Saturday, 25 February 2017

BBC banned from White House briefings

It was just a matter of time for the BBC to be banned from briefings at the White House. BBC has for months on end been biased against President Donald Trump and campaigned very much against the now President of the United States, being totally biased in favour of Hillary Clinton.

The likes of Sky News with Kate Burley could hardly hide her disappointment when Donald Trump was elected President.

Newsweek, CNN, and others bombard viewers on a daily basis with emails against President Donald Trump and did so before he was elected, misrepresenting his views and openly lying and fabricating stories based on distortion.

The BBC believed that because it is able to lie and distort in the United Kingdom it could continue lying and distorting in the United States of America.

Hollywood has now become a political organisation that uses celebrities to promote political messages against President Donald Trump. I have to say that to continue watching Hollywood trash people would do better playing cards and practising sports. The so called Oscars is a system in which a closed group of individuals vote for each other and then portray themselves as great achievers.

It is a bit like British television in which one day A interviews B and C, the next day B interviews A and C and the following day C interviews A and B. They congratulate each other for having achieved absolutely nothing and if that wasn't enough, when it happens via the BBC or Channel Four, people are forced to pay for such trash.

Real news reporting doesn't take sides. Real news reporting is telling things as they are instead of distorting what is been said.

The talking about Muslim Ban because an immigration ban was proposed regarding seven countries. Well, how many Muslim countries are there in the world? How many hundreds of millions of Muslims are there in the world? Were they all affected. The answer is no. The ban affected a very small minority of people living in merely seven countries.

Then they said that President Donald Trump was against immigrants. Another gigantic lie. President Trump talked about dealing with Illegal Immigrants and just Illegal Immigrants.

People have been marching on the streets on the basis of lies and fabrications created by mass media like the BBC, CNN, SKY and others that have distorted instead of giving a true account of what has been happening.

Idiots like Angela Merkel that took fundamental decisions concerning immigration without consulting any of the other 27 EU countries have opposed President Trump. Well, because of Angela Merkel German people are being raped and killed and she has spread the mess across EU countries that have been flooded with immigrants that very few people want. When it became self-evident that she had made a criminal mess, she tried to force EU countries to cope with the problems she created. When that didn't work, she engaged in negotiations with Turkey to stop the flood. When that didn't work she started talking about deportations and about paying people to leave Germany.

And what has done the man riding a moped wearing a helmet for anonymity to engage in illicit sexual adventures do? Well, Mr. Hollande will be out soon and until the day he leaves he will continue to create havoc. Now, French Police are seeing on the streets been chased by Islamic mobs and tourism to France has taken a hit because of the mess Fran├žois Hollande created.

Well, BBC, time to stop being the Bollocks Broadcasting Corporation, with millions paid to executives and pseudo stars at the expense of old ladies sent to jail for not paying the TV Licence.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Stoke on Trent: According to Party Leader Adam Walker, 124 votes is a huge sucess

Stoke on Trent by-Election: according to Party Leader Adam Walker, the BNP had a huge success in a  by-Election in which the BNP polled merely 124 votes.

If you don't believe in alternative realities, then the statement made by the present BNP Leader is real evidence that alternative realities do exist. As the by-election results show, the BNP got less votes than the Incredible Flying Brick, Official Monster Raving Loony Party. This is a new record in British politics.

On its main website, the article containing statements made by Adam Walker is about an important step of what Adam Walker calls long term strategy.

We are running out of words to describe what the Party Leader calls 'his long term strategy', although one might be tempted to speculate about what his 'long term strategy' actually is and possibly the said long term strategy has little to do with winning any elections.

BNP still losing and losing big with reclusive leader

BNP still losing and losing big with reclusive leader

Jo Cox MP might have been killed for researching about the so called Far Right but when it comes to fighting elections the Far Right has become practically invisible.

Once again, Dave Furness, a Londoner, stood in yet another by-election for the British National Party. This time it was Stoke on Trent, but the party didn't even bother to stand a candidate in Copeland. Before, in another set of by elections, the BNP stood in only one seat because it didn't have candidates to stand in David Cameron's seat.

In 2014, in what amounted to a coup within the ranks of the British National Party, Nick Griffin was unseated as Party Leader. During the ensuing Leadership campaign in which Adam Walker and Paul Hilliard stood for the post, Adam Walker was confirmed as new BNP Leader and promised a new leadership style.

Almost three years later, the British National Party is going nowhere and has continued to shed not only members but also member of the BNP team including its BNP TV team.

At another level, after the demise via expulsion of Steve Squire as London Regional Organiser, Mike Jokes stepped in to fill the gap but hasn't been seen or heard in what has become the most important region for the British National Party. Formerly populous and active branches of the British National Party in London are now shadows of their former selves with less than ten people attending monthly meetings.

