Sunday, 26 June 2016

So called EU funding is money given by Britain to EU

What some call EU funding for Britain is money that Britain gave to EU. In actual fact, EU doesn't give a penny to the United Kingdom and takes money away to feed unelected  bureaucrats and finance a life of luxury.

There is no such a thing as EU funding for the United Kingdom. For decades, Britain has been a net contributor to the European Union.

Wales, Scotland and Northern have been subsidised by England and, in spite of the money given by England, Scotland run by SNP has managed to amass a huge amount of debt at a time when oil and gas prices are on shaky ground.

Time to get rid of myths. European Union just took. It never gave anything to the United Kingdom. United Kingdom has been paying, paying and paying even more to support a bureaucratic apparatus that has damaged the British economy with stupid regulations and destruction of British resources. British Fisheries are a very clear example of how damaging European Union policies have been leading fishing stocks to the brink of extinction. Before the United Kingdom joined the Common Market, Britain had more than 650,000 farmers. How many left? Britain had collieries. How many left? Britain had a steel industry and shipyards. How many left? The time to reclaim British resources for Britain is long overdue.

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