Thursday, 29 August 2013

President Vladimir Putin: A level headed and balanced approach to Foreign Affairs

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin represents trade agreements, peaceful cooperation and the Rule of Law in International Affairs. One of his first actions was to sign an agreement to provide Germany, the old foe of World War Two, oil and gas. No wars of aggression, no political or financial domination. Just cooperation and trade.

The USA always liked to depict Russia as an aggressive country, as the boogieman, to prolong the memories of the Cold War. However, when you look at the history records after the end of the Soviet support for the then government of Afghanistan, the one country that has been permanently at war is the USA while Russia has persisted in its approach to build trade relationships across the world.

In 1988, the USA supported the use of chemical warfare against Iran because the USA wanted to take revenge against Iran for having deposed the Shah of Iran and this happened after the USA used chemical warfare in Asia including Vietnam in what become of the most shameful chapters in American History.

You can clearly see that the USA say one thing and do exactly the opposite, pretending that they hold the truth when in fact American Foreign Policy has been merely a bunch of lies for centuries. The actions taken against those who want the public to know what their government is doing speak volumes about what the USA are about.

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