Monday, 31 October 2011

Anti-Capitalism protests or frontal attack against Church of England?

Who chose the location of the anti-Capitalist camps and why?

Is St Paul’s Cathedral the target of a premeditated attack against the Church of England? What started as an anti-Capitalist protest is looking very much like something completely different. Things are starting to look very much as a pre-planned attack against the Church of England.

Every pillar of society as we know it is under attack. The Church of England is inextricably linked to the British State as there is no separation between Church and State and the Monarchy is part of the whole edifice of British Society. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is very much the focal point.

We all agree that the financial sector needs to be reformed. This is turning to be a lot more than the expression of the need for reform of the financial sector. Those leading the protesters have a much wider political agenda that many of those involved in the protests might not be aware of.

Freedom of Assembly

Joe Anderson uses harassment, threats and intimidation for political purposes.

The Labour dominated Liverpool Council has no concept of democracy. They don't know that there is something called Freedom of Assembly that is a fundamental basic right in a truly Democratic society. I must say that the actions of the Labour Party are no different from the actions of the ruling Military Juntas in Latin America.

The Labour Party uses harassment, threats and intimidation as political tools and this is no news for me. These were the tools used in the Soviet Union and in many other countries ruled by the so called 'Labour Parties', including Nazi Germany. Do you know what the name of the Nazi Party in Germany was? NSDAP National Socialist German Workers Party. Yes, this is fact. The Nazi Party was in fact a Labour Party. Now you can draw your own conclusions.

How many public freedoms were eroded during thirteen years of a Labour government? The destruction of Habeas Corpus, of the Presumption of Innocence, of Freedom of Speech, of Freedom of Association, of Freedom of Assembly and the implementation of Political and Racial discrimination happened under the Labour Party rule.

Some Labour supported organizations call themselves "Anti-Fascist". Are they? They travel across Britain, some of the them wearing balaclavas to hide their faces, to threaten, harass, intimidate and in some instances to physically attack political opponents. Who did this? The SA, the Sturm Abteilung, also known as the Storm Troopers.

While this is happening, so called Left-Wing bloggers like Gerry Gables, Nick Lowles and NUJ journalists spend their time printing lies. Who do they remind me of? Joseph Goebbels. Who was Joseph Goebbels? The Minister of Propaganda of the Third Reich. The similarities between Labour operators and the Minister of Propaganda of the Third Reich are striking. They all believe that if they tell a lie a thousand times their lie will become fact in the minds of naive individuals that cannot or will not bother to find the truth.

Carlos Cortiglia

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Foreign officials replace Greek government

A financial Wermacht will take over the running of Greece. It has been decreed that foreign officials will run the Greek economy 'permanently and on the ground'.  They will be established in Athens to 'ensure the timely and full implementation of the reforms' and this has been done 'to prevent the dreaded contagion spreading in the debt markets'. Financial matters will no longer be in the hands of the Greek people. Greece has officially been placed 'under administration'.

This is a sad end for Democracy in Greece. From now on, the Greek people will elect decorative governments because Greek affairs will be effectively determined and managed by foreign unelected officials.

They say that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Greece joined the European Union as a proud nation and member of the European family. Greece has ended up as a foreign colony.

David Cameron talks about bringing back political powers that have been surrendered to the European Union. Will he bring political powers back to the elected authorities in Britain or will he act merely as the Head of a decorative government putting Britain ‘under foreign administration’?    

Germany warns about War in Europe

When Germany starts warning about War in Europe you must take the issue extremely seriously.What sort of regime threatenes war to achieve a political aim? They seem to be saying that 'if we don't get what we want by peaceful means..." . You can complete the sentence.

The monies of the so called Euro Deal are said to be just a sticking plaster that, rather than solve the problem, will merely delay the unavoidable consequences. Angela Merkel said 'what is good for Europe is good for Germany'. You could turn it around and say 'What is good for Germany must be good for Europe'.

The so called austerity packages will merely weaken Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and others because the debt is unpayable. Any remaining political independence will be lost and countries will be disarmed.

Yesterday, on LBC London Radio, James Whale was asking questions about the feasibility and desirability of British military interventions abroad. The question that was not asked was 'Is Britain, capable to defend itself militarily?'. The plain answer is NO. British Armed forces are being dismantled.

Carlos Cortiglia

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Nick Clegg: Sack them because they are old!

Nick Clegg, the Lib Dem Leader, came up with yet another of his "brilliant ideas". He told business people that he wants to introduce legislation to help employers sack older employees.

So, I ask Nick Clegg: World till you die or be unemployed till you die?

The  inconsistencies of pension age policies are all too evident. They want to raise the age of retirement and then they say "sack them because they are too old!"

Is this supposed to encourage employers to hire older workers?

They also plan to change the rules to apply for welfare payments and those who do not find a job within six months lose their benefits.

Let's see how it works:

1) Your employer sacks you because you are too old.
2) You go to a Job Centre Plus and apply for jobseekers' allowance and other benefits.
3) Six months later, without having found a job, you lose your welfare payments.

You will be old and unemployed, without benefits but still forced to pay National Insurance and other taxes to keep your pension and a roof over your head.

Lovely idea, Nick Clegg. Why don't you tell older people to jump into the Thames River. Would that be helpful?

Demokrats: Milliband Cameron Clegg

Yesterday evening, the masks fell to the ground: Ed Milliband, David Cameron and Nick Clegg showed their true colours. They are afraid of the British people and they decided to go against a motion calling for a Referendum on Europe. Now, you need to ask yourselves: are these the kind of people you want to run the country?

If they want the United States of Europe, at least they should have the decency to stand for Democracy and allow the British people to have a voice.

Ed Milliband, Leader of a Labour Party that in 1997 promised a Referendum on Europe.

David Cameron, the Leader of a Conservative Party that in 2010 promised a Referendum on Europe.

