Thursday, 27 March 2014

Sharia Law: Getting acquainted with Islamic Realities

Insidiously, Sharia Law is being incorporated creating all kinds of double standards to demolish the principle that everybody should be equal in the eyes of the Law. Now the question that you have to ask is: Which Law?

You would imagine that a girl who is raped would be treated as the victim. Wrong. She was convicted and killed. She was raped and if that wasn't enough the culprits walked away and she was barbarically executed.


Another aspect of Islamic Law is that very often there are impromptu trials and people are executed on the spot.

A hungry child living in the streets stole a loaf of bread. Islamic Rules led to what you see in the picture. A man hold a child on the ground while the punishment is implemented. The arm of the child will be crashed by a vehicle. This is Islamic sense of Justice.

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