Monday, 29 April 2019

The Independent: Ban against National Action produced opposite effect

The Independent: Ban against National Action produced opposite effect

The Independent reports that a ban against National Action implemented in 2016 by the then Home Secretary Amber Rudd has produced exactly the opposite effect. There are more factions that follow the same path as National Action.

Dear Ben Wallace MP,

When the ban against National Action was implemented, Amber Rudd was very proud of her actions against National Action and there were celebrations. The mass media also talked about the trials taking place very publicly and all in all politicians and mass media thought that something major had been achieved. I never thought that such degree of political naivete was possible in a country like Britain that is supposed to have superior Security Services. Rosie Cooper’s feelings about being safe and the celebratory mood about having neutralized certain danger are not justified.

When I first heard the news that Amber Rudd, then Home Secretary, had issued the ban my first thought was ‘what a stupid thing to do’. If you drive danger underground, danger will not go away. Quite the opposite. You will not see it and it will continue to grow because the mentality of the people you are dealing with see such bans as an incentive and others are encouraged to join in because they see them as heroes, as role models, as fighters for the cause whatever their cause might be and no matter how misguided they might be.

This was John Tyndall a long time ago.  Any similarities with what is happening right ago? The picture was taken ages ago when John Tyndall was a young guy. Certain ideas have been around for a very long time. They are not going to go away with political bans or social media bans. The danger is very real but you cannot deal with it by running certain individuals underground. You don’t deal with the problem by creating martyrs or celebrities and this is exactly what Amber Rudd and others have created.

Instead of tackling the problem effectively, politicians, mass media and para-political organizations are making the problem much worse as they go along.

It is self-evident that the methods used until now are not working and the situation could be a lot worse than you think. You are a decision maker. You can make things happen. Law Enforcement Officers, even those in charge of protecting Members of Parliament, are only trained to deal with ordinary criminals. They have no sense of political and historical perspective.

You are not dealing with ordinary criminals. You are dealing with people who have got a very particular state of mind, driven by Messiah-like attitudes based on the idea that ‘the end justifies the means’. Their appreciation of what is rational and of what isn’t is different from our sense of what is rational and of what isn’t rational.

We are made to believe that this was an isolated incident. This was no isolated incident. There is clear thinking behind it. There is an intention. It was done to test the mood within the Armed Forces and it sends a clear message. Because it was widely reported, it became a widespread subject of conversation. There will be those watching, testing reactions, getting to know where others stand, what others think about the subject. I am not surprised that serving members of the Armed Forces were found to be linked to National Action. I would be surprised if middle ranks were not aware of the existence of certain ideas within the Armed Forces.

Best regards

Karl Hohenstauffen

Friday, 26 April 2019

Jeremy Corbyn's video: Infiltration within the British Armed Forces

Jeremy Corbyn's video: Infiltration within the British Armed Forces

We must always following the line of un-intended consequences. There is no coincidence that British soldiers appeared to be shooting at Jeremy Corbyn. The British Armed Forces know than when it counted Jeremy Corbyn was on the side of the Provisional IRA and those memories are deeply rooted Jeremy Corbyn is the ideological enemy and they know it and this is playing into the hands of groups that have long abandoned the political way and are bent on getting results the hard way. 

Funnily enough, the usual idiots are so dedicated to demonising what they call Far Right that when people from the so called Far Right try to raise the alert about impending doom their calls are purely and simply ignored.

Therefore, we can only watch developments knowing that those in charge will ignore the dangers and do nothing. In the meantime all we can do is to continue working with grassroots to be ready for the onslaught.

When the onslaught comes, Hope Not Hate, Searchlight and others will be sitting ducks. . 

Thursday, 25 April 2019

British Democracy: Myth and Reality in a country in which Police Forces have become Political Police

British Democracy: Myth and Reality in a country in which Police Forces have become Political Police

Fact - In Britain, members of certain legal political parties are banned from certain professions and in Britain your political allegiance can be used against you when you are trying to get a job or keep a job.

Fact - In Britain, Police Forces are politicised and used to do the dirty work for vested political interests.

Fact - In Britain, the Judiciary is a political tool used for political persecution, discrimination and harassment. 

Fact - In Britain, those elected can blatantly ignore the will of the Electorate and promote violence against those who dare to resist the destruction of true Democracy and mass media acting as accomplices demonise and harass those who dare to stand for their rights.

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

New Zealand: Prime Minister out of her depth regarding an issue that she doesn't seem to understand

New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

New Zealand: Prime Minister out of her depth regarding an issue that she doesn't seem to understand

If we kiss them and hug them and dress like them, they will love us. Mmmm.... not really. The tragedy of Christchurch was followed with big numbers by the tragedy of Sri Lanka perpetrated by Muslims that according to Security Services studied in the United Kingdom and Australia. Highly educated individuals that benefited from Western advantages went on the rampage against Christians bombing churches and touristic facilities as 'retaliation'. 

No amount of kissing, hugging and dressing will prevent what happened both in New Zealand and in Sri Lanka and is happening in other countries and continents. In France, there is an epidemic of attacks against Christian churches. When not bombing, they are raping and killing in other ways.

Harry Robertson writes an article entitled "UK is Islamic finance hub of the West", published by a local finance and business newspaper. In 2017, £4.7 billion in assets were managed from London and if we consider numbers worldwide we would be talking about 2.4 trillion US Dollars. How much of that money is used to finance the operations of extremists around the world?

Britain is a world hub for terrorism. Britain is a source of know how and training for terrorism. Or to use another word, Britain is the Mecca for "wishing to be terrorists" because Britain is being used to launch attacks abroad.

They use British passports to move around and they have benefited of what Britain has to offer to put Britain on a very bad light. After killing or supporting those who kill innocent men, women and children they then turn and claim that their Human Rights are being violated.

