Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Voice: Is Labour losing the black vote?

Black communities in Britain are waking up and realising that the Labour Party does not support their interests. The Black newspaper The Voice reported that Southwark Councillor Althea Smith claimed the she was deselected for speaking her mind and indicated that 'The Labour Party knows they always get the black vote so they do not do anything for us.

The Voice also publishes comments of a Labour Activist who said: "When I joined the party, I thought they were a good opposition to the Tories but now my opinion has changed. They can't represent working class people, many of whom are black. The party is so far removed, I don't think they have the comprehension it requires to understand they are taking votes for granted".

Labour's Grassroot Activists say that the Labour Party only wants foot soldiers and this confirms what the British National Party has been saying proving that Black Communities have been fooled by the Labour Apparatchiks who are using them as Toilet Paper.

Perhaps a reminder of Labour attitudes towards the Black Communities is the fact that a reported Police Operation against Stephen Lawrence's family took place under Home Secretary Jack Straw MP.

Friday, 26 July 2013

I am one of the harshest critics of the British National Party and also one of its staunchest supporters

I am one of the harshest critics of the British National Party and also one of its staunchest supporters
For many years I criticized what I perceived to be a vertical approach that stifled British National Party branches. Subservience is weakness. For many years we wasted valuable resources that could have transformed British National Party branches into debating forums to promote better activists, better representatives and better candidates.

If we had questioned more and we had criticized more, our organization could have been stronger and we could have avoided many of the pitfalls that led to a debacle that almost sunk the organization. Our meetings were organized in a such a manner that true debate was practically impossible.

Each meeting was divided in two parts and the outcome of each meeting was almost predictable. There were usually two speakers - one during each segment and before a interval there used to a be a collection and a few questions were asked. There were no real debates.

Nowadays, at least in the London Region - I cannot refer to what happens in other regions of the country - there is more debate and I very much prefer sessions with less speeches and more interaction between members.

Tribes have chiefs. Political parties have members that debate with other members. There will always be differences of opinion, there will always be arguments, but in the end differences of opinion and arguments is what democracy is all about.

If we say that we are against centralization, we must be consistent

The British National Party says that concentration of power in the European Union is wrong because concentration of power goes against the rights of independent countries. The same criteria must therefore apply to the running of the British National Party avoiding centralization and allowing each region to run its own affairs for the common good. Each region maintains its independence without interfering in the affairs of other regions while working towards common aims.

Instead of having a vertical approach, we have a horizontal approach. We support each other without imposing our will on others or pressuring others to accept interference. Most regions or all the regions of the British National Party are run by volunteers who invest their time and resources to keep the British National Party alive.

Nationalism is not about imposing our views on others. We have our own views and we respect the views of others. Undue interference leads to conflict situations that negatively affects morale.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

The word is Compassion

When we hear about elderly patients being neglected, about children being mistreated, the word that comes to mind is compassion or the lack of it in an opulent country.

We are constantly told about horrific situations affecting other countries but we more often than not fail to see horrific situations happening all around us.

The time is long overdue to start looking after our own people. The time is long overdue to curb corruption that affects vital services in the United Kingdom.

Labour Councillor in deep water for using Twitter to make comments about BNP

The events involving a Labour Councillor in Salford are now vox populi. Using Twitter to make comments, a Labour Politician referred to the British National Party in a way that has been questioned by the authorities and a legal precedent could be established regarding the way politicians refer to rival political parties during elections.
Remarks made by Margaret Hodge during the 2010 General Election should have been investigated and she should have been made accountable for her remarks that categorize rival politicians as criminals ready to throw people into the sea. 

British National Party Online Activist Initiative

Sign up for the BNP social media revolution
The British National Party is once again leading the way, this time in online social media.
Our new BNP Online Activist application is the very latest state-of-the-art internet software designed to harness the combined power of Facebook, Twitter and the other major social networks to maximise our reach and spread our message to hundreds of thousands of our people online.
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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Royal Family or just Family?

While Prime Minister David Cameron has vowed to promote same sex marriages across the World, the British public is still very much focused on the traditional family when it celebrates the arrival of a new member of the British Royal Family.

There is something extremely odd about the attitudes of so called mainstream politicians like David Cameron and the mix of political views with unconventional sexuality looks increasingly bizarre.

After all, it is not all about Europe when it comes to differentiate the present Conservative Party from the United Kingdom Independence Party. UKIP sticks to traditional family values while the Conservative Party is dangerously walking away from family values.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Rommel and von Stauffenberg tried to get rid of Hitler because Hitler was losing the War.

Rommel and von Stauffenberg: Distorted history

Klaus von Stauffenberg

Erwin Rommel

History has been written and rewritten. Erwin Rommel and Klaus von Stauffenberg tried to kill Adolf Hitler because Adolf Hitler was losing the war. This is the real picture and not the romanticised version told by the Allies and the media.

