Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Merkel Out / Merz In? CDU marching towards the Right?

Angela Merkel / Friedrich Merz

CDU marching towards the Right or the Far Right?

The repercussions of what happened during the last Federal Elections and of two consecutive state elections - Bavaria and Hesse - are spreading.  Angela Merkel's announced departure both as party leader and as Chancellor (she will be withdrawing from public office and not standing in elections) come together with the debate of who is going to succeed her firstly as party leader and later on as candidate to become German Chancellor. Let's look at positions maintained by one of the most probable contenders for leadership of CDU:

This shows why Friedrich Merz might be a very attractive choice. CSU tried somehow to take on board part of Alternative für Deutschland's agenda in a desperate effort to avoid defeat but was defeated anyway. It was so obvious that it looked like a cynical attempt. Now, the change would be taking place not in Bavarian CSU but in CDU. If CDU adopt similar o identical policies to those proposed by Alternative für Deutschland, voters might decide to vote for the real thing instead of voting for a copy of the real thing that opened the floodgates and created the problems that led to consecutive electoral defeats.

The question is: once the successor is chosen, will whoever is chosen be an ally or a rival of Angela Merkel? How safe her position will be after December 2018? Will she be in power until March 2019? What about her political backing in terms of negotiations? Will her successor be inclined to alliances that go against party policies? Too many coalitions and too much uncertainty at a time when unity and clarity are key in any decision making process.

Germany: Poverty Threatens Nearly One In Five In Germany

The Truth Shall Set You Free - The fall from favour of Angela Merkel has deeper roots than previously thought. The collapse of CDU/CSU and of SPD is due to Flood Immigration and to the consequences of Flood Immigration in terms of lowering German standards and condemning million of German to a life in poverty. Driven by the same ideological nonsense that is dominant in other European countries and in the USA, people like Angela Merkel promoted Flood Immigration and ordinary Germans are having to deal with the dire consequences of it.

I have known for a long time and all those who are constantly attacking National Socialist Germany should know better that Germany is not the kind of country that can maintain political stability when things go wrong in financial terms. The National Socialist Party didn't rise in Germany merely because of grievances about the Versailles Treaty or bullying by political groups. Things a lot deeper than that. Millions of people across Germany had been condemned to a meagre existence that any self-respecting individual would have rejected and found offensive. And this is exactly what is happening right now across Germany. Quite a few ordinary Germans live in poverty and Flood Immigration can only make a bad situation worse.  In a rich country, one of the most wealthy countries in Europe, having people who are living in poverty is not just nonsensical and shameful but also dangerous, as dangerous as it was in Germany after World War One.

Heimat and Deutschland, Deutschland über Alles are now extremely relevant but so called mainstream political parties are oblivious to what is really happening and keep promoting their 'mainstream ideological nonsense' that more and more Germans, including those who traditionally supported so called mainstream political parties, are turning against. 

The rise of the so called Far Right is a cry for social and economic justice. The Far Right is not just Far Right. It is Absolutely Right when it asks for Germans to be Priority Number One.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

German People have spoken: Angela Merkel muss weg

German People have spoken: Angela Merkel muss weg!

Little by little, and despite high levels of demonising and repression, the German People are waking up. They don't want a subservient Germany, constantly exploited and abused by politicians that flood the country with foreigners many of whom have evil intentions. 

For centuries, the German People have been known as hard-working people who are strong-willed enough to extract record success out of the most appalling catastrophe. For a very long time, money has been given away to certain developing countries with the hope that they like the German People would get similar levels of success. The outcome was without saying. It has been a complete and utter failure. Why? They don't have the qualities True Germans have for hard work, perseverance and creativity.

When I think about the German People, I recall the words of Rudyard Kipling's poem "IF". But even the best people can have amongst them individuals like Angela Merkel - traitors who willingly give away the fruits of hard work because they have been brainwashed and turned into enemies of the Fatherland.

It will be hard to undo the damage done by Angela Merkel and those who allowed to her to flood Germany with undesirables. But step by step, the work will be done. The seeds have germinated and trees are growing stronger by the day. The new Politische Soldaten are rising to the challenge and becoming more numerous.

Monday, 29 October 2018

Katie Hopkins: Straight questions and the answer is more than obvious

The vast majority of those fleeing Muslim countries end up in Europe or in the USA. Why? Why do they choose Christian countries? A straight question that demolishes Multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is much more than failed proposition. Multiculturalism is a recipe for ethnic cleansing. 

Those who pursue such failed proposition that leads to ethnic cleansing should be pushed out of the way and this is more or less what is happening in Germany. Angela Merkel got in in a very disputed Federal Election facing Gerhard Schröder. She became the strong woman that opened the immigration floodgates without consulting with other EU countries and generated a mess of massive proportions that is leading the European Continent towards the Right. She should have received a medal awarded by Islamic State. Single-handed she has caused more chaos than Islamic State could have caused if it had had the opportunity. Now, after two disastrous electoral results in Bavaria and in Hesse, Angela Merkel had to beg her own political party to allow her to continue as Chancellor having resigned the leadership of CDU. "Please, I give up CDU Leadership but allow me to continue as Chancellor." It would be a complete and utter disaster for CDU if she stood in the coming Leadership Election in December. 

