Sunday, 26 August 2012

When Religion becomes a political statement

When Religion becomes a political statement
The issue is not about the freedom to be a follower of whichever religion you want to be a follower of. The issue is about religion as a political statement, as a flag of occupation and domination. The Regent’s Park Mosque had existed for many years but it only became the focus of attention when it became known that it was being used by extremists plotting against entire communities.
When people become petulant and domineering, constantly exposing themselves as conquerors, hatred follows and this is what is happening in many towns across the United Kingdom. You are Muslim and you have every right to be Muslim if you so choose, but you have absolutely no right to push Islam down the throats of everybody else. What bothers many people across the United Kingdom is the ‘takeover spirit’ of younger generations of Muslims that behave like absolute idiots and in so doing plant the seeds of their own demise.
Quite a few liberal writers have written that Muslims are the new Jews – reminding us of what happened in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. This could well be true but it could be true simply because of the outrageous behaviour of some mentally disturbed individuals whose actions are in time wrongfully perceived as the representation of entire communities that later on are unjustly targeted.
I don’t think that there will be concentration camps and gas chambers, but many thousands of Muslims are going to carry with them the stigma for something they have nothing to do with and all thanks to the politically correct society that favours extremism by creating ghettos and ethnically cleansing long standing British communities by using the banner of so called Multiculturalism.
Every year, thousands of Muslims come to Britain in search of a better life, escaping from the intellectually and socially backwards slums of the Muslim world. Unfortunately, far too many of them fail to see the link between extreme poverty and the backwards societies they left behind. What many Muslims call the depravity of the Western World is precisely what made a more tolerant and more prosperous society possible after centuries of evolution and social struggle.
People who walk around covered from head to toe, with faces hidden behind pieces of cloth, tend to look peculiar, to say the least. You can be Muslim, Jewish, Christian, or whatever you might want to be but be aware of the fact that what you wear plays a fundamental role in the way you relate to others.
I have Muslim friends and what I am going to say I will say with the most profound respect. When I see women wearing burkhas I feel like if I were seeing Jews forced to wear Stars of David in Nazi occupied Europe. You can have whatever religion you want or no religion at all but you still need to behave as a member of a wider community.

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