Friday, 31 May 2013

If political parties are not allowed to operate normally, direct action will follow

Political questions that must be answered

Watching developments in the United Kingdom, what I said to an Austrian journalist during an interview is more relevant than ever before. I said: Die Frage ist: Wollen sie eine Politische Partei, eine Politische Bewegung oder eine Soziale Bewegung?
The British National Party operates within a democratic framework that has very serious flaws but is still a democratic framework. Other organisations that are not political parties are not necessarily restricted by rules that apply in theory to all democratic parties in Britain. When the democratic framework becomes increasingly flawed, other operators become increasingly active and call for direct action bypassing the democratic framework.
We have become aware that a hate preacher and some of his followers were taken into ‘protective custody’ after an organisation stated that they would ‘take care of him’ if the Police did not arrest him. This is the next stage in a political process that is failing to address and something that is increasingly worrying but unavoidable insofar the authorities fail in their duty of care of stopping hate preachers.
If the authorities fail to protect ordinary citizens, then the natural step will be that ordinary citizens will have to look after themselves and make sure that they are safe.

Salford: London says Present

Salford BNP

British National Party Shunned at Swinton Civic Centre 

As reported by a local Manchester newspaper
The British National Party was planning to hold a meeting at Salford’s Town hall on the 30th of May 2013 but hours before the scheduled time the Party were told they would be refused entry to the Civic Centre.

Surprisingly the Council were unable to refuse the party use of their facilities due to Legislation for Political Candidates, the BNP had spread the word across the borough but the meeting never materialised.

The BNP Said:

“The British National Party, were due to hold a public meeting, in line with the peoples representation act at the civic centre, Thursday 30th May 2013, the Salford Suite was booked weeks in advance, Members of the Labour Party have pressured the mayor to cancel the meeting in an attack on democracy, Salford Council have just been compared to the communist country’s North Korea, China and Cuba, by the Electoral Reform Society (ERS) who said Salford Council had failed the ‘basic test of democracy’ Martin Vickers who is paid a 6 figure sum of public money and directly reports to the Labour mayor informed us three hours before the meeting that it was cancelled and the room was ‘unavailable’ for use. This is a clear image Salford Labour wants to portray with total disrespect for the voters of Weaste and Seedley, another clear message democracy is dead in Salford.”

Martin Vickers, Deputy Returning Officer said

“Under the Representation of the People Act 1983 all candidates in a by-election are entitled to use certain council rooms for free to promote their campaign.

“The council agreed to let the BNP hold a public meeting at Salford Civic Centre, but subsequently found the BNP expressed their wish to restrict entry. This does not constitute a public meeting as defined by the Representation of the People Act 1983 and we could not allow it to go ahead as it would be breaking the law.”

And the following is our commentary about what was reported and the political context in Britain:

Two versions of events and in my experience the Labour Party aka Communist Party that told people in Barking and Dagenham that 'they will put you on aircraft and throw you into the sea', was the same Labour Party that tried to block a meeting in Coventry with local Al Capone turning in and using his powers to threaten a local pub owner because he dared to provide us a venue for a party conference and that once again has impeded a lawful meeting of a political party. The Marxist gangsters cover themselves and use every trick in the book talking about democracy and acting like Apparatchiks.

Why does the British Prime Minister support killers?

Why does the British Prime Minister support killers?

I cannot possibly understand why Prime Minister David Cameron supports an organisation that has more than once been linked to violence against political parties and includes in its ranks people who are ready and willing to kill British soldiers.

When they say that other groups cover their faces with balaclavas, I would like to remind our readers that I  was attacked by UAF members wearing balaclavas. Had not been for a Police cordon in Croydon near Home Office headquarters, the outcome of what actually happened could have been quite different.

Appeasing or supporting killers is not the way forward, Prime Minister. They say that the British people are quite patient and that it takes some time for British people to react, but when they finally react nothing will be able to stop them.


Thursday, 30 May 2013

Are Islamic Cultural Centres being used as training centres for combatants?

Cultural Centres used as training centres for combatants?

Some years ago, an undercover investigation showed that the main Mosque in Regent’s Park was being used to indoctrinate Muslim women and turn them against non-Muslims.

Today, we ask the question: are cultural centres being used to train combatants? It has been suggested that the Islamic Centre in Lewisham is being used to teach martial arts and that this includes the use of knives in combat.

The question was posed by readers who are increasingly concerned about the ramifications of what happened a few days in Woolwich.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Drummer Lee Rigby - The Ode of Remembrance

Lee Rigby
The Ode of Remembrance especially refers to men like Drummer Lee Rigby. We don't need to be vetted by the politically correct classes to remember the fallen because we are British. Saturday, June 1st, 2013 - Woolwich New Road and Gunner Lane.

They went with songs to the battle, they were young.
Straight of limb, true of eyes, steady and aglow.
They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted,
They fell with their faces to the foe.
They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.
Lee Rigby does not belong to the British government or any political party. Lee Rigby does not belong to the charity Help the Heroes. Lee Rigby belongs to us all and we have the right and the duty to honour him and remember him.

‘Help the Heroes’ rejects EDL donations

‘Help the Heroes’ rejects EDL donations

Tommy Robinson EDL
It was just a matter of time but it was bound to happen. EDL donations have been rejected by the charity Help the Heroes in yet another case of political correctness. The charity, and anybody else for that matter, wouldn’t have a clue about where the money donated is coming from because money is money and does not have any political allegiance.

