Saturday, 31 December 2016

Jo Cox MP was killed by the British Parliament

Thomas Mair didn't kill Jo Cox MP. Jo Cox MP was killed by massive under-funding of mental health services and legislation that is not fit purpose that prevents helping those who need help.

On the eve of the attack against Jo Cox, Thomas Mair had asked for NHS help, help that was denied by telling him to come back some time later. Thomas Mair felt that he wasn't coping and asked for support. Without support, he went on to commit murder.

Today, the number of teenagers taking their lives is rising. The number of inmates in British prisons taking their lives is rising. Parliament has the ultimate responsibility to produce legislation that does not become a hurdle, that does not prevent helping those who need help and that might not be in a position to even ask for help.

Very often - the Police, Social Services, the National Health Service and NHS England are blocked by legislation passed by Parliament that is not fit for purpose. This is why Jo Cox MP was killed by the British Parliament. Thomas Mair was yet another victim of a system that is not working.

And Thomas Mair has not been the only one to be let down by the system. The mass media report the tragedies but stop short of talking about the real causes. Some time ago, a patient suffering from schizophrenia pleaded with his doctors not to let him go because he felt that he couldn't control himself. The direct consequence was that he was allowed to leave a mental facility and went on to kill an elderly man in a park.

Inmates are killing themselves in British prisons in rising numbers. The mass media talk about statistics and soon after the news is brushed under the carpet. Nothing gets done. Teenagers are taking their lives in increasing numbers. Nothing gets done.


Monday, 26 December 2016

2017 New Year - New Ideas

New Year- New Ideas

For a very long time, I have been thinking about a completely different approach to blogging, instead of using the same repeated recipes and common places that we encounter on the mass media. There is a vast number of issues to talk about and in much greater depth.

I came from radio broadcasting and got involved with television in the 1990s just by chance. At the time, we didn't have the options that we have got today, the flexibility and the range of options in terms of communications.

So let new ideas and new projects be the goal for 2017.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Sir Phillip Green, the British Madoff, is still Sir Phillip Green

11, 000 people lost their jobs, more than 25,000 people had their pension funds raided, he buys a new luxury ship and keep his title of Sir awarded to him 'for services to British industries'.

Sir Phillip Green is the archetype of those who created the levels of animosity that led to the so called Holocaust: a white collar speculator that destroys thousands of lives and gets away with it because the Justice System is not fit for purpose.

When the mass media and the political establishment talk about anti-Judaism, they should mention the Madoffs and the Greens of this world that with their actions damage the reputation of entire communities and give rise to stereotypes that lead to violence.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Independent publishes funny article about post WWII Germany

The Independent's Caroline Mortimer's article about National Socialist influence on German's post war government to be investigated is hilarious.

Of course, National Socialist rebuilt Germany. They were the brains that made the German Miracle possible.

Americans and Russians were not stupid. Personal records were erased and/or rewritten. Wernher von Braun, the man that killed ten of thousands of Britons and much of London and other cities was employed by the US to develop the US Space Project. Many politicians and many military men, including members of the Gestapo and of the SS were employed by both the US and the Soviet Union.

For example, how many former SS, Gestapo and military officers were actually caught in Latin America? This is a very pertinent question that if it was raised it would embarrass quite a few people that actively protected them while writing and talking against National Socialist Germany.

Much of the military developments in Latin America before, during and after World War Two were possibly thanks to German support.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

1941 Barbarossa

What do Russians remember when they see massing of NATO forces along its borders? Unternehmen Barbarossa - June 22nd 1941.

Now, the Western media - as usual - are quite oblivious to the deep feelings and strong reactions the military buildup elicits in Russia.

Now, it is becoming a tit for tat build up. The more NATO forces are gathered along the Russian borders the stronger the negative feelings it will generate.

Some years ago, Sergei Ivanov said that any conflict in Europe would be fought with conventional forces. This does not seem to be the case anymore. Forced to choose between the nightmare of 1941 and the nuclear power of 2016, Russia will use Nuclear Bombs as a way to ensure that all NATO forces in Europe are wiped out and I fully support this option. The time to put an end to the build up of so called defences that are no more than naked threat against Russia is long overdue.

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Democrat supporter defecating on the streets?

This is the kind of 'protester' that opposes President Trump and they are supported by BBC, CNN, Newsweek and others.

We are getting to the point when the so called mainstream mass media promote acts of gross indecency and violence.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Donald Trump - a vote for World Peace

President Donald Trump is a vote for World Peace and Common Sense.

For decades, US has been exporting jobs and living on pure speculation. Social disintegration has been very much the consequence of the Globalist policies that have downgraded the US economy as they have downgraded the economies of the Developing World.

Nobel Prize winner Barak Obama has helped to spread conflicts and instability across entire regions of the world leading to waves of refugees that are now destabilising the Developed World.

The so called mainstream politicians keep talking about Middle Ground which in fact means chaos and depravity. Increasingly, more and more people around the world are against the so called Middle Ground. They want real and well defined policies to solve real problems and avoid confusion and instability.

Multiculturalism is nothing more than Ethnic Cleansing in the name of Political Correctness. German Chancellor Angela Merkel despite being guilty for the immigration mess Germany and Europe are suffering was very open when she declared Mulikulti ist tot (Multiculturalism is dead).

The enemies of National Identity must be countered. The needs of the local peoples come first and meeting such needs is the number one priority. What does the Multicultural Lobby promote? Sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, drug addition, the destruction of family values and the destruction of National Identity and they are usually associated with Marxism.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Crown Prosecution Service: What does 'wearing a political uniform' actually mean?

After reading the news and learning that Prosecutor Kirsty Allman had accused the Deputy Leader of a political party of "wearing a political uniform", I contacted the Crown Prosecution Service directly to know that Kirsty Allman actually meant when she made the accusation.

Unfortunately, nobody at the Crown Prosecution Service was actually able of explaining what the crime of 'wearing a political uniform' means.

Later, this evening, I read an article of The Independent that says that the said Deputy Leader was convicted of the crime of 'wearing a political uniform'. When I asked The Independent to explain what 'wearing a political uniform' means, nobody was at hand to explain and all they said was that they didn't have a clue themselves and that they just published what Police authorities said.

When you hears the words 'wearing a political uniform' one is reminded of the SS and of the SA thinking about political uniforms. What in the legal system is 'wearing a political uniform'? The Crown Prosecution Service doesn't seem to be able to explain. The Independent that published the article doesn't have a clue and I am sure that most if not all the readers of British newspapers know what the crime of 'wearing a political uniform' actually is.

I gave my name, my email address and my telephone number to the Crown Prosecution Service and hopefully somebody will come back to me to explain what 'wearing a political uniform' means.

Thank you for contacting Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) Enquiries

The CPS is responsible for prosecuting most criminal cases in England and Wales, following a police investigation.

If you are contacting CPS Enquiries in relation to a case which is presently before the courts, or in relation to a case which the CPS is advising the police on charges, you should contact the relevant CPS area directly.  Contact details for the 13 CPS regional offices can be found at the following link:

Your query may be forwarded to the relevant CPS regional office in the best position to respond to any issues that you have raised.  If your email is forwarded, a response will be provided to you by the relevant CPS regional office within 20 working days.

Please note that if you have previously been advised that the CPS cannot provide assistance to you and your query does not raise any new issues we will not be able to provide any further response.  If your enquiry does not relate to the CPS we will be unable to provide a response, but may be able to provide contact details for the relevant agency or organisation.

