Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Official Statement on behalf of the London Regional Council

The British National Party's support for those who are being persecuted cannot always be made public but our authoritarian rulers should be left in no doubt that we are ready and willing to act in ways that they will certainly be made to regret.

This is a cause that unites all Nationalists. We are listening to all Nationalists and they all speak with one voice, the voice of British Nationalism. When the time is right, they will come together because this is a cause that is far more important than any ideological or personal differences.

Rest assured that support is being provided in person, face to face, by British National Party representatives and I say so without mentioning names in very delicate legal situations.

We are not resting. We are acutely aware that any public demonstration could prejudice ongoing cases, causing an adverse and very negative reaction against victims of persecution.

We know that all of you are well-meaning and can only have warmth in your hearts for those who are being persecuted. We are where we need to be, have contacted those who need to be contacted and will do our best towards a satisfactory outcome.

No names. No angry demonstrations. Be patient. We are here to help and we are helping. The bow is ready. The arrow is ready. The chord is being pulled back and when the time is right the arrow will strike.

Alastair Campbell: parts of British press have become 'putrid'

Heeouw! Has Alastair Campbell been talking with our Giuseppe? Parts of the British press have become 'putrid'? Harsh words coming from Tony Blair's spin master referring to the members of the National Union of Journalists.

Let us remember who gave a now former Director General of the British Brodcasting Corporation and Andrew Gilligan their marching orders. Yes, you guess correctly. Alastair Campbell. Under Alastair Campbell's spell, our Tessa Jowell MP put in place a system that very much tightened the budget of the British Broadcasting Corporation.

The Coalition government put Lord Patten in command and as former governor of Hong Kong he seems to be about to implement Chinese torture on the management of the BBC.

Like the Polish pilots in the movie Battle of Britain, the BBC is going 'repeat, please; repeat, please'.

Having learnt the lesson about allowing little monsters to become big monsters, the Establishment got rid of Rebecca, cut Ruppert's wings and there are threatening moves to castrate Little James.

Some people have grown older but they haven't learnt that 'listening to other people's private conversations is bad manners.'


Tuesday, 29 November 2011

When the right to be angry is not even a right

The country is falling apart with crippling unemployment and endless flood immigration. We live inside a pressure cooking pan. It is boiling and boiling and it is going to explode.

In next year's riots, during the Olympic Games, Police forces whose manpower is going to be concentrated in and around the Olympic venues will not be available to secure the remaining areas of London.
Next year riots? How come? Well, the threat came loud and clear during a recent meeting in Tottenham, convened to talk about this year's riots.
With one law after another, the Politically Correct Society has contributed to stifle our freedoms to even say that we are angry and anger is growing like a gigantic bubble ready to burst.
In a Britain divided across ethnic and religious boundaries, public safety will be no more than a relative concept.

Entire areas of London have become no go areas and bottled anger is making things a lot worse than things could be if people had the freedom of  being able to vocally express their anger.

Every time somebody is made a martyr, violence follows. It has happened quite a few times but the so called authorities are unwilling or mentally incapable of learning the lesson and those in charge of making laws or enforcing laws are oblivious to the dangers of stopping people from expressing their feelings and their frustration with words.
Words don’t cause major damage. Physical violence causes major damage. For many days, Britain was on fire, people lost their lives and homes and businesses were reduced to ashes.

Allow people to be human beings; allow people to shout their frustration, their anger, their lack of satisfaction.

Euro burns: Europe falls apart!

Euro burns! Europe falls apart! Do you remember the Weimar Republic? From all corners they are putting pressure on Germany to start printing money, something Germany does not want to do because it brings back painful memories and something nobody should be asking Germany to do if they do not want to pay for the consequences.

As usual we are heading towards White Christmas. Or should I say Red Christmas? On Wednesday, tomorrow, Britain will be shaken by labour strikes. If the prophecy comes true, this year's Salvation time will not happen for thousands upon thousands of small and medium size businesses. The big businesses represented by Philip Green already said that things look pretty gloomy. There are those who are asking not for 275 billion Pound. They are asking for 400 billion Pound of Quantitative Easing. What does this mean in terms of avoiding a catastrophe? Absolutely nothing.

Monies are transferred between items in the National Budget but in essence there is no real new money. Will they discover oil and gas under the River Thames as they found oil and gas in the North Sea when Britain was going to Hell in the 1970s?

Under a Labour government, they tried to release the pressure by devaluating the currency. I am afraid that currency devaluation at this stage would mean exponentially rising inflation, would lead to the total collapse of millions of households across the country and would be the final nail for a weakened financial system that has been almost completely taken over by the State.

The situation is extremely serious. If the credit system collapses, we could have the Army guarding food shops.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Unpaid Nationalists and Paid Traitors

For many years, true, real Nationalists, across the country, have worked without getting paid and putting their lives in danger to support the Cause. They gave their monies, their time and faced the certain risks of losing their jobs. I, Carlos Cortiglia, stand for them and with them.

Funnily enough, those who have turned their backs on the British National Party are many of the ones who got an income and a position thanks to the British National Party. They are the ones who constantly attack the British National Party and try to damage the reputation of the British National Party by cooperating with those who want to destroy the Nationalist Movement.

I can understand the position of people like Gerry Gable, director of a magazine called Searchlight. After all, Gerry Gable is fighting for what he believes. Gerry Gable still uses lies and fabrication but, after all, Communism is about lies and fabrication and it suits Gerry Gable's nature and intellect.

By the same token, I profoundly despise those who engage in treasonable behaviour, despite the fact that they couldn't have got what they got without the support of the British National Party.

I despise them even more when they attack and try to destroy the work done by real Nationalists whom, against friend and foe, continue working indefatigably to promote Nationalism in the United Kingdom.

Many of those who abuse the title of Nationalist not even dare to show their faces or to publish their poisonous literature using their own names. During the leadership campaign, they published all kinds of accusations but they did not have the guts to sign their pamphlets.

We encounter them across the Internet on a regular basis, repeating lies and fabrication as if repeating lies and fabrication the said lies and fabrications could become fact.

You also have the useful idiots like Marion Thomas. She lied and lied and was found wanting in a Court of Law in Northern Ireland. She allowed herself to be used by the British Broadcasting Corporation and after her spiteful show of hatred, having used the word 'scum' to accuse others, she ended up with her reputation in ruins. She spat upwards and her spat covered her own face.

I write under my own name and if I tell you 'get an umbrella' you can be certain that it is going to rain.

This is a time for all true Nationalists across Britain to come together as one. I will talk to anyone who wants to listen to me and my message is loud and clear: I will cherish and stand for those who continue to offer their lives and efforts without interest, those whose sole ambition is to promote Nationalism in the United Kingdom.

Unity of Purpose: You are either with us or against us

A few days ago, I wrote about Political Party, Political Movement, Social Movement and Political Group. There are clear differences. There is an additional category: those who choose to be on the sidelines without any positive political involvement of any serious consequence.

The stated mission of our websites is to be a port of call for all those wishing and willing to make a positive contribution to the political campaign. Those who do not wish to engage are merely sitting on the sidelines and going nowhere.

Looking at the activists doing their duty, I recognize the true Nationalist movement that works in the open, spreading the message. Those who do the real job have little time left for sniper fire or criticism.

The time for secret societies and plotters is over. Membership lists leaked? Well, no more tricks and stupidity. One of the weaknesses of times past was the number of infiltrators, of agents provocateurs, that plagued the Nationalist movement. Our names are in the open. We are not hiding any more. Those who want to use the old dirty tricks will be found out and will be dealt with.

