Friday, 31 August 2012

True Racism with Ideological foundations

True Racism with Ideological foundations

Every time they accuse us of racism and xenophobia you should look at the actions of the press, the mass media, political parties and other organisations that stand as accusers. Nelson Abbey of The Voice, a Black Community publication, said loud and clear that British Foreign Policy regarding the Arab World was undeniably racist. I published a reference to an on-going situation in South Africa that involved the death of 34 Black miners and the arrest of 270 miners by an African National Congress government that used against the miners legislation created by the Apartheid Regime. The existing coverage or lack of coverage amounts to legitimizing repression that is ignored for ideological reasons.

In South Africa there is no such a thing as a Black Community. In actual fact, Black South Africans are still very much divided according to tribal differences. On top of that, the Marxist ANC went to bed with foreign companies as a matter of convenience in the very same way so called New Labour forgot about its Labour roots to become electable. Only the Daily Telegraph presented a proper account of the on-going South African tragedy while the rest of the mass media have simply ignored it or have offered accounts that legitimize repression.

Nelson Abbey explained the apparent lack of reaction regarding cases of violence of Black against Black by using the example of a family argument, something along the lines of ‘if the attacker is Black and the victim is Black, other Black people might not react’. I think that crime, regardless of the ethnicity of the victims and of the perpetrators, is crime and should always be condemned and the culprits should be punished.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

The South African ANC Government is implementing Apartheid legislation against Black miners

The South African ANC Government is implementing Apartheid legislation against Black miners
It is shameful, it is an utter violation of human rights and the most appalling act of indecency for an ANC government to be applying laws created by the Apartheid regime to kill, repress and imprison Black miners.
A few days ago, the London Regional Press Office reported that Black miners that are being exploited as slaves by foreign companies in South Africa were killed by South African Police following orders of the African National Congress government.
In a new twist the African National Congress government is using Apartheid legislation and blaming 270 miners of the killing of the 34 miners that were actually killed by South African Police officers.
No police officers were charged for killing the miners. Instead, the authorities decided to jail the surviving miners after reports that some miners who were trying to avoid being killed were tracked down and literally executed by Police officers. 

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Are we heading for a General Election?

Are we heading for a General Election?

What the persistent bad news in terms of the economy could not do, the potential U-Turn (you might ask which U-Turn since there have been quite a few) might be about to do: the end of the Conservative/Lid Dem Coalition. Which U-Turn? The U-Turn regarding an additional runway at Heathrow Airport, despite the fact that Nick Clegg has been at odds trying to deny that once again he will be lowering his political trousers to maintain an illusion of unity.

During the GLA Elections, all political parties were against the expansion of Heathrow Airport. Only the Independent Candidate Siobhan Benita was openly in favour of expansion plans that can only be implemented by demolishing entire communities. The seemingly united Conservative Party has never been united – they only get together to win elections or not to win elections. In practice, it is a vote cooperative made to fool the Electorate by telling everybody whatever they want to hear.

Not long ago, David Cameron backstabbed its own voters by giving developers the powers to delete green countryside areas and for all the talk about protecting the Armed Forces the Conservatives have been implementing wild-cuts of the Defence Budget, including the now defunct Naval Task Force. While new additions to the Armed Forces are being celebrated with pomp and circumstance at the Tower of London, tens of thousands of military personnel – including those deployed in Afghanistan – are heading towards forced retirement.

If Boris Johnson wanted an opportunity to behead David Cameron, this is it. Boris Johnson spoke against the expansion of Heathrow Airport and in favour of building a new airport facility in the Thames Estuary without the need to destroy residential areas of London and long established communities. I suppose that a country that could create an airport in Hong Kong by building islands in the ocean has the know-how and the capabilities to build a new airport in the Thames Estuary.

Monday, 27 August 2012

German economy falters under the weight of European debt

German economy falters under the weight of European debt

When the German economy collapses dramatic changes are in the offing. Just a few days ago, it was announced that the biggest economy in Europe would be badly hit by more than a trillion dollar burden that is the direct consequence of German politicians helping everybody else at the expense of the German Folk. Any other country can face financial difficulties without any major political upheaval. Not Germany.

The fear of banks closing down and the images of people keeping warm themselves up burning worthless banknotes lie deep in the German psyche. With the coming of age of younger generations that are not going to be made to feel guilty by the ghosts of World War Two and the failure of so called mainstream political parties to respect the rights of German workers, Pandora’s box is wide open and everything is at stake.

At the end of World War One, the Treaty of Versailles planted the seeds of the Third Reich. Blinded by hatred and thirst of revenge against its old foe, France created the conditions for National Socialism’s rise to power. At the end of World War Two, the Allies were much more intelligent and used a Marshall Plan instead to rebuild Germany. A new economic boom, transformed Western Germany into a very prosperous and democratic society. Now, financial crooks based in the USA engaged in an orgy of greed and fraud and created the conditions that have transformed Europe for the worse.

1929/1939, 2006/2016? When Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and others including France find themselves unable to pay their debts, creditors are going to knock at the doors of the German economy. The guilt trip will be over and people will be ready to sing a new song that will be dramatically different compared to the song they sang since the end of World War Two. Germany and France created the European Union with the declared aim of promoting peace in Europe and avoiding war. Paradoxically, European politicians and European bureaucrats in a rush to benefit themselves at the expense of European nations have created a fertile ground for political movements that might wipe out peace in Europe.


Sunday, 26 August 2012

“Woman A” smiling after been sexually assaulted 48 hours earlier?

“Woman A” smiling after been sexually assaulted 48 hours earlier?

Reportedly, 48 hours after an alleged sexual assault, one of the women that accused Julian Assange was photographed together with Julian Assange smiling in front the camera. The woman identified as “Woman A” was reportedly following Julian Assange everywhere he went, offering herself as ad hoc secretary and this happened after she says the assault took place.

Reportedly too, the wife of the man who being President of the United States did not have sex with a White House intern called Monica Lewinsky and is now Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had been touring NATO countries to talk about… “American Swedish trade relations” when the so called ‘sexual assault’ had not even been mentioned. One can only speculate about what was being traded.

In front of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London somebody asked me what William Hague as British Foreign Secretary should do. I said that William Hague should grant Julian Assange safe passage to Ecuador. We must stop embarrassing ourselves as a country. If the Swedish authorities want to be internationally ridiculed, that is up to them.  

Matthew Goodwin: Political analysis going wrong

Matthew Goodwin: Political analysis going wrong

Some years ago, a British journalist said that Britain resembled the Weimar Republic and I must say that his analysis was then pretty optimistic. At least the Weimar Republic had two political directions: it could go left or it could go right and, regardless of ideology, the concept of order was there – order of the Left or order of the Right, but order in the end. What Britain faces is complete lack of order, total chaos that will certainly lead to all kinds of violence.