Nick Clegg, the Leader of the Liberal Democratic Party that has never wanted to question Europe on anything and always findso justify the unjustifiable.

The three of them are constably showing their faces on television asking for Democracy in the Arab World and taking about getting rid of Dictators. Mmmm..... mmmmm and more mmmmmm.

David Cameron and Ed Milliband threatened their own MPs and tried to gag them using a three-line-whip.

These are the men that are borrowing money and giving it away sending it to the other European Union countries, including Ireland, Portugal and Greece. They borrow to give away and if this was not enough they support printing more worthless banknotes while imposing dramatic budget cuts that are destroying families in Britain.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Nicholas Sarkozy must be told the ABC of politics

Nicolas Sarkozy tells David Cameron: 'We’re sick of you telling us what to do'

David Cameron clashed repeatedly with Nicolas Sarkozy today after the French President tried to exclude Britain and non-Euro-zone countries from a critical Brussels summit to rescue European banks.

Mmm… mmm… mmm… Tomorrow, in front of the Houses of Parliament and inside the Houses of Parliament the struggle will be focused on a Referendum on Europe. The French President says that he is sick of the British telling them what to. Well, the British are fed up of being told by Europe what to do.

David Cameron still does not get the message. Eurocrats hate you and people in Britain will hate you because you don’t give the British people the Referendum they are entitled to.

We can rightly tell the Eurocrat: Va te faire foutre! (I won’t translate it. You can check the meaning in Internet or use a reliable dictionary.)

Combien de temps la France a vécu avec l’argent du Royaume Uni? Le Royaume Uni, toujours prêt à aider l’Europe, a été utilisé par l’Europe. Le sang des soldats du Royaume Uni et les sacrifices du peuple du Royaume Uni n’importent plus quand il s’agit des décisions qui, sans doute, vont affecter le Royaume Uni?

How long has France lived with British money? The United Kingdom, always ready to help Europe, has been used by Europe. The blood of soldiers of the United Kingdom and the sacrifices made by the people of the United Kingdom don’t matter anymore when, undoubtedly, decisions are being made what will affect the United Kingdom?

¿Durante cuánto tiempo Francia ha vivido con dinero ingles? El Reino Unido, siempre dispuesto a ayudar a Europa, ha sido usado por Europe. ¿La sangre de los soldados del Reino Unido y los sacrificios realizados por el pueblo del Reino Unido ya no importan cuando, sin duda alguna, se está tomando decisiones que afectarán al Reino Unido?  

Voilà, Monsieur Sarkozy. le Royaume Uni doit exercer son droit souverain d’avoir un avis en ce qui concerne les mesures économiques payées par le Royaume Uni.

Hear, Mr. Sarkozy. The United Kingdom must exercise its souverain right to have an opinion regarding economic measures paid by the United Kingdom.

Escuche, Sr. Sarkozy. El Reino Unido debe ejercer su derecho soberano a tener una opinión respecto a medidas económicas que van a ser pagadas por el Reino Unido. 

Carlos Cortiglia     

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Socialists: Power to the People?

Councillor Jeremy Birch, of Hastings Borough Council, has honoured the traditions of the former Soviet Union by adding his interpretation of Democracy - or shall I say DemoKracy. The Labour Councillor now believes that he has the right to tell British citizens who they can and who they cannot listen to.

Using threats and intimidation, Jeremy Birch – like many of those who share his ideology – the ideology that governed the Soviet Union for several decades and subjected most of Europe to the most despicable acts of vandalism - is now using his powers to destroy Democracy in Britain.

It is up to the people to decide and to make up their own minds but people like Mr. Birch always think that they know better. They constantly talk about Power to the People, when in fact they are talking about violating fundamental civic rights.

I travel to Russia on a regular basis. As Russia becomes more democratic, the United Kingdom becomes more dictatorial. It was Labour Party the one who got rid of Habeas Corpus and in some cases also got rid of the Presumption of Innocence.

It was the Labour Party the one that introduced detention without trial and without access to legal defence. It was the Labour Party the one that limited the right to protest against abuses committed by elected politicians. It was the Labour Party the one who created, promotes and supports organizations that believe that they are entitled to go around beating political opponents.

Recently, another apparatchik of the Labour Party publicly declared that it is Labour Party policy not to take part in open political debates with participation of all political forces. People of the same kind don't hesitate when it comes to threaten even Universities in the United Kingdom and abroad when a public debate is planned.

What could be a better example of 'Power to the People' than a Referendum on Europe? Well, they are also opposed to a Referendum on Europe. So, once again, the hypocrisy of the Labour Party is self-evident.

No comments

The politicians who are constantly putting obstacles on the way of the British National Party enjoyed very much this relationship. Remember Enfield (North London), Trinity College in Ireland and many other places across the United Kingdom where British National Party representatives have not been allowed to talk.

What political party was led by the man on the left? Was it the political party that got rid of Habeas Corpus, that implemented detention without trial and without legal assistance, that got rid of the Presumption of Innocence in certain legal cases, that supports armed thugs that go out and attack political opponents, that started an illegal war under false pretenses and that bankrupt Britain?

I know you might be tempted to add a bit more to the description included in the question. If so, this is a good kind of temptation.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Peter Sissons - Left wing biased BBC

Peter Sissons said the BBC is institutionally biased to the Left, politically correct and with a rudderless leadership.

The indictment comes from a recognized veteran BBC anchor with more than forty years as a television journalist.

He adds that at the newsroom level it became impossible to discipline someone for basic journalistic mistakes – wrong dates, times and numbers, inaccurate on-screen captions and basic political or geographical facts.

On an occasion, indicates Peter Sissons, a Member of Parliament used BBC airtime to link climate change doubters with perverts and holocaust deniers.