Trying to bring people in for the fighting is no weakness. Some segments of opinion tend to believe that when we approach them, we do so from a position of weakness. We don’t do negotiation. We do conversation. We talk to people and try to bring them in if they are genuinely interested in campaigning for the common cause.

Those who want to join the common cause must do so unconditionally, without interest of evasion and without mental reservation or be forever cast as those who falter and fail to prove with facts that they are committed.

The Cause is first and foremost, above any other political consideration. Keep your personal issues to yourselves and Stand up for Britain!

Some intellectualoids still live in Cabinet Politics Neverland. Enough of such crap! The table tops are ready, the activists are marching on. The British National Party is moving forward. You are either with us or with the enemies of Britain.

1492 - Liberation Year

1492 was an eventful year. It was the year when the Kingdoms of Castile and Aragon came together to throw out the Islamic infection of Continental Spain. It was also the year when Columbus, a man born in Genova - the land of my Great-Grandfather Giuseppe Cortiglia – made history by taking Europe to the so called New World.

The Power of the Cross, my Christian Heritage, is now under attack. Like the Cid Campeador, Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, the Hero that fought against the Moors, once again we rise up to the challenge.

The fact that the Islamic Infection and the Marxist Crap joined forces to destroy Christianity does not surprise me, because Christianity is the strength of Tradition, Family and Property, the pillars of Western Civilization. 

Do you know the verses of La Marseillaise? Arise Children of the Fatherland

Translation of La Marseillaise

Arise children of the Fatherland
The day of glory has arrived
Against us tyranny’s
Bloody standard is raised
Listen to the sound in the fields
The howling of these fearsome soldiers
They are coming into our midst
To cut the throats of your sons and consorts
To arms citizens Form your battalions
March, march
Let impure blood
Water our furrows
What do they want this horde of slaves
Of traitors and conspiratorial kings?
For whom these vile chains
These long-prepared irons?
Frenchmen, for us, ah! What outrage
What methods must be taken?
It is us they dare plan
To return to the old slavery!
What! These foreign cohorts!
They would make laws in our courts!
What! These mercenary phalanxes
Would cut down our warrior sons
Good Lord! By chained hands
Our brow would yield under the yoke
The vile despots would have themselves be
The masters of destiny
Tremble, tyrants and traitors
The shame of all good men
Tremble! Your parricidal schemes
Will receive their just reward
Against you we are all soldiers
If they fall, our young heros
France will bear new ones
Ready to join the fight against you
Frenchmen, as magnanimous warriors
Bear or hold back your blows
Spare these sad victims
That they regret taking up arms against us
But not these bloody despots
These accomplices of Bouillé
All these tigers who pitilessly
Ripped out their mothers’ wombs
We too shall enlist
When our elders’ time has come
To add to the list of deeds
Inscribed upon their tombs
We are much less jealous of surviving them
Than of sharing their coffins
We shall have the sublime pride
Of avenging or joining them
Drive on sacred patriotism
Support our avenging arms
Liberty, cherished liberty
Join the struggle with your defenders
Under our flags, let victory
Hurry to your manly tone
So that in death your enemies
See your triumph and our glory!

If we were to sing in the United Kingdom, in English, such an anthem that more than anthem is a declaration of war, we would be arrested and imprisoned in no time at all.

Despite being seen as the symbol of Liberalism against Aristocracy, the power of La Marseillaise lies in the call to battle. It is not any battle. It is a battle of survival, for the survival of the nation.

Allons enfants de la Patrie, le jour de gloire est arrivé. It is the same call everywhere and wherever you go of those who stand to defend their Homeland. A few days ago, we heard Pastor Jones speaking loud and clear: Stand up America! We say Stand up Britain!

Next year, France will have a Presidential Election and Marine Le Pen will be there and we say Stand up France! The British National Party wants a Europe of Nations working together in peace, instead of Nations chained and enslaved by bureaucrats who benefit from the sufferings of the peoples of Europe. Some say “why does Carlos Cortiglia write in French?” We must be able to communicate with fellow Nationalists across Europe.

I cherish the time when I shook hands with Jean Marie Le Pen in North Wales. Yes, I was there. I was there and I am here now to tell you that the cause of Nationalism is the cause of Britain, of France and of many European Nations that are now falling one by one under the spell of Bureaucrats and Technocrats because those they elected to represent them have turned their backs on their own peoples.

Je parlerai aux Français dans la langue de France. I invite you to strengthen your knowledge of the history and culture of Britain and to be even more daring and try and understand the history and culture of Europe.

If we were to sing La Marseillaise in English I have no doubts that we would be arrested and threatened with imprisonment because, despite its Liberal association, the anthem shows a Nationalist strength that our politically correct rulers couldn’t possibly cope with.

Allons Enfants de la Patrie – Rise Children of the Fatherland.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Cold day in Feltham, made warm by British National Party activists

From across London, British National Party supporters gathered in Feltham to spread the good news. As usual, the Old bill was there in minimal numbers but our Croydon Cliff using his PR skills gave us quite a few reasons to laugh at the pathetic behaviour of some Law officers . We know our rights, boys and girls. We are shrinking violets no more. “You cannot do this, you cannot do that. Mesdames et Messieurs, yes we can and you cannot do anything about it because we are merely exercising our civil rights.”
(click on the pictures to get bigger samples)

The country is going downhill thanks to the so called mainstream political parties and their economic policies and more and more people don’t give a damn about authority, especially when authority means trying to force ordinary folk to shut up. Ladies and gentlemen, you might not like us, but you know that we are telling you the truth, all the truth and nothing but the truth, so help us God.

Lib Lab Con cannot go on defying the laws of economics, printing worthless money and borrowing at higher and higher interest rates, cutting budgets and sending abroad the resources that should be used in Britain to create jobs. Jobs we need. There are about 5 million people out of work, including the ones registered as unemployed and the ones who are not even registered as unemployed. More than a million youngsters out of work cannot be hid with elegant and hypocritical speeches.

At this very minute, people of all races and religions, including those seen as the traditional supporters of Lib Lab Con are no longer coping with the mess created by Lib Lab Con.

Today, we were in Feltham. In recent days, we have been in Islington, Enfield, Hornchurch, Eltham, Sutton and Morden and we will be everywhere else when we choose to go wherever we choose to go. Yes, mes amis, the Saints are coming in.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Fighting elections: Hard work instead of short term triumphalism

The London Region keeps working as usual and is moving on. Rather than thinking about defeat we follow Rudyard Kipling's advice. Feltham, we are coming in. Those wishing to help should contact Dave Furness, our man for Feltham, or direct your enquiries to Steve Squire, our London Regional Organiser.

We have stood in different areas in recent times and the emphasis has been "to be there". Within our possibilities, we are going to be standing for every seat, be it local, regional, national or European. The message is: whatever the outcome of any election, we are here and we are here to stay. We offer you a choice, an alternative. Our mission is to give the British people a choice.

Our people in East London keep busy. Yesterday, it was Hornchurch's turn and a group of enthusiastic campaigners, with the Jackal in attendance, met UKIP Leader Nigel Farage and UKIP London Mayoral Candidate Lawrence Webb at a public meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, all UKIP representatives, justifying their policies on immigration, introduced themselves saying that they can prove that they are not Racists because they all have foreign wives. This was certainly reassuring coming from the United Kingdom Independence Party and demolishes the arguments used by other political parties and the mass media against the British National Party.

Nigel Farage stated that he is willing to talk to everybody, including the British National Party, because in Britain there is a democratic deficit. Having said that, Nigel Farage said that he did not want to be associated with the British National Party, citing the history of the British National Party.

We need a national debate with the participation of people of all political affiliations and this is called Democracy.

