Thursday, 28 February 2013

Conservative: People born in Britain are stripped of their citizenship and thrown out

Conservative: People born in Britain are stripped of their citizenship and thrown out

In 2010, Margaret Hodge horrified and terrified her ethnic audiences in Barking and Dagenham telling them that they were going to be taken using airplanes and helicopters and thrown into the sea. She was obviously deranged or just reading from a script that somebody else wrote for her referring to what happened in the River Plate region in Latin America where political detainees that had been drugged were actually thrown into the sea from airplanes.

Reading the front page of The Independent I reckon her audiences would be more interested in an article that says that people born in Britain had their citizenship taken away and were thrown out of the United Kingdom by the Conservative administration that actually runs the country. Lib Dem, Labour and the Conservatives are very much involved in scaremongering campaigns against the British National Party when it comes to the issue of immigration that dominated practically every political interview during the GLA election in 2012. What Lib Dem, Labour and Conservatives don’t say is that secretly Lid Lab Con have been throwing people away and this includes those born in Britain. Their hypocrisy knows no limits.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

In India: Rape of boys and girls is endemic

In India: Rape of boys and girls is endemic

The Indian society is in turmoil faced with the tragedy involving rape and murder of children. Hardly a day goes by without public outcry against the actions of depraved individuals for whom abusing and killing boys and girls is part of their routine to satisfy their most basic instincts.

No wonder in the United Kingdom Asian gangs that are mainly Muslim see vulnerable boys and girls as prey. Their behaviour is the behaviour of sub-humans for whom the customs and beliefs of a civilized society are absolutely meaningless. The so-called enrichment is nothing more than the social and moral degradation of Britain. This is what Labour and their acolytes have created. They have created ghettos inhabited by sub-humans and forced the rest of society to live in fear for their lives.

Their concepts regarding healthy relationships between males and females are utterly unacceptable in a civilized society in which both males and females should be treated as equals. In Churches and Synagogues and temples of other religions, men, women and children stand together before God. In Mosques, men, women and children are segregated as a way to reinforce stereotypes and differences.

Honour killings, genital mutilation, arranged forced marriages and gang rape are part of the so-call Multicultural enrichment that they try to force upon us.    

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Nick Clegg: Not fit for purpose

Nick Clegg: Not fit for purpose

Nick Clegg has finally confessed that he knew about allegations involving improper sexual behaviour of a Lib Dem peer, that he kept quiet about the said allegations and that he took no affirmative action to investigate.

I would say that this, on top of other political failings, shows that Nick Clegg is not fit for purpose. When the said allegations where denounced by the mass media, he firstly denied having any knowledge and later on was forced to come clean and accept that for many years he kept yet another skeleton in the Lib Dem’s political closet. 

Judge Constance Briscoe arrested for exposing Chris Huhne?

If Chris Huhne is a crook and Judge Constance Briscoe helped to expose a crook so be it. As it happens, Judge Constance Briscoe, was arrested and is at present on Police bail because there are contradictory versions regarding press briefings.

Is this yet another attempt to divert attention from the main issues involving Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce? The issues are: Did Chris Huhne avoid penalties by having his wife sign papers and accept guilt for a driving offense that he committed? Did Vicky Pryce willingly participate in a scheme with criminal connotations?.

Monday, 25 February 2013

David Cameron begs in India and in China

David Cameron begs in India and in China

The Conservative strategy is brilliant. They destroyed car manufacturing in the UK,  exported jobs to India and China, used India and China as contemporary sweat shops and flooded the British market with cheap goods and now they are reduced to begging India and China when Britain’s credit rating is downgraded and the deficit keeps growing.

The Conservative Party was usually known as the Nasty Party. Well, the Conservative Party should be renamed as the Irrational Party. Britain is borrowing money to then send billions of Pounds to Europe and losing investors’ trust in the process. Now they want to redirect funds used as foreign aid to patch up the ailing defence budget. Let us remember the early actions of a Defence Secretary that did not seem to be very clever. Mr. Fox ordered the dismantling of Nimrod airplanes that were ready to enter active service and had already been paid for. Billions of Pounds were lost and they called it ‘efficiency’.