The German fighters of the Afrika Korps were not great fans of Western Democracy. They wanted Germany to win the war and they wanted a National Socialist Europe, the kind of National Socialism inspired by the National Socialist Party of the German Workers that Adolf Hitler had forgotten about.

Getting to know the German way of thinking, one undertands that defeat was never an option that could be easily accepted. The plotters of 1944 did not want Democracy. They wanted to get rid of Adolf Hitler because in their minds if the way had been conducted by German Generals they would have had a better chance of winning the war. 

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Rational change instead of idiotic violence

Rational change instead of idiotic violence

Attacking Mosques and Churches is irrational and will achieve absolutely nothing. Harassing or attacking people in the streets will change absolutely nothing. What did September 11th 2001 achieve? What did July 7th 2005 achieve? What have been the consequences of irrational acts?

They made headlines and were used as justification by those who make money out of invasions and interference in Muslim countries and they have been used to destroy our Civil Liberties with the implementation of Draconian legislation that justifies more and more intrusion into our private lives.

Many people – including ourselves – talk about Edward Snowden. Well, the issue is that what Edward Snowden denounced was created by acts of irrationality. If some idiots had not gone around blowing up building and killing people, we wouldn’t have Anti-Terror Legislation that allows detention without trial and we wouldn’t have Guantanamo, we wouldn’t have Rendition Flights, we wouldn’t have the Afghanistan war. Irrationality leads to more irrationality.

Today, the people of Pakistan complain that they are attacked with American drones and that innocent civilians are being killed. The American government is guilty of murder but it all started with irrational acts carried out by Saudi Arabian citizens. This is happening thanks to Muslim attacks against the Twin Towers in New York.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Forcing Trade Union members to give money to Labour Party is illegal

Miliband / McCluskey
The headline: Miliband to put an end to automatic signing of Trade Union members as Labour Party members. The Daily Telegraph refers to yet another pseudo legal mechanism that should be abolished.

The proof is in the pudding, tells us the popular saying. The Trade Union system is fraudulent. Trade Unions should represent workers, not political parties. The fact remains that many members of UNITE who are not supporters of the Labour Party are forced to give money to the Labour Party.

If using public tax monies to support the Labour Party via a pretend fund ‘to develop Trade Unions’ was not enough, it is absolutely shameful and I would say that it should also be declared illegal a system that automatically links up Trade Union membership with the Labour Party.

We know the Labour Party is a fraud. How can the Labour Party allow Members of Parliament and Councillors to use subsidized housing? The Labour Party also allows individuals who are in fact Labour Party representatives posing as Trade Union representatives to get salaries without working.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Lord Tebbit: British National Party is a Left Wing Party

Norman Tebbit
When an experienced politician like Norman Tebbit said the British National Party was not a Far Right Party but a Left Wing Party didn't surprise me. After all, a vast number of British National Party supporters are in fact former Labour Party members and supporters.

By the same token, looking at economic policies and foreign policy under the Labour government 1997/2010 anybody well informed would understand that the Labour Party is no longer the genuine representative of British workers.
Those of us who watched debates in the Houses of Parliament and saw the Labour Party in Opposition challenging the Conservative administrations of Margaret Thatcher and later on of John Major could hardly recognize the Labour Party that came to power in 1997.

Labour in opposition constantly criticized the Conservatives for no re-negotiation the Common Agricultural Policy or CAP that was and is damaging to British interests. However, when Tony Blair came to power the Labour Party simply forgot about the CAP.

Labour in opposition criticized the Conservative Party because the Conservative Party privatized public services including British Railways. When Labour came to power, Labour did absolutely nothing to reverse the privatization of public services.

What the Labour Party actually did was to continue 'building up on the changes introduced by Margaret Thatcher and John Major' and Tony Blair called such process of 'building up on Conservative changes' the new pragmatism or Third Way that completely abandoned traditional Labour Party values.

The same Labour Party then proceeded to implement Flood Immigration that affected British workers' chances of finding a well paid job and in 1997 the process started that multiplied several times the cost of housing in the United Kingdom thus making housing practically unaffordable for British workers.

Labour abandoned the so called British working class and proceeded to implement Globalisation policies that destroyed hundreds of thousands of British jobs and created sweat shops in developing countries.

So here we are in 2013 looking at the consequences of Labour's policies. Massive public debt and massive private debt, a so called Housing Crisis created by market speculation and Flood Immigration and we learn that one of the greatest achievements of the Labour Party - the NHS - is falling apart and pretty soon people will be charged for services that used to be 'universal and free at the point of delivery.'

When we look at British National Party policies, we understand that traditional Labour is dead, that New Labour was a carbon copy of the Conservative Party and that the British National Party is in fact the only one political party that stands for British workers.

By the way, the Labour Party criticized Margaret Thatcher and some said that they did not support arrangements made regarding her State Funeral because 'she had sacrificed tens of thousands of British miners'. Labour spent thirteen years as UK government. Did Labour do anything about British miners and British mines?