A very expensive website was launched but when it comes to content the BNP is trailing the mass media and other political organisations. The BNP used to be a force to be reckoned with, a trend setter that was never far away from the main headlines. Now, it could only be defined as a wreck very much like the National Front - the organisation the founding members of the British National Party came from. Still mentioned from time to time on the websites of organisations like Hope Not Hate that are very much a one-man band but totally irrelevant in political terms.

Also from time to time, the BNP is on the news as Helen Goodman MP, walking on the footsteps of Jo Cox MP, continues her campaign of harassment of political opponents, wasting Parliamentary time in lost causes because in its present form the British National Party is no longer alive.

Adam Walker and other present and former BNP members used to talk about the importance of the brand but the brand is now like the signs of Woolworths - the brand is still around but the chain of shops that made it is no more. Far too many activists sacrificed their lives - including their family lives - for an organisation that led them to frustration and despair.

But the damage done by the British National Party doesn't stop with its political misfortunes that are very much the direct consequence of the way the organisation has been run. Present and former members face blacklisting which in short means widespread discrimination that can destroy individuals and families.

Banning individuals from certain jobs and occupations on the basis of their political background is a very dangerous strategy and it creates a myriad of new problems constituting an infringement of civil and political rights.

In Germany, CDU and other political parties tried to ban Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands on political grounds. The highest court in Germany disallowed such a ban indicating that it would be illegal to proscribe a political organisation merely on political grounds. Such ban would create an extremely serious precedent taking Germany back to the 1930s.

Blacklisting individuals who have committed no crime whatsoever, not allowing them access to jobs and professions is creating also a very dangerous precedent. If you remember, in the 1930s members of the Jewish Community were banned from certain professions. Even if you profoundly disagree with individuals on political grounds, the said individuals should have access to jobs and professions as long as they are not committing a crime.

A careful analysis of present legislation in the United Kingdom leads me to conclude that the United Kingdom has enacted legislation that is very similar to legislation enacted by National Socialist Germany, banning individuals merely on political grounds. From this point of view, Parliament has scored an own goal.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Freed from Guantanamo went on to blow up himself to kill others

Islam is not a religion of peace. How come so many converts end up becoming terrorists? What is going wrong?

Freed from the detention centre in Guantanamo Bay, Manchester born Ronald Fiddler was the British jihadi - called by a militant group as Abu Zakariya al-Britani, he drove an car packed with explosives in an attack against a army base near Mosul on Sunday.

Ronald Fiddler had been captured in Pakistan and taken to Guanatamo Bay by US forces. Ronald Fiddler said that he was innocent and was set free in 2004 after Britain campaigned for him to be released. Britain paid him one million Pound in compensation after he said that British agents had been complicit in his mistreatment.

Ten years later, he travelled to Syria to join Islamic State. He was born in a Christian Jamaican family and had converted to Islam in the 1990s and travelled to Sudan in 1992 to meet Osama bin Laden.

Britain paid him one million Pound as compensation for what he called cruel, inhumane treatment that he had been subjected to. People involved in terrorism are laughing at Britain and at those who believing that they are doing the right thing are simply being taken for a ride by people like Ronald Fiddler whose aim in life was to go around killing innocent people.

Those who beheaded a British soldier in South London were also Muslim converts. They slaughtered Lee Rigby without a care in the world. They not even tried to flee after committing the atrocity. They were standing on the middle of the streets shouting and being proud of having killed an unarmed British soldier.

What is most astonishing is that the Security Services in the United Kingdom who do know about the actions, tendencies and intentions of individuals like Ronald Fiddler can allow such individuals to go on to commit the most horrendous criminal acts.

Those involved in killing more than 50 people in July 2005 like the ones involved in killing Lee Rigby were known by the Security Services. What is more, the Security Services had tried to persuade them to work for the Security Services. The levels of naivety of those in charge of protecting Britain from acts of terrorism is appalling. The British Security Services are not fit for purpose and it is not only the fault of the Security Services themselves but also of the political class running the United Kingdom who desperately try to portray Islam as the Religion of Peace.

For more than 16 years, Muslim gangs have been raping children across the United Kingdom. In 2001, a British politician told the BBC that somebody very wrong was happening in Rotherham and in other British cities. The BBC accused the said politician of being racist. Later on it was discovered that politicians and Police authorities had colluded with Muslim rape gangs by looking the other way and pretending that nothing was happening and they did so because they themselves were afraid of being called racists.

