Friday, 30 August 2013

When things go wrong at home, find an external source that you can blame

Carlos Cortiglia: Stop, think and then act
I would have to review history records but I reckon it is often the case that Emperors, Prime Ministers, Presidents, et cetera, et cetera, have often used an external source that they can blame for what is happening internally, somebody that they can use as a scapegoat or something they can use as an excuse.

In Argentina, in 1982, General Leopoldo Fortunato Galtieri used the Falkland Islands to make people forget about the financial and political chaos affecting Argentina. Today, Justicialista President Cristina Fernandez uses General Galtieri's same recipe when Argentina faces similar problems and her leadership is threatened from within the Partido Justicialista.

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy uses Gibraltar to gather some kind of support for a failing government in a country that faces more than 30 per cent unemployment and potential bankruptcy.

President Francois Hollande talks about military adventures - some sort of military crusade against a former colony - thinking that this would make French voters forget about a failing economy and extremely high levels of taxation.

President Barak Obama during the second and final mandate as American President is desperately looking for some kind of legacy when everything else has proven to be a failure complemented by unfulfilled promises.

All the aforementioned did violate or are willing to violate principles of International Law and to engage in confrontation - even military confrontation - because they failed to deliver as Heads of Government. So there is a pattern that they followed or are about to follow.

France: Very concerned about human rights in Burma

It is funny to see President Francois Hollande talking about reported suffering in Syria, especially taking into account that France has been involved for decades in Burma sharing Burmese resources with Communist China regardless of what has been happening in Burma.

In the past, French Socialists used to say 'L'important c'est la rose' when in fact we knew that 'L'important c'est l'argent' and there might be a lot of money to be had in Syria since new deposits of oil and gas have just been found in Syrian territorial waters and this is happening when oil exploration has just started in the Golan Heights.

What becomes abundantly clear is that when it comes to the interests of the French government nothing else matters - not NATO, not the EU and, of course, the UN does not matter - and this happens in a country subsidized by the United Kingdom.

'The British do not matter', says Francois Hollande. Sorry, we already knew that. Do the people of France matter to you, Monsieur Hollande? In a country with one of the highest rates of unemployment in Europe and often said to be on the edge of bankruptcy and with a massive percentage of Muslim voters, perhaps the French President should be concerned about what France's Muslim population actually thinks. Do they all support yet another attack against a Muslim country?

The French Socialist President talks also about support from the Arab League? What Arab League? Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Lebanon? Well, we know that he is talking merely about Saudi Arabia that as we know has been provided with fighter jets to do the dirty work apart from actively supporting AlQaeda guerrillas that - oh surprise! - are the backbone of rebel forces acting against the Syrian government.


Dealing with reality instead of living in fantasy world

I have been reporting about politics and dealing with politics since the age of 17 and I am 55-years-of-age. I have  heard about all kinds of schemes to win elections and witnessed people from all walks of life speculating about electoral systems and I can tell you straightaway that I much prefer to live in the real world and not in the world of philosophical speculation that leads to certain and unavoidable disappointment.

There is a debate about First Past the Post and Proportional Representation and without a shadow of a doubt I can tell you that regardless of the system that you use you still need to convince as many people as required to support you in order to win an election. There are no magic shortcuts.

At the moment, all we can deliver is an opportunity for people to express their views in a democratic way with the hope that if people start supporting us in ever increasing numbers we could be able to have a breakthrough to be represented in the House of Commons that would be just the beginning.

There are about 650 seats in the House of Commons. How many have we got? None. There are about 30,000 Councillors in the United Kingdom. How many have we got? Almost none. We do not control any local, regional or national authority. None whatsoever.

So let's stop talking about philosophy and let's focus on reality. In Nationalist circles, for many years, people have come and gone because of personal or philosophical differences that have never been election winners because one seat in the GLA, a few seats in local councils and two seats in the European Parliament are not nearly enough to claim a resounding political victory.

We have no track record as the ruling party either locally, regionally or nationally. Stop dreaming and start working. Regardless of the leadership of the party, do you support the Nationalist agenda? Yes or No? These are the questions that you should answer to stop mucking about personality issues and philosophical differences.