In actual fact, unknowingly, Help the Heroes has been receiving money from every political organisation including UKIP, EDL and British National Party because, unless specifically told, it is impossible to verify where the money is actually coming from.

From a theatrical point of view and to be shown as holding the moral higher ground, those running Help the Heroes rejected the EDL campaign to collect funds but from a practical point of view it makes absolutely no difference.

The big losers in this affair are the veterans themselves because there will be less money available to support them.

William Hague's attempt to get EU support for enemies of Britain failed

Hague defeated in EU

William Hague
Hague’s attempt regarding Syria failed. EU told him: if you want to do it, you can do it but we will not help you. This is the straightforward summary of what happened after many hours of negotiations to try and convince EU countries to support AlQaeda in Syria.

Conservative Foreign Policy is like the British entry in Eurovision: a complete failure. Britain appears to like Eurovision but Eurovision audiences don’t like Britain.

Hague's understanding of what is happening in Syria and in the Muslim World as a whole is practically missing. Hezbollah leaders announced just hours ago that they will help President Assad.

Hezbollah's announcement has divided Lebanon even more and Lebanese fighters are now fighting each other inside Syria. This is an Arab conflict and British leaders, if they were wise, would stay out of it and let the Arabs get on with their internal business. The truth of the matter is that any armaments sent to Syria could end up being used in the streets of British cities.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Is Anjem Choudary a traitor to Islam paid by the British Security Services?

Is Anjem Choudary an MI5 Puppet?
An article published by the Daily Mail asks: 'Is this country mad? Why is Anjem Choudary, whose poisonous teachings influenced the Woolwich killers, free to draw benefits and tour BBC studios spouting murderous hatred against Britain?'

All has been revealed and leads to the suspicion that Anjem Choudary is being paid by the British Security Services to act as a traitor to Islam by acting as an Agent Provocateur to justify British Foreign policy of interference in Islamic countries.

The killer of a British soldier was pictured as a disciple of Anjem Choudary known by MI5 that MI5 allowed to walk free to go and kill a British soldier as an act of provocation. 

All indications are that Anjem Choudary is in fact an MI5 puppet used to stir up tensions. His apparently provocative actions are a theatrical cover to convince Muslims that Anjem Choudary is on their side when Anjem Choudary is actually stabbing Muslim in the back. 

French soldier stabbed in the throat by presumed North-African man

French soldier stabbed in the throat by presumed North-African man

Reports coming from France indicate that a French soldier who was on patrol in Paris was attacked but that despite the seriousness of his injuries he will survive.
A French newspaper – Le Parisien – mentioning Police sources said that the attacker was a bearded man, about 30-years-old that wore an Arab-style garment under his jacket.
Although the stabbing occurred just days after a British soldier was hacked to death in London in a suspected terrorist attack, there has been no confirmation of any links to the attack in France.

There are hightened tensions while in Sweden the authorities are trying to contain rioters in a conflict derived from mass immigration and social and economic deprivation.

Is it true that MI5 offered a job to the killer of a British soldier?

Is it true that MI5 offered a job to the killer of a British soldier?

Since the day when Dr David Kelly was found dead in a wooden area, the fact the MI5 knew the identity of those who carried out the attacks of July 7th 2005, going through the times when Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned, over the time when Boris Lugovoi was found dead – initially thought to have committed suicide – there have been serious doubts about the integrity of the British Security Services.

If what we are now told happens to be true, it would be yet another scandal affecting the integrity of the British Security Services. It transpires that MI5 knew the Nigerian attackers of a British soldier and – not only that – MI5 offered one of the men who killed a British soldier a job in MI5.

We know that the government of Nigeria is making strenuous efforts to get rid of AlQaeda guerrillas and at present is involved in a military campaign to eradicate Islamic extremists. How on Earth could MI5 offer a job to a Nigerian Muslim convert?

Regardless of political allegiances, reason must always prevail

The Latin phrase cogito ergo sum (French: "je pense donc je suis"; English: "I think, therefore I am") is a philosophical proposition by René Descartes. Whatever our political allegiances, reason must always prevail.

The story goes that there were three religious men: one Protestant priest, one Catholic Priest and one Jewish Rabbi.

The Protestant priest told the story about repression: 'One day, they came and took away the Jewish Rabbi and I did not nothing to help him because he was a Jewish Rabbi. The next day, they came and took away the Catholic priest and I did not nothing to help him because he was a Catholic priest. The following day, they came and took me away and the Jewish Rabbi and the Catholic priest were not there to be able to help me.'

We think therefore we exist. Innocents must be protected. Mobs might be conducive to lynching but mobs are never conducive to social justice.

Whatever our political beliefs, we must ensure that the principle that everybody is innocent until proven guilty prevails.

Islam is not a race or a nationality. It is a religion

Islam is not a race or a nationality. Islam a religion

When faced with acts of irrationality, we must strive to remain rational and fair to all. It is irrational to go around blaming everybody or punishing everybody for crimes they have not committed.

In a Democracy, people must be free to practice any religion as a long as they do not talk about or engage in criminal acts. The same is valid when talking about political organisations. As long as political organisations act within a democratic framework and abide by the laws, people should be free to put across their ideas and views.

Pax Vobiscum, Salaam Alaikum and Shalom mean roughly the same: peace be with you, peace be upon you and peace.