The government talks about a strong Foreign Policy and we were left without a naval task force for the next ten years. Again, this was another example of efficiency that does not surprise us. We do remember the then Health Secretary Virginia Bottomley when she implemented the closure of psychiatric care units and left people affected by mental problems – including British veterans - sleeping rough in the cold. That was also called ‘efficiency’.

The government printed billions of Pounds (Quantitative Easing) and doing so devalued the Pound. If they were going to devalue the Pound, rather than giving the money to the banks they should have invested resources in the British economy instead of forcing people, who were already facing difficult situations, over the edge.

The downgrading of British credit rating – as it happened in Greece and Italy – will lead to higher interest rates to be paid for the moneys the state is borrowing in the open markets. It could also send the Pound in a downwards spiral pushing up relative energy prices. We are going to pay more and more for the oil and gas that we are going to be forced to buy using an increasingly worthless currency. This is having a direct effect pushing up the prices at the shops. With less disposable income, British families have only two choices: they either spend less depriving themselves of items considered essential or they are going to have to increase private borrowing using credit cards and loans. This is extremely worrying when many have already reached their credit limit and in desperation are having to use loan sharks that lend money charging extortionate interest rates.

The Labour government promoted inflation to create an illusion of prosperity. House prices went up and they made many believe that they were richer simply because of the equity in their homes. The labour of destruction of the British economy has been a shared effort in which both Labour and Conservatives have implemented ruinous policies. They say that ordinary Britons are no longer saving. Saving what? The currency has been devalued, their income has fallen and they are saddled with debts that they cannot afford to repay.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

François Hollande: Backtracking Socialist?

François Hollande: Backtracking Socialist?

Some time ago somebody defined Socialism as the distribution of poverty. Socialism does not create wealth. In fact, Socialism is about extracting money from those who have created wealth. The now infamous 75% tax regime imposed by the new Socialist government of France has been aimed at doing just that.

My father explained to me a long time ago what happens when you try to make an airplane climb too fast. The engine stalls. This is exactly what is happening in France and what President Hollande learned when he tried to extract too much money and implement too many budget cuts. The French President is now saying that he will not implement any more budget cuts and that he will try and learn to live with a budget deficit of more than 3 per cent of GDP.

My father also told me that if you eat the potato seeds you are left with no potato seeds to produce new potatoes. This means that if you spend the money that should be invested in making more money you are left with no money to keep the economy going.

Funnily enough, French Socialists are staunch defenders of the doctrines of Globalisation. Unfortunately, Globalisation is one of the root causes of the French difficulties – and of the difficulties of many other countries including the United Kingdom. No matter how much money, time and effort you spend to get to know how many people live in the country and how much and where resources need to be invested if at the same time you open the gates to flood immigration. But not all the blame must be put on the shoulders of French Socialists. The Conservatives supported Globalisation and Flood Immigration. This is why France ended up having to deal with riots and destruction, doing social fire-fighting and now economic fire-fighting.

Once again the example of bananas and people can be applied. Youth unemployment is crippling France as it is crippling other countries like Spain where unemployment now stands at more than 26%. When in Britain a chain of well known cafeterias have eight job vacancies for 1,500 applicants you know exactly what the future will bring.

This is exactly the kind of chaotic reality the British National Party has been talking about. Even those who call us Nazi, Fascist, racist, et cetera, et cetera, are now losing their jobs because of Flood Immigration policies that they fully support. As they say in English, they are like ‘turkeys voting for Christmas’. Sometimes people need to suffer a lot to be able to learn and see the mistakes they have made.

Britain’s AAA rating lost and Pound falls

Britain’s AAA rating lost and Pound falls

The news that Britain has lost its AAA rating was expected, so no surprise here. What most people are blatantly unaware of is the fact that the Pound has lost 60 per cent of its value. The value of the Pound has been almost pegged to the value of the US Dollar. The US Dollar has lost about 60 per cent of its value in Latin America. In countries like Uruguay were the Dollar was valued at 50 Pesos per Dollar, the Dollar now stands at 18 Pesos per Dollar.

When we talk about inflation – especially when it comes to food stuff sold in supermarkets across the United Kingdom – most people would notice sudden price rises. Markets fluctuate and this could be part of the normal up and downs of any market. However, the loss of value of the Pound has meant that prices have been going up rather than going down as this has become a trend.

