Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Riots Debate: Listen now and act on what you hear not to pay a higher price later

From whatever point of view you look at it, Democracy is dying and the natural consequence of the death of Democracy is the rise of frustration, intolerance and violence. As a Conservative representative put it, there are more than 120,000 'problem' families, families that have children that sometime will be involved in violence, broken families that live without hope in the middle of growing ghettos.

What the mainstream political parties don't understand or simply try and pretend that they do not understand is that this is direct consequence of their own policies. If they keep throwing away money that should be invested in Britain, if they keep putting pressure on local communities by allowing flood immigration, frustration, intolerance and violence will explode. The riots were just a sample of what could be an everyday reality in a not so distant future.

David Cameron says that the British National Party is a Right-Wing Party and Norman Tebbit says that the British National Party is a Left-Wing Party. Both Conservative politicians don't know what to make of the British National Party. Carlos Cortiglia says that the British National Party must then be somewhere in the middle.

Steve Squire and I went to Tottenham, to a Catholic Church that is very much part of a community that was at the centre of incidents and riots that led to other riots that spread across London and other British cities and suddenly put Britain in the news for all the wrong reasons.

We were there sitting in the same room together with the rioters, the victims of the riots, community activists and also with politicians that do not seem to have a clue of what they are really doing.

I have to say that I am fed up of ideological debates promoted by blogs that very few people read. Real politics takes place outside in the streets, in the local communities, when people come together to air their grievances.

I got up at 5:20 in the morning to travel to Tottenham, always afraid of arriving late. As it happens, I arrived early but I did not waste my time standing in one place. I went for a walk around Tottenham and while looking at some of the buildings I couldn't fail to notice the beauty of some of those that were badly affected by the riots. I looked at those buildings and travelled back in time to the Tottenham that was and is no more.

When the meeting started, I tried and listen very carefully to what was being said by all those who spoke at it and the word 'ghetto' came up. Yes, the very same word that I mention regularly to refer to what the so called mainstream political parties call 'Multiculturalism'. Multiculturalism combined with disastrous economic policies has created ghettos across Britain.

The riots were a direct consequence of the ghetto reality combined with consumerism and the policies of 'everything goes'. The rioters were rich, middle class and lower class, all brought together by madness and by the incompetence of the authorities that allowed what started as a very localised incident to spread across the capital city and beyond.

What happens in Britain today is no longer some sort of political game. It is a catastrophic reality. The Olympic Games 2012 were mentioned and the possibility of new riots during the Olympic Games was also mentioned.

Billions are given to foreign countries on a regular basis. Billions are being spent in the Olympic Games. I wonder what kind of Britain we could have if we invested all those billions to build a better Britain.

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