Syria: David Cameron shows true leadership by respecting the will of Parliament

We have seen many instances of the behavior of David Cameron when it comes to Parliament and to the Conservative Party. I think that in this occasion when the issue of military intervention in Syria was being debated David Cameron show true leadership by standing in the House of Commons and accepting the will of Parliament.

Unlike the mass media that obviously support political bullying, I respect a lot more a British Prime Minister able and willing to accept the will of an elected body and in so doing honouring the best tradition of British Democracy.

David Cameron might not be all that you want him to be when it comes to other issues but in this occasion he stood up very high despite all criticism brought against him.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

President Vladimir Putin: A level headed and balanced approach to Foreign Affairs

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin represents trade agreements, peaceful cooperation and the Rule of Law in International Affairs. One of his first actions was to sign an agreement to provide Germany, the old foe of World War Two, oil and gas. No wars of aggression, no political or financial domination. Just cooperation and trade.

The USA always liked to depict Russia as an aggressive country, as the boogieman, to prolong the memories of the Cold War. However, when you look at the history records after the end of the Soviet support for the then government of Afghanistan, the one country that has been permanently at war is the USA while Russia has persisted in its approach to build trade relationships across the world.

In 1988, the USA supported the use of chemical warfare against Iran because the USA wanted to take revenge against Iran for having deposed the Shah of Iran and this happened after the USA used chemical warfare in Asia including Vietnam in what become of the most shameful chapters in American History.

You can clearly see that the USA say one thing and do exactly the opposite, pretending that they hold the truth when in fact American Foreign Policy has been merely a bunch of lies for centuries. The actions taken against those who want the public to know what their government is doing speak volumes about what the USA are about.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Hague: We are going to do this, we are going to do that

Alexander Hague
What I feel today about William Hague's statements is a bit like what I imagine my parents used to feel when I was a child and stated that I was going to fix something. They were terrified of my 'fixing' operations because they, instinctively and also from experience, knew that something was not going to work anymore.

William Hague has made statements about how Iraq, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Afghanistan, et cetera, et cetera, were going to be fixed and in the end we witness a complete mess with a Muslim World that is like a fireworks factory in which there is a fire. Things are exploding and heading in different directions and nobody knows what is going to happen next while people are being killed by the thousands.

To make matters worse, an American Administration is once again 'talking tough' and announcing the possibility of launching missiles into Syria, a bit like starting a bonfire next to a gunpowder barrel.

When I see the mess that has been created in the Muslim World, I suspect that this mess was created by the American Administration acting together with close allies like the United Kingdom's government because there is always a hidden agenda.

Iran is too far and too hard a bone to chew, so what do they do? Destabilizing Syria was a much easier target and it serves a fundamental purpose. As long as Muslim countries keep attacking each other and as long as factions keep trying to destroy each other, America's closest ally in the Middle East is safe.

Publicly, the elites show 'extreme concern for the wellbeing of Muslim peoples'. Privately, they couldn't give a damn. As long as the weapons industry keeps getting contracts and making money, they couldn't care less about the lives of men, women and children caught up in an endless list of conflicts around the world.

General Dwight Eisenhower who became American President said something like 'beware the powers of the weapons industries'. American weapons industries are fed by spilling blood across the world with American soldiers and millions of other peoples used as raw material to make the rich even richer.

The Land of the Free is the greatest lie ever told. Ordinary Americans do not have a clue about what those who truly govern America are doing and anybody who tries to tell them the truth is treated as a traitor.

In Britain, we have people like William Hague, always ready to justify murder 'for a higher purpose'.

Islam: If you preach violence, get ready for the consequences

Carlos Cortiglia
Those who live by the sword, die by the sword. The Muslim Community is now suffering the consequences of decades of abuses committed by those who stood to represent it.

For decades, the British people have had to put up with the Abu Qatadas, the Abu Hamzas, the rape of boys and girls, bomb attacks, the patronizing attitudes of people who stood to represent the Muslim Community and most recently the killing of a British soldier.

Today, Police reports indicate that there are 8 violent incidents against Muslims every day. Well, get ready. This is just the beginning and I can tell the Muslim Community that they only have themselves to blame because for many years they kept quiet while they knew of the atrocities committed against the British people and they knew the names of the culprits and even supported them.

Police reports very much reflect what we could call Pay Back Time.