When it comes to energy sources, despite the fact that due to lower economic activity the prices of oil and gas tend to go down, the cost of energy in the United Kingdom has been going up and this is due to the fact that more Pounds are needed to buy the same amount of oil and gas. Most people would blame utility companies for putting up prices but part of the blame rests with the fact that a weaker Pound means having to spend more Pounds to get the same amount of energy.

So-called yearly savings declared by the Coalition government have therefore been less than expected because we are talking about a depreciated currency. Recent U-Turns regarding Inheritance Tax are no more than the actions of a desperate government that grossly overestimated the amount of income it was expecting to get from taxation.   

Martin Shulz wants to kill seals because they eat fish?

Martin Shulz wants to kill seals because they eat fish?

Martin Shulz, President of the European Union, proposes to kill seals because they apparently destroy fish stocks. This very same argument could be used to get rid of Martin Shulz and others who have imposed EU regulations that led to throwing every year tons and tons of edible fish back into the sea.

The very same rules imposed by the European Union are destroying fish stocks. The idea of EU quotas is absolutely nonsensical. When you throw nets into the sea, you catch what you catch. Fishermen have no way of telling beforehand what is going to come out but the European Union bureaucrats, who have little experience about fishing other than eating fish at a restaurant or buying fish at a shop, always think that they know better than those who have devoted their lives to the fishing industry.

British sea resources in areas that belong to the United Kingdom should be controlled by the United Kingdom and exploited only by the United Kingdom. The decision to surrender British resources amounts to giving up British territory and British rights. Such decision has ruined British fisheries and led to over exploitation by foreign countries. 

Food inspectors: What do they do?

Food inspectors: What do they do?

The recent scandal regarding meat products is a scandal and not for the usual reasons that the media talk about. It is a scandal because it shows that those in charge of overseeing food production in the United Kingdom have failed and have done so for more than ten years. In the United Kingdom, there are individuals and organisations being paid to ensure that we eat what we think that we eat and the plot was not discovered in the United Kingdom but in the Republic of Ireland.

We are constantly bombarded with messages about health and safety that in the end amount to very little if those in charge of food safety are not doing their job properly. Some members of the public have said that ‘if it is not bad for your health, it is fine’ showing that if they were to be fed human excrement they will eat it ‘because it does not harm your health’. What brainless individuals do not understand is that we should get what we pay for, nothing more and nothing less.

Silverback is running out of ammunition?

Silverback is running out of ammunition?

As the British National Party is making inroads and moving forward, the sworn adversaries seem to be running out of ammunition and inside tribal wars are taking the best of their energies.

The Guardian is shrinking and not merely because of the size of its newspaper copies. They are selling assets and this is happening not just because they want to keep their presence at present levels. They are running out of steam and it is becoming harder and harder to convince the general public that they have anything more than the usual backstabbing and defamation tactics to sell.

The National Union of Journalists that I have – with affection – renamed the National Union of Jerks is struggling to keep their infantry alive as the BBC itself continues to throw away staff. There are cuts across the board affecting all BBC regions.  Even the boss that worked to shard to convince BBC staff that it was a good idea to move to Salford is now known to be trying to keep himself in London. Double-standards and double-crossing have created an atmosphere of fear when a high rank boss was downgraded just a few weeks after she was put in a position of authority and not long before the Board of Governors of the BBC had to bend the rules to get rid of a Director General that was threatening the Board of Governors with a legal fight that would have been even more dear in monetary terms.

Recycled banners and recycled placards indicate that all is not well in the ranks of the Marxist Maffia that used to harass British National Party at every available opportunity. Another factor or piece of the puzzle could be the fact that the Husband of the Mole and the man that is very much trying to reach a position of prestige after being accused of being an Anti-Semite for supporting Islamic Extremists have not been in speaking terms. Their Hope is gone and all they have left is Hate.

The Political Scientists that have been very busy trying to convince ordinary citizens that they can win a war without soldiers by merely using their ‘superior brain powers’ have been left isolated and in shame. The bed strategies of the Political Scientists have obviously been an unmitigated disaster.

Silverblack has reappeared as a shadow of his former self, having been forced to keep a low profile after some not very happy exchanges with the Police authorities and somehow represents the entire scenario of frustration and violence of our adversaries. When Labour supporters allow themselves to be filmed chanting death threats against a visiting politician it is self evident that they have lost the plot.  

