Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Alastair Campbell: parts of British press have become 'putrid'

Heeouw! Has Alastair Campbell been talking with our Giuseppe? Parts of the British press have become 'putrid'? Harsh words coming from Tony Blair's spin master referring to the members of the National Union of Journalists.

Let us remember who gave a now former Director General of the British Brodcasting Corporation and Andrew Gilligan their marching orders. Yes, you guess correctly. Alastair Campbell. Under Alastair Campbell's spell, our Tessa Jowell MP put in place a system that very much tightened the budget of the British Broadcasting Corporation.

The Coalition government put Lord Patten in command and as former governor of Hong Kong he seems to be about to implement Chinese torture on the management of the BBC.

Like the Polish pilots in the movie Battle of Britain, the BBC is going 'repeat, please; repeat, please'.

Having learnt the lesson about allowing little monsters to become big monsters, the Establishment got rid of Rebecca, cut Ruppert's wings and there are threatening moves to castrate Little James.

Some people have grown older but they haven't learnt that 'listening to other people's private conversations is bad manners.'


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