Carlos Cortiglia spoke with both Nigel Farage and Lawrence Webb saying that there are common issues and among them the need to have a Referendum on Europe and the need to tackle flood immigration.

Carlos Cortiglia stated that Nationalists must not attack Nationalists and must focus on fundamental issues and this was well received by UKIP Leader Nigel Farage.

Everybody agreed that fragmentation of the Nationalist movement is one of the main obstacles. Despite obvious differences of approach in political terms, there was a climate of camaraderie and open dialogue between UKIP followers and British National Party followers.

The British National Party is faithful to its main core message about a British Britain and at the same time is working to focus on the more pressing issues including Europe and Immigration. It must be remarked that both issues are closely linked. As long as Britain remains in the European Union, Britain will not be able to control its borders and will not be able to tackle flood immigration.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Big Society? What about love for Homeland and Democracy?

I am fascinated by the creativity of the Conservative Party. In the 1990s, the Conservatives created "Back to Basics" under John Major. After a series of scandals, they abandoned "Back to Basics". That was a long time before the Duck Houses, false mortgages and other events that engulfed the Houses of Parliament and the political class.

Now, in the new Conservative Era, David Cameron talks about "Big Society" and we all wonder about the meaning of "Big Society". Instead of talking about Big Society, I do prefer to talk about "Love for Thy Country." There is nothing racist about it. It is just a better definition of Big Society.
Love for your country means love for your people and this means that you will look for every opportunity to give your people a voice, that you will stand for the rights of your people and that your people's voice will be more important than the interests of unelected foreign officials running the European Union.

So the British National Party's version of Big Society is much better than the definition chosen by David Cameron. I would go even further: the British National Party is the best version of a truer Conservative Party.
Now, thinking about the Labour Party and about the New Labour Party, I would have thought that the mission of a Labour Party was to protect the interests of British workers. Wasn't this the reason that led to the creation of the Labour Party? Instead, they promote flood immigration and Globalisation that destroy British jobs.

So the British National Party's version of 'Workers' Party' is much better than the definition chosen by present Labour leaders. I would go even further: the British National Party is the best version of a truer Labour Party.
The British National Party wants to give the British people a voice and wants to protect the interests of British workers by putting an end to flood immigration. I don't suppose that anybody would want to call such genuine concerns racist. Well, mmm... you know.... yes, they call us racists because we stand for what are the rightful interests of the British people.

You can choose to talk about UKIP, the Green Party and others and in the end the British National Party stands as a more balanced and more rational way of doing things. I keep remind people of what David Cameron said when he stated that the British National Party is a right-wing party. A fellow Conservative that nowadays seems to back up more UKIP policies than Conservative Party policies, Norman Tebbit, said that the British National Party is a left-wing party. I jokingly said that we must be somewhere in the middle.
I have been there and I heard it. I do remember William Waldegrave, when Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in 1994 under John Major, was constantly told by Labour MPs that the Conservative government should renegotiate the Common Agricultural Policy or CAP and the terms of engagement with Europe because the CAP and the terms of engagement with Europe were, in Labour's eyes, too favourable to Europe.

In 1997, after a historic Electoral win, the same Labour MPs completely forgot their urge to renegotiate the CAP and the terms of engagement with Europe and set about pleasing Europe and giving away more and more powers to Europe.
Short-termism and short-lived memory seem to be the rule rather than the exception when it comes to the so called mainstream political parties. In 1979, Margaret Thatcher came to power saying that she was going to take care of excessive immigration. Therefore, this is not news at all. For my part, I am old enough and therefore I do remember many of the things that have happened and have examples to back up what I am saying.

Times change but the subjects are very much the same: immigration, housing, education, health, crime, transport, manufacturing or the lack of it, energy, pensions et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. 1979-2011: more than 30 years of unfulfilled promises. Many problems have become endemic and the country has been flooded.
What needs to happen for ordinary citizens to wake up and to stop supporting those who have destroyed Britain? I really don't know. I don't have the crystal ball to provide me the answers. There is one thing I know. If Germany falters - the signs are there for all those who want to see - the political realities of Britain will change dramatically. As a country, we are walking on thin ice and, as the old certainties vanish, Britain will collectively be forced to reassess its priorities.

The political landscape is changing. Relationships and roles of the mass media are changing. The realities of the Trade Unions are changing. All of these factors combined with new financial realities and flood immigration will produce a new kind of country.
Britain has been a Democracy for a long time. Having said that, when the so called experts indicate that it is wise to allow unelected technocrats "to come forward to put things right", the future of Democracy is very much in danger.

A modern Democracy is about to be replaced by Plato's Republic. The way to Hell is paved with good intentions. In theory, the wise men, the philosopher-kings that run the Good City, are knowledgeable, selfish and dedicated to the common good. Unfortunately, we still need to deal with Human Nature and we know that Aristocratic rule, without checks and balances, quickly becomes tyranny.
Carlos Cortiglia

Patriotisme n'est pas racisme, la gauche veut éffacer l'identité nationale

Patriotisme n’est pas racisme. L’amour de la patrie et de notre peuple n’est pas racisme. La gauche veut effacer l’identité nationale et en effaçant l’identité nationale les politiciens de gauche veulent imposer une dictature dans laquelle une cohorte d’apparatchiks sera la tête d’une Nomenklatura.

Patriotism is not racism. Loving your homeland and your people is not racism. The left wants to erase national identity and by erasing national identity left-wing politicians want to impose a dictatorship in which a cohorte of apparatchiks will be the head of a Nomenklatura.

Primo de Rivera, le politicien espagnol a dit : « Pour la Force de la Raison ou pour la Raison de la Force. » Ceux qui se battent pour la défense de leur pays savent que le moment arrivera où ils devront faire face au défi historique.

Primo de Rivera, the Spanish politician said: "By the Force of Reason of by the Reason of Force." Those who battle to defend their country know that the moment will come when they will have to face the historical challenge.

L’esprit de Trafalgar est certainement un des événements les plus importants de l’histoire de la Grande Bretagne. Aujourd’hui, le Parti National Britannique, se souvenant de l’esprit de Trafalgar, dit : Il faut lutter pour protéger l’identité nationale de la même manière que Nelson et les héros de Trafalgar se sont battus pour une Angleterre Anglaise.

The spirit of Trafalgar is undoubtedly one of the most important events in the history of Great Britain. Today, the British National Party, remembering the spirit of Trafalgar, says: It is necessary to fight to protect national identity in the very same way that Nelson and the heroes of Trafalgar battled for an English England.
Il n’y qu’une culture à garder : la culture britannique. Les politiciens qui ont trahi le peuple britannique parlent d’un ensemble de cultures différentes et des peuples différents. En réalité, ils veulent détruire la culture britannique et le peuple britannique.

There is only one culture to keep: the British culture. The politicians that have committed treason against the British people talk about an ensemble of different cultures and different peoples. In fact, they want to destroy British culture and the British people.
Carlos Cortiglia

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

George is always George

George is always George. No, not George Osborne, the British Chancellor of the Exchequer. I am referring to George Galloway that has managed to alienate an entire country with his public demonstration of ignorance concerning Latin America.

He wrote that 'White Uruguayans had extermined native populations in Uruguay'. Jesus Christ! Is George Galloway trying to rewrite Latin American colonial history? Sorry, George, you cannot blame 'White Uruguayans' because there were no 'White Uruguayans'. There were Spanish and Portuguese colonial powers.

All George Galloway has managed to do is to stir anti-British sentiments by attacking an entire country. Some Uruguayan media are saying: George, go back to Big Brother with your beautiful red attire and stay there!

You know, Uruguay is 99.9% of white European descent and this drives our George mad.