The Fall of Angela Merkel is significant. She is no longer the Strong Leader she once was and her disciple Emmanuel Macron even dared to contradict her on fundamental issues of Foreign Policy. And what about Brexit? Since Angela Merkel has been the deal breaker, the one who decides what kind of Brexit there will be, her fall from grace will have repercussions. Although she could stay as Chancellor the political calculations are not in her favour.

In the Federal Election, CDU/CSU lost and also her temporary partner SPD lost by association with Angela Merkel. In Bavaria, CSU and SPD lost. In Hesse, CDU and SPD lost. By contrast the Grünen and AfD were the real winners. What will this mean in terms of budgets and policies? Will she be a Lame Duck Chancellor at a time when critical decisions need to be made?

Germany is one piece of the puzzle. An entire continent is moving against Liberalism. Movements for strong national identities are winning the day and stating very clearly that Islam doesn't belong in Europe. In the United Kingdom, the Political Establishment is panicking and taking extreme measures. We are told that MI5 is going to take over Police duties and we might end in a situation in which any dissident that rejects Multiculturalism, rejects Islam and supports a strong National Identity might be seen as Extremist or Terrorist. We see has is already happening to those who campaign against Islamic Extremists. Paul Golding, Jayda Fransen, Tommy Robinson and others are being targeted by the Political Establishment. They have either being in jail, threatened with jail sentences or on their way to jail. Lizzie Dearden from The Independent as always involved in witch-hunting is now targeting Social Media and comments about cooperation between Movements across national borders is the talk of the day.   

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Angela Merkel is promoting growth of Far Right

One of Angela Merkel's Greatest Achievements is the Rise of the Far Right

In the history of the Federal Republic of Germany, no one has done more than Angela Merkel to promote the Rise of the Far Right. Her anti-German policies have included flooding Germany with foreigners from outside the European Union. We are not talking about perfectly legal political parties like Alternative für Deutschland and Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschland that exist within a democratic framework and fight elections but are constantly demonised by the Political Establishment and the Mass Media. We are talking about Movements that say that the Federal Republic of Germany should not exist and that the rules of the German Empire and of the Third Reich are the only ones that they recognise.

Deutsche Welle reports that Reichbürger has now 19,000 members and that some of them are armed. Well, the more the German State persecutes legal political parties in Germany the more people will join movements like Reichbürger and the greater the risks of a meltdown in Germany.

Whatever happens in Hesse today, the fact remains that with the exception of the Grünen, all so called mainstream political parties are losing support. Political Correctness is eroding German Democracy.

Commentators desperately try to draw a link between totally different issues. Muslims are the greatest threat for Jews in Europe. Not long ago a leading Jewish representative in Germany advised Jews not to wear any kind of items that could make them easily identifiable as Jews on German streets. What happened in Pittsburgh, USA, is a completely different story. The attacker that killed 11 people at a Synagogue hates President Trump and engaged in the attack because in his own words President Trump is too close to the Jewish Community. It was President Donald Trump than moved the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Many Presidents before him had spoken about it - including President Obama - but never had to courage to do so.

People like George Soros, a Jew born in Hungary, is promoting the Rise of the Far Right by attempting to destroy European Identities. Strong National Identities are the last line of defence against Extremists. Strong, stable successful economies and stable political systems are the antidote. What is George Soros doing? Well, those who follow George Soros' ideas are eroding National Identity, creating instability that sooner than later will destroy financial and political instability. In the chaos, Extremists will prosper.     

United Kingdom: Left-Wing thugs go on the rampage and where there is action there is going to be reaction

Whatever your views about UKIP or any other political party or personality, attacks, harassment, intimidation and persecution are criminal activities. Those who go around engaging in criminal activities will find themselves facing the wrong end of a gun.

The Political Establishment and the Mass Media are all too ready to launch attacks against those who do not fit in with their political agenda. Mass Media reporting is extremely biased and constantly misrepresents those that they don't like.

What happened to UKIP activists in Leicester, England, United Kingdom is not new. It has been happening on a regular basis and is promoted by certain mass media including some BBC operators that are part of a network of organisations.

After each Tommy Robinson's rally, you will find camera crews and photographers ready to capture any actions that they would later depict under the headline 'Far Right Thugs engage in Violence'.

Police Crews are placed strategically to video and photograph those attending rallies and Police crews are briefed in a very negative manner about the people that they are going to find during rallies. They are mentally programmed to react in a negative manner against people whose sole crime is to take part in a peaceful demonstration.

Those who report about the Storm Troopers of the 1930s conveniently fail to remember that there were so called Red Brigades that were always looking for a fight. The Storm Troopers and the Red Brigades existed because of the actions of those acting like the Political Establishment and the Mass Media are acting today.

When Jo Cox MP was killed, we heard choirs of expressions of grief inside and outside Parliament of those who condemned political violence. Paradoxically, when violence is exerted against another side of the political spectrum they are very willing to justify attacks against UKIP and other political organisations.

More than once individuals like Nigel Farage, Tommy Robinson and others have been targeted because of the messages of hatred spread by the Political Establishment and the mass media including the British Broadcasting Corporation. Listening to John Bercow as Speaker of the House of Commons and to other Members of Parliament you realise that there is a hatred campaign promoted from the very top.

