Tuesday, 28 May 2013

William Hague's attempt to get EU support for enemies of Britain failed

Hague defeated in EU

William Hague
Hague’s attempt regarding Syria failed. EU told him: if you want to do it, you can do it but we will not help you. This is the straightforward summary of what happened after many hours of negotiations to try and convince EU countries to support AlQaeda in Syria.

Conservative Foreign Policy is like the British entry in Eurovision: a complete failure. Britain appears to like Eurovision but Eurovision audiences don’t like Britain.

Hague's understanding of what is happening in Syria and in the Muslim World as a whole is practically missing. Hezbollah leaders announced just hours ago that they will help President Assad.

Hezbollah's announcement has divided Lebanon even more and Lebanese fighters are now fighting each other inside Syria. This is an Arab conflict and British leaders, if they were wise, would stay out of it and let the Arabs get on with their internal business. The truth of the matter is that any armaments sent to Syria could end up being used in the streets of British cities.

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