Friday, 24 May 2013

Islam is not a race or a nationality. It is a religion

Islam is not a race or a nationality. Islam a religion

When faced with acts of irrationality, we must strive to remain rational and fair to all. It is irrational to go around blaming everybody or punishing everybody for crimes they have not committed.

In a Democracy, people must be free to practice any religion as a long as they do not talk about or engage in criminal acts. The same is valid when talking about political organisations. As long as political organisations act within a democratic framework and abide by the laws, people should be free to put across their ideas and views.

Pax Vobiscum, Salaam Alaikum and Shalom mean roughly the same: peace be with you, peace be upon you and peace.

There are Christians, Muslims and Jews of all races and of many nationalities. Therefore, it is a complete and utter absurdity to treat religions as races or nationalities.

Christianity, Islam and Judaism come from the same root. As there have been divisions in Christianity, there have been divisions in Islam and in Judaism.

We must reject violence and we must reject extremism but we must respect peoples' rights at all times.  

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