Sunday, 7 July 2013

Lord Tebbit: British National Party is a Left Wing Party

Norman Tebbit
When an experienced politician like Norman Tebbit said the British National Party was not a Far Right Party but a Left Wing Party didn't surprise me. After all, a vast number of British National Party supporters are in fact former Labour Party members and supporters.

By the same token, looking at economic policies and foreign policy under the Labour government 1997/2010 anybody well informed would understand that the Labour Party is no longer the genuine representative of British workers.
Those of us who watched debates in the Houses of Parliament and saw the Labour Party in Opposition challenging the Conservative administrations of Margaret Thatcher and later on of John Major could hardly recognize the Labour Party that came to power in 1997.

Labour in opposition constantly criticized the Conservatives for no re-negotiation the Common Agricultural Policy or CAP that was and is damaging to British interests. However, when Tony Blair came to power the Labour Party simply forgot about the CAP.

Labour in opposition criticized the Conservative Party because the Conservative Party privatized public services including British Railways. When Labour came to power, Labour did absolutely nothing to reverse the privatization of public services.

What the Labour Party actually did was to continue 'building up on the changes introduced by Margaret Thatcher and John Major' and Tony Blair called such process of 'building up on Conservative changes' the new pragmatism or Third Way that completely abandoned traditional Labour Party values.

The same Labour Party then proceeded to implement Flood Immigration that affected British workers' chances of finding a well paid job and in 1997 the process started that multiplied several times the cost of housing in the United Kingdom thus making housing practically unaffordable for British workers.

Labour abandoned the so called British working class and proceeded to implement Globalisation policies that destroyed hundreds of thousands of British jobs and created sweat shops in developing countries.

So here we are in 2013 looking at the consequences of Labour's policies. Massive public debt and massive private debt, a so called Housing Crisis created by market speculation and Flood Immigration and we learn that one of the greatest achievements of the Labour Party - the NHS - is falling apart and pretty soon people will be charged for services that used to be 'universal and free at the point of delivery.'

When we look at British National Party policies, we understand that traditional Labour is dead, that New Labour was a carbon copy of the Conservative Party and that the British National Party is in fact the only one political party that stands for British workers.

By the way, the Labour Party criticized Margaret Thatcher and some said that they did not support arrangements made regarding her State Funeral because 'she had sacrificed tens of thousands of British miners'. Labour spent thirteen years as UK government. Did Labour do anything about British miners and British mines?

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