Saturday, 23 February 2013

Food inspectors: What do they do?

Food inspectors: What do they do?

The recent scandal regarding meat products is a scandal and not for the usual reasons that the media talk about. It is a scandal because it shows that those in charge of overseeing food production in the United Kingdom have failed and have done so for more than ten years. In the United Kingdom, there are individuals and organisations being paid to ensure that we eat what we think that we eat and the plot was not discovered in the United Kingdom but in the Republic of Ireland.

We are constantly bombarded with messages about health and safety that in the end amount to very little if those in charge of food safety are not doing their job properly. Some members of the public have said that ‘if it is not bad for your health, it is fine’ showing that if they were to be fed human excrement they will eat it ‘because it does not harm your health’. What brainless individuals do not understand is that we should get what we pay for, nothing more and nothing less.

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