Friday, 19 July 2013

Rommel and von Stauffenberg tried to get rid of Hitler because Hitler was losing the War.

Rommel and von Stauffenberg: Distorted history

Klaus von Stauffenberg

Erwin Rommel

History has been written and rewritten. Erwin Rommel and Klaus von Stauffenberg tried to kill Adolf Hitler because Adolf Hitler was losing the war. This is the real picture and not the romanticised version told by the Allies and the media.

The German fighters of the Afrika Korps were not great fans of Western Democracy. They wanted Germany to win the war and they wanted a National Socialist Europe, the kind of National Socialism inspired by the National Socialist Party of the German Workers that Adolf Hitler had forgotten about.

Getting to know the German way of thinking, one undertands that defeat was never an option that could be easily accepted. The plotters of 1944 did not want Democracy. They wanted to get rid of Adolf Hitler because in their minds if the way had been conducted by German Generals they would have had a better chance of winning the war. 

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