To say that we need to control British borders is one of the greatest understatements of all times. British citizens involved in Islamic Terrorism should be given the following choices: 1) you can resign your British citizenship and never set foot again on British soil or 2) you can keep your British citizenship and be convicted and executed for treason.

Friday, 19 April 2019

Breaking News - words that literally represent what is happening

With elected representatives completely cut off from those they are supposed to represent, repression is taking various forms and there will be consequences.

Whether the situation is about unfair social and economic conditions, political relationships between states ie Brexit, freedom of expression, etc so called Western World is breaking down and now all kinds of repressive measures are being implemented or considered including the use of Armed Forces against civilians.

With ever more repressive legislation and increasing brutality on the streets, the Western World seems to be affected by some kind of Ebola virus that is disintegrating what we used to take for granted.

Trust in institutions that used to be sacred has collapsed and more and more people are ready and very willing to put their lives on the firing line to get what they need and what they want. The young - most particularly- are not willing to trust empty promises any more. The adult world has proven to be completely untrustworthy. Correspondence with public representatives is a lot less about asking for help for problems to be solved and a lot more about death threats.

The political and social environment is no longer about dialogue. The political and social environment is increasingly confrontational. 

To say that this is a lot more than political crisis would be one of the greatest understatements of all times. People are ready and willing to take justice into their own hands.

Thursday, 18 April 2019

Banning Political Parties will promote violence in Britain

Banning Political Parties will promote violence in Britain

Some members of Parliament celebrated bans on social media that effectively will not allow individuals or political organisations to appear on platforms as Facebook. Some time ago, Jo Cox MP, a Labour Party representative, was murdered by a man that was very much a disenfranchised member of society that expressed his hatred and frustration  killing a Member of Parliament.

Some time ago, Amber Rudd MP, as Home Secretary, banned an organisation called National Action and several people linked to National Action were sent to jail. Unfortunately, no serious thinking ensued. No one asked very serious questions that should have been asked. Most of those involved in National Action had been at one point or another members or supporters of a political party and when the said political party went downhill they found themselves without a political home. To make matters worse, their personal lives have also been affected by political discrimination because they had been members or supporters of the said political party. As day follows night, they got involved in activities that had nothing to do with taking part in elections.

My point is that as the number of those who don't feel represented, who are left without say, is growing so will the potential for political violence in the United Kingdom. Instead of banning or implementing political discrimination, we should be widening the political spectrum so that people feel represented and believe that there is a way of having a voice peacefully.

I have written to several Members of Parliament dealing with the issue of representation and of having an outlet to express grievances peacefully.

Today, there was the furore about environmental rallies and the disruption that they cause. It was soon followed by statements by the Home Secretary and Police authorities talking about the rule of law and about adopting repressive measures to counter the rallies. I don't think that repression on social media or repression on the streets will be conducive to peace. Quite the opposite.

As grievances are on the rise, people need to be able to express their frustration, to vent their anger, to express their discontent. In the present environment, bans and repression are the equivalent of building dams that are going to be broken with tragic consequences.

Monday, 15 April 2019

The Embassy of Ecuador lied saying that Julian Assange was not going to be thrown out days before he was thrown out

The Embassy of Ecuador lied when it denied that Julian Assange was going to be expelled and allowed British Police to enter its headquarters in London to take Assange out by force. Will the bail violation be used to facilitate the extradition to the United States of America? Time will tell but all seems to indicate the British government will once again act as a servant of the USA and send to the USA a man who is not even an American Citizen.

To make matters worse, Australia's silence has been deafening and this should serve as a lesson for any Australian citizens who might find themselves in trouble when they are outside Australia. Will Australia protect Australian citizens? Mmmmm..... probably not.

The Truth about Alice Weidel and about why the video was posted by Jacob Rees-Mogg

The Truth about Alice Weidel and about why the video was posted by Jacob Rees-Mogg

The lies and deceit of the established mass media and the lies and deceit of the political establishment can easily be countered if people had the brains to listen to Alice Weidel to hear what she really said.

Liberal and Marxist prefer to lie and they must be made to pay for their lies because their lies are destroying true Democracy.

Saturday, 13 April 2019

British National Party - Police playing politics

British National Party - Police Playing Politics

It is not the role of Police Forces in the United Kingdom to be a political party. Unfortunately, the Police in this country behave like a political party. We experience this when Police authorities say that somebody cannot be a police officer or play any role in Police forces if the said person is a member or has been a member of the British National Party, of EDL or of a range of other organisations that happen to be political organisations. What is more such depraved attitudes of Police authorities is shared by politicians of other political organisations and those running the mass media in the United Kingdom. Entire segments of British public opinion have been excluded, discriminated against, persecuted, harassed, excluded from jobs in many sectors of the British economy.

When you hear voices talking against extremism, including representatives of Police Officers, you know that they don't have a clue about what they are talking about. If you systematically exclude people from engaging in lawful activities, you will push people towards extremism. 

Jack Renshaw and others that are in British jails were young people who had political ambitions and who wanted to engage in the political process lawfully via elections. They were not about violence. They were not about threatening to kill people. They were systematically discriminated against and their turned against a system that excluded them. For this we have to blame Police Forces, the Political Establishment and the Mass Media and their messages and their messages that demonised ordinary human beings. When they saw that there was no political outlet, they went off the rail and started planning to kill fellow human beings to vent their frustration.

Jo Cox was not a victim and she is usually depicted by the Political Establishment and the Mass Media. She was a victimiser. She was actively campaigning to reinforce the trends towards exclusion and demonising and she fell on her own sword when an individual went out of his way to get her out.