There are Christians, Muslims and Jews of all races and of many nationalities. Therefore, it is a complete and utter absurdity to treat religions as races or nationalities.

Christianity, Islam and Judaism come from the same root. As there have been divisions in Christianity, there have been divisions in Islam and in Judaism.

We must reject violence and we must reject extremism but we must respect peoples' rights at all times.  

Friday, 24 May 2013

Church of England’s policies regarding sexuality lead to terrorism

Church of England’s policies regarding sexuality lead to terrorism

I have no doubts whatsoever that Christians that choose to join Islam and sometimes join extremist groups do so because of the Church of England’s absolute contempt for the Scriptures. Homosexuality is explicitly rejected in the Bible.

Therefore, it can also be said that the policies of the Church of England are directly linked to extremism and terrorism because they are alienating more and more people that no longer feel that those in charge of the Church of England represent true Christian values and this includes family values.

In the beginning, it was Adam and Eve. There were no Jenny and Mary or Peter and Robert. Adam and Eve as in a man and woman! Genesis is about father, mother and children.

A very real catastrophe created for ideological reasons

A very real catastrophe created for ideological reasons

Every year, many children are suffering and dying because it is extremely difficult or impossible to find compatible bone marrow, organ donors and blood donors for those afflicted by serious illnesses. This is yet another dimension of Labour’s racial and cultural experiments.

As always, the British National Party deals with facts and any serious and honest medical doctor can bear witness of what I am about to say. In medical terms, in many cases children with mixed ethnic backgrounds will face extreme sufferings and an early death because no suitable donors can be found.

The more complex the ethnic background is the more difficult it is to find suitable donors and certain ethnic communities are known to be extremely reluctant to provide the help that is needed.

A child is a child regardless of race, religion, social background or any other discriminatory criteria. Labour’s racial and cultural experiments carried out with complete and utter disregard for the human condition are as criminal as the experiments carried out by Nazi doctors in German concentration camps.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Quran: Fight those of the unbelievers who live near to you and show them how harsh you can be.

Quran - Surah - 9.123 "Fight those of the unbelievers who live near to you and show them how harsh you can be".

Can anybody disprove the veracity of this quote? If it is not possible to refute the veracity of this quote, the claim being made about Islam being a religion of peace does not stand not even one leg.

Integration? I see that integration of the basis of the teaching of the Quran, given such teaching, is basically impossible.

George Galloway making sense?

George Galloway making sense?

George Galloway twitted that the people that killed a British soldier in London are linked to AlQaeda guerrillas in Syria, guerrillas that are being supported by the British government.

Suddenly, things fall into place and this is the real madness behind what is happening in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. The British government under Tony Blair supported Boris Berezovsky who was himself a known supporter of Islamic guerrillas linked to AlQaeda in Chechnya at a time when British troops were involved in a conflict against AlQaeda.

All the Draconian measures implemented to keep Islamic terrorists at bay in the United Kingdom did not help to avoid the catastrophe of July 7th 2005 and as a head of the Security Services stated in the House of Commons ‘British security services do not have the necessary manpower to counter homeland terrorists and many of them are bound to avoid detection’. This, according to MI5, is one of the greatest concerns.

We need a consistent foreign policy. We cannot fight AlQaeda in Afghanistan and then go and support AlQaeda somewhere else. We know what happens in Nigeria where the Nigerian government is carrying out a campaign to exterminate Muslim rebels linked to AlQaeda. Who killed a British soldier in London? The British soldier was killed by two Nigerians who converted to Islam . Where is the logic of British foreign policy?

If you send AlQaeda terrorists to British jails, they will be very happy because they will be surrounded by their peers. The best option would be to help them join Allah as soon as possible. 

Res non Verba - Fact, not just words

Barbaric textbooks handed out in Saudi Arabian schools teach children how to cut off a thief's hands and feet under Sharia law, it has emerged.

The shocking books, paid for and printed by the Saudi government, also tell teenagers that Jews need to be exterminated and homosexuals should be 'put to death'.

Recent editions were obtained by the Institute for Gulf Affairs in Washington, D.C., which says they should raise fears in the West over the use of jihadist language.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Nigel Farage - true leader of the Conservative Party

David Cameron: Conservative or something else?

David Cameron
For a politician like David Cameron to vote against his own political party and look for support somewhere else is something that comes natural to the man. Now Conservative members and Conservative representatives must choose between loyalty to the Conservative Party and loyalty to somebody who no longer represents Conservative views.

The leader of the Conservative Party used to represent Conservative views even taking the risk of being called the Nasty leader of the Nasty Party. At least people knew what the Conservative Party stood for.

After the backstabbing of Margaret Thatcher, the assassination of the one leader that that won three consecutive elections for the Conservative Party, nobody knows what the organisation stands for because David Cameron makes false promises and plays for time promoting an agenda that has nothing to do with traditional conservative principles.

The replacement of Margaret Thatcher, – John Major, presided a divided house. The divisions of the Conservative Party headed by the backstabbers including the Kenneth Clarkes, the Michael Heseltines and others like them brought down the Conservative Party and led it straight into a most catastrophic defeat in 1997. The Conservatives were practically wiped out in Scotland and in Wales and only managed to cling on to life because in practice they no longer were a national political party.