If we are talking about a crime, I assume that officers of the Law should be able to define it straightaway, instead of telling me that I have to wait to find out. Are they making laws as they move along? Are people being convicted on the basis of laws that do not actually exist?

What about the role of the mass media? Are the mass media supposed to print whatever they are told without even asking about what they are actually printing? The Independent does not have a clue and I reckon most if not all the other mass media haven't got a clue about what they crime actually was.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Corrie McKeague (RAF) - a new Lee Rigby?

Corrie McKeague, 23 years of age, a Royal Air Force serviceman disappeared without trace on September 24th 2016 in Bury St Edmnds.

The Police Authorities are trying to keep the affair as low-key as possible in something that bring back echoes of what happened to Lee Rigby in London.

Bury St Edmunds is about 30 miles from RAF Marham, where two Muslims tried to kidnap an RAF serviceman who was out running near the base in July 2016.

After a series of kidnapping attempts of military personnel, the Armed Forces issued guidelines asking military personnel not to wear military uniforms - unless necessary - for fear that they could be prone to be attacked by Muslims.

Well, for Corrie McKeague and his family's sake, let's hope that Muslim operators were not involved in his disappearance.

Undoubtedly, having hundreds of thousands potential terrorists living in the United Kingdom is a liability and a calculated risk. Islamic State stated that it would carry out operations in Europe and United Kingdom's military personnel are bound to be targeted.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Is President Obama a mental retard?

For ages he have had to put up with US lies and deceit talking about a Russian threat. Well, look at the numbers and you will see who is the real threat.

US military expenditure........ $585 billion
Russia military expenditure.....$46 billion

US Bases.................................800
Russian Bases..............................7

This includes military occupation of Japan and Germany that still continues more than 70 years after the end of World War Two.

There is no place for occupation forces in Japan and in Germany. All US forces must be withdrawn from Germany and Japan, not to mention Guantanamo that should be in Cuban hands.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Penalised disabled and homeless to benefit Muslim terrorists living in UK

In the same country where a Muslim terrorist and his family are allowed to leave in a 1.25 million Pound house and given more than 30,000 Pound a year in benefits, the disabled and the homeless are being penalised with reduction upon reduction of the support they receive.

And the injustices go on and on. BBC presenters are paid seven figure salaries while those who can ill afford to pay the so called TV License are taken to court and even sent to jail.

This is Britain today and the British political system is allowing injustices to continue by maintaining a status quo that damages those who are most vulnerable.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

David Cameron: More clever than people actually give him credit for

David Cameron is more clever than people actually give him credit for. At his age, he has vast amounts of assets that allow him to live the kind of life that he wants to live. When he resigned as Prime Minister, he walked away with a happy tune. Now, he resigned as Member of Parliament.

Having been Prime Minister and the man of the day, would you like to spend time sitting on the backbenches listening to endless debates? What for? David Cameron is a pragmatic man. He doesn't need to waste his time and he has plenty more things to do that would be a lot more meaningful for him and his family.

The mass media immediately went on the attack talking about pseudo conspiracies and rivalries as the reason for his resignation as Member of Parliament. What a bunch of idiots! David Cameron does not need to work anymore. He doesn't need to put up with tedious politics and silly arguments.

David Cameron has already achieved his political ambitions while many others can only dream with getting to where he has got. Now, it is time to live life to the full without a care in the world.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Anti- American President Barak Obama said to veto law that allows 9/11 families to sue Saudi Arabia

Anti-American President Barak Obama said to veto law that allows 9/11 families to sue Saudi Arabia.

Nothing new. No one has single-handedly created more conflicts and downgraded the United States of America like Barak Obama.

Luckily there is a date on the calendar in January 2017 when the American people will see the back of Barak Obama.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Hillary Clinton collapses and is unable to walk during remembrance of 9/11

Hillary Clinton had to be carried away during remembrance of September 11th 2001, after she collapsed and was unable to walk.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Is Hillary Clinton physically fit to be President?

Is Hillary Clinton physically and mentally fit to be President? There are serious doubts given by on the record bizarre behaviour. Should the Democrats win the Presidential Election, look for Number Two and as Number Two (Tim Kaine) could end up being the actual US President.

After a series of unfortunate health events, Hillary Clinton is showing worrying signs and since certain reactions are elicited by intense stress it is reasonable to expect that something will have to give.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Malia Obama: Joint the Democrats

Malia Obama is said to follow family traditions and, like Barak Obama, is being reportedly smoking cannabis.

They say images are worth more than a thousand words and it shows that certain family values are very strong in the Democratic Party.

Unfortunately, neither the Obamas nor the Clintons had boys - at least not officially - for them to follow family traditions but they can get some compensation in other areas. As we all know, Bill didn't have sex with that woman but, according to Bill, Hillary has the feminine touch in great amounts. It feels great to see good solid family values.  

Thursday, 4 August 2016

The truth behind President Barak Obama

Hollywood and the Liberal Establishment wanted us to believe that President Barak Obama has been the first Black American President. The truth couldn't be farther away from reality.

President Barak Obama's mother was a white woman called Ann Dunham. This is not about racism. This is about telling the truth to the American public and to the world.

There are also doubts about who was President Barak Obama's real father. There are doubts about where he was actually born. And there are doubts about President Barak Obama's real faith, if he has any and how his faith or lack of it has influenced his Foreign Policy and his governance as a whole.

The world was shocked to know that the Nobel Peace Prize Award had been awarded to President Barak Obama at a time when the United States of America has been involved in a record number of armed conflicts across the world.

The Hollywood movie industry created a myth, like many other myths that the Hollywood movie industry has created but myths are myths. They are not reality. Now, look who has represented the Democratic Party in the USA. Before him there was a man who had fellatio inside the Oval Office at the White House and came out saying under Oath that what the media were saying was not true. 'I never had a sexual relationship with that woman', said President Bill Clinton. He was forced to come out with the true when he faced impeachment.

And who is the perfect candidate for President now? A woman that has been portrayed as perfect mother and wife when in fact she is reported to have had lesbian affairs - so many that her own husband Bill Clinton said once 'Hillary has eaten more pussy than I have'.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Hungarian Prime Minister calls migrants entering Europe poisonous

Looking at events in Europe, one can certainly agree with the Hungarian Prime Minister that something is going very wrong.

When we were still trying to recover from shock horror because of terrorist attacks in France and in Germany, an Catholic Priest had his throat cut off during mass at a small town in northern France.

The attack against Père Jacques Hamel very much represents what Europe as a whole is facing right now.

The Hungarian Prime Minister is quite straightforward when he says 'whoever needs migrants can take them, but don't force them on us, we don't need them'.

Everything follows Angela Merkel's unilateral statement opening the floodgates without consulting other EU countries and her attempts to force countries that have not been asked about immigration.

Later on, Angela Merkel threatened EU countries trying to force them to accept quotas. The situation got so bad that Bavaria told Angela Merkel that they would send immigrants to Berlin.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Ali Sonboly: another example of failed integration that ends up in tragedy

Ali Sonboly
When Angela Merkel stood in front of television cameras and stated Multikulti ist tot (Multiculturalism is dead) and everybody living in Germany should speak German language, she should have kept this in mind when promoting flood immigration.