Today, Members of Parliament  complain that they don't feel safe. Well, Members of Parliament of all sides of the political spectrum represented in Parliament feel unsafe. The time was well overdue for Members of Parliament to be made to feel unsafe because we as ordinary people have been feeling unsafe for a very long time because of the policies of a Parliament that lives most of the time in cuckooland. Do ordinary people feel safe? You can ask the relatives of those who have lost their lives or suffered because of the climate of insecurity created by the Political Establishment. They talk a  lot about gang crime but they do close to nothing to deal with the realities that lead to gang crime and knife crime. For ages ordinary people have been forced to live in subhuman conditions and the said subhuman conditions lead to crime.

Zero Hour contracts, sub-employment and other ills of hour time, what do the Political Establishment and the Mass Media think that badly paid unsafe jobs generate? They talk about school exclusions. Well, where do most of those excluded come from? They come from households that live on the edge in a permanent struggle for survival.

Look at the membership criteria of political parties. When they justify exclusions, they are justifying social exclusion and violence. They talk about having a national debate. Well, a real national debate should include all segments of the political spectrum including those they classify as extremist. 

Let me give an example. Before the Good Friday Agreement, the Provisional IRA and others were classified as terrorist organisations and Sinn Fein - the political side of the Provisional IRA - was excluded. Was there peace? When did Peace finally arrive? When there were talks between people who hated each other to death. 

The Far Right and those called Far Right have a genuine right to be part of the national debate for the debate to be national. Until everyone is included and until Police Authorities are forced to stop talking political rubbish, there will not be peace and more and more people will be going off the rail and engaging in violence as the only way of making their views known.

A useless Parliament opens the door to a political revolution

A useless Parliament opens the door to a political revolution. Democracy is overdue for renewal. Without renewal there will be violence and we are already seeing the seeds of violence. Britain needs Democratic renewal to avoid bloodshed.

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe confirmed as British Spy

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe confirmed as British Spy

The British Establishment sunk to a new low when it sent a woman that they knew was vulnerable because of her dual citizenship to spy on Iran and to seed political dissent.

It has been shambolic. When she was arrested the British authorities try to portray her as an innocent by-standard. She is guilty of espionage and she deserves whatever the Iranian authorities throw at her because under Iranian Law - Iran does not recognise dual citizenship - she is only Iranian and therefore her behaviour against Iran constitutes treason.

The next chapter is even  more shambolic. The British Establishment gave her Diplomatic Status. Really? Spying on Iran and then complaining her Iran reacts to protect Iranian rights is an absurdity but we are used to such levels of absurdity.

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

June 30 or else?

June 30 or else?

The first deadline was March 29th 2019. Then came two conditional deadlines: April 12th 2019 and May 22nd 2019. Today, the House of Commons voted to establish that June 30th 2019 is the limit and that whatever is negotiated by Prime Minister Theresa May has to fit it in a period from today until June 30th 2019.

If the European Union decides tomorrow to have an extension that doesn't go beyond June 30th 2019 then such deadline would be viable. If the European Union decides that it was deadline that is beyond June 30th 2019 then what?
As tensions rise within the Conservative Party several avenues are possible:

1) The potential to force Theresa May's resignation - this would require that Theresa May accepts to resign voluntarily for the sake of the Conservative Party or a Vote of No Confidence in the Conservative Government that would lead to the fall of the Conservative Government. At this point, Her Majesty the Queen could decide to call Jeremy Corbyn and asked him to form a new government.

2) Theresa May might call a General Election which in these uncertain times would neither benefit the Conservative Party not the Labour Party and would encourage voters to choose candidates either pro-Brexit or anti-Brexit regardless of any other consideration.

3) A Referendum could take place as a pre-condition for Parliament to accept Theresa May's original deal. In such a Referendum there could be three choices: 1) To accept Theresa May's Deal 2) To reject Theresa May's Deal and go out without a Deal and 3) To cancel Brexit altogether. 

Since neither of the three options are very popular putting the decision in the hands of the Electorate would seem to be the obvious choice but there is a big BUT. If the number of people voting in the Referendum is lower than the number of people voting in the original Referendum the outcome would be seriously undermined. A lower turnout would lead to serious consequences.

Another pending issue is the European Parliament Election. If the deadline chosen goes beyond May 22nd 2019, Britain would take part in the European Parliament Elections that if Britain were to decide to leave would be rendered meaningless. At this point, the European Union could decide to prolong the mandate of present Members of the European Parliament thus altering the date of the European Parliament Elections. This doesn't seem to be a practical solution. Allowing Britain to take part in the said European Parliament Elections wouldn't be a practical solution either. President Macron has expressed his concerns that the European Parliament Elections could be used to get a higher number of anti-EU Members of the European Parliament that could block his plans for closer European Union political integration.

Germany and the Nationalist Movement in Britain

Germany and the Nationalist Movement in Britain

Unlike the CDU/CSU and SPD coalition, true German Nationalists are now in Britain working together to build a movement that will work for an Europe of Independent European Nations with their own identity working together.

At a meeting in Bromley, Southeast London, German representatives met to launch a new initiative that will completely change the face of British Nationalism in the United Kingdom. For decades, British Nationalism was associated with National Front and British National Party - a shoot of National Front. More recently we have seen the rise of organisations like the United Kingdom Independence Party, English Democrats, Britain First, For Britain and others. But the aforementioned never had a clear view nor a proper strategy. They have been seen as either Protest organisations and/or organisations with a very narrow and limited agenda.

Moreover, at one point or another the emphasis has been on winning elections and electoral losses have been followed by frustration leading to division and disintegration. The new approach is dramatically different. The idea is to disregard elections and focus on ground work that will provide the structures and leading figures that can have much greater influence working inside the system rather that trying to attack the system and wasting an enormous amount of resources in the process.

Financial resources and know-how and proper training are being provided. One of the crucial aspects of political activity is that firstly those doing the job were not paid and secondly that many resources are wasted in sterile campaigning that includes improper control of resources. One clear example is the British National Party that after a series of successes was destroyed by infighting and improper use of resources. At this very minute, the Leader and the Deputy Leader of the British National Party are facing a legal challenge for improper use of resources and political dereliction of duty.