Anders Behring Breivik is merely the tip of the iceberg of something much more serious. When somebody suddenly decides to take up arms and go on the rampage what this shows is that change via Democratic means is no longer possible. Reading some articles regarding what could be the shape of the next British government, the Labour Party is speculating about a possible coalition with the Lib Dems that would be, for all intents and purposes, another political Limbo very much like the present Limbo.

The lack of clear political direction is dangerous in times of plenty. In times of widespread uncertainty can be suicidal. While Matthew Goodwin seems concerned about what he calls the Rise of the Far Right, I am much more concerned about the perception of lack of governance that sooner than later will create violent underground political movements made up of people for whom the ends will justify the means, including political assassinations.

In this state of affairs, European bureaucrats are not interested in Democracy. All they want is to take even more powers away from relatively democratically elected authorities and this will be used by the aforementioned violent underground political movements to get started and given the state of Democracy in Britain I reckon not many people will raise a finger to protect institutions that have been completely devalued.

Ordinary people see political parties, Parliament, the Judiciary, the Police and even the Royal Family as intrinsically corrupt and degraded and this is extremely risky. The 2011 riots are a sample of what can happen when there is a complete breakdown in authority. No sooner the celebrations of the Diamond Jubilee ended with expressions of admiration and loyalty, a young member of the Royal Family is depicted naked in what constitutes yet another serious gaff. This wasn’t the usual Prince showing that he cares for those in need and representing the best of British values and many will then say that the real face of the Royal Family is being hidden from the public by means of mass media manipulation.

The attitudes of ordinary citizens fluctuate between admiration and ridicule and ridicule in political terms is the worst that can happen to an institution already shaken by all kinds of scandals, something that follows certain patterns since Henry VIII founded the Church of England. Britain has being in crisis for too long but now all institutions are in trouble at the same time. We still have freedoms that many countries in the world do not have but the said freedoms are at risk if the institutions that should be very much the foundations of the said freedoms cannot be trusted. When respect, admiration and reverence are lost and all we have left is fear and hatred, God Help Britain.

If there is something we should look at very carefully is the concept of Ordnung proposed by certain Muslim leaders – that is very much the Third Reich concept of Ordnung of the NSDAP Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei – used to replace the absence of order created by dying institutions like the Church of England that is more concerned about political correctness than about the mission it was supposed to perform as guardian of fundamental values.

Speaking about his admiration for Islamic fighters, SS Reichführer Heinrich Himmler shared very much the Islamic concept of Ordnung, the single-minded devotion, dedication and blind obedience of Muslim combatants that wore the Wermacht uniform in World War Two. This is not the kind of historical reference that many people would like to be associated with but in present times, when people are so desperate for some kind of certainty, it does not surprise me that many across Europe are embracing ideas that decades before they openly rejected. When you see people attending football matches and openly displaying a Nazi Flag with a Swastika, you know that there is something very wrong.   

In Britain, when people leave the Church of England and join the Catholic Church or even convert to Islam, the message is that they are looking for certainties that no longer exist in British society and that are not being offered by the Church of England or any other Western institution. Family breakdown, financial breakdown and breakdown of fundamental institutions are happening simultaneously and this is indeed extremely dangerous.

When Religion becomes a political statement

When Religion becomes a political statement
The issue is not about the freedom to be a follower of whichever religion you want to be a follower of. The issue is about religion as a political statement, as a flag of occupation and domination. The Regent’s Park Mosque had existed for many years but it only became the focus of attention when it became known that it was being used by extremists plotting against entire communities.
When people become petulant and domineering, constantly exposing themselves as conquerors, hatred follows and this is what is happening in many towns across the United Kingdom. You are Muslim and you have every right to be Muslim if you so choose, but you have absolutely no right to push Islam down the throats of everybody else. What bothers many people across the United Kingdom is the ‘takeover spirit’ of younger generations of Muslims that behave like absolute idiots and in so doing plant the seeds of their own demise.
Quite a few liberal writers have written that Muslims are the new Jews – reminding us of what happened in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. This could well be true but it could be true simply because of the outrageous behaviour of some mentally disturbed individuals whose actions are in time wrongfully perceived as the representation of entire communities that later on are unjustly targeted.
I don’t think that there will be concentration camps and gas chambers, but many thousands of Muslims are going to carry with them the stigma for something they have nothing to do with and all thanks to the politically correct society that favours extremism by creating ghettos and ethnically cleansing long standing British communities by using the banner of so called Multiculturalism.
Every year, thousands of Muslims come to Britain in search of a better life, escaping from the intellectually and socially backwards slums of the Muslim world. Unfortunately, far too many of them fail to see the link between extreme poverty and the backwards societies they left behind. What many Muslims call the depravity of the Western World is precisely what made a more tolerant and more prosperous society possible after centuries of evolution and social struggle.
People who walk around covered from head to toe, with faces hidden behind pieces of cloth, tend to look peculiar, to say the least. You can be Muslim, Jewish, Christian, or whatever you might want to be but be aware of the fact that what you wear plays a fundamental role in the way you relate to others.
I have Muslim friends and what I am going to say I will say with the most profound respect. When I see women wearing burkhas I feel like if I were seeing Jews forced to wear Stars of David in Nazi occupied Europe. You can have whatever religion you want or no religion at all but you still need to behave as a member of a wider community.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Our enemies are afraid of Peace

If there is Peace, defined as absence of armed conflict, our enemies stand to lose trillions of Dollars. Every war is a financial enterprise and for thousands of years we have been killing each other to make somebody else rich. The war in Afghanistan and conflicts in Middle East and elsewhere are used to make money at the expense of ordinary people.

Race wars, religious wars, and whatever they can use against us, exist for a purpose: to make money. After the attacks in the USA in September 2011, quite a few people rubbed their hands with glee thinking about the vast amounts of money they were about to make. The poor cattle farmer in Afghanistan had no idea that he was going to die to benefit the merchants of war, in the very same way that a boy in Iraq, left without legs,without arms and without a family as a direct consequence of American bombing in Iraq couldn't possibly have foreseen that somebody else was going to be rich by murdering his family and severing his limbs.


Racist teachers say that ethnic students are less capable

Racist teachers say that ethnic students are less capable

The implementation of higher standards for GCSEs has led to a racist struggle in which teachers say that if standards are raised ethnic students will not be able to compete. Coming from the National Union of Teachers this is the most appalling example of left-wing racism against ethnic communities.

Yet another example for ethnic communities in Britain to wake up and see the racist NUJ for what it actually stands for. Lowering educational standards seems to be the aim of an organization that is supposed to stand for higher educational standards.  

Friday, 24 August 2012

Norwegian authorites make Breivik a martyr

When I learnt about the events in Norway in which more than 70 people were killed by Anders Behring Breivik, I wrote that only an insane individual could have done what he did, that only somebody mentally disturbed could have committed the atrocities that he committed.

Now, by sentencing Anders Behring Breivik to 21 years in jail with a minimum term of 10 years to be served for the 77 people that he murdered, the Norwegian authorities have transformed Breivik into a champion in what Breivik called 'a struggle against a Muslim takeover of Europe'. They have made Breivik a hero. This means that in ten years time Breivik could be walking free in the streets.