The arrival of more than 2 million people of non Western background in Germany poses a huge challenge for the German society.

Firstly, they have a completely different cultural outlook.

Secondly, more than 99 per cent of all newcomers will have to surmount enormous obstacles and this will mean that they will have to live on benefits for a very long time, putting pressure on housing, health services, transport, education and so forth. The vast majority arrives in Germany without having a clue about German language.

Countless ghetto-like situations will be created and in these ghetto situations, poverty and isolation will lead to crime. Ali Sonboly was born in Germany and grew up in Germany. Before the attack he shouted 'Ich bin Deutsche (I am German), Despite his Iranian background, he felt that he was German because he was born in Germany and lived most of his life in Germany and spoke German language. Despite feeling that he was German, he felt isolated. He is said to have been suffering from mental health issues and that he had also been victim of bullying.

Angela Merkel should know very well the difference between political statements and reality. She should be very much aware of the cultural differences because when she said 'Multikulti is dead' (Multiculturalism is dead) she was stating that Multiculturalism in Germany has been a complete and utter failure leading to the formation of ghettos.

For a woman that seems so aware of the realities of World War Two, she is completely oblivious to the fact of what led to certain events before, during and after World War Two. What led to the pogroms against Jews across Europe and especially in Germany? Jews looked different from the rest of the population. They dressed differently, behave differently, and even spoke a language that was different from the language spoken by the rest of the population. They were bound to be targeted.

Today, the same issues arise regarding those coming from outside Germany and especially regarding Muslims that rather than trying to be like the rest of the population have their own ghetto culture and then again they look different, behave differently and even speak languages that are not the language spoken by the rest of the population. Therefore, like the Jews, Muslims are bound to be targeted.

The issue about the Muslim attire is that the Muslim attire is like a self-imposed Star of David. Jews were forced to identify themselves wearing a Star of David. Muslims self-identify themselves by making themselves look different and make themselves a target.

The expression 'when in Rome do as the Romans do' is the result of centuries of accumulated experiences. If you don't blend in, you are going to be seen as foreign and if you are seen as foreign you are going to be treated differently. Having said that, this is not a phenomenon that affects only German. It happens across the European Continent and also in Britain. Burkas, long beards, peculiar hats and tresses and other attires immediately single people out as those who do not belong.

It if self-evident that Ali Sonboly was desperately trying to have an identity. Despite that fact that he had Iranian background, he wasn't truly Iranian. Despite the fact that he was born in Germany and Germany was the country where he grew up and lived in for 18 years, he wasn't identified as German.

Even successful people like Cassius Clay struggled with issues of identity. He converted to Islam and became Muhammad Ali. In the US, people talk about African Americans. If his family had not been part of the slavery trade that took them to what is today the United States of America, what would be Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali's name? What about Senator Jesse Jackson or Martin Luther King and countless others? Most of them live today with names given to them by slave owners centuries ago. There are fundamental issues of identity. They have little to do with the African continent. They know for certain that their present names are not the names of the families their ancestors left behind when they were taken away by the Slavery Trade. But they are called African Americans as Ali Sonboly was called German-Iranian. Born in Germany, he lived his life in limbo and lives lived in limbo sooner than later end up in tragedy.

Who actually pulled the trigger of the gun with which Ali Sonboly killed nine people and injured several others?

Politicians, Police Forces and the mass media are trying to find links with what happen in Norway and the events generated by Anders Behring Breivik. In so doing, they completely ignore the realities of flood immigration that leads to issues of identity. René Descartes said: Cogito Ergo Sum (I think, therefore I exist). There is a fundamental relationship between systems of beliefs and social realities.


Saturday, 23 July 2016

Frank Franz Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands

Freedom and Sovereignty, two words that represent what those who love their countries value above all and these are the word of Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands that the apparatchiks of the CDU, the coalition led by Angela Merkel want to ban.

Frank Franz is the antithesis of those the liberal elites want you to see as enemies of the state. NPD Leader Frank Franz represents a true young Germany, full of energy, ready to put an end to the brainwashing of many generations of Germany made to feel guilty for something they had nothing to do with.

And what is Angela Merkel doing? Well, she seems to have everything German. At an official ceremony, Angela Merkel even tried to put away a German flag.
What about economics? Well, the fruits of hard working German people are being given away to those who don't hesitate to attack German people on the streets. Women raped and people attacked with swords on public transport. Things have got so bad that even an Iranian immigrant went on the rampage because he himself is fed up of flood immigration.

Not long ago, Angela Merkel publicly stated that 'Multikulti ist tot (Multiculturalism is dead) and sent on to say that all those wanting to live in Germany must speak German language, but then she turns against those who campaign multiculturalism and say that those living in Germany must speak German language.

Because of Angela Merkel, Germany is no longer a safe place to live in. The time is long overdue for those like Frauke Petry of Alternative für Deutschland and Frank Franz of Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands to take power in Germany for the sake of the German people. In the understanding that political parties that share fundamental views must not collide in election, in recent elections Frank Franz told NPD supporters to vote for Alternative für Deutschlands to make a difference.

Deutschland über alles.

Friday, 22 July 2016

München Violence created by Angela Merkel

This the kind of behaviour Germans have to put up with in Angela Merkel's Germany. Pensioners attacked for trying to help a woman being harassed on German public transport.

We don't know yet the identity of man/men to shot dead at least 8 people in München.

Angela Merkel's policies are destroying Germany by flooding the country with immigrants and in so doing putting lives in danger. Women raped by immigrant gangs, people attack with sword on trains and now people killed by shooters.

Angela Merkel is directly responsible for what is going on and public anger is rising.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Turkish Erdogan promotes and supports religious terrorism

Here is what Recep Tayyip Erdogan himself said. As attack follows attack and Europe is being bloodied, political correctness gets on the way.

If it is fine for Angela Merkel, François Hollande, and others to condemn acts of terror, it would be better if on top of condemning acts of terror they changed policies that are making Europe a fertile ground for acts of terror. We know what Erdogan and many like him stand for. We shouldn't be giving him money. We shouldn't be making the culprit look like a hero because he is not a hero.

Even German courts were kneeling down in front of Recep Tayyip Erdogan while German women were being raped on the streets and the German Constitutional Court is extremely busy trying to ban political organizations that condemn those who perpetrate attacks and those who make it easier for perpetrators to carry out their acts of hatred in the country that gave them refuge.

As the number of European cities affected by atrocities continues to grow, we ask how many people will die before rulers and mass media get rid of political correctness and do their duty to protect European people.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Boris Johnson as British Foreign Secretary with Sun Tzu perfection

Boris Johnson is a political heavyweight. Behind the façade is a very clever political operator.

Boris Johnson used Sun Tzu principles with absolute mastery.

When his name was floated as Prime Ministerial candidate, he knew exactly how to play his card.

Who do the British people favour? The underdog. Michael Gove went for the top job and in so doing made Boris Johnson the underdog, the man everybody should feel pity of, the man that was put aside by his best friend, that man whose political career was coming to an end because of  a treacherous act.

Boris Johnson knew perfectly well the kind of rival candidate Theresa May would be and rather than going for the top job that the other contenders failed to get at a huge cost, Boris Johnson took the biggest prize that he could possibly get in the present circumstances and the other contenders - Liam Fox, Michal Gove, Andrew Leadsom and Stephen Crabb - were left behind as casualties of war.