The general idea is that in the present climate that includes a hostile mass media the traditional ways of being involved in politics could not provide the desired outcomes.

British elements will be coached and trained both in the United Kingdom and in Germany proper and individual are chosen using a very strict vetting process. Minimum remuneration for those chosen will be of not let than £50,000 a year.

Monday, 8 April 2019

Brexit: European Elections will certainly promote a rise of so called Far Right that is not Far Right but Democratic Parties

Brexit: European Elections will certainly benefit so called Far Right that is not Extreme but Common Sense.

Nationalism across Europe prepares itself to win seat in the European Parliament and now, according to Hilary Benn MP (Labour Party) he is very much in favour of European Parliament Elections in Britain that will benefit Brexit First, UKIP, For Britain, and others.

If there is an extension of Article 50 that goes beyond May 22nd 2019, there will be European Elections in Britain and this is something the European Union is also pondering about. The EU is heading towards Nationalism and Populism, a political state of affairs that paradoxically seems to be rejected by those in Britain that want Britain to stay in the European Union.

The expression 'turkeys voting for Christmas' perfectly represents what some in Opposition want to happen at a time when Britain is in a state of flux. A very dangerous time indeed. 

Brexit: Oliver Cromwell - when Parliament was out of order...

Oliver Cromwell

When Parliament was out of order, Oliver Cromwell ordered the Army to take over to impose order.

A public survey indicates that a rising number of people - now more than 52 per cent - want strong leadership in the United Kingdom. The lamentable spectacle created by the actions of a Remain Parliament that will do everything it can to avoid Brexit, a Parliament that has taken hostage the duly elected government of the United Kingdom, has created a new precedent in which those who were elected to rule are not allowed to rule.

No one can denied the role played by Oliver Cromwell in a War in which he personally, paying a very high price as the lost of his own blood, to enforce Parliamentary rule but, when the same Parliament went against the people of the United Kingdom, Oliver Cromwell did not hesitate to use force to ensure that Parliament would not turn against the people.

Both in times of war as in peace times, the British Armed Forces are the last line of defence of British sovereignty and if Parliament acts against British sovereignty Parliament is on the wrong side and makes itself a foe of the British people.

After failing to allow the Nation to leave on March 29th 2019, Parliament imposed a delay and a new deadline that is April 12th 2019. Now, Parliament wants yet another delay in an attempt to violate, to reject, to ignore the will of the British People.

When Parliament ignores the will of the people, Parliament is no longer representative of the British people and has no legitimacy whatsoever.

Charles I sought the support of foreign forces to fight against the British people. Parliament has sought the support of foreign powers to fight against the British people.


Sunday, 7 April 2019

Brexit: Trust in Democracy can only be restored when politicians deliver on what they promise

Brexit: Trust in Democracy can only be restored when politicians deliver on what they promise

Anna Soubry was called Nazi by a protester in front of the Houses of Parliament. That was a wrong thing to do because she isn't a Nazi. 

Having said that there is one claim that can be made. She has failed to deliver what she promised to her voters and to the Nation..The same has happened with other Members of Parliament. After the Expenses Scandal and several other shortcomings, Brexit would have been the golden opportunity for Parliament to redeem itself. Instead, trust in Parliament is at an all time low. But trust in Parliament is not the only one issue. There has been a loss of faith in Democracy.

Five days before a crucial deadline to leave the European Union, nobody knows with certainty what it is going to happen. There is a power struggle between the Executive namely the Prime Minister and the British government and Parliament. Parliament has been wrestling control away from the Executive and this poses questions about the foundations of Democracy that stands on Division of Powers - Executive, Legislative and Judiciary.

The authority of the British Government has been eroded but also the authority of the leaders of political parties has been eroded with renewed accusations of Anti-Semitism made against Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party and of Islamophobia against the Conservative Party as a whole. This is happening when unity within the two main political parties should exist to ensure sustainable governance.

Since the General Election of 2017, there has been a hang Parliament in which the Conservative Party had to negotiate an alliance with the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland. There have been so many conflicts that several key members of both the Conservative Party and of the Labour party decided to resign their membership of their political parties and even a Liberal Democrat MP resigned the whip of his party because of disagreement with regards to his political party's position concerning Brexit.

To the already complex political situation, where do the British Armed Forces stand? Apart from a scandal created by the revelation that active members of the Armed Forces have joined a now banned organisation called National Action, a video was published showing members of the Armed Forces doing shooting exercises using a poster with the image of Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Opposition, as a target.

Fears regarding an European Parliament Election that Britain might have to take part in have encouraged political parties that the mass media have classified as Far Right to participate in the said European Parliament Election at a time when in Continental Europe there is a mood that would produce great political gains for political forces opposed to the European Union Project.

In France, where last time around Emmanuel Macron was offered as an alternative to the then Front National and now Rassemblement National, President Emmanuel Macron is not just the least popular President in the history of France. For the first time, the French people hate a French President. This puts Rassemblement National in pole position to obtain a vast number of seats in the European Parliament.

In Italy with a political alliance of Right and Left and in Germany there is the possibility of getting many anti-EU Members of the European Parliament Elected. In recent elections in Germany, Alternative für Deutschland entered every single one of the sixteen state Parliaments and is the official opposition in the Federal Parliament.

With this in mind, will the present authorities of the European Union agree to an extension that would allow a massive number of anti-EU Members of Parliament to be elected and make decisions regarding the European Commission and the long term budget of the European Union? 

The coming week promises to be even more crucial not just for Britain but also for the future of the European Union.



Brexit: I have been asked multiple times 'what will happen?' I only know that I know nothing' has been my reply.

Brexit: I have been asked multiple times 'what will happen?' I only know that I know nothing' has been my reply.