Politische Partei oder Politische Bewegung?

Soziale Bewegungen können anhand ihres Organisationsgrades, ihrer Größe, der von ihnen gewählten Strategien und ähnlicher Kriterien unterschieden werden.

The statement above expresses in a very direct language, the concerns and the factors that need to be considered when answering the question presented in the title: Political Party or Political Movement.

Organization, size, strategies and other similar criteria are the basis to determine what we are talking about.

In Britain, we have had a Politische Bewegung, a lose arrangement of small groups (some of them call themselves Politische Partei when in fact they do not meet the necessary requirements to be a political party because they don't have the organization, the size and the strategies needed to be a politcal party.

Typisch an einer sozialen Bewegung ist, dass zunächst sehr offene informelle Organisationsformen vorherrschen.

In a social movement, or as social movement, it is typical that first very open informal organization forms predominate.

The so called Occupy UK and others are in fact Soziale Bewegungen – they have no organization, no strategies and their size very much varies following public mood changes. There are groups loosely organized that could be classified as having done the transition from Soziale Bewegungen to Politische Gruppen but none of them can be called Politische Partei despite being part of a Politische Bewegun.

This is and has been an issue in the British political scene for quite a long time. The time for thinking people, across political boundaries, to get together and think more about what they have in common than about what divides them is long overdue.

Politische Gruppen and Politische Bewengungen do not win elections. If they don’t win power, they cannot change anything. If they cannot change anything, the whole purpose of their existence is lost.

United Kingdom Independence Party, National Front, English Democrats, disaffected Tories and disaffected people from any other political party will amount to nothing until they understand the message.

You can be a Purist and be forever a Purist and never get what you want. This is fine if you are happy with the fact that you are unable to change anything.

Even the powerful know that they cannot be Purists. Even the powerful know that they need to be able to negotiate to get what they want.  We criticize the Coalition that runs Britain but we fail to understand how they managed to create a Coalition and have the power to run the country.

I ask the question all over again: Wollen Sie eine Politische Partei? Do you want a political party? I am talking to people across Britain. I am talking to North and South, East and West and Centre. We can bark and attack each other until the day we die and by then whatever we think today will make no difference.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Terry Jones - Croydon Branch Makes Us Proud

Croydon Branch Organiser Tony Martin made us proud by bringing PastorTerry Jones into Britain to give us his message about Freedom of Speech and the words of Thomas Jefferson, one of the Founding Fathers of America, reminding us also about the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America that guarantees Freedom of Speech.

PastorTerry Jones spoke about Thomas Jefferson who once said: "When Injustice becomes Law, Resistance becomes mandatory."

In America, Pastor Terry Jones founded, together with other patriots, a movement called "Stand Up America Now."

We, in Britain, say that we need "Stand Up Britain Now" and I sincerely hope that Home Secretary Theresa May is listening.

PastorTerry Jones was not here physically but his spirit is with us despite all attempts to silence him and to tarnish his reputation. As Pastor Terry Jones very well explained, when they try and limit Freedom of Speech they are in fact restricting Freedom of Thought because Freedom of Speech is the expression of Freedom of Thought.

Referring to politicians that we in Britain called "politically correct", Pastor Terry Jones said that more than politically correct they are politically crooked.

Occupy UK - politics of status quo

The so called Occupy UK movement – an extension of the Occupy Wall Street movement – is basically a protest movement. People are angry, frustrated and they want to protest. There is nothing wrong about showing anger. They are protesting… against what? What do they propose as an alternative social model? Nobody knows. Not even the protesters themselves.

Do you remember those rooms with sound insulation that people are supposed to use to get rid of their anger, frustration and stress? You enter the room, close the door and shout as much and as loud as you can. When you leave the room, you should in theory feel more relaxed. Never mind if the conditions that made you angry, frustrated and stressed are very much the same.

They erected a few tents near St Paul’s Cathedral, got interviewed by the mass media, said what they are angry, frustrated and stressed about and that was it. The World goes on, conditions changed very little or not at all. A few members of the Church of England lost their posts, the Church itself lost tens of thousands of pounds in revenue, Police officers earned extra-time payments, lawyers and public officials put some money into their pockets and the mass media had something to talk about. This was a clear example of the “Economics of No Change at All”.

Real change can only come from a movement with a certain direction, specific aims and credible means to achieve the said aims. In theory, real change should come via the actions of organized political parties and this is where the tragedy started. None of the so called mainstream political parties, that have the power to change conditions and implement a new social model, has the will to change conditions and implement a new social model. Why not? Because they themselves created the present social model and they make every effort to preserve the status quo.

The said parties are represented in the Church of England, in the political establishment, in the financial sector, in the Judiciary and in the mass media. Change? What change?

Harassment and intimidation lead to Extremism

Political activitists that try and do what should be absolutely legal and acceptable in a Democracy are well aware of Police threats, harassment and intimidation. Paradoxically, by repressing Democrats, Police forces are encouraging and promoting Extremists that do not hesitate in attacking those they consider to be enemies of their cause.

I have no qualms in also blaming some politicians, the Trade Unions and many others in the mass media because they have indefatigably promoted extremism by attacking political parties that have democratically elected representatives.

Sooner than later, some politicians, Trade Unions and Journalists are going to be attacked and the said politicians, Trade Unions and Journalists will be responsible of their own demise. Some lessons are never learnt. They cannot understand that threats, harassment and intimidation should not be used in a Democracy.

Democracy is about peaceful campaigning, about meetings to discuss public issues, about leaftleting and taking part in elections by democratic means. People should not be threatened, thrown out of the jobs and discriminated against because of their political beliefs.

Threats, harassment, intimidation and discrimination will sooner than later lead to loss of life.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Marion Thomas - Yet another BBC cockup

Since the BBC Panorama Broadcast, as a former BBC man, I knew the BBC had absolutely nothing and could only afford to create a very low-standards programme based on a theatrical appearance of a man that looked very much like a mental patient on the run after escaping from a sanatorium.

The car park sequences were particularly hilarious, very much a reminder of some sequences of a Vincent Price’s mystery movie. Darragh McIntyre, the presenter, wanted to tell his audience that we were some sort of secret society. The only secret about us is that we try and avoid the left-wing monkeys that very often want to create trouble where there is none.

The female movie star, Marion Thomas, has been found wanting, naked in the middle of the streets, in plain view of all passers-by. The hostage that never was, the woman that said on television that she committed fraud ‘because she was forced to’ is now a shadow of her former self with her reputation in tatters.
The fact that the BBC could fall for the lies and fabrication of such pitiful individuals beggars belief and is yet another example of how low an organisation that used to be the pride and joy of Britain and of the World has fallen.

In my day, the BBC had very high standards. We did not try to compete with private mass media. Our aim was not to be the first to air the news. Our aim was to get our facts right and you can only get your facts right when proper verification is the fundamental priority.
I am very proud of John Tusa and of his role as Head of the BBC World Service. Balanced reporting, verification with at least three independent sources and non- biased approach to the news were the fundamental rules and not exceptions. These rules gave the BBC and in particular the BBC World Service worldwide respect and admiration.

The stories used by the BBC could have been properly verified but BBC producers, and in particular Mr Darragh McIntyre, were more interested in producing a libellous and defamatory programme than in producing real journalism subject to old BBC standards.
This is not news. We remember the Dr David Kelly Affair and another tragic BBC cockup. The rush to get the news out led to the death of Dr Kelly. Despite several enquiries, the doubts surrounding the death of the British expert will forever remain in the minds of the public and what happened will continue to blemish the reputation of the British Broadcasting Corporation.

