Friday, 17 August 2012

Britain’s lack of independence is embarrassing

Britain’s lack of independence is embarrassing
Once again, Britain has been caught with its trousers down, thanks to the stupidity of Lib Lab Con, making promises without making sure that it can actually deliver without creating an international incident that could destroy a vital principle of International Law.

One man has been able to check the American Establishment, the British Establishment and the Swedish Establishment. Both the British Establishment and the Swedish Establishment are pawns of the American Establishment and their duty is to do the dirty work the American Establishment cannot get done.
There have several examples of violation of the principle that says that the Embassy of a country must be respected as part of the country it represents.

In the 1970s in Uruguay, Elena Quinteros was taken by force by Uruguayan military troops that invaded the Embassy of Venezuela in Montevideo. The incident put an end to diplomatic relations between Uruguay and Venezuela.

During President James Carter’s Administration, the American Embassy in Teheran was invaded and American citizens were taken hostage.

Today, we are talking about something even more serious. Any further violation of the principle and the principle itself would no longer exist and this would have disastrous consequences for many years to come. Without the principle, Embassies across the world would no longer be able to offer any kind of protection.

The Assange case is not a British situation. It is an international situation because the very existence of a fundamental principle of International Law is in doubt.

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