In my heart of hearts I know that whatever we write, whatever we say, the usual culprits will always blame the British National Party for something that had nothing to do with the British National Party. The witchhunt will continue in spite of anything we say.

At the end of the day, the so called Left has blood in its hands having been engaged in flood immigration and illegal wars that have created the tensions that led to the death of 77 people in Norway. The left has taken away Democratic powers from elected Parliaments and given them to unelected bureaucrats and the massacre in Norway and the massacres to come are the direct result of a Democractic deficit.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

South Africa: Black Slavery protected by a Black government

Black Slavery protected by a Black government

A few days ago, I took part in a television programme together with Nelson Abbey from The Voice – a London Black community newspaper, and we spoke about racism and the word Slavery came up.

I thought that Apartheid ended with the election of 1994. Unfortunately, listening to the news, I now understand that I was wrong. Since 1994, South Africa has had a new kind of Apartheid under the rule of the African National Congress, initially headed by Nelson Mandela.

Although Slavery was supposed to have ended in the Nineteenth Century, Slavery continues in South Africa in the Twenty-First Century. When a government fully accepts the exploitation of its own citizens made to work as miners for less than two pound a day, eighteen years after the end of Apartheid, I call it Slavery.

Today, President Jacob Zuma ordered an investigation and a theatrical state organised series of mourning events was put in place. On April 27th 2011, Jacob Zuma said that his government was committed to reversing the legacy of Apartheid and Colonialism. So, I would like to be able to ask Jacob Zuma how he calls the actions of foreign companies that are still treating Black South Africans as Slaves under an African National Congress government.

I have to say that I haven't heard any commments from the Labour Party so often heard talking against Racism, Slavery and Colonialism. Where are the voices of the Left when exploited South African miners are murdered under an African National Congress government? Where is the indignation when people who live in desperate conditions end up losing the last thing they have left - their own lives? 

Labour Party proposes to increase tax on fuel and congestion charges

Labour Party proposes to increase tax on fuel and congestion charges

The same Labour Party that criticizes the Conservative Party for increasing VAT because they say that VAT penalizes the poor is now asking for higher taxes on fuel and higher and widespread congestion charge.

Does is sounds ridiculous? The Labour Party bankrupt Britain, exported British jobs, got involved in illegal wars to destroy foreign countries and murder hundreds of thousands of Muslims and the Labour Party is still campaigning for more wars and more illegal invasions.

The Institute of Public Policy Research aka Labour Party is talking about increasing the burden the most deprived sectors are already facing. Tax on fuel is a multiplier of prices in the economy. If the price of fuel goes up, transport costs – especially those affecting transport of food items – go up and supermarkets then proceed to impose higher prices that directly affect consumers.

Transport companies already made uncompetitive by the Labour Party will be at an even greater disadvantage and many will simply cease to exist because they cannot possibly compete with European companies and as a direct consequence jobs will be lost and ordinary people will be paying even more for their food.

The Labour Party says that it wants to counter public transport fare rises. Well, the Labour Party created the mechanism that led to yearly fares increases of three points above the rate of inflation. If transport fares go up every January it is thanks to the Labour Party and it has been announced that transport fares will go up by 11 per cent in January 2013.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Liberation of South Africa: A gigantic propaganda lie

Liberation of South Africa: A gigantic propaganda lie

For years on end the BBC has been feeding us lies about South Africa, a country that despite its riches is still mired in a sea of crime, poverty and diseases. Never mind if the government is now headed by Blacks instead of Whites. The realities of South Africa have changed very little. The slaughter at the Marikana mine of 34 miners who dared to ask for salary rises is yet another example. The victims were Black, the shooters were Black but the capitals involved are very white.

We usually talk about white farmers being killed on a daily basis. Today, let's talk about Black workers being exploited and killed.

If publications like The Voice and the politically correct classes want to talk about Slavery, let’s talk about today’s Slavery in South Africa under the African National Congress administration (ANC). Behind the socialist agenda lies the truth of exploitation and lack of hope in which private investors – many of them foreign investors – bleed South Africa to death.

What happens in South Africa does not surprise me. You only have to look at Labour Party policies to understand. Regardless of Labour’s propaganda lies, many within Black communities are waking up and as member of the British National Party my mission is to talk with representatives of Black communities in Britain to tell them the truth and to show them how they are being exploited.

Black representatives are no longer impressed with the quota system and they understand that the quota system rather than helping the Black communities is the one thing that keeps them stuck in low income jobs at the best of times and out of work most of the time.

Representatives of Black communities are no longer impressed by flood immigration either. They now know that flood immigration from present European Union countries, rather than improve the chances of their unemployed youths, condemns British Blacks to permanent unemployment. So called Globalisation is no more than a policy towards cheap salaries that has destroyed hundreds of thousands of jobs in the United Kingdom and enslaved millions across the world.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Daily Mail and LBC take the issue of Black Racism

Daily Mail and LBC take the issue of Black Racism

Let’s not beat around the bush. Black people can be racist and they can be racist like people of any other race. Nobody has the monopoly when it comes to disliking people of other ethnic backgrounds. We have publications in the United Kingdom that define themselves as newspapers for the Black communities and that specifically target Black communities, excluding everybody else.

We even have Members of Parliament like Dianne Abbot that refer to Black communities as ‘My people’. ‘Your people’, Dianne Abbot? This is the most blatant example of Black racism from a Member of Parliament. When she said it, it didn’t race any eyebrows. Trevor Phillips didn’t approach Dianne Abbot to tell her to stop being racist. No, she ran away with murder. We didn’t see the usual culprits coming out to criticize Dianne Abbot for preaching division along racial lines.

I publicly said that there is racism in the British Metropolitan Police and that the strongest evidence of racism is that there are different Police associations because officers of different ethnic background don't trust each other and thought that they had to have their own separate organisations. Another example of racism? Yes, it is and it is publicly acceptable acccording to political correctness.

So now you have it. We have a media encyclopaedia with countless examples of violent attitudes of so called ethnic minorities and we are going to go public to show Britain and the world what we are talking about.

What political organizations like the British National Party want is for everybody to come clean, to be straightforward and honest and to stop using the label Racist as some sort of intrinsic or specific characteristic of certain ideologies.

I, Carlos Cortiglia, Mayoral Candidate of the British National Party, made it a mission to talk to every community, regardless of the barriers of ideology, race, religion, gender and sexual orientation. Both in private and in public, before microphones and television cameras, I have expressed my points of view loud and clear so that the agents of the right and of the left whose sole interest is to promote violence and division are left without ammunition.

Recently speaking via an African television channel, I said that unless we open channels of communication, that unless we start talking to each other regardless of ideology, race, religion, gender and sexual orientation, that unless all of us walk our half of the way for the sake of peaceful coexistence, all of us will face enormous problems in the no so distant future.

British submarines without crews?