The date was going to be March 29th, 2019. Then, suddenly it became April 12th, 2019 or May 22nd 2019 depending on certain conditions. Now, we stand 5 days away  and hours away from April 12th, 2019 since no deal has been agreed. On Monday, the House of Commons - if weather allow it, since just days ago the sitting had to be suspended because water was pouring through the ceiling of the main Debating Chamber - will once again talk about the possible stages.

In the meantime, the internal struggle within the so called main political parties - Conservative and Labour - continues and there is always the possibility of more defectors leaving both Conservative and Labour due to disagreements. In essence, by Friday, April 12th, 2019, without any agreement there will be two options left: to leave without a deal or to cancel Brexit if no postponement is agreed with the European Union.

Having said, the political environment has become ever more fluid with issues involving accusations regarding Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia that are affecting the way politics in Britain works. Even when we are talking about national issues there is a geopolitical agenda that is constantly distorting what should be merely national issues.

What has become self-evident is that so mainstream political parties will be affected by the comings and goings linked to Brexit, Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia that high levels of lack of trust in Democracy in the United Kingdom.

On May 2nd 2019 there will be Local Elections. Somebody suggested that given the probabilities regarding a General Election and an European Election the country should prepare to hold three set of elections of May 23rd 2019. This means that legislation should be passed to provide funding for three different sets of elections.

Saturday, 6 April 2019

UN Special Rapporteur indicates that US extradition of Assange would be violation of International Law

The original article was published by World Socialist Website . It must be stated by people from all sides of the political spectrum question what is happening. At a time when whistle blowers are encouraged to come out and talk about the wrongs happening both at governmental level and in the private sector, it is a huge contradiction in terms to be persecuting a major whistle blower.

UN Special Rapporteur: US extradition of Assange would be violation of international law

By Oscar Grenfell 
6 April 2019
Following WikiLeaks’ warning yesterday that Julian Assange faced imminent eviction from Ecuador’s London embassy, widespread opposition has emerged to the illegal plans to terminate his political asylum.
Julian Assange
Nils Melzer, the UN Special Rapporteur on torture, issued a statement calling upon the Ecuadorian government of President Lenín Moreno to “abstain from expelling Mr. Assange … or from otherwise ceasing or suspending his political asylum.”
Melzer warned that if Assange was removed from the embassy, he was “likely to be arrested by British authorities and extradited to the United States,” adding, “Such a response could expose him to a real risk of serious violations of his human rights, including his freedom of expression, his right to a fair trial and the prohibition of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”
Senior Ecuadorian officials have sought to deflect any questions about WikiLeaks’ claims that a high-level source within the country’s state apparatus indicated that Assange’s expulsion from the embassy building would take place “within hours or days.”
Outside the Ecuadorian embassy Friday, the country’s ambassador to Britain, Jaime Marchan, told the press that there was “no change in the Señor Julian Assange situation” and that he was “offended” by reports to the contrary.
Marchan, who has played a central role in creating a hostile environment for Assange within the embassy, was then asked, “Is he going to be released in the next couple of hours?” He responded, “We are definitely not going to comment on that.”
The country’s foreign minister, Jose Valencia, declared on Twitter that WikiLeaks’ statements were “unfounded” and that his government would not be “giving a running commentary” on “rumours” that it found “insulting.”
Valencia then effectively confirmed WikiLeaks’ warning, stating, “Diplomatic asylum is a sovereign power of a state which has the right to grant or withdraw it unilaterally when it considers it justified.”
The suggestion that political asylum can be granted and withdrawn, based on political expediency and the immediate interests of national governments, makes a mockery of international law. Political asylum is either inviolable, or it does not exist at all. Assange’s status as a political refugee has been repeatedly confirmed by the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention and other international rights organisations.
Valencia pathetically added that any decisions taken by his government would be carried out in a “sovereign manner independent of other countries.”
The foreign minister’s claims notwithstanding, world public opinion already recognises that the Moreno regime is operating as a vassal of the US government. Within Ecuador, the government enjoys an approval rating of less than 20 percent and is seen by the bulk of the population as a corrupt lackey of American imperialism.
The pretext for the attempt to evict Assange from the embassy is universally viewed as a monumental fraud.
The Ecuadorian government has, over the past week, made entirely unsubstantiated claims that the leaking of Moreno’s iPhone and Gmail data to an opposition lawmaker last February was the product of a conspiracy hatched by Assange and WikiLeaks. They are well aware that the release of the material, and related documents, which implicate the regime in corruption, bribery and perjury, had nothing to do with Assange, whose internet access and communications were cut off by the Ecuadorian government in March, 2018.
The evasive and duplicitous comments of senior Ecuadorian officials result from the fact that they, along with their co-conspirators in the US and British governments, are engaged in a sordid task.
They are seeking to present their plans to illegally abrogate the political asylum of a journalist and publisher, whose only “crime” has been to expose the predatory wars, diplomatic intrigues and mass surveillance operations of the major powers, as a legitimate and proper exercise.
WikiLeaks has further exposed the backroom machinations aimed at forcing Assange from the embassy, publishing earlier today what it stated was the summary of a “press strategy” agreed upon by the Ecuadorian and British governments.
Under the secret deal, the British government would “take the lead” following Assange’s eviction. The Ecuadorian regime would state that Assange had broken the “asylum terms” contained in an illegal protocol it issued last October, banning him from making any political statements, including about his own plight.
The British government would then declare that it would not allow the Trump administration to “kill” Assange in the event of his extradition to the US and would posture as a defender of “due process.” Ecuador would present this as a “concession” and say that the initial granting of asylum to the WikiLeaks founder was only aimed at preventing him from facing the death penalty.
The agreement resembles nothing so much as a deal between criminal gangs, to carry out an extrajudicial kidnapping operation in violation of all national and international laws.
Any measures along these lines will be opposed by millions of workers and young people.
An attempt to extradite Assange to the US would rightly be viewed by the world’s population as illegal and illegitimate. It would be bitterly contested in the courts by WikiLeaks’ internationally-renowned legal team.
Last year, US prosecutors revealed, apparently by mistake, that they had already filed charges against Assange, likely over WikiLeaks’ 2010 publication of the US army’s Iraq and Afghan war logs and hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables, revealing war crimes and diplomatic intrigues on a global scale.
The Trump administration, however, has signalled that it does not have a case for Assange’s prosecution that could withstand judicial scrutiny under British, US or international law, setting the stage for a protracted legal and political battle over any extradition request.
For the past three weeks, the US government has held Chelsea Manning, who leaked the 2010 documents to WikiLeaks, to try and force her to give perjured testimony against Assange. The courageous whistleblower has refused to participate in this legal travesty.
The widespread support for Assange and Manning among workers, students and young people stands in stark contrast to the silence of all of the official political parties in the United States, Britain and Australia.
Jeremy Corbyn, who, prior to becoming leader of the British Labour Party, claimed to defend Assange, has said nothing about the stepped-up assault on the WikiLeaks founder.
In Australia, the Liberal-National government of Scott Morrison, the Labor Party opposition, the Greens and the trade unions have remained silent, in line with the protracted collaboration of the entire political establishment in the US-led vendetta against Assange, who is an Australian citizen.
This demonstrates that a movement to free Assange and Manning must come from the working class, not the capitalist parties that are engaged in online censorship, an accelerating drive to war and the evisceration of democratic rights.
Workers must be made aware that the mass social and political struggles they are entering, are inseparable from the defence of courageous journalists and whistleblowers, who are being persecuted in order to establish a precedent for the suppression of all opposition to militarism, austerity and dictatorship.
The WSWS and the Socialist Equality Parties (SEP) around the world are committed to playing a central role in this crucial fight.
The SEP in Britain has called for maximum participation in protests organised outside Ecuador’s London Embassy. The Australian SEP has today issued a statement, reiterating its demand that the Australian government fulfil its responsibilities to Assange and compel the British government to allow him to leave the country, and return to Australia, with a guarantee against extradition to the US.

