Monday, 28 November 2011

Unity of Purpose: You are either with us or against us

A few days ago, I wrote about Political Party, Political Movement, Social Movement and Political Group. There are clear differences. There is an additional category: those who choose to be on the sidelines without any positive political involvement of any serious consequence.

The stated mission of our websites is to be a port of call for all those wishing and willing to make a positive contribution to the political campaign. Those who do not wish to engage are merely sitting on the sidelines and going nowhere.

Looking at the activists doing their duty, I recognize the true Nationalist movement that works in the open, spreading the message. Those who do the real job have little time left for sniper fire or criticism.

The time for secret societies and plotters is over. Membership lists leaked? Well, no more tricks and stupidity. One of the weaknesses of times past was the number of infiltrators, of agents provocateurs, that plagued the Nationalist movement. Our names are in the open. We are not hiding any more. Those who want to use the old dirty tricks will be found out and will be dealt with.

Trying to bring people in for the fighting is no weakness. Some segments of opinion tend to believe that when we approach them, we do so from a position of weakness. We don’t do negotiation. We do conversation. We talk to people and try to bring them in if they are genuinely interested in campaigning for the common cause.

Those who want to join the common cause must do so unconditionally, without interest of evasion and without mental reservation or be forever cast as those who falter and fail to prove with facts that they are committed.

The Cause is first and foremost, above any other political consideration. Keep your personal issues to yourselves and Stand up for Britain!

Some intellectualoids still live in Cabinet Politics Neverland. Enough of such crap! The table tops are ready, the activists are marching on. The British National Party is moving forward. You are either with us or with the enemies of Britain.

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