This was the work of a master politician that knows exactly how to get what he wants and knows what is possible and what isn't.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Theresa May - New British Prime Minister

From Wednesday, July 14th 2016, Theresa May will be the new British Prime Minister after a very fast Leadership Campaign in the Conservative Party.

Both David Cameron and Theresa May had publicly stated their decision to implement what the British Electorate decided on June 23rd, 2016 on a UK Referendum on EU Membership.

Given public statements made by EU leaders regarding the need to kick start the application of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, there are no longer reasons to delay the implementation of the said process of withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

This is why it is of paramount importance to launch an information campaign so that both British Citizens and EU Citizens are made aware of their rights and in particular of Rights of Residence in the United Kingdom and in the European Union.

We have met a Member of Parliament and delivered a signed letter stating that it is extremely important that the British Public knows about the rights of EU Citizens in the United Kingdom and that EU Citizens themselves know about their rights in the United Kingdom as a way to allay fears and counter bullying and harassment.

We have studied present legislation in the United Kingdom with regards to immigration and have concluded that the best way to protect the rights of both United Kingdom Citizens and European Union Citizens is to proceed with absolute fairness and clarity as part of a process characterised by goodwill that will benefit all.


Thursday, 7 July 2016

In Barking and Dagenham Labour supported Brexit

Since 2010, Barking and Dagenham has been controlled by the Labour Party that won 51 out 51 seats in the Council. In Margaret Hodge has represented Barking while John Cruddas represented Dagenham. So, they have a virtual monopoly.

But in the UK Referendum on EU Membership, Labour voters supported Brexit. 62.4% of those registered to voted supported Brexit.

For Margaret Oppenheimer to blame Jeremy Corbyn for the outcome of the Referendum is a absolutely ridiculous. She could have convinced her own supporters. John Cruddas could have convinced his own supporters. Neither of them had the trust of Labour voters in this matter.

Angela Eagle has been hesitant in her expected role of challenger. The rebels don't want a Leadership Election and - what is more - Angela Eagle's own constituents are threatening to deselect her as their Member of Parliament. As if this wasn't enough, Labour voters across the country - including her own supporters, voted for Brexit.

Let's look at Angela Eagle's record of voting in the House of Commons regarding the UK Referendum on EU Membership:

  • February 1st 2011 - Angela Eagle absent for a vote on European Union Bill
  • October 24th 2011 - Angela Eagle voted against a Referendum on UK Membership of the European union.
  • July 5th 2013 - Angela Eagle was absent for a vote on European Union Bill
  • October 17th, 2014 - Angela Eagle absent for a vote on European Union Bill
  • June 9th, 2015 - Angela Eagle voted for a Referendum on UK Membership of the European Union
  • September 7th, 2015 - Angela Eagle was absent for a vote on European Union Referendum Bill.
These are statements of facts. Information that is on record.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Tony Blair lied to go to war

With the blood of hundreds of thousands on his hands, War Criminal Tony Blair has been left, once again, naked in public view.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

First Round of Conservative Party Leadership Election

In the First Round of the Conservative Party Leadership Election, Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom are the two candidates with more votes in the PCP.

More rounds will follow until there are two candidates standing.

The two candidates standing will take part in another ballot in which Conservative Party members will vote to chose the next leader.

In the Labour Party, Angela Eagle was reportedly the challenger to stand in a Leadership Election. Possibly I stand, Maybe I stand, Perhaps I stand and Eventually I might stand are some of the slogans that would be used by Angela Eagle even, if or possibly she stands to challenge Jeremy Corbyn.

I wonder if Labour Party members have reasons to worry about such hesitant potential new Labour Party Leader.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Having done what he aimed to do, Nigel Farage resigned as UKIP Leader

For more than twenty years, Nigel Farage was a household name. His name is clearly identified with the aim of leaving the European Union.

Having achieved what he set out to do, Nigel Farage resigned as Leader of UKIP.

Now, it is the duty of Parliament to implement what the British Electorate decided on June 23rd, 2016.

Those marching on the streets claim that those who supported Leave are uneducated, ignorant, racists, bigots, xenophobes, et cetera. They don't have the capacity to understand that they are talking about more than 17 million people in Britain of which 1 million are in Scotland where 38% voted for Leave.

Now, this is the issue. The Referendum was not a Scottish Referendum. It wasn't an English Referendum, a Welsh Referendum or a Northern Irish Referendum. It was a United Kingdom Referendum and each vote carried the same weight. Therefore, those calling voters who supported Leave ignorant should look at the own knowledge of mathematics because 51.9% and one million votes difference is a sizeable majority in favour of Leave. What is more, with few exceptions the map of the United Kingdom was blue, the colour chose to represent the votes for Leave.

The proviso is that should Government and/or Parliament ignore the decision of the British Electorate, the matter will not be decided peacefully.

George Osborn asked Wolfang Schäuble to threaten United Kingdom

Wolfang Schäuble stated in an interview that British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne asked him to threaten Britain.

This is absolutely extraordinary and puts very much into question the moral fibre of both George Osborne and Wolfang Schäuble.

This is happening when Jean Claude Juncker, Martin Schultz and Wolfang Schäuble himself are facing an uncertain future.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is highly critical of the actions of Jean Claude Juncker that is being reported as behaving in a very autocratic manner, behaviour that polarised public opinion against the EU project.

A then UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom was not far off the mark when talking in the EU Parliament addressing Martin Schultz said "Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer" referring to the way the EU is being run.

The fact that George Osborne asked a member of the German government to threaten Britain is beyond belief.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Harassment, Bigotry and Racism are neither Nationalism nor Patriotism

Harassment is neither Nationalism nor Patriotism

For those who claim to stand for British Values and British Interests the message is very clear: bigotry, harassment and racist behaviour has nothing to do with British Values and British Interests.

Moreover, the claims of Nationalist political parties is that they want a Europe of Independent Nations working together in peace and harmony. Therefore, harassing and insulting European Nationals is a contradiction in terms with the aims of Nationalist political parties.

But most importantly, bigotry, harassment and racist behaviour are forms of criminal behaviour that shouldn't be tolerated anywhere and those involved in criminal behaviour should be countered and be made accountable for their acts. The UK Referendum on EU Membership was a legitimate and democratic exercise but it is not a licence to engage in criminal acts and Parliament must now implement the decision made by the British Electorate.

In the meantime, those EU citizens affected by the outcome of the UK Referendum on EU Membership must be told that they have rights. In fact, according to present UK legislation all EU Citizens are entitled to claim UK Residence Rights after five years of living and working the United Kingdom. Their rights are protected by UK Immigration Laws.

We must all live in an environment in which mutual respect is the rule. There will always be anti-social individuals that will use any opportunity to engage in anti-social behaviour. They must be countered, they must be arrested and made accountable.

Why is Margaret Oppenheimer afraid of a Leadership Election?

Why is Margaret Oppenheimer afraid of a Leadership Election in the Labour Party?

The head of the coup against Jeremy Corby is the Jewish MP for Barking and Dagenham who happens to be the heiress to the one of the richest steel producers in the world.

The rage against Jeremy Corbyn was on from day one when Jeremy Corbyn with the biggest majority in the history of the Labour Party became Labour Party Leader.