Monday, 18 February 2013

BBC in crisis? Again?

BBC in crisis? Again?

Breakfast, Today and Newsnight were pushed off the air today by staff protesting against 2,000 compulsory redundancies. Since 2004 – starting under the Labour administration – 7,000 jobs were cut and now 2,000 more are on the way out.

The National Union of Jerks said members across different regions including BBC in Scotland, BBC South, Newsbeat, Five Live, the World Service, the Asian Network and English regions are at risk of compulsory redundancies.

Well, the NUJ has been campaigning for compulsory redundancies, given the very partial advice that has been giving to its members. The lack of editorial impartiality producing politicized rubbish to brainwash the masses with their own political outlook is what has led to redundancies. For many years, the have worked like turkeys voting for Christmas and now they get what they have been working for.

Australia alerts against non-British ‘British Meat Products’

Australia alerts against non-British ‘British Meat Products’

Are you guessing about the title? Well, it is common knowledge that the European Union allows meat products from all over the world – including products from areas of the world where hygiene and health are not priorities – to be consumed all across the European Union, including Britain.

So, the official advice provided by the Australian government to its citizens is: Don’t eat British meat products’ and asks its citizens to use guaranteed Australian-only sources.

Lovely situation! This is yet another ‘advantage’ of being a member of the European Union. Now, British exports are going to be compromised and, on top of all the problems that we already have, we are going to face another ‘blue tongue, BSE, CJD’ style situation that it is going to hit British farmers. As if all the nonsense regulations imposed by the European Union were not enough, let us remember that the present chaos occurred despite all the red tape and nonsense regulations because regulations that are not enforced are basically meaningless.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Reality Shopping: Beyond Race and Religion

Reality Shopping: Beyond Race and Religion

To anybody who comes to me to call me racist and xenophobe, my direct reply is ‘the shops will not charge you less because of your Race or your Religion’. When the British National Party speaks for British jobs, the British National Party is fully aware that flood immigration has taken away jobs from those of you who living in Britain are in the most desperate situations, regardless of race and regardless of religion.

The so called mainstream political parties feeling threatened always raise the ghosts of the 1930s and 1940s and use groundless fear as a powerful weapon against their political opponents. The aim is always the same: to stop people from thinking.

The declared objective of the mass media controlled by interests directly linked to the so called mainstream political parties is to brainwash the British public on a daily basis. Practically in every election campaign they persuade the public telling them that it is either Labour or Conservative and that they have no other choice as if Labour and Conservative had always existed and were the only two alternatives.

In reality, Labour and Conservative are one and the same. They are interchangeable. They are the status quo that has destroyed the British economy and exported hundreds of thousands of jobs. The Kinnocks and Brittans, the Clegss and Camerons are one and the same.

When I see a black mother near the supermarket cashier taking items out of her shopping basket because she cannot afford to pay the rising prices of groceries and other supermarket goods, the scene acts as a reminder that the financial catastrophe created by the policies of the so called mainstream political parties is affecting those most in need regardless of race and religion and this proves, again and again, that joining the British National Party was the right decision and the only decision that I could have taken.

The mentally obtuse individuals of the politically correct classes will continue to call us racist, Fascist and xenophobe. Such shows of sheer stupidity are meaningless because I know that the British National Party stance regarding immigration and the economy is to protect jobs in Britain and by protecting jobs in Britain the British National Party is trying to protect all honest citizens that work hard and pay their taxes.

This evening I read yet another headline that creates extremely serious concerns for those who are already pensioners and for those who are saving for their retirement. A new European Union directive about to be implemented will reduce pension funds by 20%. The directive does not mention white pensioners, black pensioners or Asian pensioners. All pensioners regardless of race and religion will suffer the consequences of the greed of the European unelected bureaucrats.

As if taking more than 65 thousand million pound away from Britain every year was not enough, they now want to take more by extorting another 30 thousand million pound a year. This is yet another reason why the British National Party wants to take Britain out of the European Union. When things are hard, every penny should be invested in Britain and create jobs in Britain.  

Friday, 15 February 2013

Labour’s political Black Slavery

Labour’s political Black Slavery

Something striking is happening in the British political scene. Traditionally, the Labour Party was associated with Black communities but this is no longer the case and more and more people of African descent are choosing to support other political parties other than Labour.