As a former BBC man – I must say that emotionally I will be forever linked to the British Broadcasting Corporation – I adhere to the old high standards of the British Broadcasting Corporation, standards that made us all extremely proud of saying that we were members of the BBC.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Remember Yugoslavia and beware

It is human nature to pretend that what happened to others will not happen to us, that we are some sort of special beings with supernatural powers that can remain oblivious to what happens to others. It is funny - funny not in the amusing sense - to hear John Cleese say that he prefers Bath to London because 'London is no longer an English city'.

Manuel from Barcelona lives in London and he can tell you that what happened to London will happen to Bath and to every other British city sooner than later.

Those who live in rural areas of the Green and Pleasant Land where Jerusalem is supposed to be built will discover sooner than later that they themselves are no special beings with supernatural powers when housing estates start rising until the typical rural village communities are no more.

In the very same way Croydon was built, there will be other Croydons near you and in spite of you. So you better start listening now and more than listening it is time to act. I reckon many of you already know what is coming and some of you might be planning to buy some property in Spain or elsewhere.

As they say, you can run but you cannot hide. Wherever you go, wherever you choose to hide, reality will soon catch up with you. It is better to stand up when you are still surrounded by your own people instead of having to live like a gypsy or being discriminateg against in your own country.

Here in London we are standing up for the whole of Britain. If you are coming from the North of the country and you see what is happening in London, I am sure you will understand that, while many of you are relatively living in some sort of paradise, London is an increasingly hostile alien land.

Any General will tell you that the way a battle is fought very much depends on the landscape of the battlefield. While conditions in the North are much more favourable in political terms, in the South things are less than favourable.

This is why London tells you that we need every region of the country coming together as one to support London. If we stand divided in the heat of battle, London will be lost and if London is lost... well... I don't need to tell you what is going to happen next.

Will Britain join the Euro?

The papers and the mass media make you think that there is a confrontaton in the offing but... is the confrontation real?

After all the noises been made, I wouldn’t be surprised if they told me that Britain will finally join the Euro as part of a deal to reform the European Union and create a three-speed European Union with some countries leaving the Euro, others staying within the Euro Zone and the three more powerful economies and some others being part of the Euro Zone.

There are some signals: Firstly, Angela Merkel said that she would like Britain to be a member of the Euro Zone. Secondly, the visible efforts of the Conservative government in coalition with the Lib Dems led by a disciple of Leon Britten (Nick Clegg). Thirdly, the fact that the British government and the Bank of England seem to have run out of options and have little else to do to help the British economy.

The sale of Northern Rock at a loss of not less than 400 million pound is yet another indicator that the British government is trying to download loss making financial institutions because they believe that there is not going to be any economic recovery in the short and medium term.

The issue of immigration has been put in the back burner. The news is that all the mainstream political parties have looked the other way because they have a more pressing agenda and the said agenda is the political unification of Europe. There are other aspects that are also been taken into consideration. As a block they are thinking about economies of scale in the energy markets. Britain is running out of energy options and having to buy more and more of the energy it uses, taking also into account a 25-year deal with Qatar for liquidified gas. Germany has existing deals with Russia for gas and oil and a pipeline across the Baltic is already operational.

If a reformed European Union with three different membership categories can stabilize the currency and lower operational costs, the Conservatives will sooner than later change direction and all kinds of excuses will be made to avoid any public consultation about treaty changes.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Another classic: Germany Vs Britain

When Chancellor Angela Merkel representing Die Bundesrepublik Deutschland meets Prime Minister David Cameron representing the United Kingdom it will be another case of Deutschland Uber Alles against common sense.
Trying to reform the Euro Strategy creating a three-speed European Union means reforming the European Treaty that holds the European Union together and intrinsically means for Britain to have a Referendum on Europe because this is what David Cameron and the Conservative Party promised. Any significant changes should be ratified or rejected by British people.
Will, once again, the British people be denied a Referendum? The Greeks have now a puppet un-elected Prime Minister. If David Cameron, once again, short-changes the British people he will be a de-facto puppet illegitimate Prime Minister. Let us remember that David Cameron is not the elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He is Prime Minister as a result of a negotiation between two political parties that did not win an outright majority in the 2010 General Election. So there are quite a few similarities between David Cameron and the so called present Greek Prime Minister.
If the Conservative MPs that stood against David Cameron on the issue of a Referendum on Europe decided to leave the Conservative Party, the present Coalition would fall and we would have a General Election. The question as always is: would Conservative MPs have the guts to stand up for what they believe and make the ultimate political sacrifice?
Another tax on every financial transaction requested by the German government would sink the British economy. As if the existing income tax levels were not enough, the tax requested by the German government would be a tax on tax, taxing people on monies that have already been taxed. For us, this would be nothing new because taxes like the Congestion Charge are taxes applied to services that have already been taxed but this particular new tax requested by Germany will end up destroying the City.
We lost farming, we lost fisheries, we lost manufacturing, we lost political freedoms and now we are about to lose everything else to keep the Euro Nightmare alive. If Germany gets away with murder, we will have effectively become a German colony very much like Greece.
One wonders about the overall political plan of the so called mainstream political parties. Is their agenda the total surrender of British independence? They weaken the country by eroding it with flood immigration. They destroy the will to resist. Once the country has been weakened to the point that it is unable to be united against foreign domination, they take the next step that is to surrender political independence.
Once political independence is lost, the Houses of Parliament could be converted into a museum and it wouldn't make a heck of a difference because real decisions would be taken elsewhere - not in Brussels - but in Berlin. The European Union might appear to be the Union of twenty or so countries. Funnily enough, in the last few days only two names have mattered: Angela Merkel and Nicholas Sarkozy. Finally, the comments have been 'if Angela Merkel does this and if Angela Merkel does that'.
The financial Blitzkrieg has been so fast that most people across Europe have not even had the time to react. While many might be thinking about 2015, the fate of the United Kingdom is being determined right now in Berlin.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

More and more youngsters wasted

The announcement today that once again youth unemployment has risen should not take anybody by surprise. The so called mainstream political parties keep sending money to Europe as if there was no tomorrow and jobs are not being created in enough numbers in the United Kingdom. The lights are being switched off and for more than 1.2 million youngsters, empty handed and with little to do, it is going to be a very long winter.

While this is happening we hear that demonstrators have been given notice to move out of the areas they occupied to protest about the financial state of affairs that is fuelling resentment across the country.

We know what the problem is. The problem is the set of policies implemented by the so called mainstream political parties. If the problem was created politically, it must be solved politically.

We cannot go on implementing policies that sound good but are totally unrealistic. Asking thousands upon thousands of working men and women to throw away their vehicles because of green regulations is not the answer. Increasing fuel tax is not the answer. Increasing congestion charges is not the answer. Raising travelling fares is not the answer.

We need a country in which the cost of going to work and the cost of travelling are lower and we can only lower the cost of going to work and the cost of travelling if we stop giving money away to foreign countries. Britain is importing more from and exporting less to Europe. Our balance of payments is negative. We are de facto subsidizing jobs in Europe while unemployment is crippling Britain.

Many budget cuts could be reversed and we could give hope to more and more people in Britain. Our public services should not be dismantled to serve Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Italy and many others. What is happening is an outrage that should be rejected by people right, centre and left of the political spectrum. This is a national issue.

This is the Battle of Britain all over again. This is the Battle for British Jobs.

Carlos Cortiglia  

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Riots Debate: Listen now and act on what you hear not to pay a higher price later

From whatever point of view you look at it, Democracy is dying and the natural consequence of the death of Democracy is the rise of frustration, intolerance and violence. As a Conservative representative put it, there are more than 120,000 'problem' families, families that have children that sometime will be involved in violence, broken families that live without hope in the middle of growing ghettos.