Jeremy Corbyn's campaigning against the Palestinian Holocaust and for the creation of a Free State of Palestine make him no friends in the Jewish cabal that supports the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza and that the takeover of more and more land in Palestine. Looking at the map of what used to be the State of Israel in 1948 and what is considered to be the State of Israel in 2016 it is easy to conclude that Adolf Hitler could have done it better. In fact, the Israeli government follows the principles states by Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf: "if you can take it and keep it it is yours" and "the winner will not have to justify himself'". Brute force is used on a daily basis and even children are kept in adult prisons in the State of Israel in direct violation of all human rights treaties and human right legislation.

Who is against Jeremy Corbyn? The Jewish Lobby. The astonishing thing is that those who so much talk about Palestine and Human Rights support the coup against Jeremy Corbyn and use false pretences to attack him.

Zero Hour Contract companies paying employees with two months delay

We keep getting reports of companies employing staff on Zero Hour Contracts paying their employees with a two-month delay. In a country in which Members of Parliament employ staff on Zero Hour Contracts you have to the conclusion that exploitation has been legalised.

Some people are not even paid the minimum wage and they are forced to work on commission. I wonder what the Inland Revenue has to say about it or is has the Inland Revenue become a criminal organisation that works against the United Kingdom?

It is a disgraceful situation in a country in which the pensions deficit keeps growing and legislation has being going through Parliament to delay and delay the age of retirement. When are successive governments in the United Kingdom going to put a halt to exploitation?

Who are the ones bound to suffer most? Those who are facing desperate financial situations. If there ever was an example of a political system that isn't working, this is it. This is the clearest example of Slavery when people are under paid, paid late or made to work without pay.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Gove: Things that matter more than mere economics

Michael Gove
Michael Gove: Things that matter more than mere economics.

What became immediately evident in conversations with Michael Gove is that this is a Cromwell-like politician. Remembering debates in times of Oliver Cromwell, Oliver Cromwell was much less accommodating than other Members of Parliament when dealing with Charles I.

Oliver Cromwell gave options to Charles I to come to an agreement but in the end the actions of Charles I led to his decapitation in Banqueting House. Oliver Cromwell has a certain degree of flexibility but when the King waged war on his own subjects using German mercenaries that meant having crossed a red line.

My first impression - and everything is a matter of perception - is that Michael Gove is more about certain fundamentals indicating that the EU market is important insofar certain principles like legislative powers, border control and immigration are non negotiable. There are red lines. David Cameron had an open agenda to negotiate and went into negotiations wanted to get something that in the end he did not get. Michael Gove knows what he wants and if he doesn't get it then there is no point in any kind of negotiation.

What transpires is that with or without Common Market, countries in Europe will continue trading and that the actual costs of trading will be determine by a give and take process. Seven hundred thousand jobs in Germany depend of exporting cars to Britain. Any additional trading costs will hit both British consumers and German car factories because the said trading costs will reduce German competitive advantage by raising the cost when importing and buying German cars, something that German obviously does not want.

Angela Merkel's more conciliatory approach means one thing: Angela Merkel was seriously undermined in recent elections with Alternative für Deutshland making big gains. The news that the European Union will require Germany to increase its contribution to the European Union Budget and that the immigrant business will cost Germany not less than 72 billion Euros will not improve Angela Merkel's popularity with German voters and the country faces elections pretty soon.

Add to this the fact that not less than seven countries could end up having Referenda on EU membership within two years. The prospect of losing more members within two years starting a domino effect is very much in the minds of those running the European Union including Angela Merkel.

Only today it was revealed that the Austrian Constitutional Court has indicated that there must be a re-rerun of the recent Austrian Presidential Election. Geert Wilders heads the biggest party in Holland. Front National has a very serious chance of getting Marine Le Pen elected President of France. At this point in time, the European Union and those running would not be in a position to be harsh in any way, shape or form. Those who don't want to leave want changes that the EU might not be able nor willing to deliver.

So this is the political environment in which Michael Gove has decided to stand to lead the Conservative Party. Can Britain afford to ask for more concessions? Well, the EU's position is extremely shaky. As a matter of prided, the EU could decide to be harsh on Britain. As a matter of practically and pragmatism it is a vital interest for the EU to reach an agreement before a domino effect brings down the entire edifice with more countries joining Britain on the way out.

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Everybody rational is against unwarranted acts of violence but misrepresentation is a serious issue

Paula Sherriff MP speaking in the House of Commons against Racism

Anybody rational would be against racism and unwarranted acts of violence and this is why the United Kingdom has laws to persecute and penalise those who engage in acts of racism and of unwarranted violence.

Parliamentary Privilege gives Members of Parliament the right to talk about any issue they want to raise or discus without being targeted because of what they say within the space of the House of Commons. This is a fundamental safeguard but such safeguard carries with it a huge responsibility not to mislead the House of Commons or members of the public by making inaccurate or damaging statements that could also be construed as incitement to violence.

Paula Sherriff MP spoke in the House of Commons about incidents involving racism and rightly so. We all agree that racism has to be challenged because we want to live in a society in which no one is made to suffer because of racial background.

When referring to such matters, accuracy is of paramount importance and this is where Paula Sherriff MP was found wanting. Without definitive evidence, she accused an entire group of individuals of being involved in the delivery of a malicious leaflet in Yorkshire and had not been that Paula Sherriff is a Member of Parliament such statement would have constituted a criminal offence.

The misleading statement was made in the House of Commons and broadcast publicly. Even more, the written press and in particular the Yorkshire Post and its editor James Mitchinson are responsible of publishing a misleading article that accuses an entire organisation without any sound evidence of any involvement.

I was quick to remark that in the present political environment, with heightened tensions, such statement and such article could be conducive to acts of violence against third parties. I wrote to  IPSO  - the heir to the Press Complaints Commission - providing background information questioning the statement made by Paul Sherriff MP in the House of Commons and severely criticising the Yorkshire Post and its editor James Mitchinson.

I wrote also to the authority dealing with Parliamentary Standards that sent me an immediate reply stating that the statement made Paul Sherriff MP is covered by Parliamentary Privilege.

We are at a crossroads. On the one hand we must uphold Parliamentary Privilege as a necessary right to protect Members of Parliament. We must also respect the verdict of IPSO whatever such verdict might be. We must deal with the matter in a civil manner and this includes our interaction with the Yorkshire Post.

Unfortunately, at the end of the day, the public - both listening to the statement Paul Sherriff MP made in the House of Commons and reading the article published by the Yorkshire Post have been dangerously mislead because the information given was not factual evidence, especially when the issue concerning a malicious leaflet was referred to Police Authorities and there hasn't been any official report indicating who was actually involved in producing or distributing such leaflets.

The statement in the House of Commons and the article blaming a political organisation were published thirteen days after the said political organisation publicly condemned the attack leading to the dead of Jo Cox MP. So it is inconceivable that after publishing a declaration condemning the act of violence in which a Member of Parliament die the said organisation could possibly be involved in the delivery of a malicious leaflet mentioning Jo Cox MP.

Despite any rational explanation, despite the faintest amount of evidence, people have been blamed without any legitimate proof and this cannot be conducive to peaceful coexistence.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Daily Telegraph Columnist Catherine Gee wants Nigel Farage to be killed?

Only days after Jo Cox MP was murdered, a Daily Telegraph columnist, Catherine Gee, wrote the following on Twitter.

Talking about journalists behaving responsibly, this is not an example of responsibility. More of an example of incitement to murder.