British submarines without crews?

We saw the decommissioning of plane carriers that effectively left Britain without a task force but there is more in the pipeline regarding British defence or the lack of it. Thomas Harding, Defence Correspondent of the Daily Telegraph, published an article today under the headline ‘Navy’s running out of sailors to man submarines’.

Russian Akula submarines have already obtained the signatures of British nuclear submarines based in Faslane, Scotland. If this wasn’t enough, officials of the British Ministry of Defence have reportedly indicated that Britain’s nuclear deterrent is at risk because the Navy does not have enough sailors to man its submarines.

The British Navy, according to the news, has a fleet of six attack submarines and four Vanguard boats that carry the Trident nuclear missile that due to staff shortages could not be deployed.

Some time ago, when Tony Blair was Prime Minister, the House of Commons debated about the British Nuclear Deterrent and it was said that there were several alternatives when it came to upgrading nuclear resources in terms of types of submarines and missiles. It was also said that the mere process of replacing outdated units would take more than ten years and that nobody knew if there were going to be financial resources and technical resources to make the necessary changes

Well, talking about replacing submarines and missiles might be absolutely unnecessary if we don’t have the necessary qualified personnel to man the said submarines.

This is a classical situation, something we have become accustomed to. In ten years time, we might have two new plane carriers and by then we will not have the proper jets able to operate using the said plane carriers. Why not? Because they planned the construction of the plane carriers but they forgot to think about the air units taking into account that today’s air units will be completely outdated.

Communiqué de presse de Florian Philippot, vice-président du Front National

Communiqué de presse de Florian Philippot, vice-président du Front National
Press Release of Florian Philippot, Vice-President of the Front National
Comunicado de prensa de Florian Philippot, vice-presidente del Front National

Si la cause exacte de l’incendie de Lacanau reste indéterminée, l’ampleur de sa propagation tient en partie à l’absence de canadairs pré-positionnés cette année à Mérignac. Les quatre canadairs mobilisés pour l’incendie ont dû venir de Marignane, dans les Bouches-du-Rhône, ce qui a nécessairement retardé la lutte contre le feu.

Even when the exact cause of the fire in Lacanau has not been determined, the speed of the spread is partly due to the absence of fire engines this year in Mérignac. The four fire engines mobilised to combat the fire had to be brought from Marignane, from the Bouches-du-Rhône, and this delayed the fight against the fire.

Pese a que la causa exacta del incendio en Lacanau todavía no ha sido determinada, la velocidad de la propagación se debe en parte a la ausencia de autobombas contra incendios este año en Mérignac. Los cuatro autobombas contra incendios mobilizados para combatir el incendio debieron ser traidos desde Marignac, desde Bouches-du-Rhône, y esto retrasó la lucha contra el incedio.

Comme l’avait reconnu en juillet dernier le préfet de Gironde, la flotte de canadairs est vieillissante, et le nombre d’engins disponibles en régression. Des arbitrages, pour le moins malheureux, ont dû être faits. Les pilotes ont pourtant régulièrement attiré l’attention des pouvoirs publics sur cette situation intolérable.

As the Prefect of Gironde recognised last July, the fleet of fire engines is outdated and there are less and less fire engines available. There had to be negotiations and most of them were unsuccessful. The pilots nevertheless have attracted the attention of the authorities regarding this intolerable situation.

Tal como fue reconocido en julio pasado por el Jefe de la Prefectura de Gironde, la flota de autobombas contra incendios es vetusta y hay menos autobombas contra incendios disponibles. Hubo que realizar negociaciones y la mayor parte de ellas no fueron exitosas. Los pilotos, sin embargo, concitaron la atención de las autoridades respecto a esta situación intolerable.

Le désengagement de l’Etat dans la sécurité civile, et en particulier dans le domaine de la lutte aérienne contre les feux de forêts, est ici clairement en cause. Rien ne peut justifier que l’Etat néglige une politique publique aussi fondamentale pour la sécurité de nos compatriotes et la préservation de nos espaces naturels.

The lack of participation of the State regarding public safety, especially when it comes to fighing against forestal fires from the air, is self-evident. Nothing can justify the negligent attitude of the State regarding such a fondamental public policy affecting the safety of our citizens and the preservation of our natural spaces.

La falta de participación del Estado respecto a la seguridad pública, especialmente respecto a la lucha aérea contra incendios forestales, es evidente. Nada puede justificar la negligencia del Estado respecto a una política pública tan fundamental que afecta la seguridad de nuestros ciudadanos y la preservación de nuestros espacios naturales.

L’Etat stratège doit se réengager dans ces secteurs essentiels à la vie du pays. Les moyens existent, à condition de faire enfin des économies sur les dépenses les plus nocives : dizaines de milliards d’euros transférés aux pays victimes de la monnaie unique, fraude sociale massive ou bien encore aide médicale d’Etat réservée aux clandestins.

The State strategy must be of re-engagement with vital sectors in the life of the country. There would be resources if we made savings by reducing the most negative expenditure: tens of thousands of millons of Euros transferred to countries that are victims of the common currency, massive social fraud and even State healthcare reserved for illegal immigrants.

La estrategia del Estado debe ser de volver a participar en los sectores vitales de la vida del país. Habrían recursos si ahorrásemos reduciendo el gasto más negativo: decenas de miles de millones de Euros transferridos a países que son víctimas de la moneda única, fraude social masivo e inclusive atención sanitaria estatal reservada para inmigrantes ilegales.

Monday, 20 August 2012

More than ever before Britain needs a British National Party

More than ever before Britain needs a British National Party

Having witnessed what has happened in Britain in the last quarter of a century, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Britain desperately needs a British National Party. Whatever the mistakes of the past, whatever the stereotypes of the past, a new political force in the United Kingdom will have the task of erasing divisions so that the United Kingdom can, once again, be a truly United Kingdom.

How did Devolution come about? Devolution came about because of the irrational policies of Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems. Why would the Scots or the Welsh or the Northern Irish otherwise want to go their separate ways? In 1997, the Scots saw a golden opportunity to get rid of a short-sighted Conservative approach to British politics and Labour took advantage of the existing discontent to set the country off on the way to fragmentation. Never mind the history of Scottish battalions headed by the glorious sounds of bagpipes accompanying the flag of the United Kingdom on the fields of battle. The amalgamation implemented by Conservative governments did away with well-deserved Scottish pride. Conservatives, Lib Dems and Labour sold out Britain at the low price of thirty coins.
Why should Wales and Northern Ireland be the poor cousins of England? One for all and all for one, walking together as one, each one proud of its own heritage but immensely proud of their common heritage that makes them the United Kingdom.
It is the duty of a British National Party to keep the country together and to establish one law for all so that wherever they live in the United Kingdom citizens have equal rights instead of differences that make them hate each other, differences that are promoted by the Conservatives, the Lid Dems and Labour. They try to cage the British National Party by calling it a Far Right party. We are not Far Right. We are just Right. We are the Right Party for the United Kingdom.


