Monday, 26 August 2013

Hague: We are going to do this, we are going to do that

Alexander Hague
What I feel today about William Hague's statements is a bit like what I imagine my parents used to feel when I was a child and stated that I was going to fix something. They were terrified of my 'fixing' operations because they, instinctively and also from experience, knew that something was not going to work anymore.

William Hague has made statements about how Iraq, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Afghanistan, et cetera, et cetera, were going to be fixed and in the end we witness a complete mess with a Muslim World that is like a fireworks factory in which there is a fire. Things are exploding and heading in different directions and nobody knows what is going to happen next while people are being killed by the thousands.

To make matters worse, an American Administration is once again 'talking tough' and announcing the possibility of launching missiles into Syria, a bit like starting a bonfire next to a gunpowder barrel.

When I see the mess that has been created in the Muslim World, I suspect that this mess was created by the American Administration acting together with close allies like the United Kingdom's government because there is always a hidden agenda.

Iran is too far and too hard a bone to chew, so what do they do? Destabilizing Syria was a much easier target and it serves a fundamental purpose. As long as Muslim countries keep attacking each other and as long as factions keep trying to destroy each other, America's closest ally in the Middle East is safe.

Publicly, the elites show 'extreme concern for the wellbeing of Muslim peoples'. Privately, they couldn't give a damn. As long as the weapons industry keeps getting contracts and making money, they couldn't care less about the lives of men, women and children caught up in an endless list of conflicts around the world.

General Dwight Eisenhower who became American President said something like 'beware the powers of the weapons industries'. American weapons industries are fed by spilling blood across the world with American soldiers and millions of other peoples used as raw material to make the rich even richer.

The Land of the Free is the greatest lie ever told. Ordinary Americans do not have a clue about what those who truly govern America are doing and anybody who tries to tell them the truth is treated as a traitor.

In Britain, we have people like William Hague, always ready to justify murder 'for a higher purpose'.

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