The foundations of Stop and Search

It remains ostensibly clear that as long as patterns of criminal behavior remain what they are and what they have been for decades, Stop and Search will continue to be a fundamental tool in Police activities to counter crime.

As Sir Paul Condon, then Chief of the Metropolitan said many years ago, more than 90 per cent of crimes committed in the London Region are committed by non whites and the actions of criminal gangs continue. From 240 organized gangs, there are now more than 480 organized gangs and some of them armed and extremely dangerous.

While recognizing the fact that sometimes innocent people can be targeted, Police forces don't have a crystal ball to know who is and who isn't involved in criminal activities and therefore, as a precaution and given the trends of crime in the London Region, the emphasis of Stop and Search operations will continue as long as the vast majority of crimes are committed by non whites.

What is also evident is that non white communities are constantly targeted by non white gangs that exist within the said communities and that many families live in fear not only of being attacked. They also fear that given present circumstances their own children might end up joined criminal gangs.

Flood immigration has a lot to do with criminal activities because jobs for those at the lower end of society are more difficult to find.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Liam "There is no money" Byrne

Liam "There is no money' Byrne has been in full swing criticizing welfare reforms. The Borrow Pay Later (if you can) Labour Party created a blackhole that is swallowing tax monies and forcing the present administration to implement budget cuts practically everywhere.

The Multicultural Reforms implemented by the Labour Party had to be paid for with vast amounts of public money and we are now facing the consequences of the bankrupt version of Britain that they have created.

As women queue up to receive medical treament to counter the damage caused by genital mutilation and many thousands undergo hymen reconstruction to pretend that they are still virgins, Byrne's Labour Party should have stopped pushing down our throats the message that it was British Culture the one that was being 'improved' with barbaric practices loved by people who are obviously culturally inferior and drain the public purse.

Perhaps we should suggest some crazy ideas that Labour can adopt as its national policies. What about legalizing gang crime including muggings and killings? This would make thousands upon thousands of Labour voters very happy. Labour could then justify gang crime by saying that 'it is a multicultural thing' since more than 90 per cent of those involved in gang crime are 'multicultural'.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Italian government is destroying Italy with excessive taxation

For every 12,000 Euros paid to a factory worker, a company must give the Italian government 18,000 Euros in taxes and every employee ends up costing a company 30,000 Euros. Italian companies are leaving Italy and settling business in Eastern Europe.

Punitive EU measures imposed in Italy to reduce the Italian deficit in a country that has a massive public debt are one of the reasons the Italian government is taxing and taxing ever more Italian companies in a process that has become suicidal.

The owner of a small Italian company that moved to Poland said: "I had to make a choice. Our competitors in Poland and in Romania offer much lower prices. I had three options: either close, move the factory as many businesses have done, or shoot myself in the head."

Bureaucracy, high social welfare costs and corruption are bleeding Italy to death. The disparities between countries of the EU - disparities that were never taken into account before creating a chaotic ensemble - are pushing Europeans to act against Europeans and this can only be a recipe for disaster.

The EU was created supposedly to put an end to rivalries that led to wars in Europe. In the end, the EU is creating and promoting rivalries between European peoples.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

The saga of West Norwood Public Library continues

In 2011, the copper roof of West Norwood Public Library was stolen on the same date that the local cemetery was vandalised by metal robbers that targetted memorials and the cemetery chapel. The robbery was followed by torrential rain that caused all kinds of damage including structural damage affecting electrical wiring and destroying valuable contents.

It took some time for a review of the damage to be carried out and when the review was carried out it the presence of asbestos led to further delays. During such delays, the building was occupied by squatters that brought with them animals into the building and the place is now like a bombed site.

The squatters were removed but the damage and the mess created by animal excrement remains together with damaged books lying on the floor everywhere.

A meeting was held by the end of 2012 at Elmcourt Road High School with the presence of local MP Tessa Jowell, several Councillors and various other representatives including members of Friends of West Norwood Library and a lady that attended the meeting on behalf of a company that offered to rebuild West Norwood Library transforming it into a Movie Theatre Complex.

West Norwood Library is still closed and boarded, dog crap still infests the building, damaged library materials are spread on the floors and all we have is the ghostly image of what used to be a vibrant and multifunctional building and centre of the local community.