I have written to the Daily Telegraph and sent a copy of her comments.

If German regulators force companies to relocate tit for tat will start and UK will reply in kind

If German regulators force companies to leave United Kingdom, it will lead to a tit for tat that will damage German cars exports. This would be a very short-sighted and very foolish approach that could bring down the CDU that is already on shaky grounds because of issues related to flood immigration.

Alternative für Deutschland and Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands would be the winners. AfD Leader Frauke Petry that made important advances in recent German elections announced that she will push for a German Membership of the European Union.

Austria, France and Holland are moving forward a Referendum on European Union Membership. If German suddenly starts feeling pain in terms of economics, can Angela Merkel stay as German Chancellor? Bavarian allies - being Bavaria the heart of industrial Germany - would not be amused by a war with Britain that could cost them dearly.

France is struggling with a Socialist President that is trying to impose legislation to make it easier for employers to layoff employees. The Socialist President has not been very popular either among the rich classes. High taxation is driving capitals out of France and UK has been one of the main beneficiaries of such exodus. All is not well in the European Union paradise. With Germany and Britain being the main contributors to the EU budget, Britain's exit means that German taxpayers will have to pay even more adding to the burden created by the immigration crisis and faltering EU economies.

Monday, 27 June 2016

European Union is at war with itself and recriminations have just started

The images depict what is happening not just in Sweden but also in Germany, in France and in other European countries.

The statements about a happy and rosy European Union are mere fantasy. France - one of pillars and funding members of the European Community - now European Union - is in serious trouble and something similar can be said about many of the other EU countries.

When things get to a head, isolated grievances become one major conflict. We cannot talk about a prosperous EU with youth unemployment over 50%.

We cannot talk about protection of workers' rights when a Socialist government in France is implement a regime that make job security a thing of the past. Wherever you look from a financial point of view, from a social point of view and from a political point of view there are serious concerns.

Many countries can bear dealing with a massive financial crisis but Germany is not one of them. Historical records tell us that whenever there was financial trouble in Germany. If Germany gets into financial trouble centrist parties will be squeezed in the middle and the edges will rise with massive political polarisation.

Let's keep Britain safe. We don't need to get embroiled in the continental mess that sooner than later will push countries over the edge. It is time for cautious preparations. Britain cannot afford to be weak and we know that in the past Britain had to be ready to defend itself not once but many times.

The First World War was said to be the war to put an end to all wars but then came World War Two. After World War Two we were supposed to have peace and then came the Yugoslav War. Peace in Europe will not be guaranteed by a failing European Union that creates rigid systems that limit what any country can do to protect itself from chaos.

The Euro was a political decision that became a political trap. Britain had a painful experience when it joined the ERM and paid dearly because of it. One taxation system for countries that have completely different economic realities is a trap and it is like having currency values that cannot be sustained. Argentina knows a little about it. It pegged the value of its currency to the value of the US Dollar. The Argentine economy was not strong enough to have an overvalued currency. It sold its gold reserves, it stopped making capital payments and in the end stopped making interest payments and defaulted. A country must have a currency that its economy can sustain. Weak countries for which the Euro is n overvalued currency are losing out and don't have the flexibility to adapt.

The European Union with a German locomotive driving extremely fast and many slow carriages that cannot keep up with it is a train that is bound to derail. If France itself - one of the strongest economies in Western Europe is failing to keep up, what to expect from other weaker countries? Spain has become a chronic case of political paralysis with very high rates of unemployment and in particular of youth unemployment.

People talk about stopping the rise of the so called Far Right. Well, the rise of the so called Far Right is the direct consequence of the failures of centrist parties that are more interested in maintaining the status quo even when maintaining the status quo means throwing millions of people over the edge.

World War Two is a subject that Muslims should approach with caution

Nowadays, in practically every political debate the words racist, xenophobe, anti-Semite, Islamophobia, Fascist and Nazi seem to appear with certain regularity.

Whenever somebody is trying to scope points, labelling an opponent is part of the strategy to degrade or ridicule an opponent - even there is no justification whatsoever to use the said labels apart from the intention to misrepresent an opponent.

When politics and religion get mixed up, there are no saints even when the mass media are so dedicated to create to fabricate saints when none exist. A very ordinary politician suddenly becomes a saint and sooner than later a cult is born. Now, lets confront members of the public with reality. This was before 9/11, before AlQaeda and before Islamic State. It happened during World War Two. The picture shows members of an SS division fighting for Adolf Hitler entirely made up of Muslim soldiers, Muslim soldiers that were praised by Heinrich Himmler, Head of the SS for their commitment and dedication to their duties that certainly included the persecution and killing of Jews, Gypsies and other ethnic groups. So, here we are. This is fact. Incontrovertible evidence to show that there are no saints and that many Christians, Jews, Muslims or followers of any other religion can be cut from the same cloth.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

So called EU funding is money given by Britain to EU

What some call EU funding for Britain is money that Britain gave to EU. In actual fact, EU doesn't give a penny to the United Kingdom and takes money away to feed unelected  bureaucrats and finance a life of luxury.

There is no such a thing as EU funding for the United Kingdom. For decades, Britain has been a net contributor to the European Union.

Wales, Scotland and Northern have been subsidised by England and, in spite of the money given by England, Scotland run by SNP has managed to amass a huge amount of debt at a time when oil and gas prices are on shaky ground.

Time to get rid of myths. European Union just took. It never gave anything to the United Kingdom. United Kingdom has been paying, paying and paying even more to support a bureaucratic apparatus that has damaged the British economy with stupid regulations and destruction of British resources. British Fisheries are a very clear example of how damaging European Union policies have been leading fishing stocks to the brink of extinction. Before the United Kingdom joined the Common Market, Britain had more than 650,000 farmers. How many left? Britain had collieries. How many left? Britain had a steel industry and shipyards. How many left? The time to reclaim British resources for Britain is long overdue.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Labour Barking and Dagenham supported Brexit

Labour Barking and Dagenham supported Brexit.

The London Borough that has Margaret Oppenheimer as Member of Parliament and whose Borough Council is practically totally under control of the Labour Party, voted for Brexit.

In Barking and Dagenham, 62.4% of those who voted supported Brexit.

Now, put the two things together. Massive Labour majority in Barking and Dagenham and with a massive Labour majority Brexit was supported by 62.4 per cent of voters.
The truth is that Labour voters turned against the official Labour Party position and voted to get out of the European Union.

Now, who is turning against Jeremy Corbyn? Jewess Margaret Oppenheimer whose supporters voted against Membership of the European Union.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Henry Ford was a visionary few people know about

As NATO's preparations to attack the Russian Federation and start yet another war in Europe advance, we are reminded in the words of Henry Ford of the fundamental roots of many wars in Europe.

The agenda is pretty clear: never mind if millions die provided somebody makes money out of it. The state of alert in the United States has risen. Why? Because the hawks are getting ready to strike. As Adolf Hitler, armies are made for war and all the military deployments in the borders of the Russian Federation threatening the Russian Federation have one aim: WAR.

Today, the Russian people remembered June 22 1941 - Unternehmen Barbarossa. The US Wehrmacht hordes are  now at the door. Despite the fact that Serguei Ivanov said that there wouldn't be Nuclear War in Europe, the numbers involved mean that Nuclear War is a certainty. For those who remember the effects in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the nuclear accident in Chernobyl the consequences for Europe as whole should be pretty clear.