The Climate Saving Operation is no more than a scum used to extort money from naïve taxpayers and this at a time when more and more people are struggling to survive.

Sounds familiar? I, Carlos Cortiglia, a former BBC producer and presenter, have been talking about the ills of the British Broadcasting Corporation for a long time.

The Mass Media Broadcaster I joined in 1989 died a long time ago and it was replaced by Apparatchiks. Veteran ethical producers became an endangered species.

Anyone who dares to challenge the BBC and its biased views is almost certainly catalogued as Pervert, Holocaust denier, Fascist and Nazi.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Local Elections are not properly announced. Why?

It has come to our attention that nowadays voters are not properly told about coming local elections and that tens of thousands might not even be aware of local elections taking place. The first question that comes to mind is "Why?"

One election after another, the usual commentary is that people are abstaining and that people are not willing to come out and vote. The first question is followed by another question: Is there an agenda, a premeditated attempt to control the outcome of local elections by keeping local elections 'hush-hush'?

When Postal Ballots became a feature of elections across the United Kingdom, the declared aim was to increase turn out. Unfortunately, Postal Ballots could now be used to manipulate the outcome of elections.

By simply not telling the general public that there is going to be an election and having a certain number of Postal Ballots 'in the pocket', political organizations could be determining in advance the outcome of any given local election.

There is a huge difference between Safe Seat and Rotten Seat (Seat where Electoral outcomes are the result of manipulation).


Neo Marxists, Greens and the Rule of Law

Jenny Jones supports squatters and Billy Bragg supports Irish Travelers that are illegal occupiers and they both support flood immigration. Suddenly, we see that a common thread emerges and they both seem very much involved in a confrontation with Capitalism.

At a time when Rio Tinto, a mining giant, indicates that more than 80 countries are developing new coal fired stations and coal production rather than falling is increasing across the world, the Green Movement tries to deter developed countries from using coal in energy production thus making the economies of developed countries uncompetitive and generating mass unemployment.

Who benefits from Green Party policies? Communist China. The ANC, the ruling party of South Africa's strong links with Communist China led to the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibet, to be denied a visa to enter South Africa for the celebrations of the Eightieth Anniversary of Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

A journalist while presumably congratulating the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protesters couldn’t help saying ‘what do they want’? They talk about ‘Power to the People’ without thinking about what they are really saying. It becomes a political muddle, all those who have something they want to complain about join forces and go into the streets to show their discontent without really knowing where they are going. For a while, they have the feeling of belonging to something worthwhile.

Although those who participate in these street gatherings don’t have a common purpose, the promoters of these mass gatherings have a political agenda of their own which is political destabilization. This is chaos as ideological strategy.

Never mind if Irish Travelers are illegal occupiers of Dale Farm. Suddenly, people who had been gathered near Saint Paul’s Cathedral in London went across the country to lend their support to Irish Travelers and got involved in violence against Police forces trying to enforce the Rule of Law.

For these operators, anything that can destabilize society is a worthwhile cause. There objective is not to help the environment. Their objective is not to help fellow citizens. Their objective is to convince everybody showing them that ‘Marxism is the only way forward’ and Marxism is exactly what they mean by ‘Power to the People’.

If Green taxes go up making businesses uncompetitive, more and more people will be unemployed and this can only benefit Marxist operators than will then use unemployment numbers to justify their political actions to destroy Western economies and their political systems.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Billy Bragg turns against Capitalism?

When millionaire Billy Bragg turns out in the City of London and campaigns against Capitalism you know there is something wrong... in Billy Bragg's head that is. It is a bit like a 750,000 Pound a year BBC presenter complaining about fat cats and those who get higher salaries.

They complain about bankers and they complain about unemployment in the United Kingdom. Let’s look at the facts.

How many of those "complaining" are Labour's core supporters? Well, it was the Labour Party that went to bed with the bankers and brought in not less than 2.5 million immigrants.

How many of those "complaining" are actual supporters of Globalisation that exported jobs away from Britain and support "Positive Discrimination" that discriminates against the British people?

Some sectors of the mass media support Globalisation and flood immigration that destroy jobs in Britain, reduce tax revenues, erode the British economy and by eroding economic activity they reduce advertising revenues and therefore lead to mass media staff being laid off.

And what do the idiots do? They attack the British National Party, the one political party that says NO to Globalisation, NO to flood immigration, NO to Positive Discrimination and YES to jobs for the British people.

As Giuseppe De Santis reports on a regular basis, the very same people in the mass media who attack the British National Party are losing their jobs. What will the National Union of Journalists do for those who are losing their jobs? For the journalists, the NUJ will do absolutely nothing, but rest assured that the NUJ will continue giving money to the Labour Party that created the financial mess that we are in with the support of the vast majority of today’s protestors.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Who are they? They are currents of opinion.

The Trinity College Debate: To be or nor to be!

The Conservative Party, the Labour Party, the Liberal Democratic Party, UKIP, the Green Party, Respect, the English Democrats, Stormfront, the National Front, the UAF, the Trade Unions, Searchlight and many others including ourselves the British National Party, what are we all?

We are talking about different peoples and different organizations with a wide range of views. Pro-Abortion and Anti-Abortion groups are very much part of the same world and trying to make an abstraction by excluding ideas or banning legal organizations that we don't like is a pretty useless exercise.

Welcome to the real world! As you start increasing the number of issues of a debate, cracks start to appear all over the place because every one of us has different opinions that rise to the surface as soon as we examine issues in detail. Even when we agree in general terms, there will be nuances of opinion.

Why does this happen? It happens because we are individuals and each and all of us have a different set of experiences that somehow shape our views.

Do the 30 or so individuals responsible for the cancellation of a debate really think that by trying to exclude people from a debate they will actually stop people thinking about the issues the British National Party wanted to talk about? Socialist Students actually do think that they can stop people from thinking and they are deluding themselves.