I have been a West Norwood resident since 1994. My wife, my three children and I had been members of West Norwood Public Library. It breaks our hearts to see that for so long the Labour administration of Lambeth Council has done absolutely nothing apart from a few photo opportunities for propaganda purposes.

Herne Hill: we flood you, then we charge you for it

As population increases in any given area, water companies have to pump ever more water in order to meet demand. What happens next? Pipes that cannot cope with increased water pressure burst. What happens next? Entire areas are flooded and local people can lose significant amounts of money. What do water companies do after the damage caused by flooding? They charge local people in order to replace water pipes.

When water pipes couldn't cope in Herne Hill, South London, the area near Brockwell Park became a new Venice. All those involved are still trying to calculate the damage caused to both business owners and residents.

Much of the damage could be permanent as one trader is reported to have said: "The worrying thing is I've been here twenty years, and what worries me is whether I'm going to be here in three months, and if I don't get money to pay staff..."

There is structural damage, financial damage and emotional damage. To sum up, residents and traders are bound to lose undetermined amounts of money for something that wasn't their fault and on top of that they will have pay extra charges to water companies and insurance companies.

A spokesman for a water company said: "We get over 200 leaks reported to us every day across our network". Pipes are bursting and systems cannot cope in a city in which proper demographic planning is something unheard of. 

One in ten legal court cases in the UK is about non payment of TV Licence

I find extraordinary the news that one in ten of all court cases in the United Kingdom involve non payment of TV Licence and the number of prosecution now totals more than 180,000 cases. Can you even start to imagine the cost of taking 180,000 people to court?

The maximum penalty for not payment the TV Licence is £1,000 but non payment once you are found guilty can lead to a prison sentence. Now, let's make a few calculations. The presumed maximum amount of money or income to be perceived is £1,000. Does anybody know the cost of taking somebody to court? Pause and think: judges, solicitors and barristers, clerks, paperwork, et cetera, et cetera. If somebody is sent to jail, how much is there to be paid to keep somebody in jail?

I don't know the particular costs involved in every case but we are talking about more than a 180 thousand cases every year and rising.

Taking all this into account that prosecutions for non payment of TV Licence the foundations of an industry involving all kinds of people.

A crackling occasion: 28th 29th September 2013

Once again, it is upon us another yearly event: The 2013 British National Party Conference 28th/29th September will take place in Blackpool. It is going to be a crackling occasion.

Since we live in a Multicultural Society, we have been asked if the food being served will include Halal and Kosher. Not that I am aware of. We are sure the hog will not be Halal nor Kosher.

More details on where you will find out how to have access to tickets to attend.


Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Without the courage to develop into a truly national organisation, smaller parties will remain forever small

Without the courage to develop into a truly national organisation, smaller political parties will remain forever small and unable to implement any changes whatsoever. For growth to happen, we must relinquish control and delegate power so that the idea can trully spread across the country and people will be loyal because they believe in the common aim and not because somebody in a small office is pulling the strings.

Nationalists have lost too much time in internal power struggles that alienated decent and hard working people who trully believe that Nationalist organisations could make a difference. When they realised that control was more important that moving forward to achieve the declared objectives, they just walked away and a thousand times organisations went back to square one or to put it mildly - they went nowhere.

There are many so called Nationalist organisations in Britain. They go under different or similar names, they are equally small, they are equally unable to deliver and they have no political representation and no real political strength. Without political strength, they will survive in a permanent state of under-development or they will simply cease to exist.

Secrecry and Verticality used against the British National Party

When Darragh MacIntyre presented an infamous Panorama programme directly against the British National Party, he knew very well that secrecy was a powerful weapon and he wanted to exploit it with dramatic scenes of movements in a car park and odd facial gestures made by him and by his camera man. Everything associated with secrecy is usually linked to criminal activities and this is exactly the perception he wanted to create in the minds of those watching the programme.

Unluckily for Darragh MacIntryre, in order to try to achieve such perception he had to involve people who had been categorized as the very evil he was supposedly crusading against. Moreover, in the following months after the production of the programme the BBC came under fire because of fraud and paedophilia and to this day the reputation of the BBC has not been cleared.