This is not just about Hope Not Hate or the UAF that I renamed Hate Not Hope and United Against Freedom whose followers I have seen attacking political opponents using balaclavas and baseball bats.

Unless attitudes change and violence of all political colours is publicly rejected, unless the Political Establishment, the Mass Media and para political organisations do realise that there is going to be a boomerang effect, we are going to reach a point in which the political environment will be completely out of control and action will be followed by reaction.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Far too many British journalists have an agenda and very seldom offer a true account of what is actually happening

Whether it is the BBC, Sky News or other interested mass media, the fact is that far too many British journalists have an agenda and very seldom offer a true account of what is actually happening. Ezra Levant, a Canadian journalist was in London to witness and to report about what is really happening regarding the legal process against Tommy Robinson. Let's be clear. This is not about justice. It is about persecution of an individual that continues to talk about a developing scandalous series of events involving Muslim communities in the United Kingdom and the way some of their members are behaving engaging in gang rape, paedophilia, drug trafficking and various others criminal activities.

Coming from Muslims, gang rape, paedophilia and drug trafficking are not merely ordinary crimes. They are linked to the declared aims of a terrorist ideology that preaches violence against non Muslims. For a very long time, figures of the political establishment and especially from the Labour Party and the Police went to great lengths to hide what was happening across several British cities. Those who raised the alert were labelled 'Racist, Nazi, Fascist, Xenophobe, Islamophobe'. The British Broadcasting Corporation that itself was trying to hide sexual crimes by people that the BBC employed as 'celebrities' had no interest in talking about crimes committed by Muslims because they didn't fit in the ideological rhetoric of the BBC concerning what they call Multiculturalism. Anybody who dared to talk about crimes committed by Muslims was immediately classified as Far Right or Extremist when the real Extremists where Muslims involved in criminal activities.

When the BBC and others, including Members of Parliament, finally started talking about the issues, they referred to the culprits calling them Asian Gangs to try and divert attention away from the real culprits. Asian people who had nothing to do with what was going on were blamed when in fact the crimes were being committed by Muslims and many of the said Muslims had a Pakistani background.

Today, the activities of criminal Muslim gangs are so widespread that denial is no longer possible. Having said that, the attacks by mass media against people who continue to campaign against Muslim criminals continue. Paul Golding, Jayda Fransen, Tommy Robinson and others are classified as Extremist, Racist, Fascist and the like.

The Speaker of the House of Commons (John Bercow) and some Labour MPs (political party that historically protected paedophiles) use Parliamentary Immunity to spread venom against those who stand against Muslim Criminals. This is happening at a time when Members of Parliament themselves -including John Bercow - stand accused of gross misconduct.

The pictures of those arrested, put on trial and convicted are just the tip of the iceberg. Whether we talk about religious criminals and/or religious terrorists, British Security Services have denounced that they don't have enough manpower to follow every lead. 

There is a gross inconsistency. On the one hand, those who raise the alert about the dangers of having Muslim criminals living in the United Kingdom are persecuted. On the other hand, vast amounts of money and other resources are spent on a daily basis to cope with the risks of having Muslim criminals in the United Kingdom in a country in which 85% per cent of inmates are Muslim and prisons are being used by criminals to indoctrinate and recruit individuals that when free would become involved in acts of terrorism.    

Is somebody in the Democratic Party launching pretend attacks to get votes in Mid-Term Elections?

Democrats using false attacks to boots their electoral chances?

From false accusations about sexual abuse to distortion and fabrication implicating prostitutes, Democrats have used practically every tool to revive their electoral chances. They even have public figures openly inciting violence against President Trump and President Trump's supporters.

Looking at the record of attacks against Democratic politicians - John Kennedy was shot. Robert Kennedy was shot - it seems unlikely that somebody actually willing and wanting to cause lethal damage would use improvised devices that don't explode nor cause any damage. The said devices are not only sent to politicians but also to well-known personalities aka celebrities that have been critical against President Trump. Therefore, this looks very much like a false flag, a well organised publicity campaign. If the Democratic Party has to resort to such underhanded and infantile tactics to win votes, the Democratic Party is not fit for purpose.

The big item in the news is a march of people trying to enter the United States of America illegally. Who would you trust when the time comes to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the USA? Would you trust Democratic politicians to prevent an invasion? The record of the Democratic Party in recent years will show that they would leave the gates wide open. Where are the said illegal immigrants coming from? They have come across Central America and will try and enter the USA via Mexico, a country that has entire areas that are run by Drug Cartels that not only deal with drugs but also exploit people form as far as India that pay vast amounts of money to be trafficked illegally to the USA. Which party has openly opposed  a boost of US border controls? The Democratic Party. "Don't build that Wall, President Trump. Allow drug-traffickers and illegal immigrants to enter the USA freely and without any worries".


Thursday, 25 October 2018

Tommy Robinson: Defamed and Libelled by Members of Parliament

Tommy Robinson: Defamed and Libelled by Members of Parliament

Whoever hides behind Parliamentary Immunity to launch a tirade of insults, defamation and libel against a private citizen whose sin is to have denounced abuses against children committed by Muslim paedophiles is a bloody coward and this does not surprise me.

Coming from a Labour Party that for more than sixteen years looked the other way when children were plied with alcohol and drugs to be gang raped, it couldn't surprise at all.