If anything, the 2010 defeat led to a coalition in which they had to give up whatever was left of Conservative principles in order to find a way to attract the Liberal Democrats that had regularly supported the Labour Party. In 2013, the now leader of the Conservative Party has gone even further down the road to shame: he has had to look for the support of Labour and of the Liberal Democrats to defeat his own political party.

More and more Conservatives instinctively know that Nigel Farage is the true leader of the Conservative Party.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Peter Campbell - British gaucho appointed by José Artigas as First Uruguayan Naval Commander

Peter Campbell – oficial naval y fundador de la Armada de Uruguay

(Spanish version followed by English version)

Peter Campbell, nacido en Irlanda en 1780, se alistó en el 71st Highland Regiment, una de las divisiones que en julio de 1805 partió rumbo al Cabo de Buena Esperanza. En 1806, estas tropas invadieron Buenos Aires bajo el comando de William Carr Beresford. Pese a los intentos fallidos de mantener el control en la región del Río de la Plata y la retirada del regimiento, Campbell fue uno de los soldados que logró permanecer en la región.

Campbell se incorporó a las fuerzas patriotas como líder guerrillero, atacando a las fuerzas españolas tanto en tierra como el Río Paraná. Fue famoso por su destreza en el duelo al estilo gaucho, usando un facón en una mano y usando un poncho cubriendo el otro brazo como medida de protección. Llevaba consigo dos pistolas, un sable y un gran cuchillo en una funda de cuero y fue asistido por un gaucho nacido en Irlanda llamado ‘Don Eduardo’.

Campbell se hizo famoso como un gran guerrillero, sirviendo a las órdenes de José Gervasio Artigas, el caudillo de una región que abarcaba las provincias argentinas de Entre Ríos y Corrientes y gran parte de Uruguay. Peter Campbell desempeñó un papel importante en los asuntos de la Provincia de Corrientes y durante un cierto período fue vicegobernador.

Influyó notablemente en las tácticas empleadas por las fuerzas militares locales – primero contra los españoles durante la Guerra de Independencia y más tarde contra Buenos Aires en las guerras civiles luego de la independencia de Argentina. Peter Campbell fue responsable por el establecimiento de un regimiento de indios Tapes que era temido tanto por su caballería como por su infantería con tácticas que era difícil contrarrestar. Armados con rifles con bayonetas largas, su fuerza indígena fue entrenada para atacar al enemigo a caballo con gran velocidad antes de desmontar y abrir fuego con sus rifles.

Las proezas militares de Campbell y su habilidad como organizador no se limitaron a tierra firme. En 1814, inició la formación de un escuadrón de naves fluviales para apoyar a Artigas en el Paraná. En 1818, Peter Campbell estuvo al mando el segundo escuadrón de las fuerzas navales uruguayas, basado en Goya y Esquina. Se convirtió en comandante naval de la región y procedió a atacar las flota fluvial de Francia, el dictador de Paraguay.

El 21 de agosto de 1818, Artigas nombró a Peter Campbell como primer comandante naval de la flota patriota y fue reconocido como fundador de la Armada de Uruguay.

Campbell, Peter (1780-c1832), naval officer and founder of the Uruguayan navy, was born in Ireland in 1780. Little is known about Campbell's early years in Ireland, except that he was probably apprenticed as a tanner. He enlisted in the 71st Highland Regiment, one of the divisions that in July 1805 sailed for the Cape of Good Hope. In 1806 these troops invaded Buenos Aires under William Carr Beresford. After the British campaigns failed in their attempt and the regiment withdrew, Campbell was one of the soldiers who managed to remain in the River Plate.

He joined the patriot ranks as a guerrilla leader, harassing Spanish forces both on land and on the Paraná river. He was notorious for his dexterity in gaucho-style duel, wielding a long knife in one hand and using a poncho wrapped around the other arm as a protective measure. He carried two riding pistols, a sabre, and a large knife in a leather sheath for his personal protection, and was assisted by a Tipperary-born gaucho known as 'Don Eduardo'.

Campbell rose to prominence as a superb guerrilla fighter, serving under José Artigas, the caudillo of a region which encompassed the present-day Argentine provinces of Entre Ríos and Corrientes, and much of Uruguay, a man regarded as one of Uruguay's founding fathers. Peter Campbell played a prominent role in the affairs of Corrientes province, and for a period after 1819 acted as its deputy governor.

He had a notable influence on the tactics employed by the local military forces, first against the Spaniards during the War of Independence, and later against Buenos Aires in the civil wars that followed Argentine sovereignty. Peter Campbell was responsible for establishing a regiment of mounted Tapé indigenous people, who were feared both as a cavalry and infantry force because their tactics were so difficult to counteract. Armed with rifles with long bayonets attached to them, his indigenous force was trained to charge the enemy on horseback at great speed before dismounting and opening fire with their rifles.

Campbell's military prowess and organisational ability were not confined to terra firma. In 1814 he began putting together a squadron of river vessels to support Artigas on the Paraná. In 1818 Peter Campbell took charge of the second squadron of the Uruguayan naval forces, based in Goya and Esquina. He became naval commander-in-chief of the region and the scourge of the Paraguayan dictator Francia's river fleet. On 21 August 1818 Artigas appointed Campbell as the first naval commander of the patriot fleet. It is on the basis of this appointment that the Irishman is acknowledged as the founder of the Uruguayan navy

MERCOSUR: Es una broma

MERCOSUR: Es una broma

MERCOSUR, o lo que supuestamente tendría que ser MERCOSUR, no existe. Las medidas proteccionistas argentinas son exactamente lo opuesto a lo que debería ocurrir en una alianza regional. La mandataria argentina, Cristina Fernández, habla constantemente de aumento del intercambio regional cuando las realidades demuestran lo contrario.

