Sunday, 30 March 2014

We are sleepwalking towards a major European War

We are sleepwalking towards War and when people least expect they are going to be presented with a Fait Accompli. A good example is the revelation about the Turkish attempt to create a massive conflict in the Middle East using NATO.

The Turkish Plan was extraordinarily simple. Turkey was going to launch an attack against its own people and then accuse Syria of being the aggressor.

We would like to be a fly on the wall to know exactly what the State Department and the Pentagon are planning but what see is Positioning of Forces before an Attack. While for the cameras intense Diplomatic Efforts are being made, in reality the said Diplomatic Efforts are merely Window Dressing.

American Forces and British Forces are already on their way to the Baltics Region and like Adolf Hitler said, and he was absolutely right on this point, 'Armies are made for War'. Nobody mobilizes troops and Air Forces travelling very long distances unless there is already the intention to attack the Russian Federation.

Like Adolf Hitler, the US version of Adolf Hitler has made all the calculations and told its Generals that it is going to be a very quick victory and that US cities will not be bombed. British Drones will be used against the Russian Federation. The British public who is blatantly unaware of the use of British Drones to kill hundreds of civilians is also unaware that they are going to be deployed in the 'Eastern Front'.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Sharia Law: Getting acquainted with Islamic Realities

Insidiously, Sharia Law is being incorporated creating all kinds of double standards to demolish the principle that everybody should be equal in the eyes of the Law. Now the question that you have to ask is: Which Law?

You would imagine that a girl who is raped would be treated as the victim. Wrong. She was convicted and killed. She was raped and if that wasn't enough the culprits walked away and she was barbarically executed.


Another aspect of Islamic Law is that very often there are impromptu trials and people are executed on the spot.

A hungry child living in the streets stole a loaf of bread. Islamic Rules led to what you see in the picture. A man hold a child on the ground while the punishment is implemented. The arm of the child will be crashed by a vehicle. This is Islamic sense of Justice.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Mikhail Gorbachev: Promises are Promises

Mikhail Gorbachev was the last Head of State of the Soviet Union but was also the man that opened the way for what many thought was going to be a new relationship between West and East.

Mikhail Gorbachev presided the re-unification of Germany and the withdrawal of Russian troops from Eastern Europe, withdrawal that came with promises made by the United States that NATO would not expand towards the East and promises that were broken by the United States.

Many people celebrated the coming down of the so called Berlin Wall and the Re-Unification of Germany and among them were the Western Leaders that today attack Russian Reunification with the return of Crimea to the Russian Motherland.

Constant interference in Russian Affairs, constant pressure against Russian Interests and the Expansion of NATO towards the East including the idea of installing missiles in the Czech Republic and in Poland have dominated US Foreign Policy towards Russia.

The American Doctrine of Predestination is the equivalent of Mein Kampf, a political ideology that is behind so called Neo-Conservatism in the United States. Wherever the priests of Neo-Conservatism go there is upheaval, either political, military or financial or all at the same time because upheaval is a way of controlling foreign countries to serve the interests of the US Elites that have supported illegal invasion, torture, political assassinations, military and financial aggression and dictatorial regimes, so long as they benefit their particular interests.

Once again, Mikhail Gorbachev appeared as a voice of sanity and celebrated the return of Crimea, a Russian region with more than 200 years of Russian history to the Russian Family in the Russian Federation.

The American Media, accustomed to American Military Aggression, compared the US to the Russian Federation and got things wrong. Perhaps the record of the US in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Libya, in Egypt, in Syria, across Latin America, in Africa, in Asia (not forgetting Vietnam) and in Asia Minor where the US supported the use of chemical weapons by Saddam Hussein against Iran having previously supported a coup in 1953 against a fledging Democracy in Iran, didn't allow them to see that the Russian Federation behaved in a completely different manner.

In Crimea there were no tanks, no bombardment, no widespread destruction. The transition took place with a Referendum with the participation of more than 85% of the people including every segment of the population and more than 95% agreed that Crimea should be reunited with Russia.

A country like the US, accustomed to use violence instead of reason and peaceful means, could hardly understand that the people in Crimea could decide by themselves in a Referendum. Moreover,  we should mention how the US is run. Election in the US have little to do with Democracy and have very much to do with how much money you have to buy votes using the mass media.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

US Samantha Power: Insults that cannot hide Mafia US Foreign Policy

When an US Ambassador at the Organization of the United Nations Samantha Power sounds like a street thug you know the name of the game. While the propaganda game is taking place, the pieces of the puzzle are being placed in position.

