Friday, 24 May 2013

A very real catastrophe created for ideological reasons

A very real catastrophe created for ideological reasons

Every year, many children are suffering and dying because it is extremely difficult or impossible to find compatible bone marrow, organ donors and blood donors for those afflicted by serious illnesses. This is yet another dimension of Labour’s racial and cultural experiments.

As always, the British National Party deals with facts and any serious and honest medical doctor can bear witness of what I am about to say. In medical terms, in many cases children with mixed ethnic backgrounds will face extreme sufferings and an early death because no suitable donors can be found.

The more complex the ethnic background is the more difficult it is to find suitable donors and certain ethnic communities are known to be extremely reluctant to provide the help that is needed.

A child is a child regardless of race, religion, social background or any other discriminatory criteria. Labour’s racial and cultural experiments carried out with complete and utter disregard for the human condition are as criminal as the experiments carried out by Nazi doctors in German concentration camps.

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