This is the same Labour Party who had a Home Secretary called Jacqui Smith that declared the acquisition of pornographic videos as part of Parliamentary Expenses.

The same Labour Party that had an illustrious and prominent Member of Parliament called Denis McShane who lied to Parliament about his Parliamentary Expenses. Denis McShane was forced by the British National Party and by its Sleaze Buster Michael Barnbrook to resign his seat in the House of Commons. 

The same Labour Party who had a War Criminal as Prime Minister called Tony Blair, a true Weapon of Mass Destruction, that complete destabilised the Middle East leading to the rise of Islamic State - the same Islamic State that is very much loved by some Muslims living in Britain that force the British People to live in fear and the country to invest vast amounts of money that should be invested in Health, Education, Transport and Housing and other segments of the British economy.

Under the Labour Party, Britain imported vast numbers of terrorists that launched attacks in the United Kingdom and have also used Britain to launch attacks elsewhere. 

I have met Tommy Robinson in numerous occasions. I have heard him talking to the crowds in the United Kingdom and never ever has he incited any kind of racial hatred. He has never incited people to commit violence on his behalf. People of all races follow Tommy Robinson. Sectors of the Jewish Community support Tommy Robinson and this at a time when the Labour Party stands accused of hatred against Jews.

This is the same Labour Party that supported terrorists that were killing British Police Officers, British Soldiers, British Politicians and ordinary citizens across the United Kingdom.

Those who launch attacks hiding behind Parliamentary Immunity are cowards and don't deserve to be Members of Parliament.    

Texas getting ready to defend US borders


Texas is gearing up to defend our own border if necessary.

Each State has the right to do that individually with the federal government or own their own if the federal government can't or won't. We have militia/Minutemen and Texas National Guard under the authority of the Governor already there.

The President is sending federal troops to individual border States. Texas will defend our border and I assume other border States will do the same except California who, as a State, has an open border policy. I believe the President will and may already have send national troops to California to keep these invaders out of the US. Don't worry about Texas, they won't get in here. We'll defend with deadly force if need be.

However, if the national military doesn't deal with California, they could get in there, then be bussed all over the USA from California. That's the real problem. The governments of the invaders are being dealt with economically. Trump has cut off all aid to them. Venezuela is the country that is paying for these invaders.

I'm sure Venezuela is being given the money to use by people like Soros and the Clintons. It's all meant to cause problems for our midterm elections. The bad guy are losing and they can't cheat their way into office any more. They are pulling out all the stops to keep from losing what's left of their power during this election. Those bombs are a false flag, a set up to try to make it look like they are victims of attacks/threats from Republicans, specifically Donald Trump supporters.

They hope that will make people vote for democrats. It won't work. This is a war. They are losing badly and are terrified their crimes and evil will be exposed and they will end up in jail or worse. They should be scared. We have to be vigilant because other nations are involved with the corrupt here and they don't want to be exposed to their people. This goes very deep and very wide. Britain is deeply involved with our corrupt/evil people here. They will answer for their part in all of this as well.

Holli Snider-Feeley

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Lizzie Dearden: When ideology supersedes reporting

Lizzie Dearden: When ideology supersedes reporting

When newspapers' bosses ask themselves why the numbers of newspaper copies sold fell dramatically, they need to have a closer look at the trends of the articles that they print. One cannot fail to spot the fact that many writers like Lizzie Dearden seem to be ideologically driven and that therefore the copies that they produce and their reporting style is not about genuine reporting.They have a case to prove. 

Reporting about legal cases is not about reporting.It is about character assassination. This is pretty bad journalism. When I read a paper, I want real reporting. I want to hear all sides of a story and I want the said reporting to be focused on the case in hand. I don't want a novel in which the author is trying to prove that the person they are reporting about is a very bad person. In so doing, reporting is no longer reporting. It becomes purely and simply propaganda. The Independent was forced out of circulation because not enough copies were being sold to justify the costs of printing and distribution. Now, the The Independent is just an Internet concern.

It is a great idea to have a public forum where people can express their views freely and The Independent has had some success becoming the newspaper version of Facebook. Unfortunately, those in charge have made some mistakes along the way. Whether you want to report about Tommy Robinson or Brexit or whatever else, reporting should not be partisan. The Independent is clearly biased when it comes to reporting about Tommy Robinson and is officially partisan when reporting about Brexit since the paper launched a campaign against Brexit. Once again, when I am thinking about paying for a service, I will definitely be against paying for a service when instead of reporting I am going to get a pamphlet. From a commercial standpoint, a partisan organisation stands to lose money. 

People like Alexander Lebedev and Evgeny Lebedev have very high profiles but their actions seem to be at odds with what is published by The Independent. They reportedly have regular meetings with the Prime Minister and the Chancellor and have an ongoing relationship with Ruppert Murdoch , Nigel Farage and Liam Fox. Alexander Lebedev reportedly closed a newspaper because the said publication criticised Vladimir Putin, was in United Russia Party in support of President Putin and stated that Vladimir Putin is one thousand times more genius than Winston Churchill.