The introduction might sound impressive since she is described as somebody appointed to 'promote and defend universal values and address pressing global challenges to global peace, security and prosperity.

The real picture is quite different. She is there to support a Mafia that has been creating conflicts around the word, conflicts that have killed tens of thousands, displaced millions of people who were forced to become refugees and planting the seeds of widespread confrontation and chaos that has nothing to do with defending universal values.

I don't think that bombing Pakistan and killing men, women and children has anything to do with defending universal values and promoting global peace, security and prosperity. The mess created across the Muslim World in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Syria - to name a few countries that have been affected by rotten US Foreign Policy cannot be said to be examples of how to promote universal values nor defend peace, security and prosperity.

If anything, the actions of the US Mafia have created a much more unstable world, a world that is falling apart, a world that is heading to towards Armageddon. The actions undertaken in recent months to undermine Ukraine and support Neo-Nazis is very much part of US Foreign Policy as it has been US Foreign Policy to support terrorist operating under the umbrella of AlQaeda.

Supporting coup d'états around the world, carrying out torture and political assassinations, carpet bombing of civilian areas, illegal invasions, interference in other countries affairs enslaving entire countries by financial and/or military means has little to do with global peace, security and prosperity.

Nothing seems to have changed because as far as I remember, the US supported torture, coup d'états and invasions across Latin America. What is more, for example, in accordance with US spurious interests, the US had no hesitation in supporting the invasion of Falkland Islands by Argentina with the promise that oil exploration contracts were going to be awarded to US oil companies as soon as the Argentinian takeover of Falkland Islands had been established.

I don't think that today's government will willingly reveal that American companies like Coca-Cola were used to transfer funds for coup d'états and for support of military dictatorships across Latin America.

I reckon the doctrine of Press James Monroe is very much alive today when he said America for the Americans (an elegant way of saying that the whole of the American continent had to be ruled by the US). Countless issues like the invasion of Guatemala, Grenada and other Latin Americans are added to the pieces of evidence to show that US Foreign Policy has nothing to do with promoting universal values nor defend peace, security and prosperity.

I reckon Ambassador Samantha Power conveniently forgot to mention a major thief called the United States of America that has been defrauding the entire world, owing money that it cannot pay, printing worthless money, making debts appear as assets and telling everybody else that 'they have to live within their means'.

Using the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the World Bank as tools of domination - check the history of Latin America - the US is now using the same strategies and tools to destroy entire countries in Europe. Greece comes to mind as just one of many examples. Once again, this is nothing to do with global peace, security and prosperity.

Well, I reckon that as a well trained journalist Ambassador Samantha Power must have learned something from our Josef Goebbels and it is using what she learnt with great expertise. A lie told a thousand times will, according to Ambassador Samantha Power and the Administration that she represents, be seen as the truth.





Sunday, 16 March 2014

Britain heading towards Constitutional Crisis that could put 2015 General Election in doubt?

The UK 2015 General Election due to take place on May 7th 2015 could be derailed if Scotland becomes independent. In a Memorandum sent to the House of Lords, Professor Alan Boyle from Edinburgh University indicated two alternatives.

The first option includes emergency laws to ban 59 Scottish constituencies from taking part in the General Election.

The second option is to expel from the House of Commons all Scottish MPs after the election after the date of independence. If Scotland were to be excluded from the 2015 General Election poses a serious threat to Britain political instability forcing the country to live in limbo between the date of a Yes Vote on Independence and the date of formalisation of Scottish Independence.

This comes on top of Financial Issues and National Security.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Susanna Reid: Jumping out on time?

The news that a new funding system is being planned for the BBC to replace the TV Licence that has been a very lucrative system giving the BBC not less than 3 billion Pound a year has sent shockwaves. A few days ago, some journalists were asking why a shining star of BBC television - Susanna Reid - had decided to jump over board and join the private sector. Well, the explanation is plain an simple: it is always better to jump when it is safe to do so and there is not a crow of BBC presenters trying to find a floating board to survive.

A good-looking woman in her prime is better than an old and wrinkle face that few people want to watch. In the mass media market with a face, it is better to take every opportunity while there is still time to do so.

What happened to the World Service of the BBC is now happening to local and national television with ideas being floated about taking television channel off the air and setting them up in Internet for people to watch them using BBC I-player.

