Monday, 13 May 2013

Right Policies, Wrong Perception

Right Policies, Wrong Perception

Abu Qatada

For many years, the British National Party has had the right policies but has not been able to talk about its policies via the mass media because of perception based on stereotypes promoted by the mass media. Funnily enough, UKIP is winning spaces by promoting British National Party policies.

At the start, UKIP solely declared aim was Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union. When those in charge realized that British National Party policies were popular, they incorporated British National Party policies.

The fundamental issue remains that talking about policies does not guarantee that the said policies will be implemented. While politically correct organisations talk about policies, the British National Party is the only organisation ready and willing to implement them without delay.

The one word present in the 2010 British National Party Manifesto was ‘repatriation’ that some immediately identified as ‘deportation’, although it was clearly stated that it would be a voluntary process. There is no ambiguity whatsoever regarding what would happen to foreign criminals. The Labour Party administration and the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition has been struggling and wasting tens of millions of Pounds in the process to get rid of undesirables involved in acts of terror.

Under a British National Party administration the monies wasted in endless court appearances, appeals and counter appeals would have been saved and Abu Qatada and many like him would have thrown out without questions asked.

Abu Qatada and many like him have been allowed to laugh about Britain and actually think that Britain is a joke of a country. They have lived at the expense of British taxpayers, wasted taxpayers money and used Britain as a platform to promote hatred and violence forcing decent people to live in fear. Who allows this to happen? Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Labour. Under a British National Party administration, Britain would be free of Muslim extremists in a matter of weeks rather than years.  

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