Labour Party member convicted for sending death threat messages

This month a Labour Party member Craig Tomkinson, 41, of Cheriton Close, Allesley Park, Coventy, pleaded guilty to five counts of sending malicious messages containing death threats against British National Party Leader.

The case was aired at Coventry Magistrates Court where several messages were read. One messages that mentioned Pim Fortuyn, a Dutch politician who was assassinated in 2002, said: ‘Remember Pim Fortuyn. I have your home address so it won’t be any problem to see your head explode you racist, homophobic Nazi.

Tomkinson, who is a member of the Labour Party, is already serving a 12-month suspended sentence after having pleaded guilty to similar charges at Birmingham Magistrates Court on May 8.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Ed Miliband's survival can only be assured by seeing off Len McCluskey

Tony Blair was a strong leader and as a strong leader he kept the Trade Unions at Bay. When Tony Blair was deposed, Gordon Brown who thought he was a strong leader led Labour to a predictable electoral defeat and was replaced by Ed Miliband who won the leadership contest defeating his own brother David Miliband by using the support of the Trade Unions and especially of Len McCluskey, Unite Leader, and Unite happens to be the main financial backer of the Labour Party.

What McCluskey is doing is simply part of a natural process. Unite provided more than 8 million Pound to the Labour Party since Ed Miliband was elected. Why paying to be represented when Unite can take control of the Labour Party by appointing candidates that respond directly to McCluskey’s leadership?

This is not a storm in a cup of tea. This is a full revolution to take total control of the Labour Party. Ed Miliband knows it and this is why Ed Miliband wasted no time and sent evidence about McCluskey’s intentions directly to the Police authorities. Getting McCluskey out of the way might behead Unite but is the only way Ed Miliband can now survive as Labour Party Leader.

If Len McCluskey takes control of the Labour Party as Leader of Unite it is only a matter of time for Len McCluskey to replace Ed Miliband as Leader of the Labour Party.

Ed Miliband, Unite and the Referendum Bill

Labour handed over a dossier to police amid allegations Unite tried to rig the selection of the party's candidateto fight the Falkirk by-election.
In the latest chapter of a long novel that started with the rejection of a White Jewish female candidate in Birmingham because she was 'too white and too Jewish', followed by a Labour rebellion in the House of Commons against the Leadership of the Labour Party that does not support a Referendum on Europe, now the trade union UNITE says that it cannot trust the Labour Leadership any longer.

When Labour Leader Ed Miliband asked for an investigation regarding alleged 'vote rigging carried out by UNITE during a candidate selection contest in Falkirk', Mr. McCluskey, Leader of Unite, said a report criticizing trade union behavior was a 'stich-up'.

The Labour Party has now said that evidence about reported electoral irregularities are being handed over to Police showing that the rift between the Labour Party and Unite - trade union that has donated 8 million Pound to the Labour Party - is now bigger than ever.


Monday, 1 July 2013

Press Release - Front National regarding Croatia

Communiqué de Presse de Florian Philippot, Vice-président du Front National

L’élargissement non consenti par le peuple français de l’Union européenne à la Croatie est une mauvaise nouvelle, de surcroît en pleine crise économique et sociale.

Mauvaise nouvelle d’abord pour les Croates eux-mêmes, qui rejoignent cette prison des peuples qu’est l’Union européenne, cette machine à détruire la prospérité et la démocratie.
Amis Croates, bienvenue en enfer !…

Mauvaise nouvelle ensuite pour nos pays, et la France, qui devront supporter de nouveaux transferts financiers vers un pays en crise, qui compte 20% de chômeurs et dont le PIB par habitant est de 40% inférieur à la moyenne européenne.

Imposée par l’UMP et le PS aux Français, cette arrivée d’un 28ème membre au sein de l’UE a tout de la mauvaise nouvelle au mauvais moment.

L’Union européenne doit cesser tout élargissement. Les peuples doivent au contraire reprendre la main en imposant des référendums sur la fin de l’UE. Seule la coopération des nations libres et souveraines permettra l’édification de grands projets utiles.

Press Relese by Florian Philippot, Vice-President of the Front National

The expansion of the European Union done without the consent of the French people to include Croatia is bad news and more so in the midst of a social and financial crisis.

It is bad news for the Croats themselves since they enter the prison of the peoples of the European Union, a machine made to destroy prosperity and democracie. My Croat friend: welcome to hell!

It is bad news also for our countries and for France that will have to support new financial transfers for a country in crisis with 20% unemployment whose GDP per head is 40% lower than the European average.

Imposed on the French by the UMP and the Socialist Party the arrival of the Twenty-Eigth member of the EU is bad news in a bad moment.

The EU expansion must stop. The peoples of Europe must take control via referenda about the end of the EU. Only with the cooperation between  free and souvereign nations can grand useful projects be possible.