Friday, 25 November 2011

Fighting elections: Hard work instead of short term triumphalism

The London Region keeps working as usual and is moving on. Rather than thinking about defeat we follow Rudyard Kipling's advice. Feltham, we are coming in. Those wishing to help should contact Dave Furness, our man for Feltham, or direct your enquiries to Steve Squire, our London Regional Organiser.

We have stood in different areas in recent times and the emphasis has been "to be there". Within our possibilities, we are going to be standing for every seat, be it local, regional, national or European. The message is: whatever the outcome of any election, we are here and we are here to stay. We offer you a choice, an alternative. Our mission is to give the British people a choice.

Our people in East London keep busy. Yesterday, it was Hornchurch's turn and a group of enthusiastic campaigners, with the Jackal in attendance, met UKIP Leader Nigel Farage and UKIP London Mayoral Candidate Lawrence Webb at a public meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, all UKIP representatives, justifying their policies on immigration, introduced themselves saying that they can prove that they are not Racists because they all have foreign wives. This was certainly reassuring coming from the United Kingdom Independence Party and demolishes the arguments used by other political parties and the mass media against the British National Party.

Nigel Farage stated that he is willing to talk to everybody, including the British National Party, because in Britain there is a democratic deficit. Having said that, Nigel Farage said that he did not want to be associated with the British National Party, citing the history of the British National Party.

We need a national debate with the participation of people of all political affiliations and this is called Democracy.

Carlos Cortiglia spoke with both Nigel Farage and Lawrence Webb saying that there are common issues and among them the need to have a Referendum on Europe and the need to tackle flood immigration.

Carlos Cortiglia stated that Nationalists must not attack Nationalists and must focus on fundamental issues and this was well received by UKIP Leader Nigel Farage.

Everybody agreed that fragmentation of the Nationalist movement is one of the main obstacles. Despite obvious differences of approach in political terms, there was a climate of camaraderie and open dialogue between UKIP followers and British National Party followers.

The British National Party is faithful to its main core message about a British Britain and at the same time is working to focus on the more pressing issues including Europe and Immigration. It must be remarked that both issues are closely linked. As long as Britain remains in the European Union, Britain will not be able to control its borders and will not be able to tackle flood immigration.

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