Verticality is a fundamental weakness of any organisation. The fact that somebody at the very top can have access to every single resource across the entire organisation means that, at any point in time, as it happened several times, a small group of people can endanger the entire edifice. I compare this kind of a situation to a ship with no isolated compartments. A single torpedo can flood and sink the whole ship. Ensuring that every region can effectively function as an isolated compartment is vital for the survival of the organization as a whole.

A single infiltrator can cause havoc and one clear example happened in 2010 hours before the General Election when British National Party sites were brought down and internal communications were badly affected. As it happened the man behind the operation to block the British National Party took part as one of the 'interviewees' in Darragh MacIntyre's Panorama.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Intellectual talent we cannot do without

In the world of business, big players know that they need to attract the maximum amount of intellectual talent to be successful. The same goes for political organizations that not only want to win elections but also keep themselves in power to achieve their aims.

Without intellectual talent, organizations fall and political parties fall. When we talk about new ideas, about a new political project that can attract voters, we are basically talking about intellectual talent that cannot be created or recreated. It either exists or does not exist.

Smaller parties suffer enormously from internal divisions and factional disputes, much more than bigger established organizations. They try to cope with uncertainty and they fail to cope with uncertainty using power and control. This leads to feelings of oppression that alienate rational individuals and deprives organization of the intellectual talent they need to succeed.

Being attacked by racists is the best that can happen to the BNP

For the British National Party being attacked by organizations that are considered to be ultra racist is the best thing that can happen because it shows ordinary people that the British National Party has shed the past inherited from the National Front.

Every time the British National Party attempted to debate its policies on housing, on transport, on health and on practically every other issue other political parties were allowed to debate it had to confront labels and stereotypes systematically used by other political organizations to demonize the British National Party.

Throwing away people who live in the past and delude themselves with German National Socialist ideas is the best way of attracting sensible, intelligent and capable individuals who can one day get elected and promote rational change via democratic means to promote British interests.

There is a lot of work to do to get a foothold in the capital city of the United Kingdom and a lasting presence in London can only be achieved without racist bullies that believe that they can go through life pushing people around with ideas of racial superiority.

The vast majority of British National Party supporters are sensible and rational human beings but ordinary Britons will only trust the British National Party in big numbers when the British National Party gets rid of individuals that believe that being a nationalist is standing in the middle of the street shouting abuse and making offensive gestures.

Being politically attacked by racist is absolutely great

For the British National Party being attacked by organizations that are considered to be ultra racist is the best thing that can happen because it shows ordinary people that the British National Party has shed the past inherited from the National Front.

Every time the British National Party attempted to debate its policies on housing, on transport, on health and on practically every other issue other political parties were allowed to debate it had to confront labels and stereotypes systematically used by other political organizations to demonize the British National Party.

Throwing away people who live in the past and delude themselves with German National Socialist ideas is the best way of attracting sensible, intelligent and capable individuals who can one day get elected and promote rational change via democratic means to promote British interests.

There is a lot of work to do to get a foothold in the capital city of the United Kingdom and a lasting presence in London can only be achieved without racist bullies that believe that they can go through life pushing people around with ideas of racial superiority.

The vast majority of British National Party supporters are sensible and rational human beings but ordinary Britons will only trust the British National Party in big numbers when the British National Party gets rid of individuals that believe that being a nationalist is standing in the middle of the street shouting abuse and making offensive gestures.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Nationalist yes, but not a rabid racist

From time to time we have to thank our political opponents for their helping hands. Trying to denigrate Nick Griffin MEP, Chairman of the British National Party, they prove to the wider world that the British National Party is a Nationalist Party that stands for the rights of ethnic Britons without engaging in racism.

The picture was published in a presumed attempt to attack the British National Party. We have to thank them from the bottom of our hearts. Have you sent the picture to so called anti-Fascist organizations? They too need to learn a few lessons about the one party that truly stands for the rights of the British people.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Education: What for?

Paul Salahuddin Armstrong reminds us of something we very often forget about. We might not know the exact date of our departure but given advances of modern science we have a pretty good idea about the odds. In the end, what matters is what happens between the day we are born and the day we die.

The values we give to our children can have a huge impact and affect the lives of generations that have not yet been born. If being successful has nothing to do with being happy, the whole point of being successful is frankly a complete waste of time. Most of the ills of our time and of past times were generated by unhappy people and people who have a distorted view of what success really means.