There is an agenda for war, a war driven by those who control the United States of America and the consequences will be catastrophic for the world as a whole. We are not in 1941. We are in 2016 with the firepower of 2016. Nothing will be left standing.

Unelected EU Commission runs the European Union

This is the reality. Presidents, Senators and Representatives in the US are elected. In the European Union an unelected European Commission calls the shots and has the initiative while the European Parliament has no powers to initiate any legislative process.

The European Union is a de-facto dictatorship and this is what those wanting to leave the European Union are about.

Twenty-Eight un-elected individuals running the European Union and telling everybody what to do but... wait a minute... one individual telling everybody what to do and his name is Jean Claude Juncker who is said to run the European Commission as his own business. The words of Louis XIV come handy: L'Etat c'est moi. I am the State.
Fundamental freedoms are being taken away from legitimately elected parliaments and given to a clique. This is dangerous and sooner than later will lead to war in Europe. Those who defend the dictatorship say that the European Union protects worker's rights. Does the European Union protect worker's rights? Absolutely not. France has been seized by strikes protesting against measures imposed by a Socialist government that cares very little about worker's right. Any words from European Union mandarins? None whatsoever. Imposition by force and repression are the ways of the European Union.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Boris Johnson: Independence Day

With characteristic flair and eloquence, Boris Johnson of Britain countered the voices of defeatism of the Remain Campaign.

Mr. Read my Lips was absent and in his place a third rank Conservative brought from Scotland as a Conservative version of the SNP took part in the debate.

Boris is the man of the day.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

European Union Prosperity?

European Union prosperity? Statements made by politicians that talk about the benefits for the United Kingdom as a member of the European Union seem to be based on hot air. Looking at unemployment levels, one wonders what would the situation be if David Cameron and George Osborne were saying the the European Union is not prosperous.

With unemployment at 45 per cent, Spain is not far from Greece's 49%, followed by Italy with 39%, Portugal with 30%, France with 26% and UK with 13%.

We haven't even started talking about what is considered as 'being employed'. Zero Hour Contracts and Sub-Employment - working for a few hours with very low pay - it is seen as 'being employed'. If we add up the numbers of those working less and/or earning less, then unemployment numbers would be much higher, adding on top the number of those who are neither employed nor registered as unemployed.

David Cameron, George Osborne and others fail to make the economic case for the United Kingdom to maintain its European Union membership. They fail the political test when they support an un-elected European Commission as the Executive body of the European Union and they failed to make the case also when it comes to immigration.

Having failed on all three counts, all they have left in an endless list of threats to terrorise the British public as the number of people wanting to see the backs of David Cameron, George Osborne and their acolytes steadily grows.

Monday, 13 June 2016

The Guardian: half of all British Muslims think homosexuality should be illegal poll finds

Following an attack at a club in Orlando, Florida in which 50 people died, once again we see yet another example of a cultural clash.

Although the attack took place in the United States of America where there is a very heated political struggle at a time when the country is heading towards the election of a new President, you sense that something is not totally right in Paradise. A survey carried out by Channel Four tells you the difference between fantasy and reality.

On the one hand, you have politicians telling you that we all love each other and that we are one and the same. On the other hand, you have the truth of conflicting values that can sometimes lead to tragedies like the one that happened in the heart of the gay community.

To be fair, homophobia is not the monopoly of Muslim Communities. Quite a few people outside Muslim Communities don't feel comfortable with what is generally described as gay rights. Not long ago, two white girls - non Muslim girls - beat and kicked a gay man to death in Central London.

Having said that, we must recognise that amongst religious communities and in particular Muslim Communities there are anti-homosexuality attitudes that can very well lead to homophobic violence.

The situation is even more difficult if homophobia is linked with political and geopolitical agendas. Mentioning that Islamic State (or whatever it is called these days) stated that the killer follows Islamic State's agenda gives what would have been the actions of a loner a completely different dimension.

There is the certain danger of copycat killers, of individuals that given the amount of publicity given to the events in Orlando, Florida, might decide to gain notoriety by carrying out similar attacks and do so on the name of Militant Islam.

People should be reminded of the fact that regardless of strong views that they might have about homosexuality, the said views are not a license to go around engaging in acts of violence and that religious views are not a licence to harass, hurt or kill those you do not agree with.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Neil and Glenys and more of the same

Whether their names are Neil Kinnock, Glenys Kinnock, Tony Blair or Peter Mandelson it makes no difference. These European Champions and Heroes of Social Justice are all in it, having the time of their lives and they have got one thing in common: they are all members of the Elites that at one point or another run the Labour Party 'for the benefit of the poor and the dispossessed'.

Buckloads of taxpayers' money via the British Parliament or via the European Union by courtesy of the British Public, they have made a living promoting an agenda that has bankrupt Britain.

And when the issue is a Referendum on Membership of the European Union, they are all in it together and this comes a no surprise because it is their main source of income.

At one point or another, they spoke about an elected House of Lords but they wouldn't cut the branch of the tree on where they stand. Of the four of them, Tony Blair seems to be the only one wasn't paid by the European Union with monies coming form the British Treasury and is not a member of the House of Lords.

Remain as in Remain Campaign means 'leave things as they are and keep the privileges that we have got'. Never mind if British farmers go to the wall. Never mind if British fishing quotas are taken over by outsiders and British fisheries are closed down. As long as the 'European Champions and Heroes of Social Justice' are still around, Britain as a country will get a very bad deal.

For many years, they spoke about the NHS and saving the NHS but rest assured that they will happily justify trade deals with the US that could put an end to the NHS as soon as their paymasters tell them to do so.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Hillary Clinton: Who cares about the little people?

Of black-eyes and disdain for ordinary folk.

The US Secret Service agent who first raised the alert bout Monica Lewinsky's access to the White is about to public a book claiming Hillary Clinton "lacks the integrity and temperament" to serve as President.

Hillary Clinton is described as 'volcanic, impulsive, enabled y sycophants, and disdainful of the rules set for everyone else."

Gary Byrne who was first hand weakness of events happening in the White House, including the lack of sexual relationships between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, was also witnessed of acts of violence involving Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton and reveals that he had to dispose of physical evidence regarding sexual activities in the White House.

In another set of events, Hillary Clinton talks about Donald Trump's lack of acumen regarding Foreign Affairs but she conveniently excluded from her comments the fact that an American Ambassador to Egypt and US diplomatic personnel lost their lives because of her incompetence that allowed sending diplomatic staff to a war zone.

The rosy picture used to describe the Arab Spring turned out to be a massacre of US diplomatic staff. I guess collecting coffins and body bags is well within the range of experience of Hillary Clinton that presents herself as a warmonger inclined to wage Nuclear War.

She seems to be worried about others having control over nuclear buttons. Or is it that she wants to be the one to start a Nuclear War?

Well, we are talking about personalities and attitudes that seem to be the rule rather than the exception. Here we have a black US President Barak Obama that is not black, but mixed race, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize but goes around waging wars or promoting new wars, who talks about elimination of Nuclear Weapons (provided the Nuclear Weapons eliminated are not the ones US has got). They all seem cut out of the same cloth with demagogy and outright lies. Ah, by the way, if you are trying to contact Hillary Clinton using her official email address, please don't . Use her private email address just in case it is about something the American people should know nothing about.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Muhammad Ali refused to fight in Vietnam, one of the many artificial wars created by the American Empire

Muhammad Ali will be remembered as the Three Times World Heavyweight Boxing Champion but most importantly he will be honoured for refused to fight in Vietnam, in one of the many wars artificially created by the American Empire.

