list of members of the National Union of Journalists to be able to tell the difference between those who are real professionals and those who are merely impostors with a left-wing agenda.

It is now plainly visible why the said 'trade union' is in financial difficulties. We took away the article that we had published because in fact we were led to believe that he was a real journalist when in fact he isn't. I reckon that Donnacha DeLong's admission also indicates how low The Guardian has fallen.

Like ALS, G4S has proven to be a shambles

Like ALS, G4S has proven to be a shambles

Trying to cut corners, the Ministry of Justice awarded a contract to a single company charged of providing translators and interpreters for the Police and the Judiciary. A direct consequence of the foolishness that sacrificed competent translators and interpreters was miscarriages of justice and delays.
G4S is proving to be yet another foolish idea. Never mind if the numbers of Police officers and Soldiers are being cut when acting Police and Soldiers are being used to try and save the day when the Olympic Games are concerned. Very badly thought and very badly implemented policies are showing real LibLabCon Britain.

The population of the United Kingdom grew by 12% in a decade. Now British Authorities are bringing Romanian police to keep their fellow Romanians under control. Hyde Park converted into a Gypsy camp? There is no hope in hell of being able to change the present mess using peaceful means. We know what is happening to public services. Education, housing, public transport, healthcare… wherever you look there is some sort of crisis. I wonder why.

Primo de Rivera spoke the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Things will change by the Force of Reason or by the Reason of Force.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Injured Pride: Rio Ferdinand attacks Ashley Cole

Rio Ferdinand has reportedly accused Ashley Cole and called him a 'choc ice' and said that Ashley Cole is 'a traitor to his race'. Rio Ferdinand's behaviour is completely out of order but also indicates why John Terry was accused in the first place of a crime he did not commit. This is even more difficult to understand since Janice, Rio Ferdinand's mother, is white and Rio Ferdinand often talks about how much he admires his mother. So, where does his hatred against whites come from?

Having grown up in Peckham, Southeast London, Rio Ferdinand reached standards of excellence as a football player but, like many football players who come from working class grassroots, he had problems dealing with his celebrity status. Professional and personal jealousies got on the way and he seems to have used an altercation to carry out a personal vendetta against John Terry.

Why did Rio Ferdinand fail to accept the verdict of the courts and launch an attack against Ashley Cole? Injured pride. The saddest aspect of all this is that personal issues will have a very negative effect in terms of community relations both in and out of the pitch. 

Friday, 13 July 2012

John Terry Found Not Guilty Of Racist Abuse

Terry and Cole against the lies of political correctness
Looking at the case and at the wide array of things that happen in everyday life, once again, we have seen vast amounts of legal efforts and money squandered. Even in times of plenty, the implementation of politically correct legislation cannot possibly be justified. Many people say all kinds of things when they are angry. Taunting is very much a way of putting an adversary, contender or competitor in the wrong state of mind. Politicians do it all the time. It might not be classified as racist but in actual fact, racist or not racist, the aim is exactly the same.

The Romans used the expression ‘Panem et Circem’ (Bread and Circuses). We are getting less and less bread, but we still get plenty of Circuses and the mass media exploit legislation as a source of Circuses. I would like to know how much money was spent in the Ferdinand/Terry Circus. We are seeing NHS staff losing their jobs, soldiers losing their jobs and services being closed down. Where do people think the money to pay for Circuses like the Ferdinand/Terry Circus comes from? The money comes from the same pot used to pay for NHS staff, soldiers, Police officers (whose numbers are also falling, from the cuts in housing benefits that are leaving families on the streets, from the pensions that are being cut, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

This is not only about the Fred Goodwins paid more than 3 million pound for his forced retirement (money that came from central taxation because the bank he was working for was partially bought by the State). This is about generalized waste created by politically correct legislation that is being used and abused by all kinds of people. If the money wasted in non-legal cases like the Ferdinand-Terry Affair was saved, many people would not be dying because the State would be able to provide necessary treatments against Cancer and other diseases. We could perhaps keep public libraries open. We could maintain services for the elderly and the disabled that are being withdrawn by local authorities because of budget cuts.

Unfortunately, I have to say that Panem et Circem will continue thanks to corruption and sheer stupidity.


Thursday, 5 July 2012

Turkeys voting for Christmas – Flood Immigration

Turkeys voting for Christmas – Flood Immigration
Hospital services closing down, people being thrown out of their homes unable to pay mortgage instalments, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, and the usual individuals still fail to see the link between their brand of politics and the consequences of the kind of policies that they support. Very much like New Orleans in the US, Britain is being affected by floods but these are floods of a very different nature. If the breaches are not closed and balance is not redressed we are facing a very uncertain future in which violence would undoubtedly be a constant rather than a sporadic factor.
Some time ago, talking with an Austrian journalist, I mentioned Germany and Hungary. Not long afterwards, we saw certain events in Ukraine and other European countries. The seeds already exist and the whole situation has the potential to become explosive. My experience is that those in power in Britain will only react when faced with the fait accompli and ordinary citizens will be the ones who will suffer the consequences.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

NUJ: Trade Union imposing compulsory redundancies?

Press reports indicate that the National Union of Journalists’ rescue plan includes compulsory redundancies affecting 20% of its present staff. The same reports say that some factions within the NUJ are unhappy because of what they perceive as lack of consultation.
It must be noted that the NUJ is facing insolvency if it does not tackle what has been qualified as ‘a severe financial crisis’. If no viable solution is found, we could be talking about the end of the National Union of Journalists.
It must also be noted that according to media sources the loss of 9 staff would mean savings for the amount of 400,000 pounds, about 44,445 pound per head. In the big scheme of things, the National Union of Journalists is basically irrelevant and now they cannot even protect the interests of its members with regards to the actions of the organization itself.
Other measures of a package of measures aimed at saving the organization include: ending annual conferences, abolishing the training department and limiting salaries of its staff.
Some years ago, while working for British Satellite News on a contract with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, I had some experience regarding what the National Union of Journalists could achieve when trying to protect its members. Employees affiliated to the NUJ only received the amounts stipulated by employment laws of the day and not a penny more and it happened under a Labour administration.
It feels like the amounts paid to the NUJ as membership fees are a bit like the PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) charged by lending institutions. They make people believe that they have some kind of extra protection when in fact employees who are not affiliated to the trade union will receive exactly the same compensation amounts as those who pay their trade union membership fees.
On top of that, given the political agenda of the National Union of Journalists, the extremely biased messages of the NUJ do not favour its popularity. Professionals are therefore paying to then be told what to do or what not to do. Given present trends affecting employment levels, journalists – affiliated and not affiliated – are losing their jobs across the country.
Some months ago, trade union membership in general was about 15% in the private sector and 57% in the public sector. We don’t have the figures in terms of the NUJ but we suspect that membership levels are not going up and this is very much the source of the present financial troubles of the National Union of Journalists.