Monday, 3 October 2011

British Nationalists are not political prostitutes

For months on end, I have read and I have listened to many critics. I have done so patiently and I have come to the following conclusion: all those who allow themselves to be used to do the work of left-wing organisations are trying to convince us that they are genuine British patriots.

Well, in fact, they are not genuine British patriots. They are mere opportunists allowing themselves to be used like prostitutes in the whorehouse of British politics with the purpose of taking some little irrelevant revenge.

I have been a member of the British National Party for more than ten years and I know that like most political parties - if not all political parties - we have problems. Nobody is going to try and invent chocolate all over again. We have problems and we face them together. We are not going to go around taking our knickers off in public.

Given the freedoms of the Internet, many of the said critics have been free to publish all the crap that they can create without having to be accountable for their labour of destruction. Many of the said critics might not have links with anti-nationalist organizations, but all of them very much deserve each other because they share very much the same treacherous qualities of anti-nationalist organizations.

When I asked for documented evidence, all they could come up with was expletives, insulting behaviour and political schemes of all kinds. I have been asking for documented evidence for more than a year. I have heard them talking about political panaceas that only exist in the feverish minds of those for whom facts and reality are merely a bother.

I am very much attached to facts and I have challenged them and asked them to make themselves accountable. Surely, if they truly believe what they are saying they would assume legal responsibility for what they say and for what they write. Have they done it?
We can never be sure of the verdict of the electorate. They tried to convince me telling me that 2010 had been an electoral disaster. Was it? In 2010, the British National Party had about three times more votes than in 2005. In 2005, the BNP received 192,745 votes and in 2010 the BNP received 563,743 votes.

Then reading their comments and reading news articles, we got all kinds of confusing messages. Suddenly, we saw some newspapers saying that a newly formed political force, that merely got about 11.4% of the votes the British National Party got, was going to replace the British National Party and we heard bloggers saying ‘the British National party is finished’ and speculating about the formation of a completely new political force.

Several of the said bloggers then went out of their way to be accepted as members of other political organizations. I asked myself: will they go back to the National Front? (National Front got 10,784 votes in 2010) Will they try and join EDP? (EDP got 64,826 votes in 2010) Some left the BNP and resigned their membership. Others decided to stay waiting for ‘an impending catastrophe’. Others decided to cooperate with left-wing organisations becoming some sort of Vergeltung weapons.

I purposefully mention the Vergeltung weapons. You might have known them as V1 and V2. Vergeltung in German language means Retaliation. The V1 and V2 murderous flying bombs killed many thousands but they did not alter the ultimate outcome of World War Two. Thanks to the Vergeltung weapons the determination of the British people to win the war was reinforced.

Let the Vergeltung political weapons do their dirty work. It strengthens our determination to win the war of British politics. 

Carlos Cortiglia

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