Friday, 5 April 2019

Assange: Some call it asylum, others call it political imprisonment

Julian Assange: Some call it asylum and others call it political imprisonment.

Julian Assange lives in restricted quarters of the Embassy of Ecuador in London. There are video cameras in every room and perhaps the only place where he is not monitored is the bathroom. Everything is recorded. He has no access to a telephone and/or a mobile phone and he doesn't have access to Internet.

Telepathy would be the only way to link up Julian Assange with WikiLeaks. Therefore, blaming Julian Assange for what WikiLeaks does or doesn't do nowadays is absolute nonsense, but it is the kind of nonsense that the American Establishment is used to and the kind of irrationality that the American Establishment considers to be rational..

Despite his weakness, Julian Assange is stronger than those in the United States of America and their accomplices in Britain that try to hide information that should be in the public domain. He could be arrested in the next hours or days but such arrest would only confirm the guilt of his accusers.

Secrecy and corruption are downgrading the United States of America. 

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Brexit: Uruguayan Dictatorship respected the will of the people, British Parliament doesn't give a damn about the will of the people

Uruguayan Dictatorship respected will of the people while British Parliament doesn't give a damn about will of the people

In 1980, the Military Dictatorship asked the Uruguayan people if they wanted a Constitutional Reform that would allow the Military to maintain its  political role once the country returned to institutional normality.

En 1980, la Dictadura Militar le preguntó al pueblo uruguayo si el pueblo uruguayo quería una Reforma Constitutional que le permitiría a los Militares mantener su papel político una vez que el país retornase a la normalidad institutional.

There was propaganda on all mass media in favour of the approval of the Constitutional Reform proposed and there was no debate allowed about the reform project since all political freedoms had been suspended, the right of assembly had been suspended and there were political prisoners, exiled citizens and people who had been removed from office. In spite of propaganda and aforementioned limitations the Uruguay Electorate rejected the Constitutional Reform proposed in the Referendum.

Hubo propaganda en todos los medios a favor de la aprobación de la Reforma Constitucional propuesta y no hubo debate sobre el proyecto de reforma dado que todas las libertades políticas habían sido suspendidas, el derecho de reunión  habia sido suspendido y había prisioneros políticos, exiliados y personas a que se les prohibía ejercer cargos públicos. A pesar de la propaganda y las limitaciones mencionadas el Electorado Uruguayo rechazó la Reforma Constitucional propuesta en el Referendo.

The Military Dictatorship didn't turn around and tried to reject the outcome of the Referendum. Quite the opposite. The Military Dictatorship fully respected the will of the Uruguayan people expressed in the Referendum.

La Dictadura Militar no trató de rechazar el resultado del Referendo. Todo lo contrario. La Dictadura  Militar respectó la voluntad del Pueblo Uruguayo expresada en el Referendo.

What a difference when compared to the attitude of the British Parliament that instead of respecting the will of the British Electorate decided to create all kinds of obstacles in order to ignore the will of the British people.

Una actitud muy distinta en comparación con la actitud del Parlamento Británico que en lugar de respetar la voluntad del Electorado Británico decidió crear todo tipo de obstáculos para ignorar la voluntad del Pueblo Británico.

When a Parliament that is supposed to be Democratic fares worse than a Military Dictatorship, Britain is in serious trouble. 

Cuando un Parlamento que es supuestamente democrático es peor que una Dictadura Militar, Gran Bretaña afronta problemas muy serios.

Brexit: Convicted Criminal allowed to vote in the House of Commons

Convicted Criminal allowed to vote in the House of Commons

Last night, a convicted criminal was allowed to vote in the House of Commons. This is the same House of Commons of the Parliamentary Exprenses Scandal, the same House of Commons where Members of Parliament are being investigated for Sexual Offences. They way that people no longer trust the House of Commons. Well, the House of Commons is Whorehouse.