El gobierno de Argentina incrementa casi a diario las restricciones a las importaciones en un intento desesperado por evitar la bancarrota. En un momento determinado la diferencia entre los valores de divisas – cotización oficial y cotización de mercado – respecto del dólar de Estados Unidos fue de un 80%.

Dicho de otro modo, la moneda argentina está sobrevaluada en un 80 por ciento y esto nos recuerda otros tiempos en que el gobierno de Argentina trató de mantener el valor del peso argentino al mismo nivel del dólar de Estados Unidos, algo que solamente fue posible mediante la venta de las reservas de oro en una situación que condujo al no pago de la deuda externa.

Argentina todavía está forzada a lidiar con más de cien acreedores internacionales y contiendas legales relacionadas con el no pago de su deuda externa. Hay un abismo que separa las declaraciones realizadas por la Presidente de Argentina y las realidades nacionales y regionales.

MERCOSUR, or what should be MERCOSUR, does not exist. Argentina's protectionist measures are exactly the opposite of what should be happening within a regional alliance. Argentina's President Cristina Fernández, constantly talks about increases of regional trade when facts show that exactly the opposite is happening.

The government of Argentina increases restrictions to imports on a daily basis in a desperate attempt to avoid bankruptcy. At one point, the difference between the official parity exchange rate and the market exchange rate (Argentina's peso - USA Dollar) was 80%.

In other words, the currency of Argentina is overvalued by 80% and this brings memories of other times when the government of Argentina pegged Argentina's peso to the USA Dollar, something that could only be maintained by selling gold reserves, something that led to Argentina's default of its foreign debt.

Argentina is still dealing with more than a hundred international creditors and facing legal challenges because of the default of its foreign debt. There is an abyss between what President Fernández says and what is really happning both nationally and regionally. 

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Gay Marriage is destroying the Conservative Party

Gay Marriage is sinking the Conservatives

The grassroots of the Conservative Party are up in arms and asking the Prime Minister to reconsider Gay Marriage legislation being proposed.

The Conservative Party is haemorrhaging representatives, members and voters because UKIP is carrying the Conservative flag.

The Labour Party is asking the Prime Minister to support Labour orientated legislation and to stop representing the majority views of the Conservative Party.

This happens while a senior Conservative MP and Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons is being investigated after he was acccused of raping two men.   

Friday, 17 May 2013

Politische Partei oder Politische Bewegung?

Politische Partei oder Politische Bewegung?

The spread of anti-Muslim feelings across Europe could lead to assassinations. This is a nightmare scenario that I am sure that security services in the United Kingdom must be preparing for.

Not long ago I was interviewed by an Austrian journalist and I clearly stated: Die Frage ist: Wollen sie eine Politische Partei, eine Politische Bewegung oder eine Soziale Bewegung? Do you want a political party, a political movement or a social movement?

In the question there was the implicit warning that organisations that operate outside the framework of a democratic society could suddenly become violent. With tensions rising not only in Europe but also across the Islamic World with open confrontation between several strands of Islam and confrontation between Islam and other religions like Christianity, Budhism and Judaism, it is not unthinkable that the said tentions could kick start a series of events for which European society are badly unprepared.

As a British society driven by political correctness becomes more repressive, there is a political “pressure cooker effect”. We are already seeing organised attempts promoted by Islamic leaders to repress any criticism against Islam and events happening across the Muslim world are a stark reminder of what could happen if local authorities try to suppress criticism using force.

In Germany, the vast majority of the German people are aware and opposed to political correct attempts to appease Muslim Extremists. The same kind of situation arises in Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland and other European countries.

ANC terrorising South Africans

ANC terrorising South Africans

About Eight months ago, after African National Congress Police executed striking black miners in South Africa, no Police officers have been held accountable. The climate of terror imposed by the African National Congress against all segments of the population is worse than the climate that existed under Apartheid.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

UKIP under fire. Reports of Nigel Farage targetted by UAF in Scotland

Did UKIP's leader Nigel Farage and UKIP members think that they would be immune to attacks by Marxist thugs?

Did they think that bowing to political correctness they would be safe?

Reports coming from Edinburg indicate that Nigel Farage had to seek refuge in a pub and Police protection had to be provided for his own safety.


The more we know, the more we don’t want to know

The more we know, the more we don’t want to know

Mismanagement would be serious enough. What we are learning about, year after year, is evidence of gigantic incompetence and corruption. For ten years, successive British governments have been extracting more than 60% tax from inflated fuel prices. The damage done to the British economy by excessive energy costs is incalculable.

When we talk about public debt, one of the reasons why we have to borrow, borrow and borrow is that we have to deal with artificial inflation created by speculation. One after another, credit agencies have been downgrading the United Kingdom because they don’t believe that the United Kingdom can actually repay its debts.

We know about the Republic of Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus and we see what is happening in France. If we add corruption to mismanagement, sooner than later we could end up facing the wall. The United Kingdom spends billions of Pounds buying energy every year. It beggars belief the fact that for not less than 10 years nobody seems to have had an interest in verifying the figures that are now under investigation not in the United Kingdom but in the European Union.