Why is this happening? As more and more Black communities become aware of the real significance of Flood Immigration and of the expansion of the European Union, they are waking up to the fact that the Labour Party used them when it was convenient to do so. Eastern Europeans – mainly Poles – are becoming a force to be reckoned with in areas where communities of African descent used to thrive and this is bound to have fundamental political consequences in the near future.

There are demographic factors and financial factors but religious issues should not be underestimated. Black communities with very strong Christian values openly reject Labours views on sexuality. Views on sexuality and the role of sexuality in the community have divided the Anglican Church since the Anglican Church in Britain supports homosexuality and acts against fundamental religious principles while the Anglican Church in Africa is a bastion of Christianity.

The possibility of having a Black Pope of African descent could lead to a more militant Catholic Church that would attract more disillusioned Anglicans that find that they can no longer support the leadership of the Anglican Church in Britain. 

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Sweetie: They don’t see the link

Sweetie: They don’t see the link

At dinner time, I told my wife how bizarre it is that people who face housing problems still support the very same political parties that promote flood immigration. She replied: “Many people don’t see the link between flood immigration and lack of housing.” In 1997 in the closing speech of the General Election campaign, Tony Blair said ‘Education, Education, Education…’ Well, how much education is necessary to make some people understand that one plus one equals two? You can use the example of three people and three bananas and they still don’t get it.

If you have to distribute bananas and you have three bananas and three people, how many bananas each person gets? If you have six people and you still have the same three bananas, how many bananas each person gets? You can talk about jobs. You can talk about homes. You can talk about hospital beds or school places. It is pure and simple arithmetic but millions of individuals across the country don’t seem mentally capable of getting the message.

They say that six out of ten Londoners stated that ‘there is a housing crisis in their area’. Is there? They complain about the effect lack of housing has affecting families and communities. If they really wanted affordable homes, they would stop supporting those who created the problem in the first place.

The Evening Standard plans ‘the Future of London’s Property Market Debate’, due to take place on March 20th 2013. The panel will include representatives of the very same political parties that have flooded Britain and it will certainly be yet another brainwashing experience in which the panellists will tell the British public that ‘there is no link between population increase caused by flood immigration and the lack of affordable housing units.’ Anybody standing for rationality and common sense will be called racist, Fascist and xenophobe.   

Vote BNP = No more housing problems

Vote BNP = No more housing problems

We all know why there are housing problems. We see them walking around on a daily basis. The population of Britain rose by 10 million and it is about to dramatically grow, once again, as the European Union regulations increase the flood from the East.

According to a survey carried out by MORI, in London 74 per cent of all those asked say that there is a housing problem and in the country as a whole 80 per cent of those asked say that there is a housing crisis. Obviously there is a housing crisis created by those who refuse to vote British National Party. Most people do not bother to vote for any political party (about 60%) and of those who vote most support prostitute political parties that are selling themselves and selling Britain’s future.

It is a bit like the so called scandal surrounding childcare and nursing homes. Problems with childcare and nursing homes have been created by the mentality of so called ‘alternative arrangements’. Most people want to live their lives without a care in the world and without facing any kind of responsibility. As a direct consequence of this, nuclear traditional families vanished and they end up having to fork out billions of pounds to pay somebody to look after their children or end up having to sell their homes to go and live in nursing homes of dubious reputation. If you allow strangers to look after your children, you will grow older and you will find yourself alone and having to pay somebody else to look after you.

To sum up, housing problems, childcare problems and nursing home problems have been created by Socialism and Liberalism. If family was the centre of everything in society, we wouldn’t have most of the problems we have.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Huhne/Price: Explosive recording on The Telegraph

Huhne/Price: Explosive recording on The Telegraph

If we were to dig up a little bit we would discover a completely New World of Lib Dem politics. One is the rosy world they try to show us with their pretend idealism and the other is the real world of naked opportunism in which everything goes when trying to portray a false image. In the end, it is not what they say but what they actually do.

Most people know about Nick Clegg’s posturing as the nice boy in the picture of British politics. Point One: he is not British because he constantly puts Europe first rather than standing for real British interests. Point Two: he says one thing and he does another, as ten of thousands of students in Britain very well know about Nick Clegg’s promises and Lid Dem behaviour.

Lid Dems constantly talk about equality and against two-tier systems but they live happily with inequality and two tier systems. Once again we can use the example of University education in Britain.