Fiona Onasanya

Having being arrested for a traffic offense, Fiona Onasanya lied to Police and lied to the Courts having tried to implicate an innocent person who wasn't even in Britain at the time she committed the offence. She was sentenced and now she is walking inside the House of Commons with an electronic tag. She is a common criminal. She could have paid the fine and apologised for breaking regulations. Instead, she concocted a plan that incriminated an innocent person. High moral standing? Fiona Onasanya was a practising solicitor and this added to the fact that at the time the offence was committed she was a Member of Parliament make the infringement a lot worse.

Having lied to the Electorate about their intentions, individuals like Ivette Cooper lied to the Electorate get elected to the House of Commons. Trust in the House of Commons? Really? They say that Members of Parliament are being threatened. I wonder why? We ask young people to behave themselves and to respect others and here we have two Members of Parliament - one is a common criminal and the other is a liar. Standards? What standards? Both the Right Honourable Criminal and the Right Honourable Liar voted in the House of Commons to decide Britain's fate.
Ivette Cooper MP

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

EU: Is Britain heading for European Parliament Elections on May 23rd, 2019?

EU: Is Britain heading for European Parliament Elections on May 23rd, 2019?

What is happening in Parliament right now gives us a clear indication that Britain is heading towards European Elections and this could include a General Election.Another issue that needs to be addressed is if the present Government will have enough MPs loyal to the government to fill up all positions that need to be filled up in the administration. Today, two Ministers including the Secretary directly involved in the Brexit process and a Junior Minister related to Welsh Affairs resigned their positions.

Given the number of Members of Parliament leaving the so called mainstream political parties including the governing party would lead to a state of affairs in which the Government that is already a minority government and only able to pass laws with the support of the DUP would not be able to get bills through Parliament. On record, the next General Election should take place in 2022. Without a General Election, we would have a Government that for the next three years would be what Americans call a Lame Duck Government.Given the attributions that Parliament has given itself, it could be the case that the Executive would be neutralised.

Some like the Scottish National Party are very much willing to engage in European Parliament Elections. What is usually forgotten is that forces said to be Far Right will use the European Parliament Elections to disrupt as much as possible the functions of the European Parliament and will get from the European Union vast amounts of money to fund their political activities in the United Kingdom. This is something that other political parties are very much aware of and this what both the European Union and the Conservative Party have been trying to avoid by reaching a deal or implementing Brexit before May 22nd 2019.

Any extension that goes beyond May 22nd, 2019 will include having to take part in European Parliament Elections because otherwise it would disrupt the European Parliament and this means in simple language that we could be talking about years.

National Action: I have said all along that National Action is very much part of the Armed Forces

National Action is very much part of the British Armed Forces

Quite a few times I mentioned to my own Member of Parliament and to members of the British Cabinet that serving soldiers and veterans were training paramilitaries in the United Kingdom. Nobody listened.

I also said that if lower ranks were involved medium ranks were fully aware of their political affiliations and inclinations. Nobody listened.

My Member of Parliament asked me if I was willing to talk to Member of the Security Services about it. I declined. Why? Because I don't trust British Security Services. I don't trust them because of their record in certain matters and I don't trust them because of evident levels of sheer incompetence.
There is no fear. For serving soldiers fully aware of the implications of showing themselves shooting at a picture of Jeremy Corbyn to do what they did is a clear hint of what could certainly happen and of the mood within the British Armed Forces.

General Election? Is it wise? Jeremy Corbyn could go the way Salvador Allende went and Parliament could become a thing of the past.

Brexit: Wednesday could prove to be a key day

Brexit: Wednesday could prove to be a key day

As Alice Weidel from Alternative für Deutschland confirmed, Brexit brings home in Germany the realities that the BBC and other mass media have been hiding from the British people: Germany vulnerability to Brexit. 

Germany is the only one country in Western Europe that cannot withstand a protracted financial crisis created by job losses. In an attempt to reduce pollution, Germany has been taking significant decisions to rein it its automotive industry by trying to rely less and less on diesel. As a consequence of it, a crucial branch of German manufacturing has been suffering and thousands of jobs have been lost. Add to this the announcements made by President Donald Trump about wanting a fairer deal when it comes to exporting American made cars to the European Union.

A British withdrawal from the EU and most importantly the disappearance of British funding for the European Union means that German taxpayers would have to be asked for more money to continue funding the EU Project.

Recent electoral gains made by Alternative für Deutschland that is now represented not only in the Bundestag but in every single State Parliament in Germany worries the Establishment that is using every single dirty tactic to counter Alternative für Deutschland's electoral gains.

Alternative für Deutschland cares about political gains but it cares more about the well-being of the German People and this is why Alice Weidel severely criticise the approach of the ruling coalitions of CDU/CSU and SPD when dealing with the United Kingdom. She asked for fairer treatment for the United Kingdom. Britain is Germany's main business partner in Europe.

The Conservative Party is falling apart not just in the House of Commons but also outside the House of Commons. For some time, local party associations in London have been campaign for a London Conservative Party that would break links with Conservative Central Office.

The Labour Party is in no better position. Massive fragmentation has lead to losses of Members of Parliament both in the Conservative Party and in the Labour Party and even the minute Liberal Democrats face the fact of rising discontent regarding Brexit within their own ranks.

The announcement that Theresa May is willing to ask for a longer extension and to get into talks with Jeremy Corbyn doesn't surprise. After attacking the Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn both in terms of its political programme and in terms of its approach towards Israel that has been masked as Anti-Semitism, when the battle rages both against May and against Corbyn the two embattled leaders are desperate for an agreement that would save them both from more public hatred and internal divisions.