What the mainstream political parties don't understand or simply try and pretend that they do not understand is that this is direct consequence of their own policies. If they keep throwing away money that should be invested in Britain, if they keep putting pressure on local communities by allowing flood immigration, frustration, intolerance and violence will explode. The riots were just a sample of what could be an everyday reality in a not so distant future.

David Cameron says that the British National Party is a Right-Wing Party and Norman Tebbit says that the British National Party is a Left-Wing Party. Both Conservative politicians don't know what to make of the British National Party. Carlos Cortiglia says that the British National Party must then be somewhere in the middle.

Steve Squire and I went to Tottenham, to a Catholic Church that is very much part of a community that was at the centre of incidents and riots that led to other riots that spread across London and other British cities and suddenly put Britain in the news for all the wrong reasons.

We were there sitting in the same room together with the rioters, the victims of the riots, community activists and also with politicians that do not seem to have a clue of what they are really doing.

I have to say that I am fed up of ideological debates promoted by blogs that very few people read. Real politics takes place outside in the streets, in the local communities, when people come together to air their grievances.

I got up at 5:20 in the morning to travel to Tottenham, always afraid of arriving late. As it happens, I arrived early but I did not waste my time standing in one place. I went for a walk around Tottenham and while looking at some of the buildings I couldn't fail to notice the beauty of some of those that were badly affected by the riots. I looked at those buildings and travelled back in time to the Tottenham that was and is no more.

When the meeting started, I tried and listen very carefully to what was being said by all those who spoke at it and the word 'ghetto' came up. Yes, the very same word that I mention regularly to refer to what the so called mainstream political parties call 'Multiculturalism'. Multiculturalism combined with disastrous economic policies has created ghettos across Britain.

The riots were a direct consequence of the ghetto reality combined with consumerism and the policies of 'everything goes'. The rioters were rich, middle class and lower class, all brought together by madness and by the incompetence of the authorities that allowed what started as a very localised incident to spread across the capital city and beyond.

What happens in Britain today is no longer some sort of political game. It is a catastrophic reality. The Olympic Games 2012 were mentioned and the possibility of new riots during the Olympic Games was also mentioned.

Billions are given to foreign countries on a regular basis. Billions are being spent in the Olympic Games. I wonder what kind of Britain we could have if we invested all those billions to build a better Britain.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Tottenham after the riots - Lib Lab Con at their worst

Education, Education, Education. We have been educated. Once the Riots are no longer hot news, politicians simply turn the page over and forget about the people of a crumbling community. I sat down in a Church building to hear what ordinary people had to say about the events that traumatised the country in August 2011.

The catalogue of incompetence of the British authorities was in full-view for display and all Lib Lab Con could come up with were the old lies and false promises to try and pretend that they were doing something.
When Victoria Derbyshire asked the audience many of whom were people that lost their homes during the riots if they had received any compensation or any support, no hands were raised.

Many locals tried in vain to get the cooperation of the Police forces to contain the rioters only to be treated with contempt and visibly ignored by Police officers who stood idle while properties were ransacked and burned and human lives were in danger.

Steve Squire and I were there, sitting inside the House of God, listening to a cross-section of the population of Tottenham and when I was finally allowed to talk I said loud and clear: Lib Lab Con, you are liars and you keep giving away to foreign countries the monies that should be invested in British communities to create jobs and a future for hundreds of thousands of desperate inhabitants that see their communities and their futures crumble.

We were at the very area where everything started on August 6th 2011. Boarded doors and windows, burnt buildings and a ghostly abandoned Job Centre Plus building. 'Jobs for the British people', shout the liar politicians of Lib Lab Con and far too many people still believe the mermaid calls of the so called mainstream political parties. Now, they are even closing down Job Centre Plus building and the staff are now joining the unemployment queues made up of those they were supposed to be trying to help.

The British National Party was there in Tottenham to listen to all sections of the local population and beyond. The British National Party was there to say what must be said. We were not there to hand out leaflets. We were not there to do political campaigning. We were there to listen unconditionally and to reflect what the people of Britain are saying about the corrupt Parliamentary Gangs that run Britain.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Political Maginot Line

One of the curiosities of World War Two was the renowned Maginot Line that would have helped France if Germany had decided launch the initial attack against it. Unfortunately for the French, Germany had other ideas.

For many on the French side, Germany was always going to attack through Belgium and therefore as soon as possible France sent its best troops to the Belgian border, trusting the Maginot Line that did not cover the entire border with Belgium and Germany and protecting ‘the impenetrable Ardennes’ with its less able combatants.

Germany had learnt the lessons of 1914 and was not going to be driven to the trenches all over again. Germany had a new concept: Blitzkrieg. The fundamentals of Blitzkrieg were that it was going to be a very fast and focused attack carried out by well armed, well trained and very well commanded troops supported by Panzer units. The element of surprise was an essential component and the idea was to advance so fast that the enemy would not have the time to regroup and counter-attack.

The message given by Commander Heinz Guderian was very straightforward: attack swiftly and don’t disperse your troops.

Politics is the peacetime version of War. If you are constantly signposting what you are going to do next, you are constantly giving away the element of surprise. While Guderian’s enemies were thinking according to the logic of 1914, Guderian was thinking according to the logic of 1940.

The importance of reading about history has little to with remembering dates and events. Learning history is supposed to teach you how to deal with the challenges of the present.

We have quite a few 1914 French generals in the British Nationalist Movement. The way political wars were won in the past has nothing to do with the way political wars will be won in the future. They read about Charles Darwin and the Theory of Evolution, but they pitifully fail to grasp the concept that Survival is very much due to Evolution.

In Politics as in Word War Two, Maginot Lines are pretty useless. Even the majestic Wall of China was breached and China was conquered by the Mongols. You can win a War in many ways and use different strategies, but in the end the only thing that matters is winning the War.

More than thirty years have passed since the first modern Nationalist Movement was born in Britain and many are still trying to face Panzers with Cavalry and strategies of 1914.

Change is difficult and understanding change is even more difficult. You can change the colour of the car and the way it looks, but the engine underneath is very much the same engine. Our aim is to achieve the objectives that we set out to achieve. The means to achieve such objectives will change because the political environment has changed but we remain as resolute as ever before in our efforts to build a Nationalist Britain.

Carlos Cortiglia  

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Millions are entering Britain without passport checks

Labour dragged into border fiasco over dropped passport checks

Millions of people are feared to have been allowed into Britain without full passport checks in a major new borders scandal.

Both the Labour Party and the Conservative Party have been at it because 'the French were complaining about queues on the French side'. So to ease the queues, passport controllers were told to look the other way and allow people in without checking that the documents they had were true passports.

Even the most permissive European legislation cannot be used as an excuse to have totally failed to do their duty of care to protect the country. Can you trust the so called mainstream political parties? No, you cannot. They are the parties of pretense and posturing, of empty promises and of negligence. 