The debate about immigration will not go away and it will become ever more intense as the financial crisis bites harder and harder. It is always better to listen. Listen and think, debate presenting facts, agree to disagree but always challenge arguments in a rational and fair way.

Students should go to University to learn to debate with everybody, with those they agree and with those they disagree. Unfortunately, the levels of intolerance shown by University Students prove how low educational standards have fallen. This inability to debate is also evident in the workplace. Quite a few employers say that graduates are not good enough to succeed in the workplace. Why? Lack of flexibility and adaptability coupled with insufficient knowledge are a real life nightmare.

I reckon Trinity College in Ireland should be less concerned about disagreements and heated arguments and should be more interested in real debates. Socrates himself mentioned Methodical Doubt as the Midwife of Knowledge. Millions of students are missing out. They might have many A Levels, but they are missing the A Levels of Real Life. As a country, we need people ready and willing to stand for issues they care about. Who loses with every banned debate? All of us lose. The country as a whole loses and this includes the group of 30 or so individuals that stopped the real debate that was going to take place at Trinity College in Ireland.

The meaning of Nationalism

To begin with, Nationalism means 'not to cooperate with non-Nationalist organisations whose aim is the destruction of all traces of Nationalism.'

It is extremely sad to see those we called fellow Nationalists using smears fabricated by Marxist organizations and by those who want the demise of Nationalism.

Without mentioning names, I usually check Internet blogs of all political persuasions, those of the Left, those of the Centre and those of the Right. In order to know where everybody stands and to learn about what is being said, it is essential that 'we keep an ear on the ground'. This Native American expression represents the essence of being in politics.

Some Nationalist organizations have views that could be considered racists or anti-Semitic. They can have whatever views that they choose to have. My view is that Nationalism cannot be defined by xenophobia, homophobia, racism and anti-Semitism.

Love for the country and the people we see and feel as our own is not xenophobia.

Before I was born, there were people of different sexual persuations. During my lifetime, there are people of different sexual persuations. After I am gone, there will be people of different sexual persuations. It is nor for me to go around harassing people because of their sexuality. What they do as consenting adults, as long as it not illegal or harmful to third parties, is not for me to judge.

On the issue of racism, I respect all peoples, regardless of their race or social condition.

On the issue of anti-Semitism, I reckon anti-Semitism is yet another form of racism and I also believe that very often there is anti-Semitism masked as political views.

Therefore, I reckon xenophobia, homophobia, racism and anti-Semitism have nothing to do with Nationalism. This is my position and outside in the real world there will be all kinds of opposing views.   

Friday, 14 October 2011

Sonia Hochfelder - From racial-nationalist to...

Sonia Hochfelder was said to be "very popular" with leading members of the so called "Extreme Right" that she now so fervently criticizes. She used to write articles for League Review, a journal of the League of Saint George, an organisation that Mr. Gerry Gable is reported to have branded Nazi.
Mr. Gerry Gable was quick to explain this serious contradiction saying that she was a 'left-wing mole' and as it comes she is said to have been "handled" simultaneously by members of the magazine she now writes articles for, while also been "handled" by prominent members of a given Nationalist Party.
So that we can properly understand the meaning of being "very popular" and "handled", it must be said that one of the principles of Communism is that you must be willing to "share everything".   
Despite the fact of having a Jewish father, Sonia Hochfelder is not actually Jewish because her mother was not Jewish. In the Jewish tradition you can only be genuinely Jewish if your mother is Jewish and her mother wasn't actually Jewish.
Having clarified this point, it must be said that Sonia Hochfelder was in fact a "dedicated" racial-nationalist.

No more lies,Hammer and Sickle, Mr. Gable

Gerry Gable, convicted criminal that writes for a Communist Party organization, re-invented an old lie and changed it accordingly to suit his ends. After an invented newspaper interview that never existed, now he creates a “meeting with businessmen” and makes his statement vague enough not to be caught with his Red Hands red.

I tried to call Mr. Gerry Gable and “Tom” answered the phone and told me that for anything regarding the magazine I had to send them an email.

We all remember that the well-known criminal whose wife joined a "Fascist" organization was behind the publication of an article in 2003 attacking me (Carlos Cortiglia) personally. Well, well, when I got the information from the Argentine Ministry of Defense and got to the root of his fabrication based on a non existent interview, he went quiet for a while. If he couldn't use military records that did not exist and newspaper interviews that did not exist, he had to do something else.

So, he invented a business meeting. Where? Who? When? Mr. Gable does not bother to deal with facts because for him facts are not important. He can always create facts of his own. This is what Communism is about.

Unfortunately for Mr. Gable, the ideology that he loves came crushing down with the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Soviet withdrawal from Eastern Europe, the fall of tyrants like Ceacescu and others and the final demise of the Soviet Union.

After all his fallen dreams of Proletariat Dictatorship his mission in life is to fight against a humble Uruguayan that he has never met and that he hardly knows and he does it by publishing his own delusions. The one thing that must bother Mr. Gable and his kind is that this humble Uruguayan chose to become a member of the British National Party.

Shock horror, Mr. Gable! An immigrant joins the British National Party! Do you know why? Because this humble immigrant knows about people like you called Communists and this immigrant knows that the only one political party that has British interests at heart is the British National Party.

One of the fundamental merits of Vladimir Putin and of Dmitri Medvedev is that they are Russian Nationalists – Nasha i ni Nasha. No more Proletariat Dictatorship. No more Nomenklatura, no more Archipielago Gulag. No more Hammer and Sickle! No more Gerry Gables!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Greek Tragedy or Greek Comedy?

As months go by, the European Union and the International Monetary Fund have transformed a critical financial situation into a paradise for speculators. I wonder how much money speculators are making by gambling in the stock markets. One day the value of shares go up exponentially and the next day the value of shares go down exponentially.