The announcement that there is an ongoing campaign to replace John Bercow as Speaker of the House of Commons doesn't surprise either. His pronouncement against putting Theresa May's Deal to the vote for a fourth time could mean that John Bercow could be used as sacrificial lamb. If Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn reach an agreement, John Bercow would be an obvious obstacle but there is always the possibility that in agreement with Jeremy Corbyn, Theresa May could disguise her Deal as a new Deal to be able to ask Parliament to vote again.

Having said that, despite the fact that Theresa May could ask for a longer delay such delay couldn't go beyond May 22nd if the intention is to avoid taking part in European Parliament Elections that could be crucial for Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron's plans regarding deeper political, economic and military integration in the European Union.

A General Election and a new Referendum were offered by the European Union as justification for a longer delay and to presumably help process legislation that the British Parliament hasn't had the time to integrate into British Law before the date of formal withdrawal from the European Union.

What will happen when the House of Commons starts proceedings tomorrow? Nobody knows. Could Theresa May's strategy to get a Deal definitely sink the Conservative Cabinet and destroy any sense of unity left in the Conservative Party?

The Conservative Party, after losing its majority in the 2017 General Election, has depended on the DUP to have enough votes to pass legislation in the House of Commons. How many Conservative MPs have resigned? It could be the case that even with the DUP on-board, there are not enough Conservative MPs to pass legislation through Parliament. In America there is what is known as a Lame Duck President. Could we end up with a Lame Duck Prime Minister unable to push legislation in the House of Commons. The next General Election is supposed to take place in 2022. Can the United Kingdom spend more than three years with a Lame Duck Government?

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Dominic Cummings Vs Parliament and the issue of Contempt of Parliament

Dominic Cummings Vs Parliament and the issue of Contempt of Parliament

Dominic Cummings - Vote Leave
What are the rights of Parliament and what are the rights of private citizens with regards to Parliament?

The issue came to the fore today when during a Privileges Motion Debate the matter was discussed that a private citizen when invited to attend a hearing of a Select Committee could find himself declared to be in contempt if he or she either refuses to answer questions or simply refuses to attend.

At the moment, Parliament can issue an admonition - criticising or condemning the refusal to answer questions or to attend such hearings. But there is a vested interest to go a lot farther than that and there is a suggestion that punitive measures could be adopted that could even involve the Judiciary.
The vested interest is that in this particular case we are talking about Brexit and that those who are directly opposed to Brexit would undoubtedly seek to demonise, misrepresent or damage the interests or persona of the individual they declare to be in contempt of Parliament.

There is such animosity that this particular situation could be used to transform the Legislative into Judge, Jury and Executioner of a private individual, animosity that could lead to the introduction of legal measures that could be detrimental for individual basic rights.

Whether people respect Parliament or don't respect Parliament, whether people like Parliament or dislike Parliament is not something that should be made into Law when it comes to political decisions taken by Parliament.

Quite a few people very much dislike the present Parliament and say so openly. Quite a few people don't trust Parliament and say so openly. Are they in contempt of Parliament? If somebody doesn't want to allow himself or herself to be used by Parliament in a way that is detrimental for the rights of the individual, is the individual entitled to protect his or her rights? Of will the individual become a hostage of Parliament and forced to act against himself or herself?

As it was well noted, in the United States of America citizens are entitled to refuse to answer because answers that they might provide would incriminate them. Are political interest being put before the right of the individual? Is Parliament trying to become a sort of Inquisition?

We haven't seen the legislation proposed because it was suggested that Members of Parliament involved in the promotion of punitive measures should think very carefully about what punitive measures would be proposed.

At the moment, there is no legal obligation to attend any committee hearings. Attendance is voluntary and so is the process of answering questions. Having said that, if somebody were to give evidence or answer questions under Oath there are legal implications including charges for Perjury if somebody were to state or declare or answer questions untruthfully.

The case involving Parliament and Dominic Cummings is not merely about respecting or not respecting Parliament. This is a political issue and especially when Parliament doesn't seem to come together to decide on very important matters. When we are in principle less than two weeks away from exiting the European Union, to bring such a case for consideration on the floor of the House of Commons is, as stated before, far from being merely a legal matter. This is a clear and self-evident process pushed forward with a visible political intention.

Britain: Brexit and other political realities

Britain: Brexit and other political realities

Despite the time lost and resources lost, I think that there is a very positive side of Brexit and what happens concerning Brexit. The political system has been tested. What I call Vote Cooperatives - political associations based on convenience rather than true beliefs - are falling apart. For a very long time so called mainstream political parties have merely been labels that people use to get elected without actually sharing beliefs, values and aims.

If the Brexit process leads to healthier and truer political parties then this will be a very welcome outcome of the Brexit process. What we see as fragmentation and divisions is nothing more than a reality check that proves that, as I have stated, political parties in Britain have been nothing more than Vote Cooperatives.

There is another fundamental issue and it is the issue of how people get elected. The system is deficient and much too many people feel that they are not voting for what they want but to stop something that they don't want and this is very reflected by the choices made by Parliament. Too many Members of Parliament feel that they don't have the obligation to represent those who voted for them. Driven by their own ideologies and beliefs, they are directly responsible for the gap between elected authorities and the Electorate. They are responsible for the growing lack of trust in the system.

The time is long overdue for politicians to start delivering on what they promised to the Electorate.Some parties like the SNP have as the main agenda to destroy the United Kingdom. They are fixated on the issue of an independent Scotland at whatever price. They want to take powers away from Westminster to give the said powers to an elected group of foreign bureaucrats.They hate the United Kingdom so much that they are very much willing to destroy Scotland in the process.

Monday, 1 April 2019

Alice Weidel: Alternative für Deutschland is the best Britain could wish for

What Alice Weidel from Alternative für Deutschland states shows very clearly that Alternative für Deutschland is the real and best choice for Germany and for Europe as a whole.

The usual culprits will criticise Jacob Rees-Mogg for airing this video but this leads me to support Alternative für Deutschland ever more.