This does not change the fact that some channels are rarely watched and some radio stations are rarely listened to. When digital media came about, we all saw the possibilities of having a myriad of channels and a much better offer in terms of programming. Instead, we ended up with endless repeats and programmes sold in the can that offered very little value.

Having said that, lack of proper investment in programmes has been combined with the most appalling biased. The BBC used to do a lot of research and produce its own exclusive material. Now it 'lifts' news from The Guardian and from news agencies very much like a small radio station in a small and remote town in Latin America does. Nothing exclusive. Merely copying materials of dubious credibility.

The question is: to produce such low quality output, why does the BBC need more than 3 billion Pound. The answer is pretty evident: The BBC only needs more than 3 billion Pound to feed a lot of fat low quality cats and to pay people to forced them to keep quiet about the many scandalous realities of the BBC.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

If Baroness Ashton knew about snipers paid by coup leaders and said nothing, she is a criminal

Baroness Ashton that refused to deny that she knew about snipers paid by coup leaders in Ukraine and if she knew about it and didn't raise the alarm, she is literally a criminal.

How can such a key figure of the EU hide such vital piece of information that led US Secretary of State John Kerry to talk sheer nonsense? Well, perhaps this is what we can expect from the EU as public standards.

The plot to allow extremists to carry out a coup d'état in Ukraine organized by the US and promoted by the EU and the US is plainly evident.

Luckily, some European countries despite their association with the flawed EU - even key countries of the EU - are seeing the light at the end of a tunnel created by the US government that has been so obsessed with damaging Russian interests to the point of creating wars and make plans for new wars that are turning the world upside down and creating a spiral of violence.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin: a true leader

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin shows the qualities of true leadership standing for Russian Identity and for Russian Interests.

Unlike our so called leaders, the Russian leader stands for the Russian people and is ready and willing to do what is right to protect Russian people who are under attack by the forces of Globalisation that try to railroad the world destroying national identities.

When other countries promote Sodom and Gomorrah, Russia stands firms for what is natural and normal while the so called West promotes promiscuity, depravity and depravation with mass unemployment and an ever growing gap between rich and poor.

While the USA engages in illegal wars, torture, political assassinations, promotion of terrorism, extortion, sheer fraud and coup d'états, the Russian Federation stands for International Law.

The so called Western countries welcome crooks, fraudsters and common criminals as the Russian Federation and the Popular Republic of China carry out a cleansing operation.

What are the most popular destinations of fraudsters? The USA, UK and Australia, where they can buy Visas and Passports at the tune of more than 3 million Pound.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Angela Merkel tells David Cameron; No Renegotiation

Angela Merkel came to London and told David Cameron that Germany will no renegotiate Britain's membership terms and that is Britain wants to leave so be it. All the excuses and delays justified by the Prime Minister regarding a renegotiation of Britain's membership are no longer valid.

The smiles are there the answer is NEIN. Prime Minister David Cameron should now be asked: Since there is no longer going to be a renegotiation, why waiting until after the next General Election that you might not even win?

One possible answer and perhaps the answer is that David Cameron does not have the faintest intention of changing the status quo with Europe and that all the promises made have been merely a smoke screen to deter Conservatives from joining other political forces including UKIP under Nigel Farage's leadership. This is no longer about the Conservative/Liberal Democrat Coalition. This is about the fact that the leader of the most important country in Western Europe has said NO.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

John Kerry talking about aggression? You must be joking

Knowing the history of American interventionism and wars of aggression, John Kerry made himself a laughing stock when he appeared lecturing the world about rights and wrongs. The USA has supported the most brutal dictatorships when it is convenient to do so and there is money to be made. So for the former Presidential Candidate to come and talk to us about aggression I guess there is too long a list of American interventionist and aggressive policies across almost every continent.

With a few exceptions, including North Korea that Sarah Palin called 'Our North Korean Friends', the USA has supported every single dictator and looked the other way when it was convenient to do so. When Richard Nixon travelled to China to seek an entente with China, violations of human rights were put aside for the sake of doing business and so have done many other politicians that praise regimes and forget what the said regimes are about.

They did the same with Noriega in Panama and countless other in Latin America enrolling the mafia, the drug trafficking cartels and all kinds of dubious operators in the name of 'Freedom'. If one day CIA records and records of other American agencies are made public the rotten smell of American Foreign Policy will be in full view for everybody to see including those who still live in denial.

There is a proven record of illegal invasions, torture, extortion and coups d'état supported by the USA so for John Kerry to try and lecture the world about human rights and high moral ground is a bit rich.