In the running of The Independent there seems to be a system in place, not much different from the systems applied by secret services when what you see is more often than not what they want you to see and not what is really happening. 
Whenever there is an opportunity to bash President Putin and the Russian Federation, Members of Parliament rise to the occasion to depict President Putin and the Russian Federation as evil. Not long ago, Britain expelled Russian diplomats and staff and denied a visa to Roman Abramovich and statements were made about countering Russian interference in British Affairs and we have a former member of the late  KGB and his son and - both supporters of President Putin - being members of the British political scene.
Very often the Houses of Parliament are a bit of a theatre where paid actors play a certain role in a certain play. Everything is not always what it seems. The Independent and its reports fit perfectly in that kind of political circus. The problem is that nowadays we need clarity. We don't need a circus nor a theatre. A digital publication that purports to be a newspaper should be a real newspaper and not a propaganda machine. 

Britain needs real journalism. BBC, SKY and others simply add to extraordinary levels of confusion, distortion and disinformation. Practically all publications and mass media have lost followers. If organisations like the BBC had to survive with their own means, the BBC would have gone the way of Woolworths, Maplin and other private companies. The call by the UKIP Independence Party to get rid of  the TV License sends a clear message but we know that without political power things will remain as they are.


Sunday, 21 October 2018

Massive number Illegal Aliens heading towards USA

Massive number of illegal immigrants headings towards United States of America

When the United States of America are threatened by a massive number of illegal immigrants this is an invasion and invasion must be repelled by force. Closing the border with Mexico will mean that effectively trade and passage across the border will come to a halt and that anybody trying to cross the border illegally will have to be killed.

The United States of America has been preparing for potential conflicts between countries with incredibly advanced technology. The time when the United States of America will have to use state of the art military technology to counter an invasion is coming closer. Mexican Police stood down and allowed illegal immigrants to continue advancing towards the United States of America. American troops will not stand down. They will shoot to kill to prevent their country being overrun.

A sovereign country has the legitimate right to protect its borders from invasion. We might be days away, maybe hours away, from a tragedy of gigantic proportions. Hundreds of thousands of men, women and children will be slaughtered because they seemingly don't have the concept of legality.

Frauke Petry was absolutely right when she stated that Germany had to protect its borders from invasion and the United States of America as a sovereign country has the same right. If the governments of certain Latin American countries are corrupt and incompetent, they must be made accountable for this human tragedy. 

Saturday, 20 October 2018

BBC shows report indicating that illegal immigration is run by drug cartels as a business

BBC shows report that indicates that illegal immigration is now a business for drug cartels operating worldwide

None other than the BBC produced a report indicating that illegal immigration is now a lucrative business for drug cartels operating worldwide. As drug cartels feel the heat of the fight against drug trafficking they are diversifying their activities engaging in making money out of illegal immigrants from very remote areas of the planet. What is even more gruesome is the fact that those who fall ill along the way are often executed by drug-traffickers and women are routinely raped.

Human beings are now the new commodity of organised crime that seeks to exploit those who are ready and willing to take any risks in search of what they think is going to be a better future and often end up dead and buried along the way.

For the sake of saving human lives, the time is long overdue to put an end to Political Correctness because Political Correctness is killing people. This is a new kind of terrorism that must be countered worldwide with all available resources.

The business of Illegal immigration is a danger to all civilised societies, regardless of political affiliation, regardless of religion, regardless of nationality, and regardless of race.It is an absolute disgrace. Those involved in this kind of trade should face trial for Crimes against Humanity.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Angela Merkel's Dilemma: If there is no Brexit deal, German car exports in danger?

A No Deal in Brexit negotiations could prove fatal for Angela Merkel as German Chancellor and Leader of CDU, after the battering suffered by CSU in Bavaria. Why? German Car Exports are vital for Germany's economy. CDU's leadership election by the end of this year will be the next thing to follow to know if Angela Merkel would still be German Chancellor by March 2019 when UK is due to leave the European Union. With the issue of Immigration as hot potato that is seriously damaging relations between EU countries, adding financial uncertainty at a time when German taxpayers will have to be asked to pay more to replace the monies provided by the United Kingdom to the EU is not the best move. Having said that, what would then be Germany's choices?

Considerations about the political future of Angela Merkel and of the ruling coalition are on the horizon. After performing very badly in a Federal Election, Angela Merkel firstly tried to form a coalition with FDP and Grünen. When this failed to produce a viable coalition, Angela Merkel reached out to try and persuade SPD to come on board. Looking at results in Bavaria, both CSU and SPD lost badly and Grünen was one of the winners.

Now, this is the political map. CDU is in coalition with CSU and SPD (both losers in Bavaria's election) and CSU could be forced to form a coalition with Grünen in Bavaria. What kind of policies can come out of such political mix?

More than ever before, Angela Merkel needs a deal to protect the German Car Industry to keep the German economy on track to be able to increase its financial support for the European Union. Factor 1: Germany needs whatever financial contribution it can get from a successful deal with the United Kingdom. Factor 2: Germany needs to make sure that its German Car Exports are not dramatically affected. There are reports indicating that Germany could lose up to 57% of its Car Exports.

Whatever happens elsewhere in the European Union, Germany is the country to look at. Germany was a key country to form the Common Market, later called European Community and now called European Union. If Germany falters, the entire project would be in danger.