Galileo Galilei: E pur si muove....

Centuries later the presumed victory of the leaders of the Catholic Church over Galileo Galilei looks very much like a hollow victory that discredits and ridicules the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church tried to impose its dogma regardless of scientific facts that clearly indicated that planet Earth was not the centre of the Universe.

Something similar occurs in today's politics when it comes to demographics. Can the present political status quo be maintained despite demographic changes? Some people adopt the Catholic Church's position and I am very much inclined to support Galileo Galilei's position.

London is nothing like the rest of the country and the speed of change is so dramatic that change is spreading to other parts of the United Kingdom at rising speeds.

All political careers end up with tears

A politician who tries to stop the process of change is very much like a man using his bare hands to stop a running train by pushing against it. What has changed since I joined the British National Party in 2001? Well, quite a few things have changed because a political party that stands still is like the man of the story trying to stop a running train. Michael Portillo describes the process by saying that 'all political careers end up with tears'.

If we were to use a bit more positive note, I would paraphrase French scientist Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier who said something along the lines of 'nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed'. At least in Antoine de Lavoisier's words, the idea of change is not link to a terminal process but to an ongoing and never ending process of change.

Never mind if the man who is considered to be the Father of Modern Chemistry ended up his days as Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier and without head after he was sent to the guillotine during the process of transformation initiated by the French Revolution of 1789.

Julius Caesar was stabbed to death, Napoleon Bonaparte was poisoned to death but many others end up their days in less dramatic circumstances as a shadow of their former selves.

Being a bit less dramatic, can you compare Tony Blair in 1997 to Tony Blair in 2013. Richer? No doubts about it. He looks like the Walking Dead, very much like a much less successful British Prime Minister called Edward Heath that I still remember sitting in the House of Commons when his days as an influential politician were very much over.

Time does not stand still and political parties like trees need sap, the flow of youth that will keep the tree alive. When political parties start looking like a gathering of old-age pensioners and suddlenly old-age pensioners pass away and numbers dwindle, we know that like in the lyrics of My Way, sung by Frank Synatra, all we have left is the conviction that we did everything keeping both our faith in ourselves and being loyal to what we believe.

And now, the end is here
And so I face the final curtain
My friend, I'll say it clear
I'll state my case, of which I'm certain
I've lived a life that's full
I traveled each and ev'ry highway
And more, much more than this, I did it my way

Regrets, I've had a few
But then again, too few to mention
I did what I had to do and saw it through without exemption
I planned each charted course, each careful step along the byway
And more, much more than this, I did it my way

Yes, there were times, I'm sure you knew
When I bit off more than I could chew
But through it all, when there was doubt
I ate it up and spit it out
I faced it all and I stood tall and did it my way

I've loved, I've laughed and cried
I've had my fill, my share of losing
And now, as tears subside, I find it all so amusing
To think I did all that
And may I say, not in a shy way,
"Oh, no, oh, no, not me, I did it my way"

For what is a man, what has he got?
If not himself, then he has naught
To say the things he truly feels and not the words of one who kneels
The record shows I took the blows and did it my way!

Yes, it was my way

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Which are the national borders? A fragile status quo

World War Two officially ended in 1945 and national borders changed dramatically across Europe. Since then, we have seen countries virtually disappear. Czechoslovakia is no more, Yugoslavia is no more, the Soviet Union is no more and new political arrangements have been created. If we look further afield, we see changes in other continents that completely altered political geography.

Changing the status quo is a risky business and you don't know when an apparently insignificant change of the puzzle can initiate a chain reaction leading to major changes and even war.

When we think about Scotland, we think about the United Kingdom but there are many countries including Italy and Spain where there are what I would call political tectonic plates that could lead to political earthquakes in Europe.

Differences or discrepancies between countries are usually an easy way to rally public opinion and divert attention from internal problems.

In 1982, the head of the Military Junta of Argentina, General Leopoldo Fortunato Galtieri, used the Falkland Islands to gather political support in Argentina leading to a conflict that had disastrous consequences.

In 2013, Spain's Mariano Rajoy heads a government that is using General Galtieri's strategy. Antagonizing other countries might seem like an attractive proposition as a way to make people forget the failings of a national administration.