Julian Assange: Master Chess Player

Julian Assange: Master Chess Player (English/Spanish versions)

Yesterday, right in front of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, we were discussing about the reasons why Julian Assange chose the Ecuadorian Embassy, rather than the Russian Embassy or any other Embassy in London to seek political asylum.

Ayer, frente a la Embajada de Ecuador en Londres, discutimos sobre las razones por las que Julian Assange eligió la Embajada de Ecuador, en lugar de elegir a la Embajada de Rusia o cualquier otra embajada en Londres para tratar de obtener asilo político.

Some people might say that Ecuador is just a small Latin American country and here lies the key of the whole operation. This is David versus Goliath at the very time when Britain has become a pariah in Latin America and Venezuela has joined forces with Argentina, after signing a military treaty with the Russian Federation.

Algunas personas podrían decir que Ecuador es apenas un pequeño país latinoamericano y esta es la clave de toda la operación. Esto es David contra Goliath en momentos en que Gran Bretaña se ha convertido en paria en América Latina y Venezuela se ha unido a Argentina tras firmar un tratado militar con la Federación Rusa.

All powerful Britain threatening to invade a small Latin American country? Imagine on which side of the divide all those who have a grudge against Britain will be. This is a master stroke and William Hague walked right into the trap. In the very same manner that Lord Mountbatten became a victim of the IRA because of his contempt for the security measures put in place to keep him alive, the British Establishment feels so secure that they are overlooking critical aspects of the political game.

La muy ponderosa Gran Bretaña amenazando con una invasión de un pequeño país latinoamericano? Imagine a qué bando apoyarán todos aquellos que tienen motivos para estar descontentos con Gran Bretaña. Es una jugada maestral y William Hague caminó directo hacia la trampa. Del mismo modo que Lord Moutbatten fue víctima del Ejército Republicano Irlandés debido a su rechazo de las medidas de seguridad puestas en vigor para mantenerlo vivo, la Elite británica se siente tan segura que está pasando por alto aspectos críticos del juego político.

By attacking Ecuador with threatening letters, the British government has given Argentina exactly what Argentina needs to press its case against Britain. “The Empire Strikes Again” headline will be a valuable tool in the armoury of the enemies of Britain as a brilliant propaganda piece.

Atacando a Ecuador con cartas amenazadoras, el gobierno británico le ha dado a Argentina exactamente lo que Argentina necesita para promover la causa contra Gran Bretaña. El titular “El Imperio Ataca De Nuevo” será una herramienta valiosa en el arsenal de los enemigos de Gran Bretaña como un elemento propagandístico brillante.

If Argentina launches a new invasion in the South Atlantic, moves like the British threat against Ecuador will do wonders for Argentine and having disarmed itself Britain will face a fait accompli and a complete loss of face in the International Community.

Si Argentina lanza una nueva invasión en el Atlántico Sur, actos como la amenaza británica contra Ecuador beneficiarán enormemente a Argentina y tras haberse desarmado Gran Bretaña afrontará un hecho consumado y una humillación enorme en el seno de la Comunidad Internacional.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Matthew Goodwin lives in Confusion Land

Matthew Goodwin lives in Confusion Land

Matthew Goodwin should go and check the register of political parties that took part in recent elections but instead of doing what would be a rational and logical thing to do before commenting on British politics he remains in his usual state of confusion.

He talks about fragmentation of the Far Right or what certain pseudo intellectuals call Far Right and he proceeds to make an enumeration of the names of different organisations. I would like to know what some of the members of certain organisations would say having been described as Far Right.

Mr Goodwin also classifies as political parties organisations that are not even political parties and that have never taken part in British elections. Mr Goodwin once again mentions me but he does not know who I am and never made any effort to talk to me and find out where I really stand in British politics. This is rather careless coming from somebody that is considered to be a political analyst. The article is published by The Guardian, newspaper that has become reportedly accustomed to printing lies and defamatory articles.

Let me give you an example. Sometime ago, The Guardian accused the Jewish Chronicle of giving space to the British National Party or even contracting my services to write blogs for the Jewish Chronicle. Stephen Pollard, editor of the Jewish Chronicle, was so infuriated that he even threatened to take The Guardian to court.

The matter is being discussed again by The Algemeiner in New York because Richard Silverstein, a rival of the Jewish Chronicle, falsely accused the Jewish Chronicle of having paid me to write blogs for the Jewish Chronicle.

A few days ago, I sent a message to the Jewish Chronicle indicating that I am ready and willing to give a written account, to be considered in a court of law, if the Jewish Chronicle ever decides to take both The Guardian and Richard Silverstein to court on charges of libel and defamation.

Threats against friendly countries will not improve Britain’s standing

We were made aware of the fact that Britain has been threatening Ecuador, a small Latin American country, and telling them to do what Britain wants or else. The Conservative/Lib Dem coalition that so much talks about protecting the right of asylum, refugees and human rights showed its true colours when they said that they were ready and willing to violate International Law and invade the Embassy of Ecuador in London.

The Embassy of any country is territory of the country it represents and Britain has absolutely no right to invade the Embassy of Ecuador and forcefully take away a person that has been granted asylum.

The attitudes of the British government in this particular case are nonsensical and extremely damaging for British foreign relations. I am sure that President Cristina Fernandez of Argentina and President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela are celebrating this British own-goal. I am also sure that the governments of other hostile countries are also celebrating. Let’s not forget that the country that is talking about violating International Law is a member of the Security Council of the Organization of the United Nations.

As soon as the Olympic Games ended, we are confronted with everyday realities of a British Establishment that has lost the plot completely. Bullying attitudes are not creating new friends and are alienating entire regions of the world. Ill will will not improve Britain's standing in the world and will not benefit trade relations. Lib Dems, Labour and Conservatives are not only incompetent in terms of national policies. They don’t have the faintest idea about what a successful Foreign Policy actually means.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Gypsies human right to take over Marlborough College?

The news that on Thursday night more than 30 gypsies invaded Marlborough College is welcomed news. Suddenly, a convoy of vehicles including caravans, horseboxes, trucks and a lavatory block arrived and the gipsies settled down on private land belonging to an institution where the Duchess of Cambridge used to captain a hockey team. Maybe they heard about it and they want to learn how to play hockey. I suspect that college authorities don’t want to play this kind of ball game. Thinking about Windsor Castle, the gipsies would add a multicultural touch for the enjoyment of the Royal Family.

Police and private security guards had to be called in by the college authorities afraid of bigger numbers of gipsies that could arrive to take over private land. I feel extreme pleasure seeing that not only the poorer hard working classes have to put up with the undesirables. Now, the Establishment is facing abuses supported by political correctness. We should ask the Romanian gipsies to follow suit.
Why camping in Hyde Park when Oxford and Cambridge properties can offer much more picturesque and comfortable surroundings to go and break every law in the country?

