Monday, 20 August 2012

More than ever before Britain needs a British National Party

More than ever before Britain needs a British National Party

Having witnessed what has happened in Britain in the last quarter of a century, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Britain desperately needs a British National Party. Whatever the mistakes of the past, whatever the stereotypes of the past, a new political force in the United Kingdom will have the task of erasing divisions so that the United Kingdom can, once again, be a truly United Kingdom.

How did Devolution come about? Devolution came about because of the irrational policies of Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems. Why would the Scots or the Welsh or the Northern Irish otherwise want to go their separate ways? In 1997, the Scots saw a golden opportunity to get rid of a short-sighted Conservative approach to British politics and Labour took advantage of the existing discontent to set the country off on the way to fragmentation. Never mind the history of Scottish battalions headed by the glorious sounds of bagpipes accompanying the flag of the United Kingdom on the fields of battle. The amalgamation implemented by Conservative governments did away with well-deserved Scottish pride. Conservatives, Lib Dems and Labour sold out Britain at the low price of thirty coins.
Why should Wales and Northern Ireland be the poor cousins of England? One for all and all for one, walking together as one, each one proud of its own heritage but immensely proud of their common heritage that makes them the United Kingdom.
It is the duty of a British National Party to keep the country together and to establish one law for all so that wherever they live in the United Kingdom citizens have equal rights instead of differences that make them hate each other, differences that are promoted by the Conservatives, the Lid Dems and Labour. They try to cage the British National Party by calling it a Far Right party. We are not Far Right. We are just Right. We are the Right Party for the United Kingdom.


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