Friday, 14 October 2011

No more lies,Hammer and Sickle, Mr. Gable

Gerry Gable, convicted criminal that writes for a Communist Party organization, re-invented an old lie and changed it accordingly to suit his ends. After an invented newspaper interview that never existed, now he creates a “meeting with businessmen” and makes his statement vague enough not to be caught with his Red Hands red.

I tried to call Mr. Gerry Gable and “Tom” answered the phone and told me that for anything regarding the magazine I had to send them an email.

We all remember that the well-known criminal whose wife joined a "Fascist" organization was behind the publication of an article in 2003 attacking me (Carlos Cortiglia) personally. Well, well, when I got the information from the Argentine Ministry of Defense and got to the root of his fabrication based on a non existent interview, he went quiet for a while. If he couldn't use military records that did not exist and newspaper interviews that did not exist, he had to do something else.

So, he invented a business meeting. Where? Who? When? Mr. Gable does not bother to deal with facts because for him facts are not important. He can always create facts of his own. This is what Communism is about.

Unfortunately for Mr. Gable, the ideology that he loves came crushing down with the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Soviet withdrawal from Eastern Europe, the fall of tyrants like Ceacescu and others and the final demise of the Soviet Union.

After all his fallen dreams of Proletariat Dictatorship his mission in life is to fight against a humble Uruguayan that he has never met and that he hardly knows and he does it by publishing his own delusions. The one thing that must bother Mr. Gable and his kind is that this humble Uruguayan chose to become a member of the British National Party.

Shock horror, Mr. Gable! An immigrant joins the British National Party! Do you know why? Because this humble immigrant knows about people like you called Communists and this immigrant knows that the only one political party that has British interests at heart is the British National Party.

One of the fundamental merits of Vladimir Putin and of Dmitri Medvedev is that they are Russian Nationalists – Nasha i ni Nasha. No more Proletariat Dictatorship. No more Nomenklatura, no more Archipielago Gulag. No more Hammer and Sickle! No more Gerry Gables!

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  1. Gable's job is to try and destroy any real opposition to the corrupt elite, but he is failing dismally...Donna