Some years ago, during a demonstration of the Countryside Alliance, somebody told me that the gentry did not like the British National Party. Well, I hope they enjoy the gipsies camping in private land. The gentry could even ask the gipsies about the future. Reading the palms of their hands, the gipsies could tell them that the end of rural communities that usually support the Conservative Party is near.

Once the said areas become ‘multicultural’, camps and housing states will be sprawling everywhere and Conservative Parliamentary seats will be lost forever. Sadly for the Conservatives, the one that opened the gates of hell by allowing developers to destroy rural communities is none other than the Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron.
David Cameron justified flood immigration by saying that British youths are lazy. The gipsies are not lazy, are they?. They move pretty quickly to occupy somebody else’s land illegally.

Britain’s lack of independence is embarrassing

Britain’s lack of independence is embarrassing
Once again, Britain has been caught with its trousers down, thanks to the stupidity of Lib Lab Con, making promises without making sure that it can actually deliver without creating an international incident that could destroy a vital principle of International Law.

One man has been able to check the American Establishment, the British Establishment and the Swedish Establishment. Both the British Establishment and the Swedish Establishment are pawns of the American Establishment and their duty is to do the dirty work the American Establishment cannot get done.
There have several examples of violation of the principle that says that the Embassy of a country must be respected as part of the country it represents.

In the 1970s in Uruguay, Elena Quinteros was taken by force by Uruguayan military troops that invaded the Embassy of Venezuela in Montevideo. The incident put an end to diplomatic relations between Uruguay and Venezuela.

During President James Carter’s Administration, the American Embassy in Teheran was invaded and American citizens were taken hostage.

Today, we are talking about something even more serious. Any further violation of the principle and the principle itself would no longer exist and this would have disastrous consequences for many years to come. Without the principle, Embassies across the world would no longer be able to offer any kind of protection.

The Assange case is not a British situation. It is an international situation because the very existence of a fundamental principle of International Law is in doubt.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Oxford Professor: Designer Babies or Eugenics?

Oxford Professor: Designer Babies or Eugenics?

Professor Julian Savulescu said that creating so-called designer babies could be considered a "moral obligation" as it makes them grow up into "ethically better children".
The expert in practical ethics said that we should actively give parents the choice to screen out personality flaws in their children as it meant they were then less likely to "harm themselves and others".
How does genetic engineering make babies become ‘ethically better children’? I must confess that my knowledge of genetics is fairly limited but I still fail to see the link between genetic screening and moral values.
In the 1930’s Eugenics was very much accepted as a way of getting ‘better human beings’, a sort of mythical Atlantis kind of individuals. I accept the idea that getting rid of illnesses is a desirable objective but what is proposed seems to be much more than that. We are not only talking about genetic engineering. We are talking about social engineering using genetics and somehow altering the criteria of natural selection. Sooner than later the question will rise: what to do with those who do not fit in following certain stringent criteria?
I have seen so many movies involving futuristic societies in which perfection suddenly becomes a recipe for disaster that I cannot help thinking that the so-called experts are telling us only what they want us to know. What happened in the 1930s and 1940s is not reassuring.  The quest for physical perfection had little to do with ethics and given Human Nature there is always the risk that we will end up getting more than we bargain for.
We usually fight against illnesses using vaccines, chemical agents, radiotherapy and surgery. The next stage is to replace tissues and organs. The third stage is to modify the human genetic pool so that vaccines, chemical agents, radiotherapy and surgery become basically redundant. Given what we know, practically every method produces unwanted effects - also called secondary effects. Will the new genetic techniques generate some sort of artificial mutations?

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Britain's Independence Day

City analysts speculate, more and more, about when Britain will be leaving the EU. British Foreign Policies should be dictated by British interests rather than American interests. It is sad to see Britain so blatantly isolated – and even hated – because it has been driven along the wrong path. When it comes to the Special Relationship, it is plainly visible that such Special Relationship is working against British interests.

When British Interests are under attack in the South Atlantic Region, the USA supports those who attack British Interests and this dramatically increases the risk of yet another military conflict. Despite all the smiles for the cameras, President Barack Obama hates Britain that he still sees as the colonial power that seized much of the African Continent.

Never mind if Britain helped to create today’s African countries that would not exist without European Intervention. Most of the African problems of today started with tribal divisions that have plagued Africa for many centuries and the said problems were made even worse by internal corruption.

Thanks to internal corruption, African countries have been exploited in every possible way by arms dealers, drug traffickers and foreign governments in what constitutes a new form of slavery. The number of those dying today because of poverty, crime and preventable illnesses is much bigger than the number of those who died during the entire slavery period.

Britain needs to be the master of its own Foreign Policies to try and break the cycle of exploitation. America is only interested in Africa insofar China is making great advances and taking over much of the African continent.

British Foreign Policies based on peaceful coexistence, social and technological cooperation and prosperous trade relationships could help deliver the promises of a New Millennium. American “Armagedon” policies will only lead to more and more confrontation as if we did not have enough problems to deal with. Britain must have its own Independence Day.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Argentina violates Uruguayan sovereignty in the River Plate Region

Argentina violates Uruguayan sovereignty in the River Plate Region
Argentina viola soberanía uruguaya en la Región del Río de la Plata

Despite the apparent agreement regarding paper factories on Uruguayan territory, the constant refusal of Argentina that does not want to allow Uruguay to increase the depth of the Rio de la Plata river within Uruguayan territory is damaging the interests of Uruguay.

A pesar de los acuerdos respecto a las fábricas de papel en territorio uruguayo, el rechazo constante de Argentina que no quiere permitirle a Uruguay aumentar la profundidad del Río de la Plata dentro de territorio uruguayo está dañando los intereses de Uruguay.

The attitudes of the increasingly dictatorial Argentine government of President Cristina Fernández Wilhelm are basically retaliation measures against Uruguay, country that allowed the safe passage of vessels sailing to and from Falkland Islands.

Las actitudes del cada vez más dictatorial gobierno argentino de la Presidente Cristina Fernández Wilhelm son básicamente medidas de venganza contra Uruguay, país que permitió el libre paso de buques que navegan hacia y desde Falkland Islands.

Some Uruguayan parliamentarians have gone as far as suggesting that Uruguay should ignore treaties signed with Argentina and put Uruguayan interests first. In recent months, limitations imposed by Argentina on bilateral trade and currency exchanges are also part of the punitive measures imposed by Argentina to damage Uruguayan interests.

Algunos parlamentarios uruguayos han sugerido que Uruguay debería ignorar los tratados firmados con Argentina y dar prioridad a los intereses uruguayos. En meses recientes, las limitaciones impuestas por Argentina al comercio bilateral y al intercambio de divisas han sido también parte de medidas de castigo impuestas por Argentina para dañar intereses uruguayos. 