I wonder who are the winners. Who has the inside information to know when an agreement of some kind is reached followed by a rise of share values? Does anybody want kill the Greek golden goose? For as long as there isn't any definition, the speculation circus will continue.

This is a bit like war. Without war or conflicts of some kind, there is no market for weapons. So they have to keep war and conflicts going so that there is always demand for weapons. I reckon the situation in Greece is advantageous for many of those who have the necessary capital to gamble in the stocks markets.

In the meantime more and more people are out of work and we are heading straight towards a Depression. If there is a Depression, sooner than later, countries will become politically unstable and when countries become politically unstable, sooner than later, we will be heading towards major conflicts. With major conflicts, the weapons factories will be, once again, extremely busy.

Speculators are a bit like Dick Cheney, now former American President Dick Cheney. They want war and destruction so that they can get 'reconstruction contracts'.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Cameron's Schutzstaffel

Some of the ideas proposed by David Cameron in terms of immigration legislation make sense. For example, stopping foreign criminals from settling down in the United Kingdom using the excuse of "right to family life" is a very good idea. The idea of creating a British Bill of Rights also makes sense. Unfortunately, we know that unless the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, such ideas cannot be implemented without violating European Union regulations and treaties.
Stopping forced marriages used by certain communities to bring imported wives into the United Kingdom is also a very good idea. However, there is no mention of having agreements to stop polygamy that is being used to bring in 'married' women that are then maintained by the Welfare State as single mothers with children.
The one thing I don't like about David Cameron's proposals is this sort of Schutzstaffel or Gestapo arrangement asking ordinary citizens to denounce those they suspect are illegal immigrants. I already see neighbours denouncing other neighbours and the subsequent risk of harassment and violence.
Knee-jerk reactions are not good government policy. To start with, he promises things that he cannot deliver without leaving the European Union. We know that he doesn't even want to consider a referendum on Europe, in spite of having promised a Referendum on Europe in the Conservative Manifesto.
David Cameron then goes on talking about neighbours denouncing other neighbours and this is a very badly thought arrangement that resembles Theresa May's idea of imposing curfews on entire neighbourhoods simply because a few thousand people participated in riots. For example, I asked if they were going to penalise the entire population of Brixton because a few rioters came from Brixton.
Let's remember that sound-bites will not solve any problems. Just a few days ago at the Conservative Party Conference, one of David Cameron's speeches had to be re-written because he was telling people 'pay your debts to help the economy'.
Who should know about illegal immigrants? The Home Office should know about illegal immigrants. The Home Office does not know about illegal immigrants because both the Labour Party and the Conservative Party abolished immigration controls that allowed us to know who was and who wasn't actually entitled to be here. Asking ordinary people to do what the government should be doing is not a very good government policy.
We have a Police Force that in theory is legally trained to combat crime. We don't expect ordinary citizens to go out to control other ordinary citizens. As Jesus said 'Give Caesar what belongs to Caesar and Give God what belongs to God'. It is the government's duty to stop illegal immigration.
The British National Party is absolutely consistent. We know that Britain cannot control its borders while Britain remains a member of the European Union. European legislation takes precedence over United Kingdom legislation.
We also believe that a responsible government should control British borders knowing in detail who has and who hasn’t the right of abode in the United Kingdom. We also believe that immigration policies must be reasonable and sensible. At the moment, the complexities of immigration legislation have created quite a few injustices and have created ridiculous situations also as a consequence of knee-jerk reactions transformed into very bad legislation.
Not long ago, I met at the Home Office an elderly Canadian citizen. He came to Britain in 1965. He settled down, he got married and had children and he ran his own business paying taxes and employing British citizens without depending on the Welfare State. Recently, he went to Canada to receive medical treatment and when he came back to Britain he was told by immigration officers that “he had no right to stay in Britain”. This is a true case that I came to know in detail.
I asked myself about Canada that, in theory, is a British Dominion and has the Queen as Head of State. I don’t need to go into the details of Canada’s relationship with the United Kingdom. The particular case of the said elderly Canadian citizen is a very good example of what is wrong in terms of British immigration legislation.
Not long ago, I stepped into a branch of a high-street bank and heard a bank employee advising foreign citizens – non-EU citizens – to go to a Job Centre Plus and apply for a National Insurance Number. I assume that many people know that certain government and local government employees assume that if you have a National Insurance Number you are presumed to have the right to live in the United Kingdom and to apply for a British Passport. It sounds odd, but it actually happens.
Once again the British Prime Minister needs a reality check. David Cameron: If you believe that immigration legislation is not adequate, study immigration legislation in detail and change what you think is not right. Stop making sound-bites and having to back-track not long after you make pompous empty policy statements.
I don’t want to be too harsh with David Cameron, in spite of the fact that he supports armed thugs that roam the streets as ‘anti-fascist storm troopers’. Most of the mess was created by the Labour Party and we now have to deal with the nasty consequences.

BBC: Where is the End of the World

I sat down at 8:30pm to watch the End of the World and all I got was an actor walking around car parks and a series of allegations that I could have easily got from reading some known websites. Maybe somebody might like the face of the main BBC presenter making faces and trying to sound mysterious talking about issues he knows very little about.

Who were his sources? This is where things get even more interesting. The BBC tries to get a drop of credibility by using disgruntled individuals whose views are used as revealed truth.

They say many things, but there is not a drop of hard evidence. All we get is presumptions and speculation about numbers that once again we could find in any of the aforementioned websites.

The theatrical aspects of this BBC comedy get even more hysterical when a “confessed fraudster” reveals that she was kidnapped. Marion Thomas speaking on camera says that she authorized as paid invoices that in her view had not been paid and she speaks about fraud not realizing that by rubberstamping such documents she would have been actually committing fraud.

