Monday, 14 November 2011

Tottenham after the riots - Lib Lab Con at their worst

Education, Education, Education. We have been educated. Once the Riots are no longer hot news, politicians simply turn the page over and forget about the people of a crumbling community. I sat down in a Church building to hear what ordinary people had to say about the events that traumatised the country in August 2011.

The catalogue of incompetence of the British authorities was in full-view for display and all Lib Lab Con could come up with were the old lies and false promises to try and pretend that they were doing something.
When Victoria Derbyshire asked the audience many of whom were people that lost their homes during the riots if they had received any compensation or any support, no hands were raised.

Many locals tried in vain to get the cooperation of the Police forces to contain the rioters only to be treated with contempt and visibly ignored by Police officers who stood idle while properties were ransacked and burned and human lives were in danger.

Steve Squire and I were there, sitting inside the House of God, listening to a cross-section of the population of Tottenham and when I was finally allowed to talk I said loud and clear: Lib Lab Con, you are liars and you keep giving away to foreign countries the monies that should be invested in British communities to create jobs and a future for hundreds of thousands of desperate inhabitants that see their communities and their futures crumble.

We were at the very area where everything started on August 6th 2011. Boarded doors and windows, burnt buildings and a ghostly abandoned Job Centre Plus building. 'Jobs for the British people', shout the liar politicians of Lib Lab Con and far too many people still believe the mermaid calls of the so called mainstream political parties. Now, they are even closing down Job Centre Plus building and the staff are now joining the unemployment queues made up of those they were supposed to be trying to help.

The British National Party was there in Tottenham to listen to all sections of the local population and beyond. The British National Party was there to say what must be said. We were not there to hand out leaflets. We were not there to do political campaigning. We were there to listen unconditionally and to reflect what the people of Britain are saying about the corrupt Parliamentary Gangs that run Britain.


  1. For the use many of the staff were at Job Centre Plus sites they might as well be on the dole. Thank goodness that I got early retirement in good time. The whole area was bad enough in the late 1970's when I first arrived in the area now the rot is spreading out much further. Let's not forget the last major uprising that happened at the nearby Broadwater Farm estate and the savagery that led to the murder of PC Blakelock.

  2. The ongoing crisis was created by Lib Lab Con. Even when they try and convince the audience, a growing number of people react with contempt because they realize that they have been used. Flood immigration is a political issue. The Left used flood immigration to prop up their vote. The Right used it to get cheap labour.