Saturday, 22 October 2011

Socialists: Power to the People?

Councillor Jeremy Birch, of Hastings Borough Council, has honoured the traditions of the former Soviet Union by adding his interpretation of Democracy - or shall I say DemoKracy. The Labour Councillor now believes that he has the right to tell British citizens who they can and who they cannot listen to.

Using threats and intimidation, Jeremy Birch – like many of those who share his ideology – the ideology that governed the Soviet Union for several decades and subjected most of Europe to the most despicable acts of vandalism - is now using his powers to destroy Democracy in Britain.

It is up to the people to decide and to make up their own minds but people like Mr. Birch always think that they know better. They constantly talk about Power to the People, when in fact they are talking about violating fundamental civic rights.

I travel to Russia on a regular basis. As Russia becomes more democratic, the United Kingdom becomes more dictatorial. It was Labour Party the one who got rid of Habeas Corpus and in some cases also got rid of the Presumption of Innocence.

It was the Labour Party the one that introduced detention without trial and without access to legal defence. It was the Labour Party the one that limited the right to protest against abuses committed by elected politicians. It was the Labour Party the one who created, promotes and supports organizations that believe that they are entitled to go around beating political opponents.

Recently, another apparatchik of the Labour Party publicly declared that it is Labour Party policy not to take part in open political debates with participation of all political forces. People of the same kind don't hesitate when it comes to threaten even Universities in the United Kingdom and abroad when a public debate is planned.

What could be a better example of 'Power to the People' than a Referendum on Europe? Well, they are also opposed to a Referendum on Europe. So, once again, the hypocrisy of the Labour Party is self-evident.

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