Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Who runs Calais? Britain? Mayor of Calais blames Britain for immigration crisis

Mayor of Calais Natacha Bouchart blames Britain for huge number of immigrants. Well, who runs France? Does Britain rule France? No, there is somebody called Fran├žois Hollande who is ultimately responsible for allowing immigrants to enter France to then jump across the Channel to get to Britain.

The Mayor of Calais should be looking at her own responsibilities as Mayor of Calais because what is happening is happening in France - not in Britain - and is happening under her own rule.

Easy to blame Britain when the French government does not know how to rule France.

Perhaps the Socialist government of France should resign and allow the Front National to rule France. I am sure the Front National will know what to do which is exactly what the Mayor of Calais and her own President Fran├žois Hollande seem unable or unwilling to do. France is your duty. Don't blame Britain for what you should be doing.


Saturday, 13 June 2015

Croatia haunted by its WWII past: Swastika on football ground

It is not just the Baltics Republics that celebrate their World War Two record of support for the Dritte Reich. In Western Ukraine and Croatia, the signs are plainly visible and they have the support of the USA as part of a geopolitical quest to damage anything and anybody seen as remotely linked to the Russian Federation.

In the run up to the Balkans War that led to the end of Yugoslavia, Germany rushed to recognize the independence of Croatia and many people asked why. The answer is plain and simple: Croatia was on the German side during World War Two and you not even need to scratch the surface to find out how strong the same feelings are today more than 50 years after the end of World War Two. Football is plainly visible and this is why football grounds are chosen places to exhibit symbols of Croatia's past.

Football authorities can do whatever they can and/or want to do to prevent the unavoidable. US warmongering is re-alighting and encouraging anti-Semitism across Europe. Exacerbating anti-Russian feelings, US is playing right into the hands of those who will bring back in force the ideologies their forebears supported and this comes together with the disastrous consequences of Israeli policies in the Middle East that foment widespread hatred.

World War Three is inevitable. The signs are already visible

World War Three is inevitable and the signs are already here. Religions and economic interests are going to play a major role triggering a conflict the likes of which the World has never seen before.

Listening to some so called World Leaders, it is obvious that there is complete disregard for human life and the worst atrocities are simply ignored.

Practically every crisis in the world could be avoided by investing resources where they are really needed. Instead, those in charge of the purses are more interested in armaments and war.

Never mind if billions of people are living in the most decadent and unbearable circumstances because they don't have enough to eat, don't have the resources and know how to produce the food that they need and don't have the medicines that they need to tackle the most curable of diseases.

We live in a permanent state of madness and madness is producing the most unbelievable and most deplorable examples of violence and cruelty.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Bob Geldof: of charitable deeds and tax avoidance

In case you were wondering about it, very little if any of Bob Geldof's money helps to fund the National Health Service, Education and other fundamental areas in terms of public services in the United Kingdom. Why? Because Bob Geldof is what is known as a Non Dom or Non Domicile and does not pay Income Tax in the United Kingdom.

Talking about Foreign Aid provided by Britain as a country, I would say that Bob Geldof has no argument to make to talk about keeping, reducing or increasing Britain's Foreign Aid since Bob Geldof is not making contribution to the Treasury from where monies sent as Britain's Foreign Aid are taken and sent abroad.

Several political parties have talked about tackling the issue of Non Domiciles and until people like Bob Geldof, Bono, and others are made to pay their right tax dues, you shouldn't feel guilty about paying your taxes. The issue of those who are more equal than others has to be dealt with.

We hear a lot from some quarters that criticize foreign companies but the same critics are not so vocal about well known individuals who happily go around making millions, presenting themselves as charitable people and avoiding tax payments.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Sleep-walking towards war. Even football is being used in a brainwashing campaign.

We are sleep walking towards Nuclear War and very few people take any notice of it while US warmongering rhetoric is echoed by mass media, rhetoric that has now infiltrated sports like football that from now on are going to be a geopolitical battlefield.

When I read comments written on newspapers, listen to commentaries on radio and see what is being twitted and written in Internet Fora, I see the insidious brainwashing that make people not just accept war but very much want war.

I meet people on the streets and as soon as the subject of football or Europe comes up I see their enthusiasm for war and the blame game goes on and on and on preparing the masses for what it is going to happen. Like small children, they believe that they can go and attack somebody and that they will not suffer the consequences of their actions.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Charles Kennedy - goodbye to a principled politician

Charles Kennedy
Former Liberal Democratic Party Leader Charles Kennedy has died at the age of 55 and he like Robin Cook will be remembered as two principled men who stood against the illegal invasion of Iraq, invasion that has led to chaos that now engulfs Africa, the Middle East and Asia Minor.

Charles Kennedy was also a vocal opponent against the Coalition formed by Conservatives and Liberal Democrats that was one of the fundamental reasons that led to his party's dramatic defeat in the 2015 General Election.

It has been said that one of the fundamental reasons for his premature death was the fact that he entered Parliament too early, that the political struggle took the best of him and that the stress proved to be too much for him.
Losses in his private life and in his political life are reported to have been a fatal combination. The loss of his father on the run up to the General Election and the subsequent loss of his Parliamentary seat were too much to bear.