Sunday, 3 February 2013

They jumped on him like a pack of dogs…

They jumped on him like a pack of dogs…

They jumped on him like a pack of dogs, stabbed him, then walked off’

The headline of the Evening Standard couldn’t be more graphic when describing the behaviour of a gang of white teenagers that executed another white teenager in Pimlico, Central London.

The attackers were wearing dark hoodies and bandanas over their faces. This is very much reminiscent of the attire used by some of the gangs of black youths – about 400 hundred of them – that inhabit and control the capital city of the United Kingdom.

Why is this happening? White youths are mimicking the behaviour of their African peers because for many years – decades in fact – the politically correct society has made gang crime glamorous to the point that the more gruesome the crime the greater the standing of gang members becomes and white youths are simply copying behavioural patterns born in the ghettos of London.

As black youths become better educated and walk away from lives of crime, white youths discriminated against by so called Positive Discrimination are becoming criminals. This is what Dr David Starskey meant when he said ‘the whites have become black’. If you create white ghettos, you are going to get white gangs behaving in the very same manner African boys behaved when they lived in ghettos.

For many years I have openly criticized so called Positive Discrimination simply because the two words ‘Positive’ and ‘Discrimination’ can hardly fit in with each other because they are basically opposites. Favouring one segment of society against another segment of society is Discrimination. Full Stop.

Also for many years, the Politically Correct Society has made the mistake of seeing as equals two terms that mean two different things: Education and Instruction. GCSEs and A-Levels are not Education. GCSEs and A-Levels are merely Instruction. Real Education has to do with behavioural patterns, customs and values rather than academic achievement. So the title of Education Secretary should be Instruction Secretary. You can be a very well-read and very capable academic and at the same time be a selfish bully asshole that does not care about anybody else but himself or herself.

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