Wednesday, 29 June 2016

If German regulators force companies to relocate tit for tat will start and UK will reply in kind

If German regulators force companies to leave United Kingdom, it will lead to a tit for tat that will damage German cars exports. This would be a very short-sighted and very foolish approach that could bring down the CDU that is already on shaky grounds because of issues related to flood immigration.

Alternative für Deutschland and Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands would be the winners. AfD Leader Frauke Petry that made important advances in recent German elections announced that she will push for a German Membership of the European Union.

Austria, France and Holland are moving forward a Referendum on European Union Membership. If German suddenly starts feeling pain in terms of economics, can Angela Merkel stay as German Chancellor? Bavarian allies - being Bavaria the heart of industrial Germany - would not be amused by a war with Britain that could cost them dearly.

France is struggling with a Socialist President that is trying to impose legislation to make it easier for employers to layoff employees. The Socialist President has not been very popular either among the rich classes. High taxation is driving capitals out of France and UK has been one of the main beneficiaries of such exodus. All is not well in the European Union paradise. With Germany and Britain being the main contributors to the EU budget, Britain's exit means that German taxpayers will have to pay even more adding to the burden created by the immigration crisis and faltering EU economies.

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