Luckily for Spain and for everybody else, the status quo seems to be a bit more resilient than it was in the 1930s and 1940s. Demagogy can still be used without causing major upsets. Having said that, should the situation deteriorate across Europe, demagogy could have unwanted and unexpected consequences that all of us would have cause to regret.

The intricacies of life in a world about which we know very little

If you asked most ordinary people on the streets about basic details about how governments - national, regional and local - work you would be confronted with a barrage of 'I don't know'. If you asked about basic pieces of legislation, you would be confronted with similar reactions because in actual fact most people don't know how the authorities we elect work and have no real understanding of most of the legislation and regulations implemented.

If you wanted to know about immigration legislation, most probably you would end up asking a solicitor involved in immigration how things work and this clearly shows that the idea of being 'represented' goes much too far to the point that we know very little about the real world in which we live.

It is a bit like walking in the streets or across a park. Do you know most of the plants, trees, bushes and flowers? I bet that you don't. We live in ignorance and these levels of ignorance transform life into a very a very perilous journey indeed. We have eyes and we are unable to see. We have ears and we are unable to hear. We have very little understanding of what is really going on.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Spain selling jet fighters to Argentina?

As if the financial crisis was not enough with more than 40 per cent unemployment, the Spanish government is making things worse by implementing measures and taking actions that put Spain on a collision course against the United Kingdom.

Spanish reactions led to the EU Commission taking direct action and telling Spain in no uncertain words that it must stop antagonizing Britain, but the EU Commission calls seem to have gone unheard because now Spain is taking military actions by offering military support to Argentina.

So here goes the story. Britain helps bankrupt Argentina to get financial lines and Argentina uses money obtained thanks to Britain to buy Spanish weapons to threaten Britain.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

National Health Service - Aneurin Bevan MP

"It will last as long as there are folk left with the faith to fight for it". Aneurin Bevan MP talking about the National Health Service.
We criticize both Labour's and Conservative's mismanagement of the National Health Service because we care about the National Health Service but we will never forget a Labour Party man called Aneurin Bevan who championed the creation of the National Health Service.
We have a long standing debt of gratitude and this is why we remember the words of Aneurin Bevan.
The National Health Service belongs to the British people.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Welfare: it is very difficult to understand - or even justify - childcare reforms

The headline: Osborne backs childcare cash for couples on up to £299,000

The commentary: The Chancellor denied it was unfair for very high earners to get government help of up to £1,200 tax-free per child for nursery places.

The group Mothers at Home Matter reportedly says that a single earner family on £36,000 pays £9,000 in tax while two earners with the same total income pay just £6,500.

My angle of the story is to ask the question: why does a family that earns more than £150,000 a year actually needs childcare support?  With such yearly income, what is the point of getting any welfare payments at all?

Gibraltar: a diversion from Spain's financial troubles

Gibraltar: Something to keep the minds of a struggling Spain busy.

It is not by chance that Spain is once again talking about Gibraltar and trying to impose sanctions and more stringent border controls. I wonder where all the regulations of the European Union stands when it comes to political harassment against a European Union country.

Never mind if Spanish unemployment is about 33 per cent. Never mind if entire generations are lost because the Spanish economy is falling apart. "Instead of questioning European Union policies, let's talk about Gibraltar" says the Spanish Government when imposing measures that look extremely suspicious from a legal point of view.

The border crossings between Gibraltar and continental Spain are becoming some kind of Checkpoint Charlie. Because I understand that some readers might not be old enough or well-read enough to understand what I am talking about here comes the explanation.  Checkpoint Charlie was one of the most famous (or infamous) border crossings in Berlin during the Soviet Era.

Can women's nudity become a new form of political power?

For centuries women have been discriminated against. Even today, it is matter of fact that many women doing the same job as men get paid less and many live like in some Ibsen's Dolls House.

Can female nudity break down conventions and transform the world without recognition? FEMEN is a new reality and while some discard it as some sort of passing fad, I tend to see it with great interest and I would say that in the present stale and corrupted world of politics FEMEN might be exactly what we need.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Another side of Islam: Purple Jihad

Purple Jihad?
The London Regional Press Office has been doing some research and we are discovering quite a few things that we believe our readers should know about. As always, we deal with facts.