So where were successive British governments? Who is going to be made accountable? The answer is clear and simple. Nobody is going to be made accountable and more and more people are going to continue suffering more and more because of the corruption and irresponsibility of the so called mainstream political parties.

This is not another blue tongue, foot and mouth disease and BSE cover up. This concerns the entire British economy. Energy is very much a vital ingredient of every single economic activity.  

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Are Liberal Democrats at it?

Former Lid Dem Leader in Salford: What is he doing?

Former Lib Dem Leader in Salford
Are the Liberal Democrats at it? We have Conservatives enjoying themselves wearing Nazi uniforms and now we have been made aware of this image of a Liberal Democrat politician? Is there something that they are not telling us?

Rip Off Economics: Labour, Conservative and Oil Cartels

Rip Off Economics: Labour, Conservative and Oil Cartels

They now tell us that for not less than ten years there has been an oil cartel to keep oil prices high and since the price of fuel is a multiplier the prices of everything else including food and transport are affected by inflated fuel prices.

For years and years, both Labour and Conservative have been talking about inflation, about failures of the financial system, about chaos here and there and now they publicly state that millions of Britons have been taken for a ride and that both Labour and Conservative miserably failed to keep those responsible to account.

When inflated fuel prices were one of the main ingredients of loss of economic activity and one of the main ingredients of growth of massive public and private debts, most people blamed the bankers. Now, it seems that the responsibility for the chaos we are facing must be shared with the unscrupulous bosses of fuel companies.

If in the United Kingdom we had real governments, those involved in criminal activities of such magnitude would have to rot in jail.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Crucifixion of Jesus and the Holocaust

The Crucifixion of Jesus and the Holocaust

For many centuries, Christian churches depicted Jews as undesirables and as those to be collectively blamed for the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God. Such was the animosity created by centuries of taught hatred that Jews were always seen as inferior beings not to be trusted. Across the Christian world, the strength of such belief led to persecution, torture and expulsion.

In 1492, the year when the crowns of Castile and Aragon became one with Fernando of Aragon and Isabel of Castile, both Jews and Muslims were persecuted, killed, forced to convert to Christianity or forced to leave continental Spain. There are several recorded events throughout history and the Crucifixion of Jesus is very much one of the core beliefs that justified persecution.

What happened in Germany, Austria, Poland and Russia, among other countries, in the 1930s and 1940s came to be because of what happened more than 2,000 years ago. It can be said that has come to be known as the Holocaust is very much a direct consequence of centuries of hatred directly linked to the execution of Jesus of Nazareth.

In cultural terms, across Latin America, and I reckon that in many other regions of the world, people who are thought to be led by avarice or who are mean are usually told ‘Don’t be a Jew’ and is very much one of the stereotypes usually associated with the fact of being Jewish.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Right Policies, Wrong Perception

Right Policies, Wrong Perception

Abu Qatada

For many years, the British National Party has had the right policies but has not been able to talk about its policies via the mass media because of perception based on stereotypes promoted by the mass media. Funnily enough, UKIP is winning spaces by promoting British National Party policies.

At the start, UKIP solely declared aim was Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union. When those in charge realized that British National Party policies were popular, they incorporated British National Party policies.

The fundamental issue remains that talking about policies does not guarantee that the said policies will be implemented. While politically correct organisations talk about policies, the British National Party is the only organisation ready and willing to implement them without delay.

The one word present in the 2010 British National Party Manifesto was ‘repatriation’ that some immediately identified as ‘deportation’, although it was clearly stated that it would be a voluntary process. There is no ambiguity whatsoever regarding what would happen to foreign criminals. The Labour Party administration and the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition has been struggling and wasting tens of millions of Pounds in the process to get rid of undesirables involved in acts of terror.

Under a British National Party administration the monies wasted in endless court appearances, appeals and counter appeals would have been saved and Abu Qatada and many like him would have thrown out without questions asked.

Abu Qatada and many like him have been allowed to laugh about Britain and actually think that Britain is a joke of a country. They have lived at the expense of British taxpayers, wasted taxpayers money and used Britain as a platform to promote hatred and violence forcing decent people to live in fear. Who allows this to happen? Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Labour. Under a British National Party administration, Britain would be free of Muslim extremists in a matter of weeks rather than years.  

For a Britain with British Ideas and without the ideological concoctions of the 1930s

What matters to ordinary citizens?

Admiral Horatio Nelson
Politics works very much like a market with companies providing services and the principles of supply and demand. Provide a service or goods that people want at the right price that people can afford and you have a successful political party. But for people to want to use your services and buy your products, they must believe that services or goods that you offer can be delivered and that you are not just another kid around the block making promises and offering things that you cannot deliver. Your services and goods must be good but they also have to be seen as being good.

For too long, Nationalism has been related to storm troopers, Nazi salutes, Racism, Xenophobia and Homophobia. To say that people who identified themselves with images of the Third Reich that was itself based on a package of myths taken from other cultures and other times were genuine representatives of the British people is frankly an expression of madness.

The swastika as a religious symbol, the word Aryans taken from the actual inhabitants of the Indian Subcontinent, stories about Atlantis and dreams of a Super Race were all put together with Germanic folklore and ancient religious beliefs and were used to create something called Third Reich that would have been the continuation of the Second Reich that came to an end when the German Kaiser abdicated by the end of World War One. Ordinary Germans were so desperate, so dispossessed and so frustrated that they were willing to follow any false prophets without even questioning such an ideological concoction.