The English, the Welsh and the Northern Irish, wherever they study within the United Kingdom have to pay Tuition Fees while Scottish students who study in Scotland don’t pay Tuition Fees. But things are even worse. While Welsh, English and Northern Irish have to pay in Scotland, some European students are exempt of Tuition Fees in Scotland. Equality? Two-Tier Systems? This is much worse than a Two-Tier System and Lib Dems are very happy about it.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Sexuality and Nationalism

Sexuality and Nationalism

The constant talk about immigration has been the fact that British midwives in the NHS are reportedly a lot busier helping immigrant mothers than helping British mothers. This is merely a reflexion of statistical data. Present trends indicate that in many areas the number of babies born to immigrants have surpassed the number of babies born to British mothers even when potential British mothers vastly outnumber the number of immigrant females.

There are both financial and cultural values involved but professional expectations and the degradation of family values in British society are the root causes of a process of extinction of the indigenous populations of Britain. Local females – if they have children – tend to do so a later stage in their lives. Foreign females have more children and have them at a younger age because having children meets both cultural needs and psychological needs.

Because of cultural factors, British society makes a lot of noise talking about sex and having what they call recreational sex while immigrants talk less about sex and spend more time actually having sex and creating growing families. Even if Zero Immigration regulations were in place, present immigrant populations would ultimately replace indigenous populations.

In the 1960s, the Flower Revolution led the way to recreational sex and degradation of family values. The direct consequence of the Flower Revolution was lower rates of demographic growth. With loosening of family ties, the creation of nurseries and nursing homes became a priority. Today, an average family spends most of its income paying for childcare while those approaching the age of retirement face the prospect of having to sell their homes to pay for nursing homes. The collapse of the nuclear family and the pursuit of an ever more elusive professional success have had tragic consequences for British populations while immigrant populations with stronger family values are thriving and replacing their British counterparts.

Looking at religion and the role of religion in demographics, as Churches close down Mosques spread across the land. Churches like the Church of England have been busier than ever promoting “alternative arrangements” that do not lead to bigger families while Mosques have consistently promoted family values regardless of the fact that their family values differ from traditional Western concepts. This brings about radical political changes that ultimately will lead to the demise of Britain as we know it today.     

Huhne and Mensch: Parliamentary careers over thanks to lies

Huhne and Mensch: Parliamentary careers over thanks to lies

“They had everything and they threw everything away.” This describes the foolish behaviour of Chris Huhne (a rising political star) and Vicky Price (a talented economist). Trying to avoid a driving ban, they both tarnished their reputations and now face the prospect of spending time in jail. The rise to power sometimes blurs the divide between right and wrong.

With hindsight, accepting blame and facing a driving ban would have been a lot better than perjuring themselves. He would still be a Member of Parliament and she would still be a very successful economist. For us, yet another by-election coming as a direct consequence of Parliamentary corruption and of the weakness of an angry woman who trying to exert revenge against her husband did not think about the consequences.

But there is another loser because this is part of triangle. Chris Huhne left his wife for Carina Trimingham, a younger woman reportedly bisexual. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Carina Trimingham now faces the prospect of a relationship that has obviously ended up in tears, a tragedy played in the mass media.

The greatest concern is that people who can obviously make such errors of judgment have the destiny of the nation in their hands. For Huhne, the fall from law maker to law breaker was as meteoric as catastrophic.

We now await the fall of another great man of politics. The leader can lead but cannot outpace his own political party because outpacing his own political party would lead to political isolation and political isolation can lead to political demise. I am talking about David Cameron.

Europe is important and he has been running away from a Referendum and now says that he would offer a Referendum on Europe if he wins the next General Election. What about marriage and the concept of marriage? The concept of marriage is even more fundamental than British membership of the European Union. Going against his own political party and without giving the British people a say, he forged ahead to push forward a bill that could only become law with the support of his political adversaries – Labour and the Lib Dems.