Simon Bennett, the man that is reported to have pulled down BNP websites on the eve of the election in 2010, suddenly is a model of propriety having let down people that very much trusted him.

Working for the London Press Office I was making telephone calls to find out why BNP sites were down and came across the information that Simon Bennett had left taking with him control over the party websites on the eve of the 2010 Election. If this is an example of Simon Bennett reliability and patriotism, he must have an alien set of moral values.

This has proven to be a family affair with Marion Thomas, sister in law of Jim Dowson, and Jim Dowson himself portrayed as a fine and successful campaigner. No mention of the financial links between Marion Thomas and Jim Dowson and another character that is not mentioned either called Alex Thomas.

We know that part of Jim Dowson’s fundraising activities include the running of charities like Solas NI and Alex Thomas, Marion Thomas’s husband, was the last registered chairman of Solas NI before it closed down and this not before having received hundreds of thousands of pounds of European Union funding.

Jim Dowson talks about fabricated documents. Which fabricated documents? We would like to see the accounts of Solas NI, for example, and know the exact relationship of Alex Thomas and Marion Thomas in Jim Dowson’s affairs.

I can bear witness of Jim Dowson’s nationalist views. At every meeting, he said that he was not a political man. He said that he was in it only for the money and that he approached politics as a business. He promised to deliver hundreds of thousands of pounds for the British National Party because doing so he would be making money for himself. I have to say that in this regard he was being very straightforward. He was never a member of the British National Party. He did not want to join the British National Party. Money was his main aim.

As Dowson put an end to his relationship with the British National Party, he went on making money using British National Party membership databases and other party political databases. Why? Because the companies that he runs are all registered as his companies, including computer equipment containing membership lists. On a daily basis, British National Party members receive Britain First’s email asking for money.

During the leadership campaign, a colour-printed leaflet produced very much in the same style as Dowson’s Britain First was sent to British National Party members accusing British National Party leader Nick Griffin. Who, apart from the Central Office of the British National Party could have access to the BNP membership databases? Find the answer to this question and you will most probably trace the source of the said leaflet that was delivered without any traceable information regarding where it was coming from.

We have a version of the so called interview that never was organized by Panorama. The main interviewer went into the room and started asking questions about rape which, as we all know, had nothing to do with the purpose of the Panorama programme. Walking around and making faces, he sort of criticizes security measures the British National Party has been forced to adopt precisely because of attitudes promoted by the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Mark Collett had several legal cases that separated him from the British National Party and therefore he was perfect material for the BBC and so was John Walker because as it was explained by the BBC the monies attributed to him were in fact monies earmarked for party political expenses.

Regarding European expenses, a former BNP employee called Alistair Barbour, is suddenly an expert in terms of how and why the British National Party uses its funds. Doing all kinds of calculations they said there was a difference of 4,000 Pound out of a total of 10,000 Pound regarding expenses for a European tour. 4,000 Pound? This is Alice in Wonderland.

The United Kingdom sends to Europe on an annual basis about 65,000,000,000 Pound. If there ever was such a difference, even BBC radio presenter Lubna Qazi would have been amazed after she raked 18,000 Pound as welfare benefits as Carer’s allowance while working for Asian Network. The difference would be that the monies were legally available to the British National Party while the BBC radio presenter unduly claimed benefits without bothering to notify the Department for Work and Pensions.

In this regard the BBC has shown some common sense by firing Lubna Qazi and announcing proposed plans to clause Asian Network that has cost more than 25,000,000 Pound. Since the BBC Panorama claims that their version of Panorama talking about the British National Party is about money, I reckon it is relevant to refer also to BBC finances and we would like to know how much the production of programmes like Panorama actually costs.  

Just to add credibility to a very incredible account, the BBC brings in a fellow of the London School of Economics and Diana Wallisyp MP, not that either of them could have any kind of expertise in terms of the way the British National Party works.

That certain amounts declared to the Electoral Commission were not backed by invoices is a bit like rediscovering chocolate i.e. Clive Jefferson himself explained that he unsuccessfully tried to obtain invoices from Marion Thomas, information that she should have provided instead of making allegations about ‘being forced’ to rubberstamp invoices and making a fool of herself in front of television cameras.

It was mentioned that she has already being approached by Police authorities and I reckon that she should be asked why, if she knew of any wrongdoing, she kept quiet for so long. She claims that she was kidnapped. Did she call the Police to report her kidnapping? There is no record of any Police report filed on her behalf regarding any presumed kidnapping.

They say that the British National Party has debts. Well, another attempt to rediscover chocolate. Yes, the British National Party has debts and many, if not the vast majority of its debts, are related to having to fight court cases against disgruntled employees that have not proven to be ‘value for money’.

Talking about printing shops, the first question I want to ask is: was the British National Party their one and only customer? Some bloggers and the BBC itself imply that because some debts could not be paid they suffered terribly or even closed down shop. Mmm…. Mmmm… and more mmm.

Putting words in the mouth of a dead man like David Hannam to make accusations against the British National Party is not only of poor taste. I don’t think that such a testimony could ever stand in court.

I checked the BBC Panorama website and it says that the version of the programme will not be available for a second viewing. Why not? Is this a programming mistake? They made us wait for so long and now we cannot see it again with I-player? Mmm…. Mmm… and more mmm.

The BBC wants to talk about money. Let’s talk about money. Let’s make sure that our finances are in order and that BBC finances are in order. We want to know what every individual employee or manager of the BBC actually earns. For example, how much of taxpayers’ money the BBC actually spends in foreign tours? I reckon that they spend a lot more than 10,000 Pound. Should we ask them to make a Panorama programme about it?

What the BBC does not tell you about Marion Thomas

Solas NI is also the company that built up £50,000 of debt to the Royal Mail and are now trying to dump said debt onto our Chairman personally.