There are many pieces of the EU puzzle. France is another key piece and President Macron is nowadays of the most unpopular Presidents in the history of France. His approval levels have fallen dramatically. Italy is at odds with EU. On the one hand, Italy desperately needs to spend to maintain some kind of economic stability and avoid a political meltdown but its budget needs to be approved by an EU that doesn't like big deficits. No one would have enough resources to salvage both the French economy and the Italian economy while other minor players like Greece are themselves in dire straights.

The EU desperately needs trade to stay afloat. Much of the "intransigent approach of the European Union" is based not on real strength but on fear. The European Union is big but very slow. There are far too many differences and inconsistencies between European Union countries.

A good Brexit Deal benefits all parties. A No Deal could simply accelerate the process of disintegration of the European Union.   

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Japan: How much is too much?

Japan: How much is too much?

Japanese culture has been for centuries about duty, tradition, responsibility and the combination of duty, tradition and responsibility often collided with modernity and the rising pressures of everyday life.

Japan suffers from very low birthrates and this is not surprising in a country in which working hours have become such a priority that everything else comes second or third. The stress of the struggle to be successful are crippling those who are usually seen as examples of success. One drink too many and people end up sleeping on the streets.

The British newspaper The Guardian publishes an article that depicts a tragic reality that affects one of the most industrious countries in the world. Japan is usually associated with technology, innovation, and creativity but the negative side of the coin is when people are pushed or push themselves to the limit, beyond the point when success turns to catastrophe.

In Germany, there is movement towards the implementation of a four-day-working week. Technological advances should improve living standards and allow people to have more balanced  personal lives and family lives but despite technological advances too many people are losing their humanity and being pushed over the limit.

After the sweatshops of times past, the 40-hour-week was a great achievement but the time has come to think again and look very carefully and ponder about how we could be doing better for ourselves and for the societies we are very much part of. Images like the one shown speak volumes. We are not talking about beggars. We are talking about people who are falling victims of what is usually described as success. Japan is not just facing a demographic catastrophe but also a social catastrophe.

Western Societies should take notice of what is happening in Japan and start moving in the right direction towards a better ratio in terms of working to live and not living to work. Capitalists care when markets crash and they should start caring when people crash.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Tommy Robinson Far Right? Mmmmm..... No.

Tommy Robinson Far Right? Mmmm..... No.

The heads of the British Armed Forces have lost the plot very much like the British mass media and the political establishment.

To define Tommy Robinson as Far Right is an absurdity. Far Right is an ideological label and nothing of what Tommy Robinson says is ideological but, as usual, anybody who stands for Britain ends up being called Nazi, Fascist, Racist, Xenophobe and who knows what else.

We learnt that the boy soldier that took the picture is going to be thrown out of the Armed Forces. Yet another absurdity. The boys in the picture are the ones who are going to end up dead fighting for Britain and they are treated like rubbish when they are soldiers and will be treated like rubbish when they end up homeless and/or mentally ill and/or disabled while the ones they fight against - the followers of the Religion of Peace - get older cashing in from the exploitation of the cash cows some call wives and the children they bring into the world.

A statement issued by the Armed Forces indicates that 'they would not tolerate Far Right supporters' and 'Far Right supporters would not be allowed to serve'. My message to the bosses of the Armed Forces involved in this charade is 'you are barking at the wrong tree'. Who would be allowed to serve - if they wanted to serve? The killers of Lee Rigby? The one who killed PC Keith Palmer while one  of PC Keith Palmer's bosses was hiding inside his car like a fucking coward? Do the bosses of the Armed Forces really think that the followers of the Religion of Peace will stand up for Britain?

How many Multicultural individuals are there standing in the picture? None. Why? Because the reality of the British Armed Forces is that the vast majority of those who are going to be sent out to die are white British boys and girls. You children are sent out to die to make space so that the scum of the Religion of Peace live happily ever after at the expense of British taxpayers.

How much money and how many resources, are being spent to keep Britain safe simply because the scum of the Religion of Peace is roaming around without a care in the world? There was a time when the corpses of British soldiers were paraded on the streets so that the British public could honour the fallen. Not anymore. With every passing day, the words 'We shall remember them' sound increasingly worthless and meaningless.   


Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Germany: Environment vs Political Survival

Germany is facing state elections in Bavaria and Hesse and these elections could prove to be decisive in terms of the survival or failure of Angela Merkel as German Chancellor and more than that could lead to a dramatic political change in the political map of Germany.

In a country in which coal still reigns supreme, not even a report by the Organisation of the United Nations could make Germany change course. Germany's heavy industries including car manufacturing are essential and Germany must get its priorities right. Deals with the Russian Federation and with Iran are essential because Germany needs energy. Without oil and gas, Germany will have to rely even more on coal and even go back to nuclear energy.

When both National and Foreign Policies are shaped up by Germany's energy needs, energy becomes even more critically important because lack of energy will mean a dramatic political change and strengthen political parties like Alternative für Deutschland and NPD. 

Despite their credentials, political parties like SPD and the Greens know the danger financial difficulties can lead to in a country like Germany. More and more Germans no longer trust the mass media and therefore German mass media are becoming less and less effective to propagate the messages that say that 'everything is fine' because everything is not fine. 