Train fares: those who don’t vote have no right to complain

Train fares: those who don’t vote have no right to complain
Once again, train fares are rising by a reported 11 per cent and people start complaining about it. Well, looking at turnout figures in elections, I say that those who do not take part in politics and do not vote have absolutely no right to complain. If they abstain they show that they support whatever the government of the day decides to do. This is the essence of Democracy.
In recent elections, only 32 per cent of those entitled to vote actually voted in polls that took place outside London and in London in the GLA elections merely 38 per cent bothered to come out and vote. Maybe we should have new legislation establishing that those who don’t take part in elections should be charged 50 per cent more than those who actually bother to vote.
In certain countries, those who do not vote cannot work, cannot study, cannot get pensions or any welfare support, have to pay fines and even go to prison. In Britain, people have it all too easy. They avoid their Democratic responsibilities as citizens and then they have the face to complain when something goes wrong.  

Muslims that commit crimes and stereotypes affecting communities

Muslims that commit crimes and stereotypes affecting communities

A few weeks ago, during a television programme broadcast by Vox Africa, a Muslim representative said that those who engaged in rape and other kind of reprehensible behaviour were not Muslims – referring to gang rape activities in the United Kingdom. Well, Muslims are no different from members of the other communities that engage in criminal activity. Christians and Jews are still Christian and Jewish regardless of their behaviour and Muslims cannot deny their own heritage in spite of being engaged in despicable acts.

The killings that happen across the so called Muslim world are yet another example. The victims are Muslims and the perpetrators are Muslims in the very same manner. So let’s be honest and fair to all religions and say that those involved in gang rape are Muslims because Islam is their heritage even if they do not follow the moral teachings of Islam. Islamic communities in the United Kingdom, like all the other communities, must take account of what their members do or do not do. What is of paramount importance is that crime is crime regardless of who the victims and the perpetrators are.

During another television programme, I met two smartly dressed representatives of Black communities in Britain. One of them said loud and clear that he was against hoodies because the dress style attracted the wrong kind of attention and served to perpetuate negative stereotypes that damage the image of Black communities in the United Kingdom. The British National Party rejects hoodies and all the negative aspects of what has become a sub-culture.

The other Black representative that works for The Voice - a community newspaper published in the United Kingdom - said that he absolutely rejected British foreign policy regarding countries like Afghanistan and Iraq and the Muslim world in general and that such interventionism was yet another kind of racism. The British National Party rejects interventionism in the Muslim World.

So regardless of stereotypes, when people start talking to each other – despite the brainwashing activities of the mass media whose sole interest is to create conflict and confrontation – we discover that there is agreement regarding a vast number of issues.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Lord Coe justifies offending non Christians

Lord Coe justifies offending non Christians

The closing ceremony of the Olympic Games is a typical example of how Christianity can be made a laughing stock while anybody doing the same regarding other religions would be arrested for hate crimes. The headline of the Evening Standard on today’s edition – From nuns in knickers to London cabbies, the 3,500 volunteers were real stars – is a violation of the principle that says that no religion should be exposed to ridicule.

Miranda Bryant will have blood in her hands next time somebody attacks non-Christians in the streets but what troubles us even more is that Lord Coe, core person in charge of the organization of the London Olympic Games 2012, raised no objection. Some Muslim organisations have indicated that the number of assaults against Muslims is rising. Well, if this is true, newspapers like the Evening Standard are not helping to maintain peaceful coexistence and somebody of the stature of Lord Coe is failing in its duty of care.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Far Right or just Right?

British National Party: Far Right or just Right?
Partido Nacional Británico: Extrema Derecha o simplemente Derecha?

Having been a member of the British National Party since 2001, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the British National Party is no more far right than some sectors of the Conservative Party and that in some aspects of policy it places itself to the left of the Conservative Party because it firmly believes in the social role of the public sector in terms of ensuring the survival of public services.

Habiendo sido miembro del Partido Nacional Británico desde 2001, puedo decir sin duda alguna que el Partido Nacional Británico no es más de extrema derecha que algunos sectores del Partido Conservador y que en algunos aspecto de política se ubica a la izquierda del Partido Conservador porque cree firmemente en el rol social del sector público en términos de garantizar la supervivencia de los servicios públicos.

They call us racists because we oppose flood immigration and some of the people that call us racists for opposing flood immigration are members of the Black communities that stand to lose more because of flood immigration coming from countries of the European Union. So in actual fact, we are protecting the interests of non-white British citizens by trying to stop the flood that is condemning vast numbers of Black youths to a state of permanent unemployment.

Nos llaman racistas porque nos oponemos a la inmigración inundación y algunas de las personas que nos llaman racistas porque nos oponemos a la inmigración inundación son miembros de las comunidades de raza negra que son los más perjudicados por la inmigración inundación proveniente de países de la Unión Europea. De hecho, estamos protegiendo los intereses de ciudadanos no-blancos británicos al tratar de frenar la inundación que está condenando a gran número de jóvenes de raza negra a un estado de desempleo permanente.

What many in the Black communities fail to see is that the so called mainstream political parties are taking them for a ride. If the British National Party were a racist party, it would be supporting the incoming flood of white Christian Europeans that the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats and the Conservative Party are using to replace Blacks and Asians. What is more, some of the newcomers from both Western Europe and Eastern Europe are extremely racist and even intolerant and they only come because of financial opportunities.

Lo que muchos en las comunidades de raza negra no ven es que los llamados partidos tradicionales los están engañando. Si el Partido Nacional Británico fuera un partido racista, el partido apoyaría el flujo de europeos cristianos de raza blanca que el Partido Laborista, el Partido Liberal Demócrata y el Partido Conservador están usando para sustituir a personas asiáticas y de raza negra. Inclusive, algunos de las personas provenientes de Europa Occidental y de Europa Oriental son extremadamente racistas y intolerantes y son vienen para aprovechas oportunidades financieras.

Asian communities and in particular Muslim communities have been totally brainwashed. British foreign policies – namely foreign policies implemented by both the Labour Party and the Conservative Party – have killed and are killing non-whites living in Asian and Muslim countries in huge numbers. The Labour Party in particular engaged in illegal wars, produced legislation that basically erases fundamental human rights like Habeas Corpus and gets rid of the Presumption of Innocence, and supported Rendition Flights (secret flights to transport political prisoners to be tortured outside the United States of America)

Las comunidades asiáticas y en particular las comunidades musulmanas han sido totalmente engañadas. Las políticas británicas de relaciones exteriores – políticas implementadas tanto por el Partido Laborista como por el Partido Conservador – han matado y están matando gran número de no-blancos que viven en países asiáticos y musulmanes. El Partido Laborista en particular se involucró en guerras ilegales, produjo legislación que básicamente borra derechos humanos fundamentales como el Habeas Corpus y elimina la Presunción de Inocencia, y apoya los llamados Rendition Flights (vuelos secretos para transportar prisioneros políticos para que sean torturados fuera de Estados Unidos)

Thanks to the Labour Party and those who supported legislation that is actually enforced, if you are a Muslim you could be arrested without telling you and your family why you are being arrested, kept incommunicado without access of legal counsel and even extradited to the United States of America.