It is of great interest also that Mr Jefferson had to travel to Northern Ireland to complete the 2010 GE return as Marion had all the files and did not send them or help the auditor in said return.

Mr Jefferson also made 4 calls to the auditor and three to the Electoral Commission on the day he filled in the returns saying that he had no bank statements or cheque book stubs to verify the invoices he had been presented with by Marion Thomas and the return Mr Jefferson submitted was totally qualified and contained a letter saying that I had no way of verifying the accuracy of the information I had been presented with and therefore did a return bases on information given to me but I could not say that it was correct.

The Electoral Commission had a complaint from Mrs Thomas several months after submission (IE when she was made redundant and her brother in law lost his fund raising contract with us), they looked at said complaint and have judged no breach of regulations occurred.

This "story" played out to conclusion 6 months ago!

Mrs Thomas is also trying for an employment tribunal claim against the party and made no mention of this claim to said tribunal or to anyone at the time and for many months after.
Clive Jefferson

The above references indicate that Marion Thomas was actually the person that - for reasons that need to be investigated - failed to present information she was legally required to present, that she is linked via her husband to a pseudo charitable organization with extremely dubious credentials. In legal terms, this is something barristers are extremely familiar with and has to do with the reliability of a witness that is herself involved and has many cases to answer for.

A witness that accuses herself in front of BBC cameras

Like many of you, I am always in Search of the Light and going in search of the light I came across a report about one of the BBC television stars that in her own words confesses that she was involved in crime. She is married to a guy called Alex Thomas and I will mention him a bit later. Marion Thomas's sister is married to a certain Scottish guy that I don't dare to mention. Be patient! All will be revealed.

What is Marion Thomas's interest in appearing in front of BBC television cameras to accuse herself of fraud? She says that she 'was forced to sign invoices'. How did it happen? Did somebody put a gun to her head? Was she physically threatened to do so? The answer is plain and simple. She is saying that she committed a crime.

If she actually unduly signed any invoices, she has now confessed in front of BBC television cameras and I reckon Police authorities should knock at Marion Thomas's door. If she unduly signed invoices, she has serious questions to answer and the Crown Prosecution Service should hold her to account.

If she knew of a crime and she didn't report it, she therefore was involved in criminal activity. Whatever the case, she put herself under the spotlight for the wrong reasons.

Marion Thomas is linked with Solas and her husband is none other than Alex Thomas, chair of Solas. Solas is a Northern Ireland Charity that has been siphoning money from the European Union. The BBC couldn't get a better witness. The BBC contacted Al Capone looking for a witness regarding Maffia activities.

Even by BBC standards this looks like the jewel in the Crown. Trying to damage the reputation of the British National Party, she has killed her own reputation and her husband's reputation.

Friday, 7 October 2011

People need money so... lets give more money to the Banks!

The logic of the government is puzzling. Business activity in Britain is going down, the economy is not growing and more and more people cannot buy essential items because their salaries (if they have an income) are not going up and prices at the shops are being increased on a weekly basis. So, what does the Bank of England do? They give more taxpayers money to the Banks. Rational, isn't it?

Who made the decision to increase QE (now known as QE2 - quantitative easing, not Queen Elizabeth the Second)? Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne. QE is going up from 200 billion pound to 275 billion pound. The Chancellor said 'that QE was an appropriate tool with which to address the deterioration in economic conditions".

Sorry, George. The deterioration of economic conditions is not due to Banks that do not have money. We, Joe Public, don't have money because we are losing jobs, our income is not going up and prices at the shops have skyrocketted.

Sir Mervyn King said that the economic crisis could be worse than the Depression of the 1930s. A UKIP representative interviewed by Russian Television said that there is a danger of going back to the 1930s. Well, we are in 2011 and now is the time to take measures to create jobs in Britain and to re-patriate hundreds of thousands of jobs that were 'exported' with the so called 'Globalisation policies'.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Mark Thompson: BBC biggest mass media, second only to China Mass Media

Mark Thompson, Director General of the BBC, indicated that the BBC is the second biggest mass media employer, second only to Communist China mass media.

This comes after the news about even more job losses at the BBC that could become the BRC (Biggest number of Repeats Corporation) when both television channels and radio stations are forced to broadcast, re-broadcast and re-re-broadcast programmes due to less new programmes being produced.

Chris Patten, former Conservative MP, former Governor of Hong Kong, indicated that having a frozen TV License was the best possible scenario for the BBC. It makes you wonder what else is being done that would have the remaining BBC staff walking on broken glass in the coming months.

The Andrew Gilligan affair that led to the resignation of the then Director General Greg Dyke started the ball rolling after a confrontation with Alistair Campbell that led then Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell MP to implement a new set of budgetary conditions for the running of the British Broadcasting Corporation. It has been reported that any other budget reductions would jeopardize the very existence of the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Let us remember that this is happening when other mass media are laying off staff because of dwindling advertising revenues and traditional BBC sources like The Guardian have been forced to increase the cover price of its newspapers to try and counter loss of advertising revenue.

If this wasn’t enough, The Guardian is being attacked by its own distribution network because an association of Newsagents wrote to many of the Guardian’s advertisers telling them that The Guardian had cut their profit margins at the same time that the cost of each newspaper copy had been increased. If there are less advertising revenues and less newspaper copies are sold……… you get the picture.

There is also on the table another round of News of the World-like series of scandals when the Trinity Mirror Group is about to be investigated regarding hacking. There is an additional aspect to be considered. The Trinity Mirror Group does not have the financial endurance of Ruppert Murdoch and is already facing financial troubles having to lay off staff.

As they say in China, we are living in interesting times when the National Union of Journalists is seeing its supporters losing their jobs by the thousands and with nowhere to go.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

David Cameron: Spend or Not to Spend? That is the question.

