Monday, 10 October 2011

Cameron's Schutzstaffel

Some of the ideas proposed by David Cameron in terms of immigration legislation make sense. For example, stopping foreign criminals from settling down in the United Kingdom using the excuse of "right to family life" is a very good idea. The idea of creating a British Bill of Rights also makes sense. Unfortunately, we know that unless the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, such ideas cannot be implemented without violating European Union regulations and treaties.
Stopping forced marriages used by certain communities to bring imported wives into the United Kingdom is also a very good idea. However, there is no mention of having agreements to stop polygamy that is being used to bring in 'married' women that are then maintained by the Welfare State as single mothers with children.
The one thing I don't like about David Cameron's proposals is this sort of Schutzstaffel or Gestapo arrangement asking ordinary citizens to denounce those they suspect are illegal immigrants. I already see neighbours denouncing other neighbours and the subsequent risk of harassment and violence.
Knee-jerk reactions are not good government policy. To start with, he promises things that he cannot deliver without leaving the European Union. We know that he doesn't even want to consider a referendum on Europe, in spite of having promised a Referendum on Europe in the Conservative Manifesto.
David Cameron then goes on talking about neighbours denouncing other neighbours and this is a very badly thought arrangement that resembles Theresa May's idea of imposing curfews on entire neighbourhoods simply because a few thousand people participated in riots. For example, I asked if they were going to penalise the entire population of Brixton because a few rioters came from Brixton.
Let's remember that sound-bites will not solve any problems. Just a few days ago at the Conservative Party Conference, one of David Cameron's speeches had to be re-written because he was telling people 'pay your debts to help the economy'.
Who should know about illegal immigrants? The Home Office should know about illegal immigrants. The Home Office does not know about illegal immigrants because both the Labour Party and the Conservative Party abolished immigration controls that allowed us to know who was and who wasn't actually entitled to be here. Asking ordinary people to do what the government should be doing is not a very good government policy.
We have a Police Force that in theory is legally trained to combat crime. We don't expect ordinary citizens to go out to control other ordinary citizens. As Jesus said 'Give Caesar what belongs to Caesar and Give God what belongs to God'. It is the government's duty to stop illegal immigration.
The British National Party is absolutely consistent. We know that Britain cannot control its borders while Britain remains a member of the European Union. European legislation takes precedence over United Kingdom legislation.
We also believe that a responsible government should control British borders knowing in detail who has and who hasn’t the right of abode in the United Kingdom. We also believe that immigration policies must be reasonable and sensible. At the moment, the complexities of immigration legislation have created quite a few injustices and have created ridiculous situations also as a consequence of knee-jerk reactions transformed into very bad legislation.
Not long ago, I met at the Home Office an elderly Canadian citizen. He came to Britain in 1965. He settled down, he got married and had children and he ran his own business paying taxes and employing British citizens without depending on the Welfare State. Recently, he went to Canada to receive medical treatment and when he came back to Britain he was told by immigration officers that “he had no right to stay in Britain”. This is a true case that I came to know in detail.
I asked myself about Canada that, in theory, is a British Dominion and has the Queen as Head of State. I don’t need to go into the details of Canada’s relationship with the United Kingdom. The particular case of the said elderly Canadian citizen is a very good example of what is wrong in terms of British immigration legislation.
Not long ago, I stepped into a branch of a high-street bank and heard a bank employee advising foreign citizens – non-EU citizens – to go to a Job Centre Plus and apply for a National Insurance Number. I assume that many people know that certain government and local government employees assume that if you have a National Insurance Number you are presumed to have the right to live in the United Kingdom and to apply for a British Passport. It sounds odd, but it actually happens.
Once again the British Prime Minister needs a reality check. David Cameron: If you believe that immigration legislation is not adequate, study immigration legislation in detail and change what you think is not right. Stop making sound-bites and having to back-track not long after you make pompous empty policy statements.
I don’t want to be too harsh with David Cameron, in spite of the fact that he supports armed thugs that roam the streets as ‘anti-fascist storm troopers’. Most of the mess was created by the Labour Party and we now have to deal with the nasty consequences.

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