UK 1964 Orwellian Reality - Arrested for Maybe Crime

1964 Orwellian Reality is here. I am not talking about Islamic plotters wanting to blow up thousands of people in the London Underground. I am talking about ordinary citizens that want to remember and honour those who put their lives on the line of fire for Britain.
These ordinary citizens are usually corralled, harassed, beaten and arrested by zealots following orders of their politically correct masters.
I feel compelled to write about the victims of Police operations that very much remind us of the Eastern German Stasi. Never mind if you are not old enough to have known about the Stasi. To know about the Stasi you only need to witness the way some Police forces are operating in Britain to know how things were under Soviet Occupation in Eastern Germany.
I don’t need to use expletives or F words to show my anger. I reckon you have already sensed my anger and it is the kind of anger that I can only show writing.
Never mind if those being corralled, harassed, beater and arrested are not members of our organization. We stand up for the victims of the Police State that Britain has become.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Liberal Racism = Positive Discrimination

We are constantly being attacked and accused of Racism. How you do call Positive Discrimination and those who promote Positive Discrimination?
Some Nationalists, driven to exasperation, want to start calling themselves Racist. You are not Racists. You are defending what is rightfully yours. You are being dispossessed. Your country is being occupied and you are understandably angry.
In times past, you would have used the Sword to protect what is yours. In present times, there is a legal system and a political system that is biased against you and you are angry.
When you want to show your allegiance to those who are fighting for your rights, what happens? You are threatened and they tell you that your jobs will be in danger if you don’t support those who are allowing the occupation of your country.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

EU is good for Britain or isn't it?

Looking at the balance of payments between the United Kingdom and the European Union, the figures indicate that we buy more and sell less. In other words, it indicates that the relationship is biased in favour of Europe and against British interests.

If this wasn't enough, Britain pays every year billions of Pounds to finance the European Union. Now, on top of everything else, Britain is having to pay even more money to keep the EURO alive and this regardless of not having joined the EURO.

But there is even more. We have to take onboard the rules of the European Union and follow the dictats of the European Commission and of the European Parliament.

Britain does not control its borders and British resources are being managed by the European Union. But there is even more. Contracts that should be awarded to British companies to create jobs in Britain are being awarded to European companies that usually bring their own staff and pay taxes somewhere else.

And there is even more. Because Britain does not control its borders, other European Union countries can afford to show themselves as Humanitarian by accepting people coming from outside the European Union because sooner than later they can download them in Britain.

After the Greek tragedy comes the Italian tragedy. Who is doing all the running to save the EURO? Eurosceptic George Osborne MP that happens to the British Chancellor of the Exchequer. So we finance the European Union as a whole and now we are adding additional funding for Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Italy and sooner than later we are going to send money to the European Union using the International Monetary Fund.

Today, we had people marching in London against budget cuts. Unfortunately, the same people will not be marching against the ones who are really draining British resources and forcing us to implement budget cuts.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Immigration is about managing numbers

The whole debate about immigration is about managing numbers. In other words, it is about meeting growing needs with increasingly reduced resources.

If we look at immigration from a technical point of view, without passion and without prejudice, the facts are staring at us. The ratio between population and resources is an unavoidable truth.

The very same operators that raise the alarm by saying that the World's population has gone beyond the mark of 7 billion - 7,000 million - and that talk about depletion of resources and damage to ecosystems are the ones criticizing us and calling us Fascists, Nazis and the like because we are raising the alarm about what is happening in Britain.

Middle Aged Audience

My records indicate that most people who access British National Party websites tend to be somewhat in the middle in terms of age. Taking into account that Britain has an ageing population that for the most part does not access Internet on a regular basis, there is a lot of work that needs to be done to spread the message.

When you look at the hand you recognize two realities: firstly, It is the hand of an elderly person. Secondly, it is a representation of an inescapable financial reality. Thirdly, many people with hands like that continue to support the very same political parties that are responsible for the disastrous realities that we are facing.

On the other end of political realities, the young seem to be somewhat oblivious to the nightmares they will encounter as they grow older and they are prone to believe the fairytales of the so called mainstream political parties. Most representatives of the younger generation are more interested in the passing stars of the pop industry and constantly say that politics is boring or that it is something that does not concern them at all.


Monday, 7 November 2011

Pro-Europeans fail to see that all British monies come from the same pocket

When people march in the streets and protest against budget cuts, do they think about the monies sent to European countries and to the European Union as a whole?

On Wednesday, this week, there is a planned march to complain about budget cuts. What about the monies given to Ireland, Spain, Greece, Italy and other European countries? If we did not throw away monies, we could have less budget cuts or no budget cuts at all. This is the reality. All monies spent or thrown away are British taxpayers' monies.

We cannot give away money and then ask that the same money that we give away be invested in Britain. If we give away money, the said money is not going to be used to reduce British deficits or to cut the volume of public debt.

Any professor of economics will tell you that the value of any currency is its speed of circulation. So, there is no point in printing 275 billion Pound and then leave such enormous amount in storage. It does not create jobs that we badly need and therefore it doesn't re-activate the economy. If it does not create jobs, it does not generate tax revenues for the Inland Revenue.

The whole economic policy is a very sad joke because the country is being run by individuals that are throwing away the resources that should be invested in Britain.

Britain does not have a bad Government. Britain doesn't have a Government. Did Cameron oppose a Referendum on Europe because David Cameron did not want a Referendum on Europe or was David Cameron told not to allow a Referendum on Europe?

Having seen the Greek fiasco, the Conservative Party Leader's behaviour generates more questions than answers.

If we really want British jobs, we must stop giving money away and we must control our borders. At the moment, the news is that as a country we are going exactly in the opposite direction. Lets wait and see how much Britain will have to pay for Italy.


BNP extremely concerned about Searchlight

In dialogue with London Regional Press Office, Steve Squire - BNP London Region Organisar - expressed concerns regarding the fate of a publication called Searchlight that is apparently going through painful financial adjustments leading to a much talked about divorce. Independent reports indicate that Gerry Gable and Nick Lowles are no longer a couple.

As you can understand, things like this can happen since ever lasting love in many cases is still very much an aspiration. Having said that, love can also be rekindled and Sonia Gable is now back as deputy editor, despite the fact that things are now very much black and white - perhaps a true representation of what is happening in left-wing politics.

After seeing the publication of Ken Livingstone's autobiography, I am sure that Sonia Gable will work to increase readers numbers by publishing her autobiography and so help Searchlight to recover. After learning about Anna Arrowsmith's successes as movie producer and since Sonia Gable has stood as a Lib Dem candidate, I am in no doubt that Sonia Gables's autobiography could be made into a box office record breaking movie to be shown only after 9 o'clock pm on selected pay channels.

Anna Arrowsmith interviewing an actor
Anna Arrrowsmiith is reported to have said that 'porn is good for society'. Moreover, The Sun, a leading tabloid newspaper, is well-known for its page 3. Page 3 on Searchlight magazine? I reckon this could be the key for a resounding editorial success.


Sunday, 6 November 2011

Gerry Gable fires Nick Lowles?

After Gerry Gable sacked Nick Lowles and replaced him by appointing Sonia Gable as his own deputy editor of his magazine that has gone from colour to black and white format (perhaps due to financial problems?), Nick Lowles appears as head of Hatred, Not Hope.

In one of his writings, misguided as usual, Nick Lowles seems confused about the issue of the Poppy, that he seems to believe belongs to a single political organization. One wonders where Nick Lowles has been since he was born. The Poppy, as we all know, is a cherished symbol for all Nationalists and does not belong to any one of them in particular.

The Poppy is a National symbol and both Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons as Members of the European Parliament representing Britain want to protect the Poppy. This is the one issue that truly unites all Nationalists despite ideological or personal differences and, once again, Nick Lowles has miserably failed to grasp the concept of what it means to be a Nationalist.

Nationalists might disagree with each other on nuances or ways of achieving our aims but when it counts we will all stand together, shoulder to shoulder, for the greater cause. Our werewolves are not somebody else's werewolves. They are our werewolves because they are Nationalist werewolves and I cherish them despite all their criticisms and Nick Lowles can go and think again.

