Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Papandreou: If the Greek people don't want the deal, the deal will not be adopted

It is refreshing to think that somewhere in Europe there is a Prime Minister able and willing to recognize that Democracy means giving his own people the opportunity to decide. Western commentators said that the Referendum proposed by Papandreou was "Suicide" and this speaks volumes about the concept the said Western commentators have of what is and what isn't Democracy.

No matter how difficult the circumstances that Greece faces, Big Society is not about the idiotic posturing of a British Prime Minister. Big Society is about people choosing their own destiny. If the Greek people are the ones who are going to face decades of hardship, it is up to the Greek people to decide.

Britain instead has to deal with deaf rulers that some say do not give a damn about the hardships of the British people. One hopes that the Greek Prime Minister had taken the decision of calling for a Referendum a long time ago, leaving the Euro and adopting the Dracma.

From the start, it was self-evident that the adoption of the Euro was not an economic decision. It was a political decision and a decision that Greece would later regret. Those promoting the Euro said that 'it would facilitate trade'. What they didn't say is that it would create the illusion of wealth that would lead many to self-destruction.

We all know what happened to the Exchange Rate Mechanism. In fact, trying to stick to the Exchange Rate Mechanism, under Chancellor Norman Lamont, Britain lost more than 10 billion pound overnight. Britain did not join the Euro. Unfortunately, for ideological reasons, Britain signed financial agreements to support the Euro even when it did not adopt the Euro.

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