British Nationalism is about what matters to Britain, about industry, about technology, about social justice and creativity to make peoples’ lives better. To mix the images of Nelson, Wellington, Stevenson, and many other British heroes with shameful ideological concoctions that ruled Europe and left behind a trail of devastation and chaos is an insult to intelligence and it is an insult against true British Nationalism.

In 2013, more and more people want a political alternative but there is still a lot of work to do to cleanse British Natinalism and transform it into a real and potent democratic political force.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Labour immigration policies were criminal policies

Labour immigration policies were criminal policies

One million youngsters out of work and counting and you can say that each young unemployed is potentially a person in pensionable age that will not have saved for a pension. This is the reality of Labour’s ideological stance on immigration.

Then, you have to think that people grow up and have children and that their descendants will inherit not only their genes but they will also inherit their unemployment and in some families unemployment has been around for generations.

When we talk about immigration we talk about employment or lack of it, we talk about housing or lack of it, we talk about healthcare or lack of it, we talk about education or lack of it and et cetera, et cetera.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Baby Holocaust: If those who promote abortion had been aborted

I wonder the kind of world we could have if those who promote abortion had themselves been aborted. The deffenders of abortion never think that they themselves would not be alive today if their parents had chosen abortion and it is something that very much defies reason.

People often talk about the Holocaust and paradoxically most of those who talk about the Holocaust are the ones campaigning to promote an even bigger Holocaust. The number of those killed in concentration camps in World War Two is pale by comparison when you think about the number of those killed every year as a matter of choice.

According to WHO (World Health Organisation), every year in the world an estimated 40-50 million women faced with an unplanned pregnancy decide to have an abortion. This corresponds to approximately 125,000 abortions per day.

Political Parties in Britain adopt British National Party language

British Politics is changing, Nationalism included

Michael Portillo

It is nonsensical to suggest that Nationalism itself will not change. Leaders come and go and generation after generation the movement will adapt to new circumstances.

The political scene of the 1980s is not the political scene of the 2010s and failure to adapt will effectively mean electoral failure. In desperation, other political forces have been forced by the British National Party to talk the language of British Nationalism.

Despite failure to win seats, more and more people are now supporting the British National Party. Some years ago it would have been impossible to get 40% support but this has actually happened.

Nigel Lawson, Nigel Farage, Michael Portillo, and many others across the political boundaries have adopted the language of the British National Party. 

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Tommy Robinson, Leader of the English Defence League (EDL) said that he fears for his life

Tommy Robinson EDL
Tommy Robinson, Leader of the English Defence League (EDL) said that he fears for his life after a group of Islamic Extremists from West Midlands pleaded guilty to planning to bomb a rally organised by the EDL.

At Woolwich Crown Court on Tuesday, Jewel Uddin, Zohaib Ahmed, Mohammed Hasseen, Anzal Hussain, Omar Mohammed Khan and Mohammed Saud were put on trial and convicted and sentencing is due on Thursday, June 6, 2013.

The terrorists were caught by chance when their car was stopped and found to have no insurance. The fact remains that barely failed to carry out the bomb attack because they arrived after the rally had ended.

Tommy Robinson stated that we will continue campaigning because people need to talk about these issues and be more open about what is going on.

We know the threat, we know what is doing to Britain and we know what the consequences will be. All Nationalists should come together for the Common Cause.

Islam and Nazi Germany

There is no discussion about the cooperation of Islam and Nazi Germany. Even the man appointed by the British authorities as the genuine representative of Muslims in Palestine was in the end an ally of Adolf Hitler. Heinrich Himmler, head of the SS, created SS divisions entirely composed of Muslim fighters who played an active role in the nightmare that took place in Europe.

The rhetoric of Islamic Extremists is almost identical to the rhetoric of Adolf Hitler but Islamic Extremists go even further: they want to kill anybody and everybody who does not bow to Islam. When European intellectuals compare the Quran to Mein Kampf, taking into account the rhetoric of many Muslim leaders, they certainly have a point about the dangers posed by the militant brands of Islam.

Nigel Lawson: Leave the EU NOW!

Nigel Lawson
Nigel Lawson: Leave the EU NOW!

As more and more families are strapped for cash and unemployment is rising in the UK and across the European Union, as the creators of the EURO (including German Finance Minister Oskar Lafontaine) are calling for the dismantling of the EURO and saying that EU policies are killing jobs, Nigel Lawson (former Chancellor of the Exchequer under Margaret Thatcher) is saying that what most of us already knew: we are paying more and getting less.

We have seen the rocks and the rocks are right in front of us. It is time to change course and avoid the certain destruction of the ship. When we have already people unable to find jobs, a housing crisis based on lack of housing units and lack of access to funding, they have just announced that house prices could be going up by not less than 30 per cent making the present situation a lot worse.

We need jobs in the United Kingdom and this is not a slogan but a grim reality, the reality of people who run out of money before the month ends and are resorting to credit cards and loan sharks, the reality of people who can no longer buy food for themselves and their children. We need jobs in Britain and we need them desperately.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Creator of the EURO wants to break up the EURO

Oskar Lafontaine, the German finance minister who was behind the creation of the EURO, has suggested that the single currency should be broken up to allow Southern Europe to recover and said that present policies are leading to disaster.