Louise Mensch, a loose canon and now former Conservative MP, congratulated the Prime Minister for his ‘brave decision’. But this happens after she herself wasted the political efforts of Conservative voters that got her elected and some of the headlines described her political behaviour saying ‘Labour are poised to take control of a constituency where voters feel duped and used by their previous MP’s time in office’. She was one of David Cameron’s babe – a bit like one of Tony Blair’s babes – that very badly let down the Conservative Party but the mass media swiftly capitalize on her support for yet another stab in the back against the Conservative Party.
Louise Mensch justified the move saying the Democracy in Britain is representative and not direct. Well, with people like Louise Mensch and David Cameron, Democracy in Britain is neither representative nor direct because there can be no Democracy when politicians spend most of their time duping and stealing money from their constituents.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Politicians: Marriage made in Hell

Politicians cannot change Nature. Marriage made in Hell.

Are politicians playing God? Will the new Law include a clause about promiscuity too? The laws regarding the traditional family have clauses about promiscuity and state that infidelity is a justification for divorce. I wonder what the new Law will state regarding justifications for divorce.

When overly paid, corrupt, vain and incompetent individuals that make all kinds of deals-under-the table to get themselves elected to continue leaving at the expense of tax-payers, in some cases making false declarations of expenses, paying back money only to get the money back when they think that nobody is watching, decide to suck to some lobby rather than do their duty and defend fundamental principles, Parliament is making itself even more un-representative.

More than 60 percent of the British electorate is walking away from elections because they don’t trust Parliament anymore and they have plenty of justifications not to trust Parliament. When you see decisions like the ones adopted by the House of Commons you understand why Jimmy Savile and company for many decades got away with murder. Even David Cameron, when the word had not even been mentioned when talking about the Jimmy Savile events, couldn’t stop mentioning homosexuals.

Some year ago, a transsexual stated with a certain air of pride and achievement that many of ‘her customers were Members of Parliament’. So you know exactly what we are dealing with. The barrage of policies against the traditional family does not happen just by chance. It is a well planned attempt to destroy the traditional family and replace it with ‘alternative arrangements’.  

Sunday, 3 February 2013

They jumped on him like a pack of dogs…

They jumped on him like a pack of dogs…

They jumped on him like a pack of dogs, stabbed him, then walked off’

The headline of the Evening Standard couldn’t be more graphic when describing the behaviour of a gang of white teenagers that executed another white teenager in Pimlico, Central London.

The attackers were wearing dark hoodies and bandanas over their faces. This is very much reminiscent of the attire used by some of the gangs of black youths – about 400 hundred of them – that inhabit and control the capital city of the United Kingdom.

Why is this happening? White youths are mimicking the behaviour of their African peers because for many years – decades in fact – the politically correct society has made gang crime glamorous to the point that the more gruesome the crime the greater the standing of gang members becomes and white youths are simply copying behavioural patterns born in the ghettos of London.

As black youths become better educated and walk away from lives of crime, white youths discriminated against by so called Positive Discrimination are becoming criminals. This is what Dr David Starskey meant when he said ‘the whites have become black’. If you create white ghettos, you are going to get white gangs behaving in the very same manner African boys behaved when they lived in ghettos.

For many years I have openly criticized so called Positive Discrimination simply because the two words ‘Positive’ and ‘Discrimination’ can hardly fit in with each other because they are basically opposites. Favouring one segment of society against another segment of society is Discrimination. Full Stop.

Also for many years, the Politically Correct Society has made the mistake of seeing as equals two terms that mean two different things: Education and Instruction. GCSEs and A-Levels are not Education. GCSEs and A-Levels are merely Instruction. Real Education has to do with behavioural patterns, customs and values rather than academic achievement. So the title of Education Secretary should be Instruction Secretary. You can be a very well-read and very capable academic and at the same time be a selfish bully asshole that does not care about anybody else but himself or herself.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Oxford Union: Strongly disagrees with BNP?

Oxford Union: Strongly disagrees with BNP?

The Oxford Union states that they strongly disagree with the views of the British National Party? Why? Because the British National Party stands for normality, normality being a word that is anathema for the rich classes directly linked to drug consumption, paedophilia, orgies and financial fraud.

If you want to know about who ruined the economies of many European countries including Britain and of the USA, you only have to look for the so called ‘brains’ that are behind every crooked scheme leading to financial disaster, corruption and mismanagement.

Oxford University wants to redefine the traditional family? Well, despite the arts of artificial insemination no babies have been born through the rectum (anal cavity) and therefore the Human Species like many other species in the natural world will continue to depend on the interaction of male and female to procreate and ensure their survival.