David Cameron recommends that we pay credit card debts to help the economy. Did I hear correctly? Is this the same guy that talks about boosting consumer confidence? If you repay your debts faster, you are going to have less money to spend in the markets buying new products.
Let me give another you another example. One day they accuse the banks of not lending enough money and the day after they accuse the banks of lending irresponsibly. At the end of the day, the money you use to repay debts and to buy new products comes from the same pocket.
This kind of reasoning is not merely a Conservative kind of thing. Do you remember Labour in 1997? They told us that there was a deficit of 30,000 new homes per year. So, this is why they allowed in more than 2.5 million people since 1997 and on top of that they built less new homes than ever before.
Speculation supported by political parties wanting to have 'the feel good factor' led us into the mess we are in today. A 90,000 British Pound home of 1997 is worth today about 450,000 British Pound. Why? 'You have lot of equity in your home', they said. 'Have a vacation! Buy a new car!' 'Under Labour, you are rich.'
Speculators made money during the so called Golden Years that never were and speculators are making loads of money today gambling in the shares markets. On Monday, 'shares markets collapse'. On Tuesday, 'shares markets recover'. On Wednesday, 'shares markets collapse'. It goes on and on. While we struggle to pay bills, the very same speculators that created the crisis are making money out of the crisis.
What do politicians do? They continue printing money and borrowing money to lend it to countries that cannot afford to pay it back. What do ordinary people do? They pay and pay and pay. How do we call this state of perpetual debt? I call it slavery.
David Cameron also forgets that hundreds of thousands of families only manage to get to the end of the month buying food with credit cards and many families have been found paying mortgage instalments with credit cards.
By the way, some salary rises create inflation and other salary rises do not create inflation and are just a response to keep salary rises above the rate of inflation. So, please, don't complain when utility bills go up when oil prices go down. Don't complain either when railway fares go up by about three points above the rate of inflation. Aren't this the kind of messages you and I hear on a daily basis?
The logic of the so called mainstream political parties is mind boggling but... guess what... most people keep voting for them. 

Why does the BBC target the BNP?

This is the truth that the BBC and people like Margaret Hodge - and others - don't want you to think about. The graphic perfectly illustrates the exponential growth of the British National Party since 1983 and the fact that 2010 marked a historical record in terms of votes for the British National Party.

This might also be the reason why certain segments within Nationalism are extremely concerned about the rise of the British National Party and now seem to be working together with the BBC to try and destroy the British National Party.

In 2010, the Labour vote practically collapsed while the vote of the BNP was three times higher than in 2005 and in 2010 represented more than 88% of the so called Nationalist vote. I don't think that Margaret Hodge and others want you to think about it.

Reading some of the blogs and waiting for the next attack from the BBC, it is easy to understand why they are so concerned. They want you to see the picture of what happened in Barking and Dagenham and in other local elections. They don't want you to see the whole picture.

If the General Election was run having Proportional Representation, the British National Party, according to figures of 2010 would have had not less than 13 Members of Parliament, when in 2005 also using Proportional Representation would have had only 5.

The stakes are high and both the BBC and segments of the Nationalist movement know it and they will do whatever they can to stop the British National Party.

Monday, 3 October 2011

British Nationalists are not political prostitutes

For months on end, I have read and I have listened to many critics. I have done so patiently and I have come to the following conclusion: all those who allow themselves to be used to do the work of left-wing organisations are trying to convince us that they are genuine British patriots.

Well, in fact, they are not genuine British patriots. They are mere opportunists allowing themselves to be used like prostitutes in the whorehouse of British politics with the purpose of taking some little irrelevant revenge.

I have been a member of the British National Party for more than ten years and I know that like most political parties - if not all political parties - we have problems. Nobody is going to try and invent chocolate all over again. We have problems and we face them together. We are not going to go around taking our knickers off in public.

Given the freedoms of the Internet, many of the said critics have been free to publish all the crap that they can create without having to be accountable for their labour of destruction. Many of the said critics might not have links with anti-nationalist organizations, but all of them very much deserve each other because they share very much the same treacherous qualities of anti-nationalist organizations.

When I asked for documented evidence, all they could come up with was expletives, insulting behaviour and political schemes of all kinds. I have been asking for documented evidence for more than a year. I have heard them talking about political panaceas that only exist in the feverish minds of those for whom facts and reality are merely a bother.

I am very much attached to facts and I have challenged them and asked them to make themselves accountable. Surely, if they truly believe what they are saying they would assume legal responsibility for what they say and for what they write. Have they done it?
We can never be sure of the verdict of the electorate. They tried to convince me telling me that 2010 had been an electoral disaster. Was it? In 2010, the British National Party had about three times more votes than in 2005. In 2005, the BNP received 192,745 votes and in 2010 the BNP received 563,743 votes.

Then reading their comments and reading news articles, we got all kinds of confusing messages. Suddenly, we saw some newspapers saying that a newly formed political force, that merely got about 11.4% of the votes the British National Party got, was going to replace the British National Party and we heard bloggers saying ‘the British National party is finished’ and speculating about the formation of a completely new political force.

Several of the said bloggers then went out of their way to be accepted as members of other political organizations. I asked myself: will they go back to the National Front? (National Front got 10,784 votes in 2010) Will they try and join EDP? (EDP got 64,826 votes in 2010) Some left the BNP and resigned their membership. Others decided to stay waiting for ‘an impending catastrophe’. Others decided to cooperate with left-wing organisations becoming some sort of Vergeltung weapons.

I purposefully mention the Vergeltung weapons. You might have known them as V1 and V2. Vergeltung in German language means Retaliation. The V1 and V2 murderous flying bombs killed many thousands but they did not alter the ultimate outcome of World War Two. Thanks to the Vergeltung weapons the determination of the British people to win the war was reinforced.

Let the Vergeltung political weapons do their dirty work. It strengthens our determination to win the war of British politics. 

Carlos Cortiglia