When there was a choice to be made between conscience and convenience, he chose conscience something that in today's World is very often in very short supply.

Today, many war veterans profoundly regret what was done in Vietnam where American troops burned men, women and children alive following the diktats of a Monster driven by greed that has ruined the lives of many across many continents supporting coup d'états, dictatorial regimes, carrying out illegal invasions, extorting resources, and subjecting millions to lives in extreme poverty.

The United States of America is a country that tells everybody else to live within their means but has no hesitation in building up trillions of Dollars of debt and printing worthless bank notes to take over other countries resources. The United States of America is constantly talking about Democracy and Human Rights while supporting dictators, torture, assassinations and persecution and mistreatment of its own citizens.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

1962 - 2016 USA then and now. Russian Federation faces American Empire

In 1962, the world could have witnessed nuclear war when US threatened the then Soviet Union with war because of missiles in Cuba.

Today, after a gigantic amount of patience, the Russian Federation tells warmonger US to stop provoking the Russian Federation by installing missiles in Poland and in Romania, just across the borders of the Russian Federation.

The United States of America, after destabilizing Asia Minor, Middle East and Africa, is actively engaged destabilizing Europe and using the EU in a war by proxy against the Russian Federation.

The refugee crisis that engulfs Europe was created by illegal wars and US military interventions across the world. The USA has trillions of Dollars of debt that it cannot pay and does not want to pay and still spends more in the business of war than all the rest of the world put together. So what is the American recipe? Purely and simply, printing currency and getting deeper and deeper into debt while the rest of the world is told to live within its means and this is exactly the kind of status quo that the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund controlled by the USA have promoted.

The USA talks about Human Rights. Well, When people talk about US Foreign Policies the said policies don't seem to have any regard for Human Rights. Just a few days ago, people were remembering Operation Condor, a strategic plan developed by the USA and implemented by Latin American dictatorships that the USA fully supported. In Argentina alone more than 30,000 people were 'disappeared' with total knowledge of the USA and total support from the USA.

Tens of thousands were tortured and killed by Police Forces and Armies trained by the USA who sent special 'instructors and advisers on interrogation methods'. One such adviser was Dan Mitrione who arrived in Uruguay when the country was still under a democratic government. Dan Mitrione was captured and killed by guerrillas in Uruguay but there were many others because as a CIA link he specialized on torture methods applied to political detainees.

A few days before the coup d'état in Chile in September 1973, my father and I attended a meeting of officers of the Uruguayan Air Force. At the meeting, the coup d'état that was going to happen against President Salvador Allende in Chile was mentioned. The Uruguayan Army had taken control of Uruguay in June 1973 with the auspices of the US State Department. So, it was business as usual and very much an integral part of US Foreign Policy.

Old habits die hard and USA is playing with millions of lives for the sake of implementing its warmongering agenda.

A veteran who lost his legs fighting for Britain in Afghanistan had to apply three times for citizenship

Cayle Royce

A South African who joined British Forces in Afghanistan and lost his legs fighting against Taliban had to apply three times for British Citizenship despite the fact that he had been awarded an MBE.

One wonders how many times those who have done practically nothing for Britain and come to Britain to milk the Welfare State have to apply for British Citizenship before they actually get it.

The buck stops with the British Prime Minister David Cameron, the clown that walks around talking about how much he cares for the British Armed Forces.

If David Cameron and the cohort of those who support him really cared about those putting their lives on the line of fire for Britain, they would put legislation through the House of Commons to ensure that the shambolic system a British veteran had to face is no more. We will have to check the records of the House of Commons to see if the South African soldier's plight was ever mentioned. Since Cayle Royce was awarded an MBE I have to conclude that Cayle Royce was mentioned in the Houses of Parliament but those in charge of the Home Office seem to have been unaware of who they were dealing with.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Ken Livingstone attacked for telling the truth about Das Dritte Reich and the Jewish Question

Ken Livingstone is absolutely right when he says that Adolf Hitler supported the idea of sending Jews to Palestine.

Policies regarding what National Socialist Germany called the Jewish Question were evolving as was evolving the geopolitical situation in Europe and elsewhere.

The first stage was Voluntary Immigration and in this regard the 1926 Balfour Declaration combined with the declared aim of the Zionist Movement of creating the Jewish State of Israel in Palestine coincided with the policy of Voluntary Immigration.
This is why one of the first if not the first Jewish Agency for Palestine was created in National Socialist Germany.

Following the München Pakt of 1938, the belief was that there wasn't going to be any war in Europe. Neville Chamberlain on his return to Britain after signing the documents that secured the transfer of the Sudetenland to Das Dritte Reich told everybody that peace in Europe had been safeguarded. The images of a delighted Neville Chamberlain on his return from Germany tell things as they were. Germany and Britain were then in very good terms and since Britain controlled Palestine at the time the idea of creating a State of Israel and sending Jews from Europe to Palestine was a very plausible thing to do.

The problem was that many Jews across Europe were not so enthusiastic about leaving behind the wealth and comforts of Europe to have a primitive existence in what was then Palestine. Therefore, despite all the calls of alarm raising across Europe about the way Jews were being treated, most Jews chose to stay in Europe, although some of them including Albert Einstein had left Europe even before the rise of Adolf Hitler to power in 1933. Albert Einstein left Germany in 1932.

The next stage would have been Deportation. Deportation or Expulsion would have been extremely difficult because in some countries - including Britain - Jews coming from Germany were thought to be Germans. When a group of Orthodox Jews wearing their typical attires arrived in Britain they went sent to Australia. There was little awareness amongst the general public about events happening in Europe.

On September 1, 1939, the period of goodwill between Britain and Germany was coming to an end. Neville Chamberlain sent an ultimatum to Germany asking Germany to withdraw its armies from Poland. On September 3, 1939 both Britain and France declared war against Germany. Voluntary Immigration and Deportation were no longer valid options.

On June 22, 1941, Germany invaded the Soviet Union. All the peaceful avenues were coming to an end. The beginning of Unternehmen Barbarossa was in itself confirmation that for Jews in Europe options were quickly running out. It must be said that policies about Jews, even in occupied countries, were not always clear. Poland was divided in several sectors under German occupation and there was differential treatment. In some areas they treated with extreme cruelty and in others treatment was not so harsh and life expectancy was higher.

One fundamental event took place in Berlin that is known as the Wannsee Conference. On January 20th, 1942, Heinrich Himmler, Reinhard Heydrich and other heads of the SS and of the Wehrmacht met to discuss the Jewish Question and the next stage. But let us be clear. The Wannsee Conference took place in 1942, in the winter of 1942, after the start of Unternehmen Barbarossa.

The decisions made in January 1942 would have been inconceivable when Germany still had the options of Voluntary Immigration and Deportation.

Ken Livingstone is absolutely right. At the initial stages, Adolf Hitler wanted to get rid of Jews by either Voluntary Immigration or Deportation. Germany worked together with the Zionist Movement because at the time, Germany wanted to get rid of Jews and the Zionist Movement wanted to take Jews to Israel to implement what had been promised in the 1926 Balfour Declaration.