Germans are tired of being the victims of Angela Merkel's criminal immigration policies. Germans don't want to leave in fear because of Angela Merkel's policies. Angela Merkel knows very well that a financial mess on top of the immigration mess could be fatal.

Monday, 8 October 2018

Britain: Identity Crisis as direct consequence of foreign policy issues

Britain: Identity Crisis as direct consequence of foreign conflicts

What is Conservatism and what is Labour? Well, political lines have been blurred to the point that the lines change one issue at a time but foreign conflicts are being played in the United Kingdom because of Jews and Muslims, both linked to lack of control of British borders and the role of private organisations with political agendas putting undue pressure on political operators and even using the Crown Prosecution Service for their own ends.

The Crisis involving Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia was imported and is now being used by both Jews and Muslims to advance their own particular agendas and Britain has been taken hostage. Time and other resources that should have been used to deal with urgent items on the national political agenda are being put aside.

Along the way came the discussion about the process of leaving the European Union and the arguments came on top of the problems created by Muslims and Jews, complicating even further an already complex political environment.

I await with impatience March 29th 2019 when the political process should start moving out of the tunnel and towards the light.

We will need to deal with the Jewish Question and the Muslim Question before the entire continent faces civil and political unrest of unimaginable consequences.


Saturday, 6 October 2018

Why the Swastika? What is the appeal

Why the Swastika? What is the appeal?

In quite a few court cases of notoriety, it appears that the Swastika is the symbol of choice for what are fundamentally 'Lone Wolves' with intent to cause harm to those they see as anathema, as the mortal enemy.

Whatever the country where cases are brought to public attention, the symbol of National Socialist Germany that is also part of Hindu Culture is at the forefront. So what are the qualities of the symbol that seem to be so irresistible?

First of all, the Swastika is a symbol of perpetuity, of energy and of renewal. There is an inherent vast amount of energy contained in the Swastika. During the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s there were other elements added to the Swastika. Although the Swastika is black there is a preponderance of red. Both the Soviet flag, the Chinese flag and the National Socialist flag are predominantly red and red is associated with blood, with enormous vitality and this is why the National Socialist flag was such a powerful representation of a nation. There is perpetuity, renewal, energy and vitality combined.

Coming to Britain, red has always been a predominant colour. Red of England, red is the uniform of the Welsh Guards, red in the national flag, the Red Arrows, Red Roses. We are so used to this reality that we simply assume this is the way things are and we don't even stop to think about a hidden message.

Red is the colour of Revolution and whether you are talking about the concepts of Left and Right from a political point of view, the importance of Red cannot be underestimated. National Socialism was a Revolution, it was a completely new way of doing things despite the fact that there were claims about trying to restore past greatness.

One example, but not the only one example, was the military campaign leading to the invasion of France in 1940. France went to war as if it was fighting the 1914 war again. Germany used a completely new approach in which the impossible was possible. The advice given by Heinz Guderian to the commanders was something like 'Strike swiftly but don't disperse your forces'. The key elements are unity of purpose, speed and fundamentally the sense of belonging.

When a disaffected, usually frustrated individual of today, looks at his/her surroundings, what does he/she see? He/She sees a divided society, a very fragmentary reality, a world in which he/she doesn't fit in. He/She was born in a country in which the political elites and the mass media are constantly downgrading the concept of National Identity and replacing National Identity with what they call Multiculturalism. Even more, National Identity and National Pride are identified as threats, as sins, as something deplorable.

It is self-evident that such an individual will therefore turn to the symbol that represents what he/she wants most. He/She wants a national identity. He/She wants the sense of belonging. He/She wants a sense of perpetuity, of renewal, of energy and of vitality combined and the National Socialist flag represents exactly what he/she dreams about and most importantly what he/she needs most.

With varying degrees, more and more the young feel that they are being abandoned, that they don't count, that they are invisible. If your personal circumstances are such that you feel literally excluded, uneducated, jobless, and living in precarious conditions without what you would call a future, what are your available choices? 

The reaction of the Establishment is brutal. Instead of looking at specific circumstances that put individuals in very precarious situations, the State wants to punish those who have been already punished by being excluded. The individuals targeted are called Neo-Nazi, Fascist, Terrorist. The Establishment rarely or never takes responsibility for the distressing circumstances ordinary people have to face on a daily basis.

When Germans protest against occupation and destruction of Germany, they called Neo-Nazi. When French people protest against occupation and destruction of France, they are called Neo-Nazi. Anybody and anyone who stands to protect his/her country is called Neo-Nazi.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

PC Palmer was executed by Political Correctness

PC Keith Palmer was executed by Political Correctness

For decades, Britain has allowed in individuals that support an ideology that is contrary to a civilised society and those in charge of protecting society are falling prey of such murderous ideology.

For more than sixteen years, followers of the said murderous ideology raped, drugged, plied with alcohol and killed vulnerable children that were supposed to be protected by the State and public officials looked the other way for fear of being called racists.

Lee Rigby was beheaded by individuals who converted to the said ideology and the same happened to PC Keith Palmer. Mosques and other religious centres were used to promote terrorism and murder. No one should have the right to walk around with their faces hidden behind a veil. No one should be allowed to use women and children to enrich themselves by exploiting them with the excuse of being followers of the said ideology and no one should be sent to jail for protesting against the said barbaric murderous ideology.

