Saturday, 4 May 2013

UKIP candidate falsely accused of making a Nazi salute

Nazi salutes (in fact Roman salutes) are made by raising the right arm.
A few days ago, a journalist published an article wrongly saying that a UKIP candidate had made a Nazi salute and posted his picture on Internet.

What the said journalist who published the referred article, that equally ignorant mass media commentators talked about, did not know is that the UKIP candidate raised his left arm and therefore he couldn't possibly have made a Nazi salute.
The whole purpose of the editorial exercise carried out by several journalists was to damage a political organisation on the days before elections and by doing so they showed how pitifully ignorant they are.

The ceremonial under the Roman Empire and under the Third Reich followed similar rules. The insignia or armband on the left arm symbolising the Shield and the raised arms simbolising the Sword.

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