Gracias al Partido Laborista y a aquellos que apoyaron la legislación que está en vigor, si usted es Musulmán usted puede ser arrestado sin que le digan a usted y a su familia porqué está siendo arrestado, mantenido incomunicado sin acceso a asesoramiento legal e inclusive extraditado a los Estados Unidos.

I ask Black communities, Muslim communities and Asian communities in general to think very carefully and decide who has done, is doing and will do more damage to racial and religious relations in the United Kingdom. Look at official British Foreign Policies. Look at legislation being implemented by the so called mainstream political parties. The true real extremists, the true racists, are sitting inside the Houses of Parliament.

Les pido a las comunidades de raza negra, a las comunidades musulmanes y a las comunidades asiáticas en general que piensen detenidamente y decidan quién ha hecho, quién está haciendo y quién hará más daño a las relaciones raciales y religiosas en el Reino Unido. Observen las políticas británicas de relaciones exteriores. Observen la legislación puesta en vigor por los llamados partidos políticos mayoritarios. Los verdaderos extremistas, los verdaderos racistas, están sentados dentro de las Casas del Parlamento.   

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Scottish Sun: Stirring up racial and religious hatred

Scottish Sun: Stirring up racial and religious hatred

Irresponsible mass media will create carnage. The Scottish Sun even jokes about hanging Conservative politicians. Such is the level of violence displayed by a journalist that  it beggars belief the fact that we are talking about a British newspaper.

Whatever our political views, we must all act responsibly and be extremely aware of the fact that whatever goes around comes around. Power and Responsibility should come together and, whatever your views, we must remember that peaceful coexistence will not be possible in an environment poisoned by newspapers like the Scottish Sun.

It is fact that the vast majority of the Muslim Community does not engage in acts of terrorism but it is also fact that those who are actually involved in acts of terrorism use the arguments of a politically correct society as a smoke screen to protect themselves. People like Abu Qatada and Abu Hamsa were all too quick to claim that their human rights were violated while at the same time they plotted to destroy the society that is the foundation of human rights.

If a journalist criticises us for wanting to get rid of Islamic terrorists, so be it. If a newspaper like the Scottish Sun persists in its incitement to violence, then it should be dealt accordingly and those in charge should take full responsibility.

No wonder the Scottish Sun is losing its readers and with less readers one presumes that responsible advertisers will not want to support such a newspaper.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Our opponents’ ignorance bothers me but it is understandable given who they are

Our opponents’ ignorance bothers me but it is understandable given who they are

More often than not, our opponents live in confusion and do not understand the differences between the British National Party, the National Front, the English Defence League, the English Democrats, the United Kingdom Independence Party and other political organisations. They try and hide their ignorance by using labels of the 1930s, their favourite labels being Nazi, Fascist and Racist.

During the 2012 GLA electoral campaign, even Lawrence Webb of UKIP was labelled ‘racist’ because he dared to oppose flood immigration as if all immigrants coming to Britain were of the same race. When such criticisms are made you understand that many of our opponents are primates that haven’t come down from the trees of political stupidity.

Even people that are supposed to have a grain of brainpower like Matthew Goodwin, somebody who is said to be knowledgeable when it comes to politics, is intellectually unable to tell apart organisations that due to geographical, historical and ideological factors are as equal as apples and oranges. His analysis of the evolution of what he calls ‘right wing’ organisations in Europe is marred in confusion.

Things get even more complicated when they blatantly ignore the differences between Politische Bewegung, Politische Partei and Soziale Bewegung (Political Movement, Political Party and Social Movement). An example of Social Movement is the so called Occupy Wall Street Movement. An example of Political Movement is the English Defense League. The British National Party is a Political Party. They are different when it comes to their methods and organisation and they are different when it comes to their aims.

Talking to an Austrian journalist, I explicitly said that in order to understand what is going on in Europe we need to be absolutely precise. Fascism was specific to Italy and to the idea of the revival of the Italian State and of the past glories of the Roman Empire. It had its own political aims, its own economic ideology and was not racially orientated. National Socialism, in spite of rising to power in Germany, had its roots in Austria where there had been growing resentment, after the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, against non-German minorities ie Czechs. Franquismo was specific to Spain and was a reaction of the Catholic establishment against Marxist elements. Even after the Spanish Civil War that started in 1936 and having won with the cooperation of National Socialist Germany, General Franco did not join the Axe and chose to remain neutral.

For centuries, anti-Semitism had been rampant across Europe – partly promoted by Christian teachings about the Crucifixion of Jesus. The organised Churches had ignored the fact that Jesus himself was Jewish and linked to the Royal House of David, his followers were mainly Jewish and the Bible is very much part of the Jewish tradition. Christianity had been born out of Judaism and paradoxically Judaism was being rejected and those of Jewish origin persecuted. So the attitudes of our opponents when it comes to politics are not new. They are as irrational as the Christian Churches that promoted anti-Semitism.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Matthew Collins: Far Right infiltrates HNH

Matthew Collins: Far Right infiltrates HNH

When racist thugs who were expelled by the National Front because their views were considered to be too extreme and even dangerous join a left-wing organisation you know there is something very wrong. It does not surprise us given the growing rift between Searchlight and HNH, one run by a Jewish activist and the other run by a pro-Islamic editor.

It is difficult to believe that somebody who held views that were more extreme than the views of the National Front can now suddenly be ‘a new-born Christian that suddenly saw the light’. It was reported than in the 1980s, after being expelled by the National Front because of his extreme views, Mr. Collins who was then short of money made a £1,000 deal to publicly reject his own views. After a failed attempt to settle down in Australia, Mr. Collins is back in Britain working for those that were his publicly declared enemies.

Something similar happened when individuals classified as Far Right extremists joined the English Democrats and even willingly worked for the BBC to produce an infamous Panorama programme.

There is one constant element that joins the dots: the uncanny interest in sexual overtones and a declared interest in talking about artificial sexual scandals created when their intellectual capabilities do not allow them to talk about serious political issues. When talking about sexuality, the left should be extremely careful because they are walking on broken glass. Former London Mayor Ken Livingstone in his memoirs gives us an insight about the ‘parallel activities’ of the Labour Party, including wife swapping parties in Lambeth. Obviously, they cannot possibly hold the high moral ground.

It is also obvious for those of us who knew some of the tactics used by both Communists and Socialists to attract new followers. It is a well known fact that sexual promiscuity was encouraged for political purposes. Putting a group of ‘easy-going’ young girls together with a bunch of hormone driven individuals, they got the perfect recipe to widen their power base. Why should they care about ideology or principles when they could use human instinct and basic biology?

Somebody suggested to us that Matthew Collins might have even more powerful reasons to write about sexuality. For more than twenty years he hasn’t had a stable relationship and has had no known relationship with females. We are not about to point an accusing finger at Matthew Collins. In fact, as an adult, Mr Collins is the master of his own destiny and has every right to interact or not to interact with females. We only mention this fact because it sounds and looks very peculiar or even odd.