My advice to Nick Lowles would be to go and ask all Nationalists inside and outside the British National Party what they feel about the Poppy. All Nationalists, inside and outside the British National Party stand for the Poppy.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

A new country called State of Uncertainty

Grim faces indicating impending doom are now the rule rather than the exception. The Feel Good Factor of Big Society is nowhere to be found and strikes are in the air. The whole package is "work longer if you manage to keep a job and pay more for a reduced pension eaten by inflation created by higher taxes."

Fuel tax and all other taxes are basically multiplying factors that generate inflation. There is no escape from this. Businesses are going to transfer the taxation burden to consumers in the shape of price increases. The more taxes we pay, the higher prices in the shops will be. As prices rise, people with reduced incomes buy less and less and sooner than later employees are no longer needed because sales go down.

If people are afraid of what may happen to their jobs, they will naturally spend less, even if they still have buying power. This is not only about economics. It is also about psychology because psychology has a lot to do with what is going at the moment. At the end of the day, everything is about trust and trust is missing because those in power don't trust those who are governed and viceversa.

The crisis is not about choosing between Capitalism or State Control. It is about balanced economics and balanced economics is missing because of widespread corruption.

Friday, 4 November 2011

BNP Candidate to stand in Islington election

From the Islington Gazette, report written by Jon Dean, under the headline

BNP candidate to stand in Islington election

Walter Barfoot, a retired builder who lives in Caledonian Road, is a long standing member of the BNP and has also lived in Islington for many years.

A spokesman for the party said: “Our policies are well known. We want to try and stand in every single election; local, national and European. We want to give people an option – it is not just about winning, it is about taking part.”

The BNP website states: “Native British are now treated like second-class citizens in our own country, whilst asylum-seekers and immigrants are pushed to the front of the queue for housing, jobs and benefits.”

It adds: “Towns and cities all over our beautiful country now resemble parts of Africa or Asia. British people have become a minority in many areas already, and within a few decades, we will become a minority across the country as a whole.”

Councillor Catherine West, leader of Islington Council, said: “We don’t welcome the BNP being in this by-election, but I am confident Islington will show its belief in the diverse community that we have.”

As a matter of fact, the British National Party has nothing against diversity provided diversity does not mean replacing entire local populations. It is also a matter of fact that flood immigration has led to what in places like the former Yugoslavia was known as ethnic cleansing. Multiculturalism has led to the formation of ghettos that create isolation in areas where English is hardly the main language. The British National Party does not want Kosovo-like areas on British soil.

Carlos Cortiglia

Why is the Poppy under attack?

The Poppy is under attack from two quarters: Islamic operators and Left-Wing operators. Why? In the very same way that national flags, anthems and memorials are reminders of the existence of a national identity, the Poppy is very much the one poignant symbol of lives lost during wars fought for the Defence of the Realm and the Protection of British Interests.

What does the Poppy remind us of? The Cross. A Red Cross on a white background was the emblem of the Crusaders that fell in the Middle East and Asia Minor in the Defense of the Blood of Christ and of Jerusalem. A Red Cross also happens to be the flag of England.

Islamic Extremists hate the Poppy because they hate the Cross, symbol of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. In the Unity of the Cross, now also represented by the Poppy, we stand together against the Common Enemy.

They build Mosques and they take over Christian Temples, they burn the Poppy and they burn National Flags in an effort to desecrate everything that is Anathema to them. Their anger is not the anger due to something that is happening in our times. It is the anger of centuries of Islamic hatred against the Cross.

For many becoming independent was not nearly enough. They needed to travel to destroy their Ancestral Enemy and this is why they are coming by the hundreds of thousands. This is no mere immigration for financial reasons. Some liberal operators naively see it as 'Integration'. It is nothing of the sort. They are coming to destroy the Christendom.

For all Nationalists, of all party political allegiances, the Poppy is the symbol of identity and resistance to foreign invasion.

Carlos Cortiglia

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Papandreou: If the Greek people don't want the deal, the deal will not be adopted

It is refreshing to think that somewhere in Europe there is a Prime Minister able and willing to recognize that Democracy means giving his own people the opportunity to decide. Western commentators said that the Referendum proposed by Papandreou was "Suicide" and this speaks volumes about the concept the said Western commentators have of what is and what isn't Democracy.

No matter how difficult the circumstances that Greece faces, Big Society is not about the idiotic posturing of a British Prime Minister. Big Society is about people choosing their own destiny. If the Greek people are the ones who are going to face decades of hardship, it is up to the Greek people to decide.

Britain instead has to deal with deaf rulers that some say do not give a damn about the hardships of the British people. One hopes that the Greek Prime Minister had taken the decision of calling for a Referendum a long time ago, leaving the Euro and adopting the Dracma.

From the start, it was self-evident that the adoption of the Euro was not an economic decision. It was a political decision and a decision that Greece would later regret. Those promoting the Euro said that 'it would facilitate trade'. What they didn't say is that it would create the illusion of wealth that would lead many to self-destruction.

We all know what happened to the Exchange Rate Mechanism. In fact, trying to stick to the Exchange Rate Mechanism, under Chancellor Norman Lamont, Britain lost more than 10 billion pound overnight. Britain did not join the Euro. Unfortunately, for ideological reasons, Britain signed financial agreements to support the Euro even when it did not adopt the Euro.

Admirals without Navy?

Some Latin American countries have Admirals but no Navy and Britain is reaching the point when we could be compared to Bolivia - a landlocked Latin American country that used to have access to the Pacific Ocean before losing a war against Chile. The Daily Telegraph tells the story with a headline: No warships left defending Britain after Defense cutbacks.

In last year's defense review, budget cuts left Britain with 19 frigates. The loss of aircraft carriers is vox populi. They say that two plane carriers will be delivered in ten years time but without airplanes and talks continue to try and see if America and France will provide what is needed to protect Britain.

Proportional Representation and a written Constitution

The Election of a new Senate to replace the House of Lords using Proportional Representation will lead to major Constitutional developments. The House of Commons will continue to be elected using First Past the Post and the Senate (House of Lords) will be elected using a similar mechanism to the one used to elected Members of the London Assembly via the London Wide List.
What most people do not realize is that in order to prevent conflicts between the two elected Houses of Parliament and between the two Houses of Parliament and the Executive represented by the Prime Minister and the Cabinet, there will have to be specific written rules. The Parliament Act will no longer be a valid instrument.
Given the way the system is structured, there is a great degree of confusion regarding the prerogatives of the Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary and more often than not legal precedents are being created by Judiciary verdicts that take precedence over decisions made by Parliament.
The separation of powers will have to be clearer and guaranteed by written rules. Otherwise, we could end up with a permanent political standstill.
We must look at the way Proportional Representation works in other countries where Proportional Representation is the key for Presidential systems rather than Parliamentary systems.
Carlos Cortiglia

Greece will have a Referendum on the Euro Aid Package

Just a few days ago, once again, Parliament denied the British people a Referendum on Europe despite the promises made by the Conservative Party, the Labour Party and the Liberal Democratic Party.
Today, we learn that the Greek government has called for a Referendum to ask the Greek people if they accept or reject the aid package negotiated by the European Union.
Now, let’s compare the two realities: the Greek government is not afraid of asking its own people about an aid package that will literally mean that Greece will no longer be an independent country and will be run by European Union officials and officials of the International Monetary Fund that will be based in Athens. At the same time, the British government is so afraid of British public opinion that they are willing to continue making false promises.
Well, Democracy started in Greece. We want a Referendum. People who are for the European Union and people who are against the European Union want a Referendum. Why? They want a Referendum because only those who believe that they can have the British people behind them want a Referendum.
Let’s wait and see the reaction of Angela Merkel and of Nicholas Sarkozy listening to the Greek news. Will they behave as Democratic leaders or will they criticize the Greek government for being loyal to the Greek people?