The truth about what was going to happen was known form the very beginning. The creation of the EURO was a political initiative, not an economic initiative. From an economic point of view it did not make sense to tie up the most powerful economies in Europe with the weakest economies in Europe. The industrial powerhouses of Europe have ended up subsidizing the agricultural economies of Europe that couldn't possibly aspire to have the same kind of financial muscle.

Now, Oskar Lafontaine is asking to divide Europe between those who are successful and those who are failing to stop draining resources that have been falling into an international sinkhole. German voters are getting increasingly fed up because much of their tax monies are vanishing into thin air.

The break up of the EURO is going to have political consequences and it is a reality call for many. Federal Europe is based on the existence of the EURO and refloating local currencies will really and trully bury the myth of 'we are all in this together'.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Twenty per cent of households in the UK cannot afford food costs and survive by getting into debt

British economy at breaking point

It is estimated that 5:000,000 cash-strapped families in the United Kingdom are now using loans and credit cards to eat. Richard Lloyd, Executive Director of ‘Which?’ indicated that ‘many households are stretched to their financial breaking point, with rising food prices being one of the top worries for squeezed consumers’.

Twenty per cent of households are not be able to afford food costs and have been forced to use savings, credit cards, overdrafts and loans.

Police forces saved UK Muslims by foiling Islamic plot against English Defense League

A few days ago, we learnt that, luckily for Muslim Communities in the United Kingdom, Police forces managed to foil an Islamic plot against members of the English Defence League.

Suddenly, the story about Islamic extremists reminded me of Kristalnacht, events that happened in 1938 after a German diplomat was assassinated in Paris by a German-born Polish Jew resident in Paris.

As a consequence of the assassination of a German diplomat, at least 91 Jews were killed. Jewish homes, hospitals and schools were ransacked as the attackers demolished buildings with sledgehammers, over 1,000 synagogues were burnt and over 7,000 Jewish businesses were destroyed or damaged.

One can imagine that if the Islamic extremists’ plot against EDL had succeeded a few days ago, the entire Muslim Community in Britain would have been targeted, Mosques and businesses would have been attacked and many Muslims would have lost their lives.

Muslim extremists don't care at all about Muslim communities and they would have started a bloody war.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

UKIP candidate falsely accused of making a Nazi salute

Nazi salutes (in fact Roman salutes) are made by raising the right arm.
A few days ago, a journalist published an article wrongly saying that a UKIP candidate had made a Nazi salute and posted his picture on Internet.

What the said journalist who published the referred article, that equally ignorant mass media commentators talked about, did not know is that the UKIP candidate raised his left arm and therefore he couldn't possibly have made a Nazi salute.
The whole purpose of the editorial exercise carried out by several journalists was to damage a political organisation on the days before elections and by doing so they showed how pitifully ignorant they are.

The ceremonial under the Roman Empire and under the Third Reich followed similar rules. The insignia or armband on the left arm symbolising the Shield and the raised arms simbolising the Sword.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Local Elections: What went wrong and what went right?

Local Elections: What went wrong and what went right?

Nigel Farage UKIP Leader
When you look at election results and you see that the British National Party got 40% support being second only to Labour in a local ward in Cumbria, the question arises: What do you need to get that kind of level of support? The answer is straightforward: massive concentration of resources to counter mass media smear campaigns.

As it happens, in May 2013 by-elections and council elections, the British National Party did not manage to win a single seat and instead lost a County Council seat. For those who follow the news on a daily basis, the outcome of the present elections does not come as a surprise. The United Kingdom Independence Party UKIP cleared the tables but still did not manage to make a breakthrough by winning control of a local or regional authority or achieving the unthinkable such as winning a seat in the House of Commons.

A few days ago in Eastleigh, the Liberal Democrats that are now in decline, managed to hold on to an MP seat. This week it was Labour’s turn to hold on to the seat that was occupied by David Miliband. Having said that, there is a trend in which the Conservative Party, the Labour Party and the Lib Democrats are losing ground to UKIP.

Being in Opposition, the Labour Party should be winning practically every single seat in the country and this is not happening. Who is making inroads? UKIP is the untested choice that is now attracting support from very disenchanted voters that used to support the so called mainstream political parties.

What is on the cards? 2014. In another series of local elections and of the European Elections, another round of wins by UKIP could lead to a leadership challenge within the Conservative Party that at this very minute finds itself between a rock and hard place trying to make promises about immigration that it actually cannot deliver as long as Britain is still a member of the European Union.

Lord Clown - Kenneth Clark's new title

Kenneth Clarke aka Lord Clown
Mr Fruitcakes, listening to Viking Boris’s advice, asked the troops to shut up and disregard comments made by Lord Clown but the shut up call came too late and the Conservative ship was rammed and sunk. Somebody refloated the pictures of a Nazi Conservative making a Nazi salute and all attempts to torpedo the anti-EU vessel fell on deaf ears.

The Conservative heartlands know better. The official Conservative Party no longer represents Conservative voters. As a matter of fact, the official Conservative Party ceased to represent Conservative voters in a fateful day in 1990 when men in grey suits assassinated a Conservative Prime Minister who had won three consecutive General Elections.

One wonders if Kenneth Clarke, Michael Heseltine and others merely attended the funeral of Margaret Thatcher to confirm that she was actually dead.