The name of the Rotherham MP was Denis MacShane who was member of Parliament from 1994 until 2012 when he was suspended from the Labour Party and was forced to resign after it was found that he had submitted 19 false invoices 'plainly intended to deceive the parliamentary expenses authority'. The corrupt and convicted criminal Denis MacShane now again given credence by certain mass media. He and others looked the other way while Muslim rape gangs were going on the rampage attacking vulnerable children that they used to ply with alcohol and drugs.

The attitude of the political establishment is to go against those who denounce crimes. Even the former Prime Minister David Cameron was involved in supporting para-political and extremely aggressive organisations like UAF and Hope Not Hate that have had a degree of involvement with Muslim extremists.

When President Trump announced that he was going to impose temporary measures to limit immigration coming from seven Muslim countries, the Political Establishment turned against President Trump.

When you look at the state of EU countries and see the streets of European capitals turned into battlefields you would say that the time to take radical measures against a criminal ideology is long overdue and that getting rid of the said criminal ideology and of those who promote is an absolute necessity as Geert Wilders is absolutely right in his appreciation of what Islam actually means.

People are being raped and killed on the streets. There are violent riots. A Catholic priest had his throat cut during mass. Mayhem and fear spreading everywhere. In countries like Germany they are talking about using the Armed Forces to try and bring the situation under control.

A recent study carried out by Chatham House in ten European countries revealed that high percentages of European peoples don't want any more immigrants coming from Muslim countries. Countries like Hungary and Poland are saying loud and clear that enough is enough. Anti-Muslim feelings run as high as 71% in Poland and were never lower than 32% in the countries surveyed.

The time is long overdue for the political establishment to change the course of action and to start taking into account that we are not dealing with immigration but with an invasion of hostile elements that have turned the European Continent into a hell-hole. We are dealing with individuals who pose as victims only to go on to commit horrendous crimes, who are using the naivety of many to get the resources that they need to carry out their murderous attacks and to destabilise Western Societies.


Sunday, 12 February 2017

Liam Byrne: Constantly fuelling hatred will lead to mass killings in Britain

Liam Byrne MP
What Liam Byrne MP and others do not seem to realise is that their campaign of hatred against US President Donald Trump constitutes incitement that could certainly lead to mass killings in Britain.

Some people like and some people don't like the elected President of the USA as people like or don't like elected politicians in the United Kingdom. This is no excuse to incite the masses in what has become a hate campaign.

The Labour MP should be aware of the tension that he and others are creating and of the consequences of such tensions. We had riots in the United Kingdon, including the Brixton riots and the Tottenham riots that spread across the country. Is the Labour MP aware of the potential of pack mentality taking over the streets of Britain? If tempers flare and people get killed, he and others involved in such hate campaign will have blood in their hands.

We don't need any more incitement. We don't need any more propaganda. Hasn't the political establishment learnt any lessons after the attack against Jo Cox? Even the more peaceful of demonstrations can lead to murder. 

This is a time to cool down. This is a time to prevent violence because violence will occur when people led to the streets engage in pack behaviour fuelled by politicians like Liam Byrne.


Tuesday, 7 February 2017

55% in the EU want immigration ban from Muslim majority countries Chatham House

A poll published by Chatham House indicates that a majority of Europeans want a ban on immigration from Muslim majority countries.

An average of 55 per cent of people across 10 European countries surveyed want to stop all future immigration from mainly Muslim countries.

The study carried out by Chatham House, before President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning immigration to the US from seven predominantly Muslim countries, found majorities in all but two of ten states opposed immigration from mainly Muslim countries (Source The Independent newspaper citing a study done by Chatham House)

Poland heads opposition to Muslim immigration with 71%. Austria is opposed by 65%, Germany is against immigration with 53% and Italy with 51% and in UK the percentage was 47%. It must be said that opposition to Muslim immigration is above 35% in all countries surveyed.

It seems that President Donald Trump is more in tune with the strength of anti-Immigration feelings across Europe than many so called mainstream politicians actually are.

Percentages speak volumes about how detached from public opinion many so called mainstream political parties are.

Britain: Is it the only country in which members of political parties are banned from jobs and persecuted?

In Britain, this is not true. Not everyone one that has a voice is heard or allowed to be heard. Moreover, members of certain political parties that take part in elections are banned from jobs in the public administration and even silenced by the mass media.

As if this wasn't enough, there is a very intentional approach implemented to prevent the general public from hearing the views of certain political parties and to all intents such behaviour is blatantly anti-Democratic and violates fundamental rights that should be protected in a Democratic society.

As if this wasn't enough, private organisations are financed to organise rallies that very often lead to violence against members of the said political parties and there is a deliberate attempt to demonise, libel and define political organisations and members of the said organisations. The so called blacklist do exist which means that belonging to certain political parties or having been a member of certain political organisations that legally take part in British elections have no access to jobs. This is no Democracy whatsoever.