How many people will have to die before the Political Correct Society finally acknowledges that Islam is incompatible with Western Civilisation? Female Genital Mutilation, Forced Marriages, Honour Killings, Rape and Terrorist Attacks are all happening because of Islam. Hundreds of Muslims are fleeing from the barbarity of this murderous ideology. Where do they seek refuge? They seek refuge in Christian/Judeo countries.

In Syria and in Iraq, women that had been forced to live under the tyranny of Islam, burned the garments imposed on them by the murderous ideology, but we have politicians, mass media and celebrities defending the symbols of oppression and murder.

Those who promote LGBT should be consistent with their beliefs and stop supporting the murderous ideology. Many homosexual Muslims live in fear and many are terrified of being sent back to their countries of origin.

Men and women are equals and should be treated as equals. For centuries, women have fought against discrimination and for equal political rights. Did the suffragettes fight and in some cases died fighting for equal rights for women for the Political Correct Society to kiss the ass of a murderous ideology that ignores women's rights? Where is the Feminist Movement when the murderous ideology is trying to destroy women's rights? 

Where is the Church of England? Most probably the Church of England is busy trying to excuse and justify the excesses of the murderous ideology that they call Religion of Peace. The Religion of Peace is killing people everywhere and we are forced to spend more and more to protect ourselves against the threat of Terrorism inspired by the Religion of Peace. The Leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party recently called for Muslims Only Prisons. That would be easy to achieve since about 85 per cent of inmates in British jails are Muslim and prisons are being used to turn people into extremists.

Do you know how much money it costs to keep one inmate in a British jail? Do you know how much money is being paid under the cover of Political Correctness to pseudo families? Do you know how much money and manpower the Security Services are spending to counter the threat of terrorism created by the Religion of Peace? And all this is happening when government and local authorities lack the resources to invest in housing, education, health, transport and meet other fundamental needs.

The Religion of Peace is a Disease like Cancer and Aids.

Time for Britain to stop subsidising EU and to protect its own citizens

Britain: Time to stop subsidising EU

Looking at unemployment rates across the EU, Britain has one of the lowest, if not the lowest, rate of unemployment. This means that on top of the monies Britain has been sending to EU, Britain is taking unemployed people from all over the EU and many of them are sending money back to their own countries of origin.

Despite such generous arrangement, countries like Italy, France, Spain and others are struggling and Spain in particular registers one of the highest rates of unemployment. What will Brexit change? For once, other EU countries will have to make a bigger effort to give their own peoples fairer working arrangements to lower local unemployment.

For Britain, Brexit is a big opportunity to focus its energies to raise standards in the United Kingdom by giving its own employed and unemployed a greater chance of success. Like me, many families in the United Kingdom have children who are struggling because they face unfair competition in the workplace. Many employers prefer to employ foreigners at lower rates instead of offering opportunities to the local British population.

One particular market that thrives in the United Kingdom is Prostitution. There never were so many Romanian and Asian prostitutes. Unable or unwilling to find conventional jobs, many choose or are forced to engage in one of the oldest professions. Many can hardly put together two English words in one sentence. What makes this possible? Freedom of Movement. The Pimps no longer need to forge travelling documents. They simply rent or buy property in London, for example, bring in a few girls and they are in business. Without immigration limitations, crime prospers.

Controlling borders is not just about National Security. It is about maintaining living standards and public health. Can countries like Romania compete with the United Kingdom? Surely not in the present economic environment. Richer countries become a magnet for undesirables, we import somebody else's misery and downgrade Britain in so doing.

Greece is yet another example. In most countries, people pay taxes. You cannot have public services and decent living standards without paying taxes. Countries that don't have a culture of paying taxes end up borrowing and borrowing even more to be able to keep public services. A country with a glorious past on which the foundations of Europe were built is now of the most indebted countries in the world, unable to sustain its own population and now flooded by imported misery from the rest of the world.

When we import people without qualifications, with values that have little to do with our own values, we import misery and this is why crime and deprivation are rising. Not long ago, a Pakistani-born Lady Peer denounced that certain Muslim individuals are importing wives from the subcontinent and using them as cash cows to benefit from the British welfare state. The women, many of whom don't speak the language of the country, are using to procreate children. The more children they have the more money they get from the Treasury, money that end up in the pockets of their pseudo husbands. They are basically slaves in a country that is on record as having abolished slavery.

The institution of marriage has been devalued allowing Muslims to keep several pseudo wives. This is detrimental for those directly affected by such misery but it is also profoundly detrimental and dangerous for Britain.

We hear over and over again about honour killings and forced marriages. We also hear about widespread gang rape. These are the symptoms of a society that is falling apart thanks to flood immigration and political correctness.

Brexit should not only be about controlling our borders. Brexit should also be about getting rid of undesirables that are exploiting the system using women and children to violate the most fundamental values of a civilised modern society.

Islam has become a depraved political ideology that perpetrates atrocities at the very heart of Western Societies. The very same societies that were seen as a safe haven to escape from the depravity and cruelty of Islam are falling victims of Islam and, because of this, tensions are rising and innocents are suffering.

A welcoming Europe is now turning into an angry Europe and real refugees are suffering and losing out because of depraved individuals that are colonising Europe acting under false pretences.